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Saturday, October 12, 2019

“Buy more land and get bigger tractors.”

The New York Times concern-trolled American farmers this summer in an attempt to get them to ditch President Donald John Trump. An August 27 story said, "American farmers have become collateral damage in a trade war that Mr. Trump began to help manufacturers and other companies that he believes have been hurt by China’s 'unfair' trade practices."

On Friday, President Trump and Red China reached their first agreement in their trade war.

The big winners were American farmers.

You know, the people the Times called collateral damage.

A reliable news source, No Q Reported, reported, "President Trump announced Friday a phase one trade agreement with China. Part of the deal includes a dramatic increase in agricultural products to be sold to China, ramping up from around $16 billion worth per year at its highest historic mark to $40-$50 billion per year moving forward. Current levels are estimated at around $8 billion. While announcing it, the President said farmers should immediately 'buy more land and get bigger tractors.'

"The deal is expected to be written and signed in three to five weeks. It was negotiated on China’s behalf by Chinese Vice Premier Liu He."

Tariffs rock. Slapping Red China products with tariffs pushed the communist country to cut a deal. The tariffs remain in place. What President Trump gave Red China was a promise not to increase in tariffs.

If Red China fails to keep its word, the tariffs go higher. And spare me the Fake Tears over Walmart shoppers paying more. Puh-leeze. I've been to the People Of Walmart site. I know what liberals and Never Trumpers think of us.

I also know the mass media is burying the story of President Trump's success. Memeorandum, the aggregator of top mainstream media stories did not link a single story about the trade deal at 10 PM last night, even this was the biggest actual news that happened in DC on Friday.

Only what the mass media considers a setback for The Donald makes the news these days.

Because President Trump used tariffs (as well as labeling Red China a currency manipulator) to reach the deal, he does not need congressional approval.

Of course, that also means that the next Democrat president can void the agreement as it is not a law. But good luck convincing farmers to give up a $50 billion-a-year customer just to spite President Trump.

Frankly, I don't think the Democrats' Chinese overlords mind using America as a grocery store. Feeding a billion people ain't easy when your agriculture relies on collectivist farming.

Good point. Red China won too. It is the Art of the Deal, not the Game of Thrones. That keeps your dragons from destroying the throne.

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