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Friday, October 18, 2019

Highlights of the News

Doonesbury. 1999. A bigger size is here.

How can anyone not like the man?

ITEM 1: Fox News reported, "President Trump declared Thursday a great day for civilization as Vice President Mike Pence and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced terms of a cease-fire agreement that would end violence between Turkey and Kurds in Syria, following a meeting with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Ankara.

"The deal is for a 120-hour cease-fire, during which time the Kurdish-led forces could pull back from the roughly 20-mile-wide safe zone on the Turkish-Syrian border. All Turkish military operations under the recent offensive known as Operation Peace Spring will pause during that time, and the operation itself will come to an end entirely upon the completion of the Kurdish withdrawal, under the terms of the deal."
Blessed are the peacemakers.

Meanwhile, Foreign Policy magazine reported, "Tentative Syria Cease-fire Is a Major Win for Turkey. U.S. Vice President Mike Pence negotiated a pause in the violence, but the Kurds got a bad deal."

Any success by President Donald John Trump is downplayed by a media that simply hates him and has nothing to offer the world but mud, slander, and libel.

ITEM 2: The Daily Caller reported, "Hunter Biden received over $700,000 from a New York-based capital management company that held equity in a Chinese investment firm with close ties to the Bank of China, a Daily Caller News Foundation review of Hunter Biden’s Chinese, Ukrainian and American business dealings has found.

"And despite the deluge of media reports saying Hunter Biden received $50,000 a month for his work on the board of the Ukranian natural gas company Burisma Holdings, the records tell a much different story.

"Hunter Biden, the son of former Vice President Joe Biden, did not receive any compensation directly from Burisma, according to available records. The oft-cited $50,000 a month figure is actually based on payments he received from a New York-based company called Rosemont Seneca Bohai, which was owned and controlled by his longtime business partner, Devon Archer.

"Rosemont Seneca Bohai’s Morgan Stanley bank records are publicly available because they were submitted in an unrelated criminal case that involved Archer and an alleged scheme to defraud millions from an American Indian tribe. Archer was found guilty in the case in 2018, but his conviction was later overturned.

"The bank records show that in each month between June 2014 and October 2015, Rosemont Seneca Bohai wired between $10,000 and $150,979 to Hunter Biden for undisclosed purposes. In total, Hunter Biden received $708,302 from Rosemont Seneca Bohai, which was under Archer’s care at all times."

This is getting very interesting.

ITEM 3: Reuters reported, "Britain secured a Brexit deal with the European Union on Thursday, more than three years after Britons voted to leave the bloc, but Prime Minister Boris Johnson must still win a knife-edge vote in Parliament to get the agreement approved.

"'Where there is a will there is a deal — we have one!' European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker said in a tweet a few hours before the start of an EU summit in Brussels."

President Trump told Theresa May just leave. She didn't listen. She wasted 3 years trying to cut a deal with an EU that didn't think Britain would go through with it.

Boris Johnson got the job, listened to President Trump, and got a deal in 85 days.

I don't understand the details but I see the leadership crystal clear. If you want something done, elect a blond anti-establishment native of New York City.

ITEM 4: Life Site News reported, "A federal judge permanently blocked an Obama administration rule Tuesday that could have forced medical facilities and doctors to abort unborn babies.

The rule from President Barack Obama’s Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) defined 'discrimination on the basis of sex' to include abortion in Obamacare. In doing so, it could have forced medical facilities, doctors, nurses and other medical workers to abort unborn babies against their beliefs."

Bush 43 judge.

This happened 3 days ago. Our press no longer covers the news.

ITEM 5: Fox News reported, "In San Diego, officials say new wall is helping bring border numbers down."

The president replaced 8-foot backyard fencing with a 30-foot wall. The loss of border jumpers has a better benefit.

The story said, "But the barrier not only lowers apprehensions, it allows officers to make apprehensions more safely and closer to the border -- rather than within border communities. Harrison says that, as a result, there has been a surge of construction taking place as better barriers go up, with construction of warehouses, housing, shopping outlets and restaurants."

The border area no longer is a ghetto (or barrio if you prefer). As Mel Allen used to say, "How about that!"

ITEM 6: The Philadelphia Inquirer reported, "Mark Sanford kicked off his presidential campaign against Donald Trump in Philly. One person showed up."

He was Bill Quinn, the father of one of Sanford’s former University of Chicago students. Quinn is a Democrat, so he won't get a chance to vote for Sanford in the primary.

