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Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Highlights of the News

Donald John Trump is still our president.

ITEM 1: CNBC reported, "Lower mortgage rates are causing an epic housing shortage."

Which means prices rise and homeowner equity rebounds from the Obama-Bush 43 era of despair. Interest rates were low then, too, but the economy was too shaky to gamble on buying a house.

President "3.5% Unemployment" Trump fixed that.

The story said, "National housing inventory fell 2.5% annually in September, a sharper decline than August’s 1.8% decrease, according to"

The construction industry rakes because the story said there is a shortage of 1 million houses nationwide. Time to build, build, build.

ITEM 2: CNBC reported, "The unofficial start to earnings season is off to a bullish beginning with companies like UnitedHealth, Johnson & Johnson, and J.P. Morgan Chase all blowing past analysts’ expectations, easing concerns that the China-U.S. trade battle would derail the economy.

"Of the 11 S and P 500 companies that reported earnings before the bell on Tuesday, only two missed Wall Street’s estimates."

The story also said, "Earnings for the S&P 500 are expected to decline by 4.6% this quarter, after growing by more than 3% in the second quarter, according to FactSet. This trend has not played out so far this season."

Last December the experts said President Trump killed the market.

ITEM 3: CNBC reported, "President Donald Trump looks likely to cruise to reelection next year under three different economic models Moody’s Analytics employed to gauge the 2020 race.

"Barring anything unusual happening, the president’s Electoral College victory could easily surpass his 2016 win over Democrat Hillary Clinton, which came by a 304-227 count.

"Moody’s based its projections on how consumers feel about their own financial situation, the gains the stock market has achieved during Trump’s tenure and the prospects for unemployment, which has fallen to a 50-year low. Should those variables hold up, the president looks set to get another four-year term.

"The modeling has been highly accurate going back to the 1980 election, missing only once."

That miss, however, was in 2016.

Notice, I led off with 3 CNBC stories because it is a reliable source of news. Roger Ailes set it up and it stayed true to his model.

Anderson Cooper bites Democrat.

ITEM 5: ABC reported, "President Donald's Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani told ABC News on Tuesday he is not complying with a congressional subpoena. Giuliani told ABC News 'if they enforce it, then we will see what happens.'"

Obama's attorney general, Eric Holder, was held in contempt of Congress. Nothing happened.

Why should Giuliani give Democrats a fishing license?

ITEM 6: BBC reported, "A British couple say they have been detained in the US after accidentally crossing the border from Canada.

"David Connors, 30, and his wife Eileen, 24, say they are being held in Pennsylvania with their three-month-old baby and are 'traumatised.'

"They say they were driving with family members on 3 October when, to avoid an animal, they veered onto a small road.

"A police officer then pulled them over, told them they were in the US state of Washington and arrested them."

The story went on to say, "The following morning they say they were driven to the airport, which raised their hopes that they were being flown back to Canada or the UK."

They were flown to Philadelphia. Hence the trauma.

There is another side of the story, but BBC decided not to ask about why they were arrested or why they were flown across the country. Some mysteries the media never gets around to solving.

ITEM 7: The Daily Mail reported, "LeBron James is facing accusations of hypocrisy on both sides of the Pacific for characterizing Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey as 'misinformed' after the NBA team executive ignited an international dispute between the league and China by tweeting out his support for pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong last week.

"Around 200 demonstrators in the city burned James's jersey at a playground on Tuesday amid signs reading, 'Stand with HK; Stand with Morey.'

"Many of the activists were seen wearing the replica jerseys of other NBA players.

"Some protesters posted pictures of James holding oversized Chinese currency, referencing his vast financial interests in China. Others utilized the famous portrait Mao Zedong, replacing the likeness of the deceased communist leader with that of James."

Burned his uniform? Hong Kong is the Cleveland of Asia.

ITEM 8: The Sporting News reported, "The defending Stanley Cup champion St. Louis Blues visited the White House and met with President Donald Trump in Washington, D.C. Tuesday.

