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Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Genocide canceled. Media sad

When President Donald John Trump said he was pulling U.S. troops from Syria, the media and the Washington Establishment predicted genocide. The blood was on his hands, they said.

Once again, they were totally and completely wrong.

Instead, peace broke out. Shouldn't he get credit for forcing all sides to agree to peace?

Of course not. A press that got the election wrong, that got the post-election economy wrong, that got the Russian collusion wrong, that got the Mueller Report wrong, that got the trade war with Red China wrong, that got Mexican tariff story wrong, and even got the Martin Luther King bust in the Oval Office story wrong will never ever admit they were 180 degrees wrong about leaving the Kurds to die.

The experts the media quoted and put on TV were wrong because these are the same experts who turned 9/11 into the devastation of Iraq and an unending war in Afghanistan.

Had the media listened to the president -- or read my blog -- they would have known that genocide was off the table because President Donald John Trump told Erdogan he would destroy Turkey's economy if he did that.

But maybe they did listen to him and did read my blog and they just don't care about the truth. Maybe they are to busy creating an alternative reality where President Donald John Trump is an ogre who does not know what he is doing.

Fox News reported, "The 120-hour cease-fire agreement between Turkey and Syria ended Tuesday, and U.S. officials including Vice President Mike Pence were optimistic that a permanent peace deal could emerge after days of turmoil.

"The commander of the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) said its members have withdrawn from the 20-mile-wide safe zone under Turkish military control, Pence said while speaking at the Heritage Foundation Honors Gala on Tuesday night in Washington, D.C. Pence said it was because of President Trump's 'strong leadership' that there's an opportunity for a permanent cease-fire in the region.

"'Our team was continuing in communications with both sides with the hope that a permanent cease-fire could soon take hold,' he said. 'Those discussions are ongoing.'

"'We may well give the international community [the] opportunity to establish [a] safe zone between Turkey and the Kurdish population in Syria that will ensure peace and security for all the peoples of this war-torn region,' the vice president added."

The big media spin is Putin is the winner.

Really? Moscow is 2,000 miles from Damascus.

Washington is 6,000 miles away.

Ankara is 600 miles away.

The president is letting let the people in the region determine their fate.

Eisenhower stayed out of the Suez Canal controversy and did not invade Budapest to support anti-communists in the Hungarian Revolution. He knew war and he was having none of it. The only time he sent the 101 Airborne anywhere was to Little Rock to enforce the federal court order to integrate Central High.

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