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Monday, October 28, 2019

Highlights of the News

Stolen from Reddit_The_Donald.

ITEM 1: The media is mourning Bag Daddy's suicide while the U.S. K9 corps chased him into a hole in the ground.

(Now that he is dead, make that Bag Deady.)

So much for the media's stories about ISIS rising because we are withdrawing from Syria.

But Bag Deady's death hit the Post really hard.

Maybe Jeff Bezos can give his eulogy.

Obama's KGB chief mourns as well.

Bloomberg News praised Bag Deady's pluck.
Good luck Babylon Bee topping that.

Bag Deady was a fiend who raped teenage girls and pulled out their fingernails. Democrats are shocked that President Trump was glad to see him die.
The same party that denied the President of the United States the peaceful transition he deserves now demands that we respect a terrorist.

Democrats also were upset because President Donald John Trump didn't tell them in advance so they could have tipped off Bag Deady.

Russia can be trusted because it no longer is communist.

Chris Wallace carried Democrat water.

The rest of Fox News played it straight.

The New York Times tried to expose our nation's secrets, which jeopardizes the lives of people the Times said would be wiped out by genocide.

Three hours after the world learned Bag Deady was dead, SNL broadcast live from New York.

The jobs brought back are grave digging.

Timing is everything in comedy, further proof that SNL isn't comedy.

The bizarre reaction to the death of the world's top terrorist caught Democrats flat-footed. Without talking points to regurgitate, the media was on its own. Instead of celebrating the death of an evil man, the media called him an austere religious scholar. Orange Man Bad, therefore anyone who hates Orange Man is good. What a joyless lot.

Media aside, it's a nice day for a white funeral.

ITEM 2:  Bearing Arms reported, "The Trump White House is quietly reaching out to Second Amendment organizations and high-level supporters to let them know that the president is no longer backing any form of red flag firearms legislation or changes to the current background check laws, according to sources familiar with the conversations.

"According to one individual who spoke to Bearing Arms on the condition of anonymity, the White House is instead looking to focus efforts on mental health, and is “looking at something along the lines of Cornyn’s bill”, a reference to Sen. John Cornyn’s RESPONSE Act unveiled this week. The source was careful to point out, however, that the White House has not endorsed the Cornyn proposal, and may not be on board with all of the provisions."

I told readers on August 15 this would happen.

I wrote, "Following the shooting in Dayton and El Paso, President Donald John Trump engaged the push for more gun control. His enemies, such as Matt Drudge, thought they had him in a read-my-lips moment. They gobbled the bait.

"I looked at it and saw the immigration reform of 2017. Same players, different topic. They want Donald Trump to sell us out.

"He won't.

"The wall rises slowly. The Donald is patient. So am I."

Look, if it were not for Donald Trump, I would have shut the blog down by now. I get him. The media doesn't. When have they been right about him? The media was wrong about Mueller, DACA, Obama wiretapping him, World War 3 with Syria, World War 3 with North Korea, World War 3 with Iran, the Kurds, the trade war with Red China, and dozens of other things.

Now then, when have I been wrong?

Keep reading, I'll keep writing. Donald John Trump is still our president.

ITEM 3: Fox News reported, "Rep. Katie Hill, D-Calif., announced her resignation Sunday after a string of reports shining a negative light on her personal life, including a reported affair with her legislative director that sparked a House Ethics Committee investigation.

"Hill tweeted on Sunday evening, 'It is with a broken heart that today I announce my resignation from Congress. This is the hardest thing I have ever had to do, but I believe it is the best thing for my constituents, my community, and our country.' She is expected to step down by the end of this week.

"The congresswoman last week had fought back against reports of an affair with the congressional staffer, as well as reports she was in a so-called throuple relationship with husband Kenny Heslep and a campaign staffer."

You'll have to have yourself pulled out after the Savoy Throuple.

I predicted this on Friday, but it happened much sooner than I thought. Red State did a good exposing her, as it were.

ITEM 4: Loren Grush wrote, "On Friday, NASA celebrated a monumental first in its 61 years of history: a spacewalk performed by two women astronauts — without any men suited up alongside them. While it was a much-lauded step for the agency, the milestone also left many wondering why it took so long."

I am glad she asked that because men as usual had to trailblaze the way into space. That is the way it works. Men are stronger and braver. All the explorers -- Columbus, Marco Polo, Ferdinand Magellan, James Cook, etc. -- were men not because of sexism, but because that is what men do.

There was never any question that we would put a man on the moon because that is the role of men. They took the chances and they have made space safe enough for women.

Yes, Russians had women cosmonauts. They also have not put a man (or a woman) on the moon. You can do social engineering or you can do actual engineering. You cannot do both.

ITEM 5: The Milwaukee Business Journal reported, "Strauss Brands rescinds $60M plan to move HQ to Milwaukee's Century City."

The story said, "More than 30 letters were recently written to the city opposing the project, and protesters packed one gallery of the Milwaukee Common Council chamber during a recent city meeting.

