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Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Lies catch up with Democrats

I did not have sex with that woman. You can keep your doctor. Not a smidgen of scandal.

Lying carries a price one pays forever. In 2016, Hillary lost in great part because she is, as William Safire put it, a congenital liar.

The media's credibility gap is the subject of three of my books.

But the rest of the Democrats also have a credibility gap. They keep promising, but unlike Domino's, they don't deliver.

Obamacare was supposed to drive down health insurance premiums. It failed.

Indeed, Obama was supposed to bring hope and change to the black community. The hope is gone because the change never happened.

After we elected Donald John Trump president, Democrats promised the Mueller report would bring him down. Now they promise impeachment. Do they realize how foolish they will be when he is on the ballot next year?

Meanwhile, their supporters look at his supporters and we are happy. The wall is going up. Taxes went down. America is great again.

Black Americans are doing far better under President Trump than they did under Obama. Hispanics, too.

For years, Democrats brushed aside concerns that by giving them an inch they would seek a mile. But Obamacare did lead to a demand for Government Health Care For All. Gay civil unions did lead to gay marriage and now transgendering (castrating) boys.

Beto O'Rourke wants to use gay marriage to regulate religions via the tax code. His call for gun confiscation drew calls to shut up and not give the store away.

Democrats lie about their goals.

They also thought their lies about Russian collusion and now Ukrainian collusion will work. But I see it backfiring.

Democrats have fought Donald Trump for four years now and have nothing to show for it. Losing is not fun. Take it from a Browns fan.

Forget the White House. Democrats will be lucky to have 200 seats in the House when Kevin McCarthy becomes speaker. President Trump has shown America that they don't have to elect liars.

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