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Thursday, October 03, 2019

Biden duped senators into helping his corrupt son

Democrats are panicked because Biden is gumming up the works on impeachment.

Biden has admitted that he held up a billion bucks in a loan guarantee unless it fired the prosecutor who was going after his son, a self-admitted coke addict. After his drug use snuffed his Navy career, Hunter Biden landed a $600,000-a-year no-show job by a corrupt Ukraine company with ties to Putin.

Ukraine fired the prosecutor and got its money.

Ukrainians got rid of that government this summer.

President Donald John Trump asked the new president about the prosecution of the company. He said it is on-going.

Democrats now want to impeach President Trump because Biden is a crook.


They trotted out something today that boomeranged.

CNN reported, "Republican senators echoed Biden in urging Ukrainian president to reform prosecutor general's office."

5 Democrats and 3 Republicans they recruited signed it.

The letter offered Ukraine an incentive ("Ukraine’s economic productivity is a formidable challenge -- one which we remain committed to helping you overcome") for a so-called reform of the prosecutor's office.

A month later, it was done.

But far from exonerating Quid Pro Quo Joe, it shows the extent of his efforts to squash the investigation of his corrupt son. As vice president, Biden was president of the Senate at the time.

In the impeachment trial, the testimony from the three Republicans should be interesting especially when Rudy Giuliani asks them if they knew Hunter Biden raked in a small fortune from the crooked company the prosecutor was investigating.

As Democrats roll out their dirt just remember it is sewage from swamp rats. I will endeavor to help readers through this nonsense.


  1. Is there any evidence that the prosecutor was going after Hunter Biden? Is there any evidence that the prosecutor would have reason to go after Hunter Biden, since you seem to acknowledge that Hunter Biden working in Ukraine was not illegal.

    Trump might as well be soliciting foreign interference on craigslist--and it's all illegal. This is why he will be impeached.

    1. I included links to the post proving this.

    2. So you have no evidence that the prosecutor was going after Hunter Biden. You have nothing proving illegal actions by Hunter Biden.

      So you're just being dishonest?

    3. LOL

      I just offered you proof: His own words

    4. Ops! there Annoymouse the point is Hunter B did not work in the Ukraine

    5. Biden's malfeasance is well documented (even by
      his own mouth)and, President Trump will not be
      impeached. Whatever your being paid to troll
      is to much.

    6. The democrats, aka grifters, grafters, rino cohorts, etc., have this intrinsic flaw:

      They all cannot tell which direction the fan, into which they fling their shit, is blowing.

      Thus, they persist in flinging their shit into the ever more rapidly spinning blades of that fan.

      It then blows their own shit right back into their faces.

      This, because MAGA controls the direction in which the fan is blowing.

      IF these dummies had ANY sense at all, they would both not be flinging shit into the fan, nor cranking up the rotational speed of those blades.

      But, Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!

      They appear to love their faces covered with their own shit.

      Doesn't make sense.

      And yet, this is what they do.

      Go figure.

    7. So you've got zero evidence of wrongdoing on the part of Biden. Got it.

    8. Sure you got it.

      We can smell that you got it.

      It oozes off of you, in every comment you post.

      You reek of it.

      And, apparently, there is no therapy, nor treatment, nor medication, nor surgery which can free you of it.


    9. Leftist trolls seek ever to lead us astray.

      We don't need to prove that Hunter Biden did anything wrong. All we need is reasonable suspicion. If a VP's son getting a high-pay no-show job in a country the VP is "point man for the administration" in isn't reasonable suspicion I don't know what is.

      Reasonable suspicion is all you need to trigger an investigation.

      One thing I find amusing - the people claiming that Trump was trying to find dirt on Biden seem to be tacitly admitting that some of that dirt is located in the Ukraine. They say Biden is innocent, but they don't want anyone poking around asking questions.

      They don't know what any witnesses Barr might find will say, but they already know the witnesses are lying. Unless they say the Bidens are innocent. And any evidence of guilt on the part of the Bidens is fake. If it's not fake it was illegally obtained.

      And even if the Bidens are guilty that doesn't prove that Trump didn't commit an impeachable offense.

      (Due to the Spoof Inversion, that last sentence, which was meant as a spoof of the Democrats, is now serious. Before we reach Christmas you will see/hear Democrats making that argument.)

    10. Don't you wish you have a dollar for every time you're just flat out wrong?

      I know I do. LOL

  2. The desperation hangs on you like garlicky b.o. I can’t believe the Democrats can’t recruit better trolls. I guess you work cheap.


    This Trump scandal has moved so far beyond the failed hit job on Hunter Biden.

    But I guess when you can't defend Trump asking the Chinese government to help him go after Americans it's easier to stick your head in the sand and change the subject.


    That's the whole ballgame right there.

    He's gonna be impeached.

    1. Good. Impeach him. That's what I want because I want Hunter and the rest of the crooks put on the witness stand.

    2. Whataboutism doesn't disprove Trump's crimes.

    3. What crimes?
      You said he colluded with Russia
      That was a lie.
      You said he fired Comey illegally
      That was a lie.
      You said he banned Muslims.
      That was a lie.
      You said he made foreigners stay at his hotel.
      That was a lie.
      You said he obstructed justice.
      That was a lie.
      Now you say he extorted Ukraine.
      That was a lie.

    4. Looks like nony is on a roll. A perfect record of failure.

    5. LOLGF to the troll known as Adam Schiff for brains! Oh, but this time he and his Dumbocrats have Trump! Thanks Don. I'd lost count of how many times Adam Schiff for brains was giddy at the thought he had Trump!


    6. Its obvious you are not very good at self hypnosis.

    7. "Good. Impeach him. That's what I want because I want Hunter and the rest of the crooks put on the witness stand."

