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Thursday, October 10, 2019

Red China cracks down on dissidents in the USA

The New York Post reported, "Houston Rockets sneakers and other merchandise were pulled from several Nike stores in major Chinese cities amid the furor surrounding a tweet from the team’s general manager in support of anti-government protests in Hong Kong."

The background is Rockets official publicly supported the Hong Kong protesters while NBA teams are playing Red Chinese teams in a pre-season series telecast on ESPN.

Chairman Xi forced the NBA and the official to apologize. It forced Nike to pull the Rockets ware.

Nike made millions on a Colin Kaepernick shoe honoring a man who hates America and our president. This is the free speech that corporate America loves because it is against President Donald John Trump but corporate America will shut down any criticism of Red China and Chairman Xi.

People say Voltaire said, "To find out who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize."

It is not just Nike siding with Red China.

The Post reported, "The stakes are high for NBA, whose league business in China is said to be worth more than $4 billion. The world’s most populous nation is Nike’s top source of revenue growth as other regions slow."

To put that $4 billion in perspective, Forbes reported on February 7, 2018, "The league's 30 teams generated $7.4 billion in revenue last season, up 25% from 2017 and another record high for the league. The average NBA franchise is now worth a record $1.65 billion, up 22% over last year, and more than triple the figure of five years ago."

Thus NBA loudmouth coaches like Steve Kerr and Gregg Popovich -- who were such Big Men denying President Trump -- are ducking questions about Red China like a mafioso dodging cameras when walking from the courthouse. (Mike Royko called them the Face in the Fedora crowd.)

ESPN won't allow its staff to mention the controversy or even Hong Kong on the air. One would think that a company as big as Disney -- which owns ESPN -- would tell Chairman Xi to buzz off, knowing that once his censorship began there would be no stopping it.

But Disney caved to a real fascist with actual concentration camps, while a steady stream of Disney and ABC stars attack President Trump with impunity.

Apple meanwhile banned an app that Hong Kong protesters used. Company after company bows to Red China like they were bobbing for apples.

Corporate America has made a pact with the devil. They believe they can enter Red China's market without consequence, as if Americans will remain loyal and Chairman Xi will not make onerous demands.

Of course, this is what Presidents Bush, Clinton, Bush and Obama believed.

President Donald John Trump understands the danger. Our economy is too intertwined with Red China. A trade deal is the first step toward independence. What we need is a divorce from Red China's economy. We are dealing with 21st century Nazis, and we are not dealing very well with them.

By the way, President Trump controls visas. It would be a shame if he canceled them to Red China for NBA stars and other entertainers. Why, ESPN might have to mention Ong-Hay Ong-Kay.


  1. If the ChiComms want to play that game, let's deport 50 of them from assorted US Universities.

    1. Deport fifty from EACH U.S. University. Next week send fifty more packing.

  2. Sorry, there is no evidence Voltaire uttered that particular quote. It's attributed to him because even though true the person who actually said it is one unpleasant dude.


  3. Corporate America has made a pact with the devil. They believe they can enter Red China's market without consequence, as if Americans will remain loyal and Chairman Xi will not make onerous demands.

    This happened 80 years ago. We know the result.

  4. "Of course, this is what Presidents Bush, Clinton, Bush and Obama believed" I disagree, they knew full well what would happen and were more than willing to cave.

    1. Thank you. I’m tired of being told theses guys got played. They didn’t. The caving to China was intentional and it was pure self interest.

  5. simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize."

    Well that's easy enough....ISRAEL. Duh. Seconds after anyone criticizes that racist state charges of racism will come out from every rock around.

    China is fascist? Then stop saying "Red" China and be consistent.

    Surber hates the Americans who buy Chinese products. He hates them. So he begs Trumpy to divorce them. He loves centralized power like all good neocons do.

    The last thing they want is Americans voting with their wallets.

    1. another stinky red herring from sissy mouse.

      said the balloon to sissy mouse,
      blow me.

      once upon a time, I had a non window seat on a c141. I was styling the latest t-10,-1. an m14 national match. lake city match ammo. 4 canteens.

      we were on our way to Israel. Yom Kippur. there were Israeli maidens in the kibbutzes. they were in danger from 5000 tanks and Zippo tracks.

      where were you, sissy mouse?

    2. Apparently, the world did not get the memo that you're not allowed to criticize Israel, because almost everyone does it 24/6. It's the people who defend Israel who are called racist (as you are doing). Even the South Africans have stated that Israel is not an apartheid country. But go ahead and hate the Jews just because we're Jewish. that's ok. we're used to it.

    3. Careful, you'll alienate the Daily Stormer contingent of the Trump supporters.

    4. Well, Anon, there is more than enough evidence to issue arrest warrants due to probable cause on high level Obama administration figures and many others on the spying on Trump's campaign and presdency ... more than enough.

