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Tuesday, October 01, 2019

Make them pay for impeachment

Democrats believe they can impeach President Donald John Trump with impunity. They figure it will be like Clinton's one-day trial and acquittal, which would allow them to scream injustice from now until forever.

President Trump should extract the full price for their farce. Whilst the attorney general and inspector general continue investigating Hillarygate and Muellergate, President Trump should have fun with this by forcing Democrats to make their case to the American people.

Just like they did with Clarence Thomas.

Just like they did with Brett Kavanaugh.

That means putting the whistle blower on the stand. The Constitution requires the accuser to face the accused.

That means putting Hunter Biden on the stand. Why not? Donald Trump Jr. was called to testify many times as Democrats tried to entrap him. Parade the coke-addled Biden before the entire nation.

That means putting Obama on the stand. What did he mean by telling the Russians he would have more flexibility after the election? Was that a signal to invade Crimea after his re-election?

Obama should explain why he made Hillary promise not to accept foreign donations to her fake charity. He should explain why he did nothing when she broke that promise. He can explain why that isn't an emolument but dining at a Trump family hotel is.

Put all the deep state creepies on the stand.

Let the public see what a cretinous lot we have in Washington. Make them sweat. Ridicule them.

Finally, as I wrote on Friday, put Donald John Trump on the stand. His debate performances in the 2016 race showed he can handle it. I offered three examples, and then wrote, "Megyn Kelly is gone from the airwaves. Jeb! and the Bush Dynasty are over. Hillary is wandering the Earth in a tent dress muttering about losing.

"And Donald Trump is still president. Democrats still underestimate him. They still think they are smarter than he is. They continue to fool themselves into thinking they are his superiors, moral and otherwise."

I would drag the impeachment trial out for a month. Every day a new defense witness. Every day a public humiliation. Every day a jump in his job approval.

And when it is over, when the Senate exonerates him, he should hold the biggest rally ever in presidential politics at the Horseshoe in Columbus, which seats 104,944 people. (A reader pointed out the University of Michigan's stadium is larger. I am an old Buckeye.)

We are not drinking Kool-Aid.

We are sipping Trumpenfreude.

Never Bet Against Donald John Trump.

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