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Thursday, October 17, 2019

How the media blew the Syria story

This morning at 8, BBC posted a story, "Turkey's Erdogan 'threw Trump's Syria letter in bin.'" It was Fake News.

This afternoon at 2, President Donald John Trump announced Erdogan agreed to a cease-fire along the Syrian border.

Once again, the press got the story all wrong. President Trump knew what he was doing and succeeded where his predecessors had failed. He removed American troops in order to bring peace to a section of the Middle East. He used tariffs, not soldiers, to force the issue.

The Washington press corps covering President Trump is incompetent and corrupt as it violates the public trust by deliberately trying to sabotage the man the American people elected president.

President Trump's mediation of the Kurd-Turk dispute is award-worthy. The press blew the story by attacking our president. Amid all the false reports of coming calamity and impending genocide, I advised readers to Trust Trump. He earned it.

And of course I was right because getting President Trump right is the easiest thing in the world to do. Just accept that he is better informed than the press, and he knows what he is doing.

But the media is a bunch of garbage peddlers. You have your garbage collectors who help keep America clean and safe, and then you have your garbage producers at CNN and the like.

The fog of war expelled by the American media was a historic embarrassment to anyone who is now or has ever been a member of the Fourth Estate. Obamanauts -- including generals -- were allowed to say whatever they wanted to try to undermine President Trump's peace efforts without bothering (in most cases) to allow the Trump administration to respond.

Crazy talk of genocide filled the cable airwaves.

ABC was caught using training footage from Kentucky to depict a non-existent "Slaughter in Syria."

Has it issued an on-air apology or correction yet?

Now that a deal has been cut, I expect the media to take potshots at it before dropping the subject entirely. Once again, President Trump has achieved the impossible and the media will deny him credit because they did everything they could to prevent peace from breaking out.

Let us take a stroll down memory lane before it is memory-holed.

October 7:

October 8:

October 9:

October 10:

October 11:

October 12:

October 13:

October 14:

October 15:

October 16:

October 17:

I had a post written and set for publication at 2. But just before I was ready to ride with the top down (it was 59), the G-7 story broke and I wrote and posted, "Trump won't profit from G-7."

As I was driving, the story on Turkey broke. But rather than delete that post, I share it with readers -- unadulterated -- to show my thought process.

Hawks help Trump

Lindsey Graham and a comically bad House resolution demanding war in Syria were an unexpected gift to President Donald John Trump in his talks with Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Or maybe the Great Deal Maker figured his enemies (Democrats and the media) and his hawk friends (Senator Graham) would squawk about withdrawing U.S. troops from the battlefield, which would give the president leverage in peace negotiations.

President Trump can tell his NATO ally, look, I want to stay out of this mess but if you fail me, the chicken hawks and Graham will force me to take military action.

The left's instant elevation of Kurds above American soldiers -- who the elitists see as expendable -- was instantaneous. For a moment there, it looked like the Kurds would be revered more than illegal aliens. But as Kurds cannot vote Democrat in 2020, they fell back in the line.

Tariffs give President Trump the leverage to keep Erdogan in line. We know the reports of savagery against Kurds are false because ABC used Fake Footage (from a Kentucky video no less) to show the "Slaughter in Syria," as the network put it.

In an Instagram world, if you cannot show a war, then there is no war.

The press is getting President Trump's deal-making wrong, just as it has every past deal. Andrew C. McCarthy of the war-mongering National Review argued in The Hill that because the feckless Obama got hosed by Erdogan that President Trump is failing.

McCarthy believes Erdogan is this super-duper genius. My how the media loves foreign strongmen.

He ended his piece, "Meanwhile, al Qaeda has been left virtually untouched. Trump ditched the Kurds at Erdogan’s insistence and with assurances about a limited clearing operation. Now, he is being blamed for a bloodbath. Our troops have not been removed; they were merely redeployed out of harm’s way, making it appear that Erdogan is calling the shots. Ankara gravitates toward Moscow, while we ponder the future of NATO and the safety of our forces and nukes at Incirlik air base.

"American administrations change, but two things persist: The Islamic democracy delusion and Erdogan as its foil."

Baloney. The only delusional people are those who think Donald Trump has failed.

President Trump can collapse Turkey's economy in a New York minute, and he flashed that power last year. If Erdogan acts up, The Donald will twist his arm like he did last summer.

The president sent a Don't Be A Fool letter to Erdogan last week. He really said that. Don't be a fool. While the press reported that Erdogan threw the letter in the trash, Pence and Pompeo are in Turkey today talking turkey.

As President Trump pointed out, he's a billionaire while a mouthy critic on TV is "a guy that can't buy a pair of pants."

