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Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Why 2020 is looking good

Clarification graced the presidential race this last week thanks to Harry Reid, Joe Biden's donors, voters in Louisiana, and of course, last night's debate.

These signs are pointing to a sizable victory for President Donald John Trump next year provided he does not ease his foot on the accelerator. Hillary thought she had the election in the bag until the results came in.

First, Harry Reid said, "[Trump] is a man who has a stalwart 40 percent of people out there who will vote for him no matter what he does. As Donald Trump said, 'I could shoot somebody in Times Square, they would still support me.' That’s sad, but probably true. So No. 1, I repeat: He is not going to be beaten easily. He’s going to take a campaign of wisdom and patience, but he is beatable for sure."

So much for 2016 desires to have Republicans nominate him. Reid's bailiwick is Nevada, one of two close states that President Trump lost. New Hampshire was the other one. Many forecasters now have Nevada solidly Democrat, a reminder that these experts blew the 2016 election.

Second, Time magazine reported, "Joe Biden’s presidential bid is not raising enough money to cover the cost of his day-to-day campaign, a surprising turn for someone who entered the race for his Democratic Party’s nomination as the front-runner."


The story said, "Biden raised $15.7 million last quarter, spent $17.7 million and has about $9 million in the bank, according to the reports. In other words, for every $1 the campaign raised, it spent $1.12. If he continues to spend his third-quarter average of roughly $196,120 a day and continues to raise $174,904 each day, he can grind out until Election Day. But his future finances get ugly if he wants to build beyond the current footprint."

Biden is their frontrunner. President Trump and the RNC raised $125 million in the same period.

Mind you, all this happened before Huntergate which is the iceberg headed for Biden's Titanic effort to become president.

Third, President Trump showed up in Louisiana a night before its gubernatorial election. The next day, voters denied the Democrat governor an easy re-election. There will be a runoff next month, which will be close.

But President Trump is on a winning streak in campaigning for others. A month ago, he saved two congressional seats for Republicans in North Carolina's special election.

Given the history of midterm elections, Republicans were supposed to lose the Senate in 2018. But with President Trump barnstorming for them, they increased their command of the Senate. President Trump led Republicans to knock off four incumbent Democrat senators, a feat not accomplished by a party in power since the Great Depression.

President Trump has coattails in that he helps down ticket. There were Senate races in 22 of the states he carried in 2016. Republicans won every one of those 22 races.

Fourth, the Democrat debate last night was a disaster for Democrats because it showed an elitist party arguing over things voters are not remotely interested in.
Well, at least they stopped talking about reparations, which is pie-in-the-sky pandering by white liberals. Democrats can expect many African Americans to sit this one out.

J.J. Sefton said the debate underscored that 2020 is a disaster for Democrats.

He wrote, "One reason is that the things that were never discussed last night: the economy and the border/immigration crisis. Also not mentioned was the Hong Kong situation, which does have free speech and other cultural/political ramifications. What can the Democrats say about either of those vis a vis an attack on Trump that would not come across on the TV screen as complete and utter bilge? And you can bet your sweet ass that those two issues are going to be hammered home and yuuuugely by HombreNaranjaMalo from now through 2020."

I get that Democrats believe they must play to the party's base.

But that base is on the moon.

Efforts by Tulsi Gabbard in the debate to bring in forgotten Americans -- as Donald Trump brought to his party in 2016 -- were valiant but futile. They will remain loyal to President Trump.

Just what do Democrats offer the country?

President Trump's message is clear: Make America Great Again.

The Democrat message is: Impeach Trump.

I don't think that is a winner.

The professional forecasters see it different. 270 To Win said the consensus among Sabato's Crystal Ball, The Cook Political Report and Inside Elections is Democrats keep all the states that Hillary won. The experts say the five battlefield states are Arizona, Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

But what has President "3.5% Unemployment" Trump done to lose their votes? The steady stream of fake scandals is a reminder of how incompetent and immature Democrats are. They have not gotten over the 2016 election, and until they do their prospects are slim for winning the White House.

That Ohio is not on their battlefield list is telling. Ohio is the bellwether state. The last president who failed to take Ohio was Jack Kennedy, and I do not see another Kennedy among the Democrats.

I see him keeping his 30 states with 7 Hillary states up for grabs: Colorado, Maine, Minnesota, Nevada, New Mexico, New Hampshire, and Virginia.

Harry Truman was the last president to flip the House back in his re-election effort. At the rate Democrats are going, President Trump just might do the same.

But 13 months is a long time away. We shall see how this plays out, but I suggest Democrats start thinking about 2024 instead of 2016 because 2020 looks like a rout.

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