"Then, on Oct. 18, Milwaukee Ald. Kahlif Rainey reversed his position and said he now opposes the plan by Strauss. In a statement issued late afternoon that day Rainey, whose district includes the possible Strauss headquarters property, said he could no longer support the project after it had drawn the opposition of a group that called it a slaughterhouse and 'the most egregious type of business to bring into a residential area.' He said he had heard an 'overwhelming response from neighbors in opposition to the project."

"The Strauss facility was expected to receive about 500 live cows daily to be butchered and packaged. The company had plans to move about 150 Strauss jobs to Milwaukee from Franklin, and house up to 500 workers long term. The jobs would pay $14 to $17 an hour."

If you ban the slaughterhouse, then no beef for you.

ITEM 6USA Today reported, "Progressives, Hispanics are not 'Latinx.' Stop trying to Anglicize our Spanish language."

The story was a column by Giancarlo Sopo, a public relations strategist and a 2019 National Review Institute regional fellow in Dallas. NR. It figures. Once again a Never Trumper pretends to be conservative -- and fails. The president's supporters are Americans first. They are too busy making America great again for these word games.

Bill Clinton, tanned, rested, and ready.

ITEM 8: Breitbart Politics reported, "Former Vice President Joe Biden inaccurately claimed on Saturday to have received his start at a historically black college or university, despite never having attended such an institution.

"Biden, who has history of exaggerating his civil rights involvement, made the claim during a campaign town hall in South Carolina, while talking about his plan for education."

Didn't Steve Martin play Biden in The Jerk?

ITEM 9: The New York Post reported, "New York City generously shares its homeless crisis with every corner of America. From the tropical shores of Honolulu and Puerto Rico, to the badlands of Utah and backwaters of Louisiana, the Big Apple has sent local homeless families to 373 cities across the country with a full year of rent in their pockets as part of Mayor Bill de Blasio’s Special One-Time Assistance Program."

This is the best thing de Blasio has done since he killed that groundhog.

I hate groundhogs.

ITEM 10: President Trump vs. Obama. Spot the leader.

Via Breibart:
Donald Trump said, "I want to personally congratulate President Obama and the men [and] women of the Armed Forces for a job very well done. I am so proud to see Americans standing shoulder to shoulder, waving the American flag in celebration of this great victory.

"We should spend the next several days not debating party politics, but in remembrance of those who lost their lives on 9/11 and those fighting for our freedom. God Bless America."

ITEM 11: A reader wrote, "I heard from a friend through messenger that he tried to post your blog on FB about the 3rd anniversary of Hillary’s failed win. He received a msg that stated what he was about to post violated community standards. Just thought you should know."

The Facebook community is liberal San Francisco where people poop in the streets. The government gives away needles for heroin users but bans plastic straws.

Zuckerberg is a wimp. His money cannot buy him the testosterone he needs.

ITEM 12:
Hell froze over.

ITEM 13Via Ryan Saavedra, Economist Editor-in-Chief Zanny Minton Beddoes said of Elizabeth Warren on MSNBC, "About 50% of the stock market and private equity companies would be affected by her re-regulation, by break up, by some of, one of her many very big, ambitious proposals, and I think it’s not just that there are individual policies that one can disagree with, and there are many.

"The broader philosophy underpinning it, I think, has two elements: one is that she has an enormous faith in government and government regulation, and as we all know, government regulation has its downsides, and we may be in a situation where we need [a] different kind of regulation of some industries, but she is driven by a faith in government.

"And the converse of that is that I think she’s driven by a real punitive dislike of much of business, and that is actually some of the underpinning of American prosperity – much of that underpinning. American capitalism is strong because of its business."

Hmm, CNN is pushing Warren. Fox News is pushing Gabbard. UT-1 in Ukraine is pushing Biden. I wonder who MSNBC is pushing -- the Gay Mayor or HRC?

ITEM 14:
Until they're destroyed, no Trumpenfreude.


  1. Morning Don!

    On #3 there was some speculation that Pelosi was grooming her for higher office hence the rapid kick to the curb in an effort to keep granny out of the crosshairs.


  2. > You'll have to have yourself pulled out after the Savoy Throuple.

    What is sweet now turns so sour.

  3. As it turns out, it’s not democracy, but the Washington Post that dies in darkness.

  4. "If you ban the slaughterhouse, then no beef for you."
    On the other side however, slaughterhouses are nasty and dirty and smelly. I know because I grew up in Dubuque, IA which housed Dubuque Pack. They really do not belong in a residential area, rather outside of town a ways. The jobs are great, but the whole area reeks.

    1. Agree DM. As a boy in NJ, the Meadowlands had a pig slaughterhouse which reeked to high heaven. The sulfur plant didn't help either. Both were closed to make way for the first Giants Stadium which stunk to high heaven until 1986.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Item 1 - Kayla Mueller is unavailable for comment.

    Item 4 - Someone said decades ago that feminism never would have happened if it wasn't for power steering and power brakes.