Sanford said, "Nobody knows me in Philadelphia. I get it. I think in life we all do what we can do, what’s within our power to have an effect. So we’re just sort of moving along as we go along."

Maybe he should have announced in Argentina.

ITEM 7: The San Francisco Chronicle reported, "Kamala Harris campaign's 'time for an upgrade' Pelosi meme backfires."

She went from top tier to the Sanford section fast. What was Willie Brown thinking?

ITEM 8: News Busters reported, "South Park Mocks LeBron James' Response About China."

They put LBJ's words in Eric Cartman's mouth, the ultimate insult. King James is now Peking James.


ITEM 10:
Scott Presler should run.

ITEM 11:
Julia Hartley-Brewer tweeted, "Climate activists protested by standing on top of a train and blocking it going forward during morning rush hour. Unfortunately for them it was in Canning Town, a working class district of London. Their direct action was answered by direct action from commuters."

The protesters are spoiled upper class spawn. Think Prince Charles and his youngest son.

ITEM 12:
How casual liberals are with their anti-white racism. His show drew 1.4 million total viewers -- in its debut. That was why it was canceled.


  1. > What was Willie Brown thinking?

    Willie wasn't thinking. Reptile brain had already kicked in.

    1. Actually, Willie had her number. His comments about her she got into the race have been anything but encouraging.

    2. ...Didn't someone nickname her, 'mattress back'? Z

    3. Willie was thinking with his willie.

    4. 'Headboard Harris' is my favorite of the non- Xrated descriptions!

    5. Robin Williams once said men were blessed with two heads, but unfortunately only have a good enough blood supply to run one at a time.

    6. Don's five word tag question sentence on this subject begged for either a full boat response or effectively no response.

      This being not 4chan.

      Tsk, tsk, tsk, Donny!!!!

      Would you take this level of cockteasing from a just turned 18 Pam Anderson???










  2. Blessed are the peacemakers

    What a joke. Trump dropped 40K bombs last the name of peace. Right.

    Just like awarding Obummer the peace prize for dropping 25K bombs. Apologists on both sides lie with straight faces they are nothing but court prophets, the kind of clowns the bible condemned.

    1. Wow, a multi-visit daily Surber follower like myself has seen this posted before on this site. Can't these bozos at least try to offer additional insights, instead of boilerplate talking points?! They're like Hannity's similar repetitive evil twin...Zbest

    2. First it wasn't 40 thousand, no need to be so dramatic. Second, how the h*ll do you think ISIS got taken out? They said pretty please? C'mon, use that lump on your shoulders to do more than hold a hat.

    3. Well Nonny's worldview is video games and CNN.

    4. The conumdrums are vexing.

      Conniveries + numbbrains + beating their drums = redundancy.

      When you "quote", reference the bible, as a tool to tout your pov, you reveal yourself.

      You are sincere about the bible?

      You are sincere about your being as Christ?

      Then why are you constantly throwing stones?

      Could it be that you are really of the stone throwing clan?

      Or the grinding into dust clan?

      Or the ani-mals are more equal than others clan?

      What's the matter, chatter?

      Is time slippin', slippin', slippin', into your future?

  3. "Blessed are the peacemakers." So Trump opens the door to violence so that he may broker a 'peace deal' that is only a cease fire that allows Turkey to reload? Never mind air raids and shellings continued after this "peace deal" was announced.

    Here is the voice of a 'peacemaker.'
    Trump last night: “Like two kids in a lot, you’ve got to let them fight and then you pull them apart. It [the fighting between Turkey and the Kurds] was pretty vicious. It was nasty.. . .It’s not fun having bullets going all over the place.”

    Wow. President Heel Spurs approves of war and finds it entertaining at the same time. He is truly a sick man.

    1. So let me see if I follow your logic:

      Fighting in the middle east has been going on for hundreds of years in recorded history. But Trump "opened the door to violence". Logic fail.

      Bluntly, I don't care if they fight another thousand years, slaughter each other by the thousands. It would be business as usual for the history of the world.

      Do I think a peace plan will ever work? Nope. While some humans are peaceful by nature, most are only peaceful under circumstance.

    2. All the nitpickers got is picking their fabricated nits.

      They are all, effectively, contained in that "The Matrix" sludge tube.

      Not a coincendence that the blue pill keeps them snuggly contained within their pleasant, redundant delusions.

