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Tuesday, October 08, 2019

Not a president in a carload

Old Gold cigarettes once bragged in advertisements, "Not a cough in a carload." It meant not a cough would be found in a boxcar of Old Golds. That may be true, but each carload contains plenty of cancer.

In looking at the panorama of the Democrat candidates at ABC's debate, I noticed 2 things were missing.
  1. An American flag.
  2. An American president.
These were the top 10 candidates. None had served as a governor. One was a mayor. Another had been a minor cabinet member. I am not sure exactly what the private sector guy does besides remind everyone at every opportunity that his parents are from Taiwan, which he says makes him good at math.

And then there's Joe, whose fifth-place finish in the 2008 race landed him the role of comic relief in the Obama regime. He's now the leading candidate -- or was until Democrats threw him overboard in their latest attempt to stage a coup against President Donald John Trump.

The lack of executive experience is a handicap when going against someone with more than 40 years of experience as a CEO. He has built towers, and is now building a wall.

Most observers believe impeaching President Trump will doom the Democrat nominee.

And many believe Democrats were doomed anyway.

Donald Finley is a colonel, USAF (retired).

He wrote, "The Democrats cannot allow a Trump victory, no matter what. They know they won't beat him in 2020 because there isn't a serious and sane candidate among their party to oppose him. His victory means a firmly right-leaning Supreme Court for decades to come, with likely two to three more appointments in his next term. Roe v. Wade will be overturned, and the last of anything and everything Obama, except his horrible legacy, will cease to exist. But before we get there, we have to endure this impeachment show."

Fred Barnes is an able and stable journalist in Washington.

He wrote, "Trump is unhappy with the way the war against him has progressed. More often than not, he’s on defense. He’s constantly under attack and fearful of being driven out of the White House. He needs to calm down. The process is tilted in his favor, not by law, but because his style fits the battle. The games will be slugfests and Trump is especially good at counterpunching.

"His Democratic opponents believe they can impeach the president for anything they find objectionable. But they’ve missed something crucial to impeachments. When the Constitution cites activities that may lead to impeachment, the list begins with high crimes. And Democrats haven’t found one so far."

Barnes's journalistic career began when he enlisted in the Air Force in the 1960s. He wrote, "And there’s no need to rely on the media’s unreliable scorekeeping as to how the Trump wars are going. The hunches of an average citizen who checks the news from time to time and gabs with neighbors are likely to be closer to the truth."

So how did the Democrat Party fall so low?

First, Barack Obama was a disaster for Democrats. The party went all in on him. They got a clown show called Obamacare and rolled by Iran, Red China and the Muslim Brotherhood. Failure has consequences.

Fareed Zakaria of CNN said on Sunday, June 10, 2018, "When you tally up their representation in Congress and governorships, the Democrats almost have their lowest representation in about 100 years."

Yes, Republicans had a typical midterm that year, but the loss of 42 House seats was less than the 63 seats Obama lost in his first midterm. And whereas Democrats lost 7 seats in the Senate in Obama's first midterm, Republicans gained 2 Senate seats in President Trump's midterm.

The worst damage was done at the Statehouse level. In 2008, when Obama took office, Democrats held 32 governorships. When he left in 2016, Democrats had 16 -- half as many.

While they added a few last year, Republicans hold 27 governorships, while Democrats hold 23.

This shrinks the Democrat farm team, which means instead of getting a governor from Georgia or Arkansas to head the ticket they must rely on senators. In the last 5 elections, Democrats have nominated someone who was originally a senator.

Governors or former governors won 7 of the 8 presidential elections prior to Obama's election in 2008.

Reliance on DC-based candidates means you get government by the government and for the government. After 4 years of President Trump, voters notice the difference. The economy rebounded from Obama's morass.

Second, Democrats are led by old men and little old ladies. The top House leadership was born before World War II ended. They are geriatrics with geriatric ideas as they solve problems from the 1960s.

Equal pay for women? That has been the law since 1963.

Gun control? That has been the law since 1968.

Abortion? That has been the law (well, Supreme Court decision) since 1973.

The new blood in the Democrat Party comes from loony tuned radicals who were well-indoctrinated in college, where they all graduated near the top of the class. They want two things: white people to die out and student loans forgiven. The young'uns may have graduated near the top of the class but they overlooked the bottom line of borrowing money: someday you must pay it back. With interest.

Now being unqualified for office and having no clue is not a problem when you are running against equally unqualified and clueless people.

Obama bested McCain and Mittens, did he not?

But Donald Trump upped the game. Not only did he know what to promise, he kept those promises.


Babe Ruth advertised for Old Gold in the 1920s. In 1946, he became the first cancer patient to receive both drugs and radiation treatment simultaneously. He died 2 years later at 53. He deserved a better fate.

America deserves a better fate than these Democrat candidates. Four more years of President Trump may be the chemo we need. Maybe by then, the Democrat Party will have transformed into something useful.

If not, plenty of Republicans are available to carry on the battle Donald Trump has begun.

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