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Tuesday, October 22, 2019

"Hillary is nuts. She’s also not far from the Democrat mainstream"

Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone has tried to save liberalism from liberals, but to no avail. They keep being cashews and pistachios to President Donald John Trump's very sane genius.

Having warned them not to pursue the Russian collusion hoax, he is now trying to stop them from calling everyone they don't like Russian assets.

Taibbi wrote, "Hillary Clinton is nuts. She’s also not far from the Democratic Party mainstream, which has been pushing the same line for years.

"Less than a week before Clinton’s outburst, the New York Times — once a symbol of stodgy, hyper-cautious reporting — ran a feature called, 'What, Exactly, is Tulsi Gabbard Up To?' The piece speculated about the 'suspicious activity' surrounding Gabbard’s campaign, using quotes from the neoconservative think-tank, the Alliance For Securing Democracy, to speculate about Gabbard’s Russian support.

"This was the second such article the Times had written. An August piece, “Tulsi Gabbard thinks we’re doomed,“ hit nearly all the same talking points, quoting Clint Watts, an ex-spook from the same think-tank, calling Gabbard 'the Kremlin’s preferred Democrat' and a 'useful agent of influence.' The Times article echoed earlier pieces by the Daily Beast and that said many of the same things."

Perhaps Democrats are othering Gabbard -- a Sanders socialist -- to punish her for an absence of fealty to Hillary in 2016. She is as anti-life, anti-capitalism,and anti-individual rights as any of them.

More likely they are laying the foundation for spying on her. Obama's McCarthyism against Donald Trump (and likely earlier opponents) did not end with him.

Taibbi wrote, "Everyone is foreign scum these days. Democrats spent three years trying to prove Donald Trump is a Russian pawn. Mitch McConnell is “Moscow Mitch.” Third party candidates are a Russian plot. The Bernie Sanders movement is not just a wasteland of racist and misogynist 'Bros,' but — according to intelligence agencies and mainstream pundits alike — the beneficiary of an ambitious Russian plot to 'stoke the divide' within the Democratic Party. The Joe Rogan independents attracted to the mild antiwar message of Tulsi Gabbard are likewise traitors and dupes for the Kremlin.

"If you’re keeping score, that’s pretty much the whole spectrum of American political thought, excepting MSNBC Democrats. What a coincidence!"

The smeller's the feller in this case.

I get that calling everyone Hitler has run its course.

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