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Thursday, October 17, 2019

Trump won't profit from G-7

President Donald John Trump decided to host the G-7 Summit at the Trump National Doral resort near Miami. Let the elitist heads explode in D.C.

They already have, of course. He mentioned he might do this in August.

At the time, the Washington Post alleged, "That decision would be an unprecedented use of American power to create private revenue for the American president. If Trump does choose Doral, he would be directing six world leaders, hundreds of hangers-on and massive amounts of money to a resort he owns personally."

(I do not link pay sites.)

The Post served its readers Fake News. President Trump will not profit from this summit. I will explain.

Now then, rooms start at $159 a night, which is reasonable. Perhaps he will give the G-7 leaders a group discount.

Not mentioned in the stories about the G-7 is that President Trump gives all profits from foreigners at his hotels back to the federal government.

The Associated Press reported on February 25, 2019, "President Donald Trump’s company said on Monday that it donated nearly $200,000 to the U.S. Treasury to make good on its promise two years ago to hand over profits from foreign governments using its properties.

"The Trump Organization said a check for $191,538 sent to Treasury represents profits from embassy parties, hotel stays and other foreign government spending at its Washington hotel and other properties last year. The voluntary donation is up from $151,470 sent a year ago to cover the president’s first calendar year in office.

"Trump announced the donation plan before his inauguration two years ago in response to criticism that in refusing to sell off his business, people would suspect his decisions in office would be influenced by spending at his properties and not necessarily reflect the public interest.

"Since then, Kuwait, the Philippines and other foreign governments have thrown parties at his Washington hotel, and Trump has been sued by good-government groups and others alleging he is violating the emoluments clauses of the Constitution by opening his door to such business."


Their allegations are false. Emoluments cover titles and gifts.

Their allegations also are baseless.

The president also has returned $1 million in salary -- all his presidential salary -- to the government as well.

His net worth has dropped by a billion dollars in the last year as running for president and being president have taken him away from doing his business.

Meanwhile, he has delivered the best economy in 50 years.

What an irony. Every American profits from Donald John Trump's presidency except President Trump.

Those clauses ban presidents from accepting gifts or payments from foreign or domestic governments without permission from Congress.

The president’s adult sons running the business have bristled at the charge they are profiting off the presidency.

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