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Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Hunter becomes the prey

The Biden campaign selected ABC News -- run by Bill Clinton spokesman George Stephanopoulos -- as the designated whitewasher of 49-year-old Hunter Biden's slippery career in which he landed high-paying no-show jobs because his daddy held public office.
This is bribery by proxy. And the old man finally joined in the fray by accepting $900,000 to lobby for the Ukrainian company that paid his son $600,000 a year to do nothing while daddy was vice president.

This is Biden Inc. Two decades ago MNBA, the largest employer in Delaware (Biden's home state), hired Hunter to lobby for it for $100,000 a year. MNBA is a credit card company. Then-Senator Biden was involved in re-writing bankruptcy law, which greatly affects a credit card company's ability to collect debts.

Basically, Joe Biden is a professional troll who uses elected office to shakedown companies and now countries. Red China invested $1.5 billion in Hunter's investment firm.

He even said, “It is impossible for me to be on any boards without saying that I’m the son of the vice president of the United States — lots of things would not happen in my life if my name wasn’t Biden.”

President Donald John Trump's administration is cooperating with Ukraine in its investigation of Biden's company. A bill signed into law 20 years ago requires the USA to work with Ukraine on crime.

The Biden campaign has spun this as trying to dig up dirt on a political opponent, and going after a candidate's kid.

Obama spied on Donald Trump. The media refuses to cover this Worse Than Watergate scandal. Instead the media goes after the victim of Obama's evil.

The candidate's kid is hilarious. Hunter is a grown-assed man of 49.  The media attacked every one of President Trump's children, including his pre-teen son, Barron.

All of this is wrong, but fortunately it is ineffective. To defeat President Trump, the media and the rest of the Democrats must flip some Trump voters. This unfairness not only is making his supporters more determined to re-elect him, the injustice is winning over much of the rest of America.
The ABC interview actually incriminated Hunter Biden as he had to concede that he has mooched off his old man's position as senator and vice president.

The son said, "In retrospect, look, I think that it was poor judgment on my part. Is that I think that it was poor judgment because I don't believe now, when I look back on it — I know that there was — did nothing wrong at all," said Biden. However, was it poor judgment to be in the middle of something that is...a swamp in — in — in many ways? Yeah."

He also said, "I gave a hook to some very unethical people to act in illegal ways to try to do some harm to my father. That's where I made the mistake. So I take full responsibility for that. Did I do anything improper? No, not in any way. Not in any way whatsoever."

He takes no responsibility. He takes cash instead. He got his gigs because his name is Biden, which is all one needs to know about his lack of ethics.

They broke the mold when they made Hunter because no one wants to make the same mistake twice.

Like Hillary's Fake Charity, which shook down tens of millions in emoluments from foreign governments, Biden Incorporated will get away with this. Modern America no longer believes in good and evil. It believes in here and now.

Democrats run for power becoming multi-millionaires after they serve as president and vice president. At least Clinton, Gore, Obama, and Biden did.

President Trump already has lost a billion bucks as president. It is an actual sacrifice.

His supporters know this. They are tuning out the media which has a vested interest in keeping the swamp irrigated. Consider news stories and actuaries a bribe and it makes more sense.


  1. When he was tossed out of the NAVY for snorting cocaine, that says so much. He flunked personal responsibility.....daddy couldn't do enough for his pampered child/boy and greasing the skids did NOT and will not ever help the kid achieve squat, on his own. Such a waste.....

  2. So much whaling and gnashing of teeth. Must be Friday. Only Tuesday. Going to be a long week for Surber.

    "Like Hillary's Fake Charity, which shook down tens of millions in emoluments from foreign governments ..." You mean tens of millions from Saudi Arabia. The same government now pouring tens of millions into Trump properties.

    "President Trump already has lost a billion bucks as president. It is an actual sacrifice." Keep saying the same myth over and over and poof, it becomes MSM real. No actual proof this is accurate. I debunked last week.

    "Obama spied on Donald Trump. The media refuses to cover this Worse Than Watergate scandal." Oh really. Amazing how all the Republicans in Congress refuse to cover this as well.

    "...he landed high-paying no-show jobs because his daddy held public office." Ivanka and her trademarks being accepted in China while other US brands are shut out.

    Getting sloppy on the hypocrisy slope.

    1. The troll known as Adam Schiff for brians chimes in:

      ""Obama spied on Donald Trump. The media refuses to cover this Worse Than Watergate scandal." Oh really. Amazing how all the Republicans in Congress refuse to cover this as well."

      You really are stupid, aren't you troll? Wait, that was a rhetorical question. Yes, you really are stupid. Most of the GOP, in the Senate, doesn't want Trump to succeed, because they were involved in the spying too, dummy. Good gawd, there is no hope for you.

      The rest of your gibberish, is BS, like all the other shizzle you bring. Get some help for your TDS troll.


