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Monday, October 21, 2019

Rebooting Buttigieg

With the top 3 Democrats all over 70, the party needed someone younger in the race. Beto's talk of gun confiscation spooked them. Booker, Kamala and the rest have all the charisma of a cantaloupe. So the press dusted off Pete Buttigieg, the party's flavor of the month in May, and reported a surge in support for him.

He is half Biden's age. Plus, he is gay which means he won't spook women and girls unlike Quid Pro Joe.

USA Today reported, "Poll: Iowa caucuses are 'up for grabs' as Pete Buttigieg surges into top tier."


The story said, "The poll, taken Wednesday through Friday, put Biden at 18%, Warren at 17% and Buttigieg at 13% among 500 likely Democratic caucusgoers."

So they found 63 or so people in Iowa who like him. That's nice.

The story said, "Those standings reflect significant changes since the Suffolk/USA Today poll taken in Iowa at the end of June, when Biden led Warren by double digits and Buttigieg trailed at a distant 6%. California Sen. Kamala Harris, who was then in second place after a strong showing in the first Democratic debate, has plummeted 13 percentage points and is now in a three-way tie for sixth. Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders earned 9% support, the same number as in the June poll."

No. 5 after Biden, Warren, BOOT-EDGE-EDGE, and Sanders was Tom Steyer. If we cannot have a Sanders-Trump race -- communism vs. capitalism -- then I hope they nominated Steyer so we can have a Battle of the Billionaires. If WWE can do it, why not the USA?

The Democrat Party looks dead.

It continues to push for things that we already have -- abortion (1973), equal pay (1963), gun control (1968). The party's leadership is in its 70s. The next generation are their grandchildren who have yet to be weaned from college communism.

The stench of failure accompanies them. From the Mueller report to the Schiff shuffle, Democrats keep raising the hopes of their supporters to rid the world of President Donald John Trump, but Democrats don't deliver.

Meanwhile, the economy roars, the wall rises, and peace is breaking out all over the world. Donald Trump is a better president with one hand tied behind his back than any Democrat in my lifetime.

So the press fluffs BOOT-EDGE-EDGE up. We will know he has arrived when Hillary calls him a Russian asset.


  1. Yeah, wait until the Zuckerberg puppet charge sticks to him like a limpet mine.

    Lizzie Warren is going to detonate that one personally, and it’s going to be popular too.

  2. Watch out for Gabbard. Her very public diss of Her Odiousness has energized leftists disillusioned by the rest of the crazy candidates. She's just as radical as any of them, she's just a bit nicer and less scary when she says the same things they do. Plus a lot better looking.

    Also watch out for Romney. I still think he's a third party threat to try and throw the election to the Democrats. Gabbard might join him on a ticket.


    1. I don't see Trump's supporters as going anywhere. A ticket like that would draw some NT's who didn't vote for Trump in 2016 and some disaffected Democrats.

      Mark S.

    2. Agreed - the NT and communist crowd failed in 2016. It would be more effective as Gabbard-Romney. No self-respecting(loathing?)leftist would vote for Romney over Warren.

    3. Tulsi stands to gain on her rivals on her foreign policy stands, which happen to be remarkably similar to President Trump's. But when it comes to standing up for working people, Trump has it all over her and the other Democrats.

    4. All Romney will do is pull the never Trump vote-he'll hurt the dems more than the Republicans..

  3. “Boot-Edge-Edge”?

    Try “Buttplug”.

    There - fixed it for you ;<)

    1. Actually I like Boot-edge-edge.
      Sounds like the activity you would
      do in removing something unpleasant from your shoe..

  4. "weaned from college communism" If she was old enough, I could hear the chants, "AOC, AOC, AOC" Lord help us all!!!!

  5. Buttigeig:Time for the male interns to duck for cover.

  6. No! I stand with Joe Mama through good times and bad. Joe Sistah 2020!! Ukrainian 13 year olds for all!!! WE SMELL VICTORY!!!!

  7. Zuck deserves Mayor McCheese.

    btw, Major Hula-Tan has already backed off her previous bravado against Bribe Me-Granny. Now she says Democrats must come together in love to crush you haters and bigots. But in a nice way.

    Its a great gig. She gets to go on Tucker in the afternoon and throw rocks at his house at night with all her Antifa pals.

  8. But Gip (whispers), Just between you and me, you’d hit it too, right?

  9. I don't often comment... but when I do, it's dos trump

    In general if your name can easily be made into a joke... you won't become president. Ask Dukaka about the chances a short swarthy person who's name is like a punchline how a campaign with that name works.

    So here we are about what 2 weeks after Fancy Nancy proclaimed "Impeachment!". It's interesting how the media is slowly realizing that the Dems are lying to them. Politicians lying? who knew right?

    Optics of a woman standing over a man.

    Fancy Nancy pitched a fit, and was captured in mid lecture to a sitting head of state who happens to be in charge of the country she lives in.

    I'm reminded of the picture of Mama Merkle lecturing Trump. That didn't work out well for Merkle... this will work less well for Fancy Nancy.

    It was intriguing how the feminist appologia was out in full force saying what was black was white in true Orwellian form. Trump wanted that picture of Nancy, Trump set it up. Just like he did Merkle.

    At another level Nancy just showed her hand to the Donald. In big time negotiations when someone stands up and speaks to a seated adversary they are in fact admitting defeat. Their pride will not let them admit it THEN. But they lost.

    Nancy found out that Little Piece of Schiff lied to her (I know politicians lying to each other! Sad!) Adam did NOT in fact have the goods on The Donald. So Nancy is looking to parley her "Impeachment" into some political gain on drug prices, health care, homeless whatever Nancy can get for "ending the Impeach party". Trump said Nyet. And Nancy went postal in the Cabinet Room.

    Trump knows exactly what Nancy/Adam have and it's nothing that anyone can vote on. So Nancy's only play is to have Trump cave on something so she can say "see I made Trump come to heel".

    I've seen Trump negotiate. And he may indeed give her a negotiation kiss. But I will bet big money that she has to privately give a whole lot more for this to happen.

    Trump will wisely figure out a way for Nancy to be held accountable... which is the real problem. She won't keep her private word ever... trust me.

  10. I recall reading ButtGuyGuy polls at approximately zero in the African-American community.

    That's not the only demographic group not ready for an openly gay Commander-in-Chief.

  11. I am a gay, 50 plus, white guy who supports our prez completely! PeterEater BootyBandit and the other brainless democrat pigs (sorry an insult to pigs) make me want to vomit!
    The ones who cause a blinding revulsion in me are BootyBandit, Cameltoe, O'Dork, Spartacooze Googleyeyes -well really all of them. I would vote for a pile of horse shit before I would vote for a femo-crat!