"A tradition of North American sports teams visiting the U.S. capital dates back to at least 1865 , but the practice has grown divisive under the Trump administration.

"The White House livestreamed the public ceremony on YouTube, which fans can watch below.

"President Trump complimented multiple Blues players, including Alex Steen, Jaden Schwartz and Jordan Binnington for their play during the team's championship run during his speech. He also recognized superfan Laila Anderson , who was in attendance at the public ceremony."

Maybe the next NBA champ can visit Chairman Xi.

ITEM 9: The Daily Wire reported, "Elton John has come to the defense of his friend Ellen DeGeneres after the talk show host was swarmed with left-wing criticism for sitting next to former President George W. Bush at an NFL game.

"Instead of caving to the mob, DeGeneres defended her friendship with the former president and underscored the obvious: we should be kind to others, even if they happen to have differing political views.

"'I admire Ellen for standing up and saying what she said,' John told NPR.

"The Rocket Man singer piggybacked off DeGeneres’ message of tolerance and even offered praise for Mr. Bush and President Donald Trump for humanitarian efforts addressing HIV/AIDS globally."

Actions speak louder than words.

ITEM 10:
No, we will not forget.

By the way, the birds look determined to get some Pilgrims.

ITEM 11: Biz Pac Review reported, "Jacob Frey, the Democratic mayor of Minneapolis, may want to rethink his recent reaction to the backlash he saw after a dust-up with President Donald Trump.

"Taking to social media, the 'lightweight mayor' essentially said Trump supporters made him feel like a woman.

"'Weird week. My DMs are trash, which gave me a small glimpse into what I assume it must be like for…any woman on the Internet?' Frey tweeted on Friday."

He's not a woman.

He's just a girly man, or as they prefer to be called, "Democrat."

ITEM 12: The Express reported, "Volkswagen has come under fire from the European Union for choosing to build a huge new factory in Turkey.

"Brussels is concerned by the constraints on freedom of expression and demonstration rights under Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. This is despite the German carmaker arguing the country is a candidate for EU membership. German Green Party politician Reinhard Bütikofer, revealed the decision 'caused dismay' within the European Parliament."

Meanwhile, the Euroweenies have no problem trading with Red China, a regime that in its 70 years has executed or starved 50 million (some say 100 million) citizens.

ITEM 13: The Associated Press reported, "Two Utah firefighters responding to a car crash left the scene with purple manicures after calming a young girl upset over the collision.

"North Davis Fire District Chief Allen Hadley and Captain Kevin Lloyd checked on the crying and screaming girl while medics evaluated her mother.

"The two dads, both fathers of young girls, soothed the upset girl by allowing her to paint their nails after the car accident Saturday in the northern Utah city of Clearfield."

She ruled them. It was her purple reign.

ITEM 14: Car and Driver reported, "You Can Buy a 700-HP 2020 Ford Mustang GT for $40,000. Tennessee dealer Brown Lee Ford is offering a 2020 Mustang GT complete with Roush supercharger kit at a bargain price."

Mrs. Surber said, "Don't even think about it."


  1. Mrs. Surber does not have an internet image to maintain. Go ahead.

  2. 5-The Schifty one (and hence the media) is calling it a subpoena. It is not it is just a request.

    10-I fully expect that footage to be shown on one of the nightly news programs this evening. Lester Dolt is my pick.

  3. #5. Attorney client privilege.

  4. #5 Not a subpoena legally so they can go pound sand. B.S.G.

  5. --- 315 hp max on my 20 yr. old 500 sl, and 42 hp on my ol' klr 650. The Mrs. forbids me to ride the cycle anymore until the all five little ones turn 18; somewheres 'round 2033, by her count. Z

  6. Item 14 (the Mustang): I see your dilemma. Start a GoFundMe page. I’ll kick in a little. Everyone will.

  7. Item #6 It will be interesting to learn the real reason this British (not Canadian) couple entered the US illegally. Originally denied a travel visa from GB to USA; caught on video driving slowly through a dividing ditch on the median to cross the border (no crossing road or animal in sight); $16,000 in cash in the car; Canada wouldn't let them back in! V-e-r-y interestink! (As Arte Johnson would say.)