    2. I noticed you didn't defend Hunter, the indefensible. I'd say that slope is slippery AF, but democrats expect their politicians to be on the grift.

  3. You'd have more credibility if you weren't a semi-functional illiterate. It's wailing. Not whaling.

    1. Now if the troll was looking at Louisiana's voting results, wailing would be appropriate.

  4. This graft was sloppy. They did not bother covering their tracks because the plan was for that pantsuit-wearing pig to succeed the purple-lipped Indonesian imbecile.

    Even a casual observer can see that these criminals laundered taxpayer money through Ukraine and sold out our country's security to Red China.

    Hammer will fall.

    1. These crooks do their crimes so blatantly because they have had decades of Democrat media covering up for them and refusing to investigate them. Now we are seeing the spectacle of a rabid media attacking Trump but trying to ignore the Bidens' malfeasance.

  5. This is why they hate DJT. He is shining the light on the cockroaches. He has known it was there for years and when none else had the Moxie to do this he took matters into his own hands. It's how he's built. I love it. TRUMP 2020.

  6. Does anybody remember the environment in which Nixon delivered the "Checkers" speech? He coulda put Pat on payroll as a typist, but noooo...

  7. don, I hate to nit pick but Joe's brother should have gotten a couple of paragraphs at least. he did the Biden shakedown as well. it's the dems favorite dance step.

    1. I don't like to say bad things about a dead man, and Beau's demise was particularly painful and ugly, but I wonder if his becoming the AG of Delaware was a method to ensure there were no investigations of the Biden Family in the state? A la Bill Clinton being AG and then Governor and thus in control of the local Department of Justice?


  8. Hunter Biden is not even half the man big talking Slow Joe is. I can see them at family dinners, Slow Joe talking to Hunter like Sheriff Buford T. Justice spoke to his son in Smokey and the Bandit:

    "There's no way, *no* way that you came from *my* loins. Soon as I get home, first thing I'm gonna do is punch yo mamma in da mouth!"

    "Hunter:My hat blew off, daddy.
    Slow Joe: I hope your goddamn head was in it."

    "Slow Joe: [shouting out of a restaurant to Hunter waiting in the car] You want something?
    Hunter: Hushpuppies, Daddy!
    Slow Joe: We got no time for that crap!
    [mutters under his breath]
    Slow Joe: Dumb sumbitch..."

    "Slow Joe: Nobody, and I mean NOBODY makes Slow Joe look like a possum's pecker.
    Hunter: Except for that...
    Slow Joe: Shut your ass."

    "Hunter: But Daddy...
    Slow Joe: Do what I tell you! You pile of monkey nuts!"

    Now, I'm gonna get me a Diablo sammich.

  9. I need to read again.

  10. Zero evidence of crime. By Biden that is.

    Rudy on the other hand has a cool half mill from a business named "Fraud Guarantee". How delicious is this?

    1. No crime by Rudy.

      Rudy not President.

      Biden was vp when biden committed crime of extortion, aka use of elected executive branch authority to compel, by threat of witholding, another nation to desist in conducting their own criminal investigation and subsequent criminal prosection of crimes involving U.S. citizen(s), thus, biden, having publicly and vigorously bragged, aka confessed, to said crime, is unfit for public office on default and would, and should have been, be impeached and tossed out of vp office onto his ass.

      Biden is a crook.

      Backed up by obama, who is also a crook.

      Amongst the abundance of crooks infesting both our nation's past executive branch and our current legislative branch, both house and senate.

      The slinging of charges the uniparty sludge has instigated and intensified is a fire that will not only burn them to ashes, but will not be extinguished until all graft is so decimated.

      And only the electorate will be capable of said extinguishment, via MAGA elected official all.

      The democrats will wish they, themselves, had locked her up.

      They have sown the seeds and now will be reaped as the harvests of their own chicaneries.

      And no connived communistic changing of laws will save any of them.

      The Constitutional Republic will, by electorate declared MAGA, deinfest our nation of these infestations.

    2. You don't have to commit a crime to be a complete sack of shit, and that's what Joe and his spawn are, so you have that. And see below...

  11. Joe Biden has confessed to bribing the Ukraine to fire the prosecutor with the Quid for the Quo being US aid. Bribery is one of the two "high crimes and misdemeanors" specifically named as grounds for impeachment of a President in the US Constitution.

    1. He didn't confess. He laughed and boasted about it. In American History class we learned about the greed, corruption and venality of the so-called Gilded Age. Today's political class put them in the shade.

  12. One correction. Jay Sekulow says court records show Hunter made $1M per year.

  13. I am amazed that they let Hunter out of the closet to do this dreadfully disclosing interview… Wouldn’t he be fun in a courtroom?

  14. Clearly, Joe should have spent more time skinny dipping. A lot more time.