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Thursday, October 24, 2019

Harvard Crimson shows more courage than NYT

Angela N. Fu and Kristine E. Guillaume, seniors at Harvard, did something the cowards at the New York Times did not do. Fu and Guillaume stood up to a leftist mob to publish the truth in the Harvard Crimson newspaper.

Campus crazies Act on a Dream held a protest last month calling for the abolition of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency.

The newspaper covered the event, and then asked ICE for a comment.

Fu and Guillaume wrote on Tuesday, "Act on a Dream and others expressed disagreement with The Crimson’s request for comment to ICE. It is our practice to meet with student groups whenever they have questions or concerns about our coverage, and — as a result — we contacted Act on a Dream shortly after seeing their criticisms on social media. We met with them to listen to their concerns and share our perspective by explaining our policies and the fundamental journalistic principles behind them.

"A week later, Act on a Dream published a petition calling on The Crimson to change its policies so that it never contacts ICE for comment again and apologize for the 'harm [it] inflicted on the undocumented community.' In this, the organization has called on other student groups to boycott speaking to The Crimson until the paper complies with their demands."

Fu is the managing editor of the student newspaper and Guillaume is its publisher.

They did not budge.

They wrote, "We understand that some readers may disagree with The Crimson’s policies. But our mission is facts, truth, narrative, and understanding. In our view, consistent application of a commonly accepted set of journalistic standards is the best way to fairly report on the campus in a sensitive and thorough manner."

Contrast and compare to the cowards at the Times.

The Guardian reported on August 6, "The New York Times was forced to change its front-page headline for Tuesday’s newspaper amid an intense backlash over its portrayal of Donald Trump’s statement on the twin mass shootings that left 31 people dead.

"The original headline read 'TRUMP URGES UNITY VS RACISM.' Many people complained that the wording fed Trump’s claims that those who criticised his persistent anti-immigrant rhetoric – some of which was parroted in the El Paso gunman’s alleged manifesto – were playing politics."

But President Donald John Trump did urge unity against racism. That was his message.

The cave in by the Times was another reminder that the broadsheet is propaganda.

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