    1. Maybe Mr. Connor’s real name is Ali Jihad Mohammed el Hussein.

  8. #1) In MD more restrictions are being placed on building.  In my county 25% of the land is in preservation or owned by government.  We have a one house per 10 acre rule in my part of the county and one per 20 aces in the other.  In prior years my 25 acres could have 19 homes besides my own; now 1.  I have lost hundreds of thousands of property value and no state/county compensation.  And we are a rural conservative county. Our county has more jobs than workers and housing needs to be built.  What happens should be interesting since a large residential area is being proposed as an exception to the land use rules.

    1. Corruption in Maryland? Whouda thought!

      IMO there should be a strong push to rehabilitate and build on brownlands in and around cities. Close to where the work and transportation is, and a better use of the land. The push to build away from the cities is all about land prices. But building in rural areas inevitably leads to congestion, loss of livability, and most importantly to the original residents, higher taxes. Rural blockbusting.


    2. So, amir, you want another 19 families clustered on your land.

      Maybe some to all section 8 exports from baltimore?

      Then you'd be a land lord?

      Or, maybe, a baron!!!

      Or could it be you would move out and enjoy the 20 section 8 rentals cash flow???

      Or flip your land for a huge gain, via those now attractive 25 acres being buildable for, even at one per acre, 25 section 8 rentals!!

      Why, if only that were to be 1/2 acre zoned, 100 section 8 rentals would be, why, TWICE as attractive!!!

      Is that you lament, amir???

      You aint one of them harem lusting potent taints, is you?

      Or maybe an old, old school mormon yearning to build your flock???

      Just what there are ya whining about?

    3. Tartark.

      What are brownlands?

      Both "in" and "around" cities?

      Define these, precisely, please.

  9. 12: About 65 million in the Cultural Revolution and the decade after, 20 million in the years after the Reds took over, and, another 35 million in the Great Leap forward.

    Better than twice what Uncle Joe killed in 29 years.

  10. 14-know a guy that has an earlier Roush conversion his is only 500 hp. His problem is the local High School kids pulling up at a light and with the throaty roar of a tuned Honda Civic (something like
    brrring,diing, ding ding,)."hey wanna race?" "No I don't for one thing,look up Roush on line, to save you embarrassment, and besides that,it is illegal and I'm retired State Patrol." Kid in Honda signals right turns slowly away..
    I miss my my 2001 "Stang".

  11. Mrs. Subvet would have had the same to say about the Mustang. LOL

  12. 3-Moodys also predicted Trump will flip Minnesota, Virginia, and New Hampshire.

    7-I haven't had any interest in basketball since the Jordan Bulls era.

    11-Did I mention Moodys predicted Trump will flip Minnesota?


  13. It's so hilarious the way Trump stabbed the Kurds in the back. Funny stuff.

    1. It's so hilarious, the way the kurds quickly scurried to the syrians AND the russians, returning the region's insanities to those most insane.

      Maybe the kurds can get their kurdistan from the syrians, with a bit of nudging from the russians, courtesy of the turks providing the only inducements those inhabiting said region ever pay heed to.

      While you are savoring your hilarious mood, are you on the transport, strapped and wrapped and ready to join in the regional recurring sport competitions there???

      Well, are ya, punk?

    2. It's hilarious that the Kurds, Syrians, Turks and Russians are enjoying the quagmire of their own making. Did you know 500,000 Syrians died during Obama's incompetent tenure? Obama's red line was crossed, and he didn't do a damn thing.

      Here's a great read for you:

  14. " It was her purple reign."

    In a decent and civilized monarchy, you'd be shot for that.

    1. You must remember this

      A Diss is still a Diss

      Replied to with a hiss

      Or miss

      The funny mental tings deny

      As bloggers sigh.....

  15. Buy it.

    Put title in both your name and her maiden name.

    Park it in driveway.

    Hand her the keys.

    A Gift of the Magii moment.

    Your may survive it.

    And, maybe, even get to drive it!!!