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Thursday, October 17, 2019

How the media blew the Syria story

This morning at 8, BBC posted a story, "Turkey's Erdogan 'threw Trump's Syria letter in bin.'" It was Fake News.

This afternoon at 2, President Donald John Trump announced Erdogan agreed to a cease-fire along the Syrian border.

Once again, the press got the story all wrong. President Trump knew what he was doing and succeeded where his predecessors had failed. He removed American troops in order to bring peace to a section of the Middle East. He used tariffs, not soldiers, to force the issue.

The Washington press corps covering President Trump is incompetent and corrupt as it violates the public trust by deliberately trying to sabotage the man the American people elected president.

President Trump's mediation of the Kurd-Turk dispute is award-worthy. The press blew the story by attacking our president. Amid all the false reports of coming calamity and impending genocide, I advised readers to Trust Trump. He earned it.

And of course I was right because getting President Trump right is the easiest thing in the world to do. Just accept that he is better informed than the press, and he knows what he is doing.

But the media is a bunch of garbage peddlers. You have your garbage collectors who help keep America clean and safe, and then you have your garbage producers at CNN and the like.

The fog of war expelled by the American media was a historic embarrassment to anyone who is now or has ever been a member of the Fourth Estate. Obamanauts -- including generals -- were allowed to say whatever they wanted to try to undermine President Trump's peace efforts without bothering (in most cases) to allow the Trump administration to respond.

Crazy talk of genocide filled the cable airwaves.

ABC was caught using training footage from Kentucky to depict a non-existent "Slaughter in Syria."

Has it issued an on-air apology or correction yet?

Now that a deal has been cut, I expect the media to take potshots at it before dropping the subject entirely. Once again, President Trump has achieved the impossible and the media will deny him credit because they did everything they could to prevent peace from breaking out.

Let us take a stroll down memory lane before it is memory-holed.

October 7:

October 8:

October 9:

October 10:

October 11:

October 12:

October 13:

October 14:

October 15:

October 16:

October 17:

I had a post written and set for publication at 2. But just before I was ready to ride with the top down (it was 59), the G-7 story broke and I wrote and posted, "Trump won't profit from G-7."

As I was driving, the story on Turkey broke. But rather than delete that post, I share it with readers -- unadulterated -- to show my thought process.

Hawks help Trump

Lindsey Graham and a comically bad House resolution demanding war in Syria were an unexpected gift to President Donald John Trump in his talks with Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Or maybe the Great Deal Maker figured his enemies (Democrats and the media) and his hawk friends (Senator Graham) would squawk about withdrawing U.S. troops from the battlefield, which would give the president leverage in peace negotiations.

President Trump can tell his NATO ally, look, I want to stay out of this mess but if you fail me, the chicken hawks and Graham will force me to take military action.

The left's instant elevation of Kurds above American soldiers -- who the elitists see as expendable -- was instantaneous. For a moment there, it looked like the Kurds would be revered more than illegal aliens. But as Kurds cannot vote Democrat in 2020, they fell back in the line.

Tariffs give President Trump the leverage to keep Erdogan in line. We know the reports of savagery against Kurds are false because ABC used Fake Footage (from a Kentucky video no less) to show the "Slaughter in Syria," as the network put it.

In an Instagram world, if you cannot show a war, then there is no war.

The press is getting President Trump's deal-making wrong, just as it has every past deal. Andrew C. McCarthy of the war-mongering National Review argued in The Hill that because the feckless Obama got hosed by Erdogan that President Trump is failing.

McCarthy believes Erdogan is this super-duper genius. My how the media loves foreign strongmen.

He ended his piece, "Meanwhile, al Qaeda has been left virtually untouched. Trump ditched the Kurds at Erdogan’s insistence and with assurances about a limited clearing operation. Now, he is being blamed for a bloodbath. Our troops have not been removed; they were merely redeployed out of harm’s way, making it appear that Erdogan is calling the shots. Ankara gravitates toward Moscow, while we ponder the future of NATO and the safety of our forces and nukes at Incirlik air base.

"American administrations change, but two things persist: The Islamic democracy delusion and Erdogan as its foil."

Baloney. The only delusional people are those who think Donald Trump has failed.

President Trump can collapse Turkey's economy in a New York minute, and he flashed that power last year. If Erdogan acts up, The Donald will twist his arm like he did last summer.

The president sent a Don't Be A Fool letter to Erdogan last week. He really said that. Don't be a fool. While the press reported that Erdogan threw the letter in the trash, Pence and Pompeo are in Turkey today talking turkey.

As President Trump pointed out, he's a billionaire while a mouthy critic on TV is "a guy that can't buy a pair of pants."

I like Graham. I take his criticism in stride, as does the president. In Graham's way, he is helping.

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