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Saturday, October 26, 2019

Emperor Trump? Why not?

New York magazine ran a piece by Ed Kilgore, "Voter Enthusiasm for 2020 Is Off the Charts — Especially for Trump Fans."

Kilgore began, "It’s a running joke among political junkies that the next presidential election is always the most important one ever. But you could make a pretty good case that 2020 is, in the words of Joe Biden, a BFD. The partisan divide is wider than ever, which means the results could have big consequences, particularly if one party or the other achieves a trifecta, the way Republicans did in 2016 and Democrats did in 2008. On certain key national challenges like climate change, the 2020 results may well determine whether the U.S. does much of anything at all before it’s too late to decide on a course of action. And then there’s the little matter of an astonishingly reckless president who acknowledges no limitations on his power and glory. If he’s re-elected, he will very certainly assume a mandate for near-totalitarian measures if they strike his fancy."

That is an interesting admission to the phoniness of four years of calling him Hitler, Mussolini, and Genghis Khan.

Kilgore's point was that oh no, the president will be stronger upon re-election. Maybe. Second terms have a history of disappointment.

But what Kilgore is unsure off is whether given the power, Donald John Trump would actually be an emperor, calling re-election "a mandate for near-totalitarian measures if they strike his fancy."

If is among the smallest words but if also is the loudest word. The case the left and the rest have made about President Donald Trump is that he wants power for power's sake.

Now Kilgore has tagged that with an if.

If it strikes his fancy he will be Vigo the Carpathian otherwise, not.

I can make the argument that maybe he should be Emperor Trump. Sure. Round up all the rejects in Washington, raze the mansions of Kalorama, and turn it into a work farm for the federal bureaucrats. Punish them and not just for Spygate, but for 60 years of bad foreign policy beginning with Vietnam, as well as failed domestic and economic policies.

This would be the comeuppance they deserve. They refused to let him be president. Fine, let him be emperor.

But Donald Trump is no dictator. He does not want to be an emperor. He wants to be a president. He is an American playboy billionaire who ran not for fame and fortune -- he already had those -- but to save the country.

And he is. We are ending wars, building factories, and creating the greatest economy in world history.

Kilgore wrote, "For me the recent benchmark of voter enthusiasm was the 2008 election that lifted Barack Obama to the presidency (I will never forget the citywide street celebration that broke out in Washington the minute he was forecast as the winner). Just before that election, 37 percent of  registered voters said they were extremely enthusiastic about voting, with 32 percent very enthusiastic. That’s right: More than a year out, we’re at or above 2008 levels of voter enthusiasm. And the percentage of extremely enthusiastic folks is a lot higher."

That is a good sign for President Trump, and a bad sign for the resistance.

Kilgore wrote, "79 percent of registered voters who give Trump a positive job-approval rating are either extremely (53 percent) or very (26 percent) enthusiastic about voting in 2020. Among registered voters who disapprove of Trump, 66 percent are extremely (43 percent) or very (23 percent) enthused. All the other cross-tabs tell a similar story: White folks are more enthusiastic about voting than nonwhite folks; old folks are more psyched than young folks; Republicans are more whipped up than Democrats."

79% of Republican voters are pumped. 66% of Democrat voters are.

President Trump won 30 states with 63 million voters in 2016. Democrats must peel some percentage of those voters away.

Does anyone have a link to a story about any Trump voters regretting their vote?

Didn't think so.

Four more years of President Trump. We choose to remain a republic, not an empire.

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