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Wednesday, October 09, 2019

Post Drudge conservative news

Matt Drudge's foray into respectability has made him an unreliable -- indeed, downright misleading -- source of news. But the good news is there are alternatives to the Alternative Left Reality the Drudge Report now calls home.

As a news vulture, I am on a constant search for news when online. Most bloggers are. Terry Ponick of Communities Digital News spoke for many of us in a column in which he enumerated his top sites for news.

His rules are:

  • Report the news in a true or reasonably true manner
  • Report/comment on stories the so-called mainstream media bury so you can’t see them
  • Expose the hard left, globalist, Deep State effort to destroy civility, religion, the American family, and supporters of the U.S. Constitution in order to force U.S. citizens into the secular religion of a vaguely defined (but markedly socialist) New World Order.

Those are pretty much my rules. I would add trust, but verify. I will add my own favorite sites, but first let us look at his list, which I totally agree with.

His No. 1 site is Whatfinger: "Whatfinger has effectively replaced the fading Matt Drudge as the top conservative media go-to site for finding otherwise buried, non-left-wing-biased analysis and news you can use. Tons of it. Bookmark it. Now."

I agree, and said so last year.

His No. 2 is the Blogfather, Instapundit, which at 18 is almost as old as the Drudge Report.

Ponick wrote, "Glenn Reynolds’ useful, entertaining site offers an eclectic approach to news and information. Constantly scrolling entries include brief to medium-length commentaries on each provided link. Links can include science and health stories, along with the site’s usual political, education, and international coverage. Glenn is still there, but the site now includes links and information from a variety of trusted sources as well. A charter member of the PJ Media group, these original pajama guys were once denounced as amateurs by CBS et. al."

Ah yes, the some-guy-in-his-pajamas blogging putdown.

Well, I am in my PJs.

His No. 3 is Lucianne, which is about as old as the Drudge Report but still conservative. Lucianne Goldberg, the proprietor, gave Drudge the Monica Lewinsky story.

Ponick wrote, "Lucianne’s site has long been one of my favorites. She posts reliably conservative and highly useful links that are always closely connected to the events of the day – mostly political, of course. Aside from the top-most breaking news links, Lucianne links are always followed by a concise executive summary of the linked article. Which means you can just digest this nugget and move to the next one. Or link to the referenced site and read the entire story."

L-Dotters are the great commenters.

His No. 4 is Ace of Spades, which is in its 16th year.

He wrote, "In truth, Ace is mostly a commentary site. But a number of the site’s contributors, include Ace, provide a plethora of useful news and commentary links. This is a continuously scrolling blog, so the most recent stuff is near the top. J. J. Sefton’s wildly cantankerous Morning Report here is often the most interesting section."

His No. 5 is Real Clear Politics, which is not a conservative site but it is rather balanced and its staff-written stuff often is contrarian to lefty reporting.

His No. 6 is Zero Hedge, which had a good run as a financial site in 2008 and 2009. Since then it has a bad habit of predicting the end of the world again.

He wrote, "ZH pieces typically come at you with a bitingly cynical, iconoclastic viewpoint. Alas, some of those viewpoints come at you from the left. Some are simply wrong. But on balance, you’ll get info here you can’t find anywhere else. And most of it is pro-capitalist and pro-business."

Ponick was too modest. He should have listed Communities Digital News.

And Breitbart News is a good source of news. The writing is over the top, but it has dropped an ill-advised attempt in 2017 at respectability, which is the last thing any conservative should want.

Don't NRO yourself.

I also like Free Republic. Its readers post and comment on items. You have to watch the dates as old stuff gets recycled a lot.

My favorite is Reddit_the_Donald, which is basically a meme site. It is quarantined which means every visit is going on my permanent record, which means my social media score. Oh well. At 66, I will never get into Harvard anyway.

Citizen Free Press and the Liberty Daily are Drudge-looking link sites.

For a good laugh, I go to Memeorandum to view the latest in anti-Trump hysteria. It is strictly a linker of respectable sites like that nice and polite National Review and the unbiased New York Times.

Matt Drudge may have decided to go to the dark side for fame and fortune, but others have not.

They are there willing to fight back and have fun. Ours is not a gloomy and shrill world of climate change and sad, sorry, futile attempts to bring down a great president.

We live in the greatest country on Earth, where unemployment is nearing an all-time low, wages are going up, and our boys (and girls) are returning home from wars we should have ended long ago.

It is called reality.

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