    1. And automatic transmission. - GOC

    2. I credit the 1912 electric starter. Invented because women were unable to crank their internal combustion cars to start them. Before then, if a woman wanted to drive an internal combustion car she had to find a man to crank the engine and had to wait for a man to stop and help if she should stall the vehicle as she hadn't the strength to hand crank the engine. Look up the story of the invention. Interesting history.

  7. >>> Trump facing his opponents on the left and right like Cooper in 'High Noon'...

  8. ...Washington Post Obit.: 'Pol Pot; the noted Environmentalist, who successfully sought to reduce the human carbon footprint, world hunger and human food consumption by 2 million; has passed away.' ZBest

  9. The terrorist's demise and the mind of Joe Biden are two enjoyable events. Sunday night and I was thinking back to Joey having the big chub for Barrack when obl was killed. This time, Joey is on 60 Minutes, lying about who told Barrack not to support the little fading candidate.

  10. #11: I just posted this Highlight in Facebook...and it worked fine.

  11. Washington DC can SUCK MY ASS.

  12. 1-I expected negativity from the press and democrat/communists. But they far exceeded them.

    I LOVE that Pelosi and Schiff were not told of the plans in advance.

    12-shocked at Radaatz. Omar’s Islamism must be that which is anti ISIS. Her comments don’t absolve her of being a Jew-hating Islamist.

  13. When Trump steps outside of his rally bubble and deals with real Americans, he gets booed.

    Why is that? The cult inside the bubble must find this shocking.

    They'll tell themselves that George Soros bought all the tickets to the World Series and sent protesters to the game.

    Why not? It sounds as plausible as much of the nonsense the Trump cult believes.

    1. If you think the DC crowd is NOT part of the swamp, you're delusional.

      Now, let's have a repeat in Houston this week and see if there's a difference.

    2. Real Americans don't choose to live in DC.

    3. Really shouldn't do this, but, have to fix it for you:

      "When Trump steps outside of reality into Washington DC's bubble and deals with real anti-Americans, he gets booed."

    4. Nony, gotta hit ya with some Steely Dan...

      Well, I’ve been around the world
      And I’ve been in the Washington Zoo
      And in all my travels as the facts unravel
      I’ve found this to be true
      While the poor people sleepin with the shade on the light
      While the poor people sleepin, all the stars come out at night

    5. We see Trump hate every day from human scum. It's the Democrats who don't realize they are assholes, because they believe their hate is righteous. Obama really did a number on them!

  14. "Three hours after the world learned Bag Deady was dead, SNL broadcast live from New York.:

    SNL, the twenty-first century's Norma Desmond.

  15. “it's a nice day for a white funeral”

    It’s the throwaway lines that make Don’s blog a national treasure and my ... (wait for it) ... Idol.

    1. Yes ... That was the riff. This is journalism rock and roll !

    2. BUHAhahahaha, That right there is laugh out loud funny. up to and including the waitforit.

  16. Item 1: Love the Bag Deady moniker! And the answer to Chris Wallace’s question would be No. No the President doesn’t (and shouldn’t) trust her or Schiff or any other Democrat.

    Item 2: Good! The Dems won’t allow us to properly enforce the laws on the books now. Perhaps we need to start removing a few of the 20,000 gun laws that exist.

    Item 5: Why are Democrats against jobs?

    Item 8: Go Joe! Go home, that is. Enough is enough. We make fun of Bernie’s brushes with senility (socialism?), but continue to allow Joe to have his gaffes. Time to go home Joe.

    Item 9: At first glance you wonder why he’s spending tax payers’ $ on this program. Then it begins to make sense: The homeless get to go back to their place of origin where they have family who can, hopefully’ provide love and support. Meanwhile, NYC and NYS stop footing the bill after one year’s rent is payed. Just one question: Is there a penalty if those receiving this aid show up as homeless again?

    Item 12: I’ll have to see if Sarah Hoyt will lend me her shocked face.

    Item 13: If Warren ever lets it be known just how much her pipe dreams will cost the American household, she’ll be laughed off the podium. Her desire for big(ger) government are nightmares for freedom loving people everywhere.

    Item 14: One more Houston win should do it.

    1. I had been rooting for the Nats...until that disgusting disrespect for POTUS.

    2. The fans of the Nats are human scum.

    3. I hope the Astros beat the Nationals like a rented mule...

  17. Given her sex life I doubt resigning from congress was the 'hardest thing' Katie Hill had to do.

  18. #10 Spot the leader: Pic 1. President of USA;
    Pic 2. Deepstate

  19. Bill Mitchell is wrong. Trump didn't tell the Russians we were going after al-Baghdadi. He told them we're flying over your territory and you better not shoot at us if you know what's good for you.

  20. #2) I was happy when you returned to your blog. Even Instapundit likes your presence and links to you often. Please stick around.

  21. Communism did not fall in Russia. Putin remains a communist and his "Christianity" is simply an act.

    1. Putin is not a communist so much as he is a continuation of several hundred years of Russian history, from the czars to the communists to the current state of affairs.

      The Yeltsin years were the aberration.

  22. Here are two good posts:

  23. Katie Hill's name will be mentioned by many Chiefs before sailors go on liberty.