I like Graham. I take his criticism in stride, as does the president. In Graham's way, he is helping.


  1. Never, ever, EVER bet against SGPDJT. You WILL be sorry if you do.

  2. Darn, if I didn’t know better, i would have to call Trump a Statesman. No way!

  3. The large majority of "journalists" do not try to report the news, they try to influence and impress OTHER journalists. They don't care two diddly squats about reporting accurately to the nation, but twist and massage any story to trash trump, in order to be noticed by each other. Just sickening that average everyday citizens must read between the lines and first be suspicious of any headline, or tv talking head when they try to report any news item involving trump. They think we are all nimrods......

    1. The leftards that read and believe them are nimrods.

  4. Trump keeps a campaign promise and shows up the dems and never trumpers for the hypocrites they are. Trump shows them how to win a "war" without firing a shot, protecting our troops. WINNING.

    1. Just so! Now today the screaming babies had to eat crow again, when pence and pompeo got Erdogan to agree to a cease fire! No american lives lost, and apparently to the dems, thats a bad thing because Trump succeeded. Amazing.

    2. And the agreement reached in RECORD TIME.

  5. President Trump can collapse Turkey's economy in a New York minute

    Gee I thought he was the peacemaker... As usual Surber portrays his party as the modern nobility who love to tell the world what's good for them.....whether they like it or not.

    Just like liberals do. They both worship raw power and nothing else. Accept our terms or DIE. That's precisely what sanctions do they kill people mostly children.

    1. CAN collapse, not IS collapsing. Do you see the difference? Credible power is part of negotiations, and makes it more likely that the other party will give in without that power having to actually be exercised.

      Or, to put it in terms more appropriate to a five-year-old: if you eat your vegetables, you won't have to stand in the corner.

    2. Worshipping raw power, hmmmmmmm???

      You mean like the moolies and their allah-oop-ah-doop submissions?

      Or the chicommies, with their nazi displays of crushings into dust???

      Or the obamanation infestations, with their submit to grafting grifters or starve???

      Or the pathetically retarded socialistas, scrounging the garbage dumps of every country they've ever taken on that nose dive into poverty most thorough???

      Or the shining stars of the demo/rino swamp uniparty, all feasting upon the earned and thieved by taxations of their grifting grafting ways???

      You mean those worshippers of power, quackie lackie whackie???

    3. You know Nonny, you are like and unlike PDJT. Both of you like to tell others what to do. The difference is that when PDJT does it, he measures the situation accurately and gets results that are in America's best interests (and often, as here, the worlds.) OTOH, when you do it, you blindly repeat your favourite voices in the Dem media who get things spectacularly wrong - over and over again. Isn't that the popular definition of insanity.

    4. "You know Nonny, you are like and unlike PDJT. Both of you like to tell others what to do."

      Try begining your post with a less stupid premise.

      Sure, shire!y, you needed this to set up the restnof your post.

      It is, however, not suitable for framing.

      As the elected by the citizens Commander In Chief, deciding what to do, how to do, when and where to do and who to do is not "telling people what to do", it is directing and executing the duties of his office.

      Get your definitions right, sonny.

  6. For decades now the propaganda wing of the DNC has been getting it wrong. It reached a point quite a while ago where I would be amazed if the media got it right.
    That includes news on the DNC thugs, though in the opposite direction.
    Little Graham Cracker has improved somewhat since McLame has been call to his just rewards, whatever they be - possibly served up with tropical drinks, but he is still a squish, it's in his DNA. I will take the few little bonus moments from him, but usually pay little attention to him.
    I wonder how many Pulitzer Prizes the propaganda wing will get for their totally wrong coverage of Turkey/Syria and Trump pulling out those couple of dozen troops...
    Question, if all the MSM does is "Counterintelligence" which is certainly seems like, does that mean they are without intelligence (play on counter/ opposite - intelligence)? Sure seems that way to me.

  7. I get really, really tired of asking this; WHICH KRUDS ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT. The media in general do not explain the Turkish-Kurdish conflict.

    A better explanation of the "Kurds" than is in the MSM. There are 3 Kurdish groups outside of Turkey, 2 of which are designated by the US, EU and Turkey as terrorist organizations, the PKK (Kurdistan Workers’ Party) and a splinter group YPG (People’s Protection Units) that attack Turkey from Syria; they have killed over 3000 Turks. The Kurds in Iraq are not labeled as terrorists by the US and the EU. So who are the good guys. The Syrian Democratic Forces [SDF] is another group in Syria, which is an alliance of Kurdish, Syrian Arab and Christian Assyrian and Turkmen militias established during the Syrian War by the US to fight against the Islamic State. So who is Turkey attacking and who are the good guys we are abandoning. Words have a meaning, supposedly, and the "Kurds are being attacked" tells me and other Americans nothing. Or is this no accident by the media; just another avenue to go after President Trump.