      And, for many, their delusion is fighting, figuratively, for the freedoms they abhor.

      Why, it's like they want to have stayed in their mother's womb forever!!!

  4. Anonymous dude: You should write a book. I have a sense that your plan will be the best one yet.

  5. 10-Presler is a great idea. He can then clean up the trash in Congress.

    11-that made my day.

  6. "The protesters are spoiled upper class spawn. Think Prince Charles and his youngest son."

    Or Trump and his daughter ... and sons ... and multiple wives.

  7. Trolls make me laugh. Don's over the target.


  8. All roads lead to Putin.

    The US is destroying their own bases as Russians are walking in.

    There is nothing the Trump cult won't defend.

    1. Good. Let the Russians get stuck in the Middle East quagmire for a change.

  9. #1) So the Kruds will withdraw. As I keep writing in blog comments and to the media outlets, which Kurds!  There are 3 Kurdish groups outside of Turkey, 2 of which are designated by the US, EU and Turkey as terrorist organizations, the PKK (Kurdistan Workers’ Party) and a splinter group YPG (People’s Protection Units) that attack Turkey from the Syrian border area. They have killed over 3000 Turks, which is not mention.  The Kurds in Iraq are not labeled as terrorists by the US and the EU.  The Syrian Democratic Forces [SDF] is another group in Syria, which is an alliance of Kurdish, Syrian Arab and Christian Assyrian and Turkmen militias established with US help during the Syrian War to fight against the Islamic State. So who is Turkey attacking and who are the good guys we are abandoning. Words have a meaning, supposedly, and the "Kurds are being attacked" tells me and other Americans nothing. 

    1. Exactly right, amr!

      The Kurds, like most M.E. people are tribal. They're not all the same. Most are moslem, and are pursuing their own ends NOT OURS!

      Tom Kratman knows the Kurds. Here's what he said about them (I posted this link before, but it's worth reading if you haven't already:)

  10. All roads lead to Putin... hilarious.

    "Tell Vlad I'll be more flexible after the election"


  11. "Sanford said, "Nobody knows me in Philadelphia. I get it. I think in life we all do what we can do, what’s within our power to have an effect. So we’re just sort of moving along as we go along.""

    What a word salad of nothingness.

  12. "Our press no longer covers the news." I miss real newspapers. But we deal with the world as we find it, so I look for alternative media, and the list is extensive, ever changing, and Surberblog is near the top of that list.
    How to tell what to believe from fake news? That takes a thinking brain and a lot of "I'll look for confirming information." Which is why the various "nonnies" are so amusing here. It's like those exercises in my course in logic forty something years ago: spot the fallacy. When it's not simple ad hominem, tu quoque, or strawman arguments, they often degenerate into potty mouth. I do understand why Don lets them spew.

  13. Item 8 "They put LBJ's words in Eric Cartman's mouth." President Johnson's? Oh, I see now.

  14. hello Don,

    Like? I love this guy! quicknote, I'm into my 6th decade and was orig fm New York, to the age of 12. The New York City of my childhood was an American place, not this Tory stronghold, commie stain it's become (I don't live there, haven't since about 20 years ago).

    my childhood was like the Little Rascals shows - I could get on the subway or bus at age 11, not worry about a thing. Summertimes, my friends and I could be blocks away for near the whole day, playing, coming home to eat or when our parents told us to be home.

    It was a safer place, because the adults looked out for the kids.

    I'm telling you this, because this is the New York City that President Trump grew up in. and let me tell you, Don, I know President Trump. Not personally, but I know his type. He's the old-school New Yorker, the guy on the block that everyone respects, the guy that would look out for the kids in the neighborhood, no matter where they were from.

    Tough guy, but smart, dependable - a good man to have your back in a tough spot. American.

    This is the kind of man that is our President. He is, as we say in Ft. Washington Heights, "da BEST!"

    The JG

    1. Thank you so much. We had men then. I see these idiots in cargo shorts and backpacks and sigh.

  15. Wait. What?...

    Doonesbury is still running?

    - Toby Flenderson

  16. There's more news from San Diego to gladden the heart.
    Female veterans, members of Pin Ups For Vets, were denied a visit to San Diego's veterans hospital a couple of days ago. PUFV founder and original star of their calendar, Gina Elise, called on her supporters to ask the administration to reconsider their decision.
    And they did.