      Yet, no one has been issued a warrant and arrested.

      There are many in the US federal government that are aligned with UniParty and are not just violating federal laws, but the Constitution itself spurred on by former FBI Director Comey and CIA Director Brennan, both under Obama, Moreover, almost the entire media is in collusion acting as Democrat propagandists.

      So, ecxuuuse us supporters of Trump to denounce and decry every little thing against Trump.

      Ya see, Trump is wrapped in Teflon due to Democrat and some Republican intransigence and refusing to allow the peaceful transfer of power as conducted under the auspices of our Constitution and democracy.

      Y'all have no else to blame but yourselves.

    5. Hello Anon:

      The Nazi's were red. Read their program.

    6. As predictable as the clock ticking, mention Israel and the rubes get triggered non stop ad infinitum!

      You zealots here are a real riot. You're triggered more easily than the campus snowflakes.

    7. Even funnier is when anyone says that you cannot criticize Israel and the rubes here say you hate Jews. Seriously!

      Its the classic non sequitur. All of which proves AIPAC is in charge of Congress and the rubes here who buy into all their fake news.

      Your nothing but a bunch of sick puppies always ready to return to your own vomit when triggered.

    8. Finally I am SO grateful I get to end my day laughing at the snowflakes here. Its so easy to get your knees a jerking faster than the liberal knee jerkers.

      Congrats boyz one day you might grow up.
      But I doubt it.

    9. That's so true! Criticize the Chinese, Persians, or Venezuelans and its perfectly okay. Criticize Israel and you hate Jews! LOL

      But they don't hate anyone! They hypocrisy is palpable here every day.

      They are clowns as you said. I'd add weak minded ones too. Anyone who disagrees with them is attacked personally and called names. Kill the messenger is their MO. Ignore the message at all costs!

    10. Truth be told the real Jews, the Orthodox Jews, are always protesting against the Israeli government for violating their commandments.

      They hate the Zionist pigs in charge and always protest every Sabbath. They believe there should be no Israel until Messiah returns.

      They are the real genuine Jews. But the jokers here buy into the neocon talking points like pigs feasting at the trough.

      So lap it up boyz! LOL

    11. The problem is that criticizing Israel and/or Zionism is proxy, or as Hillary out it, a dog whistle, anti-semitism used by those that do not want to appear to be anti-Jew, but really are.

      It goes hand in hand by declaring Jews are in charge and somewhere along the way Jews are demeaned as "pigs".

      Anon, here, demonstrates this perfectly.

    12. Israel gets lots of criticism. It's just the SJW's don't like it when others disagree with them.

    13. It certainly IS possible to criticize Israel without being anti-semitic... it just doesn't happen very often.

      The example given here is a decent one. Israel is is the single most-criticized state in the WORLD, and for things that other states do all the time (and actually, in many instances, for simply existing).

      To say we are not "allowed" to criticize them is phenomenally stupid. Where's the penalty, other than the people who actually pay attention pointing out your fallacies?

      The penalty for criticizing China is that large corporations fire you, eject you from their events (that you paid for), etc, etc, etc - FINANCIAL penalties, some of them very large, and from many different directions.

      But sure, that's JUST like what happens when you criticize Israel for daring to defend themselves from being "pushed into the sea" (that is, annihilated, man, woman, and child).

      You are a great example of the problem.

    14. looks like sissy mouse spent the night cranking out nocturnal emissions in the privacy of mommy's basement.

      how juvenile. now.

      go wash your hands.

    15. Another 50 cent Chicom troll for hire? More than you're worth.

  6. It's almost as if having a business relationship with these countries give them influence.

    "In terms of high-end product influx into the US, Russians make up a pretty disproportionate cross-section of a lot of our assets," Donald Trump Jr.

  7. Kaepernick will straighten out those Chinese oppressors!

    If their check bounces.

  8. It's almost as if you are not proud of all the griftings your obamanation minions have grafted.

    Are you not proud?

    Are you not cocky?

    Are you not certain that all those statutes of limitation on prosecuting your obamanation grafts are past their maximum?

    Tickity Tockity....

  9. So all those ever-so-woke NBA players are actually pro-slavery? At least Chinese Communist Slave Empire slavery. Who knew?

  10. Enjoyed the article but Blah Blah Blaw comments. Dislike a country and its people or the politics and religion. Insert America, Israel or China as needed to best suit your anti-Trump American people, Jews, muslims, methodists, fascist or communists bias slants. Don Surber where can I find those shoes? Maybe an American company can make them.

    1. I leave comments open and rarely delete because I want readers to know the level of idiocy on the left that Trump supporters are dealing with.

    2. Shoemaker a pair.

  11. Care to guess how many NBA players will kneel during the PRC (Peoples' Republic of China) national anthem?