  8. ...Now Star Trekkies can figure out how the Earth becomes a peaceful united planet in the coming two centuries. Its nexus is with President Donald J. Trump ending the wars with military weapons, and beginning the new era of wars where monetary shots over the bow, cowing the World's tin pot dictators. This will eventually bring the World along with less violence, like Western Civilization brought the World into Modernity. He will be the secular Sir Thomas More of this century and forward. ZBest

    1. Well, that sucks!!!

      No visit from that dreamy Klaatu!!!

      No tremblings at the awesome power of Gort!!!!

      No standing still for the earth!!!


      Where's da fun in dat????

    2. ...Seems Star Trek never quite explains how the peaceful future Earth comes about; thought the show(s)/ movie writers could use a historical figure and notable historic time to mesh with their narrative. Klaatu barada nikto, Z.

  9. I have not seen any good coverage on this. Most of the know nothing Ben Rhode's 27 year old never been anywhere is excusable. Those that know better- what can I say, why not call the media enemy of the people?

    Here is a primer from someone who has spent considerable time in Iraq and the Middle East.
    Not all Kurds are equal
    Turkish Kurds are terrorists who have slaughtered thousands and are on our terrorist list.
    Syria Kurds were our allies for 10 minutes when our interests aligned, but are not great people overall.
    Iraqi Kurds have been our best allies outside of Israel in the Middle East for 40 years.

    Trump briefly exposed the Syrian Kurds to Turkish wrath. Not a great move, but these were not our "stalwart allies" as has been portrayed by the kiddy corps and the despicable media that actually knows this.

    1. "Trump briefly exposed the Syrian Kurds to Turkish wrath. Not a great move,"

      Not only not 'not a great move', but an epicly great move!!

      As is our MAGA President's habit!!!

      Motivation is essential to negotiation.

      And every single purpose point of his epically great moves, let alone their combined effects, is only considered to be not great by those immersed in political crapola thinking.

      Block diagram this most recent MAGA President set of moves.

      See just how effectively great they are.

      And, then, quit yer mickey mouse bitching.

  10. The part I like best is where the Left ignores that part of the world for years, all the way up until a couple weeks ago, but suddenly they are all experts on the region.

    Google and Facebook are probably cashing in on the surge of searches relating to what is happening and the background. For a fee, your articles will come up first in a search - even if you name the author you're looking for.

    If somebody researches "Burisma" right now they'll find a bunch of hits about what a wonderful company it is and nobody did anything wrong. To find the bad stuff you have to scroll down a ways, but most people won't scroll down very far.

    Point being, a lot of instant experts are relying on promoted points of view, without any idea who is promoting those POVs or why.

    I find it kind of scary that they can manipulate the flow of information like that. I find it even scarier that they can tailor it to each of us individually. So two neighbors could do identical searches on the same day and get two different results.

    1. "I find it kind of scary that they can manipulate the flow of information like that. I find it even scarier that they can tailor it to each of us individually. So two neighbors could do identical searches on the same day and get two different results."

      Reality is hard.

      Thinking is hard.

      Where food, water, shelter and all other true neccessities are plentiful, the motivation to think are substantially absent.

      Too few reliable perils = sloth of thinking.

      Query any alley rat, or tree squirrel, or bird, on the subject of cats.

      When thinking is the only option to choose that makes continued life possible, thinking becomes prime.

      No amount of social media can impede prime thinking.

      Only the absence of prime thinking environment can produce sloth of thinking.

      And fear is non conducive to prime thinking.

      Fear is only the initial inducement to choose prime thinking.

      For those whose thinking induced by fear who choose to think even less, death most swift awaits.

      Apply true reality to thinking about everything.

      Or risk swift and theoretically premature death.

  11. The one piece of Trump’s legacy I will never tire of is how he forces his opponents to reveal their hypocrisy and craziness all in one shot.

    1. It's like watching "The Hustler" and "Cool Hand Luke" and "Hombre" side by side!!!

      With the uniparty democrats being like waching a Mel Brooks version of "The Shining".

      Heeeeeeeeere's shiffty!!!!

      Fancy nancy mumbling redrum....and pronoucing it we're dum....

  12. You left out the Dec. 2018 media headlines crying that Trump was acting too suddenly and impulsively. 10 months of waiting later Trump is still acting suddenly and impulsively.

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