      You don't seem to understand what is going on here. "Hunter Biden Scandal!!!" isn't a thing.

      When Trump is impeached, it is not going to put Joe Biden's kid on trial.

      And "but Hunter" isn't a defense either.

      This shouldn't need to be explained.

    8. There is no But Hunter defense. This is the Probable Cause defense because the crookedness of Biden Inc. deserved investigation.

      The issue was the appropriateness of the call.

      Democrats also are delusional if they think their Whistle Blower Fairy will escape questioning on the witness stand.

      Trump plays for keeps.

    9. Awwwwwwww.

      C'mon, Don!!!

      Admit it!!!

      This particular troll is your own devil's advocate!!!

      Could even be you!!!

      You could be that imaginative!!!

      This one is really just too full blown retarded to not be a Babylon Bee grade devil's advocate!!!

      I mean, this one could not possibly survive being so fcking retarded!!!

      Even with a nanny to feed, clean up after and tuck it snuggly into it's troll sack!!!

      It's unpossible!!!

    10. Laughing my ass off at dems trying to spin their stupid coup attempt(s) into a reality. When you're a commie, it's hard to convince anyone you love the law, right lefties?

    11. The call was an abuse of power. As professional hypocrite (and typical Republican) Lindsay Graham claimed, "A crime isn't required for impeachment." However, Bill Clinton did commit crimes (though not high crimes). Trump also has committed crimes, and certainly "high crimes".

      George Conway lays out a nice case in The Atlantic.

    12. Oh.

      Conway has a first name now??

      When did his wife give him permission for that?

    13. Did ya??

      Did ya really roll on the floor laughing your ass off???

      Then how come you still got your ass all scrunched up and tightly spasming?

      Could you have missed a spot?

    14. FORGETABOUTISM doesn't make Biden innocent.

      I see your made up word and raise ya.

    15. "This particular troll is your own devil's advocate!!!"
      What's with the sudden swarm of trolls? Is there a branch of the family that's down on its luck, Don?
      I hope you're paying them by the word!

    16. No need to pay them.

      They do it for the love of Don.


      They all love Don.

      They worship his Clarity.

      They understand that for every sane thing Don posts, there must be some insane objection to be countered by comment blog readers' replies.

      Thus, vigorous counter punchings are enjoyed.

      Much better for fools to post, display their insanities, be replied to with potent MAGA sanities and, thus, knocked the fck out on every occasion.

      They, the loving Don trolls, are truly heroic in their acceptances of sacrificing their momentary native sanity to delve deeply into the insanities of the democrat pit mind.

      Know thy opponent as well as thee know thyself.

      Sun Tzu 101.

  4. Don, I enjoy reading your posts and would in the past comment from time to time. Unfortunately the comments section has become a troll farm. Might as well disable it for awhile

    1. I get your point but that is surrendering to the 0.01%

    2. Don't surrender, dump the 0.01%

    3. The issue is anonymous posting. I would lose too many friends dropping that.

    4. Ahhhhhhhhhh.

      Again with the complaining.

      Is your convinience of greater value than the ones choosing to not conform to the nonsense of labeling their comments with identifier fake monickers?

      Quit whining.

      Don never whines.

      President Trump never whines.

      MAGA never whines.

      Grow a bit of backbone, will ya??

      It's just my pet snake, Reggie!!!!

    5. Wrd,

      That's exactly how I feel. Great commentary from Don, but the warfare in the comments section is tedious. I cut way back to almost zero posts when I realized it's mostly an ego trip, which means wasted time.

      I understand and sympathize with Don regarding management of this blog. It's a balancing act. I believe the only way to deal with the troll situation is for other readers who post to ignore those comments and stick to the subject of Don's post. You can't stir things up if everyone ignores you. - GB

    6. Boy, are you pro cloisterings knuckleheads dense.

      You post complaints about the posts of others, keying in on the anonymous ones, whilst you proudly proclaim that you visit the blog every so often AND post your own comments rarely!!

      And THEN proceed to profer the excuse as, too many anonymous comments!!!

      You want fewer anonymous comments?

      Then fcking post some comments yourselves!!!!




      Keep up, buckos!!!

      Or are ya merely moochers???


      Or do you complainers got nothing to say???

      Why, the comments here might well be a barren wasteland of circle jerkings, if not for those anonymous contributors!!!

      So, sure, shirely!!!

      Go for it!!!

      Ignore EVERY anonymous comment!!!

      Respond to NO anonymous comments whatsoever!!!

      See what THAT results in.

      Don knows.

      Boring as fck!!!




  5. It's getting to the point that everyone can smell the desperation of the troll known as Adam Schiff for brains. Hahahahaha!


    1. Not sufficient cojones to use your real name, and lame enough to use "Anonymous." Oh brother. I wish there was a way to keep such 13-year old children off the comments.

    2. There is. Go after his fake or hearsay evidence. His projection. Mock him. He deserves this, because he makes it easy to, and his comments show how he does not respect this blog, it's host and author, nor it's supportive commentators.


    3. So.

      A few, once again, jump onto the whine train.

      An anonymous comment, oh my!!!

      Multiple anonymous comments, oh shit!!!

      And complained about those few who post with fake names!!!


      No actual real life identifiers to be found.

      No registered with fcking google authentic email addresses.

      No real life authetic names.


      Just fake names and phony baloney complainings.

      There is less wine in a bottle of Ripple.

  6. The day of the rope approaches and for whom does the bell toll for? Not Trump silly anon. One can smell the flop sweat from here. B.S.G.

    1. Once the dopes have been roped, what comes next???

      Ali showed us.

      Trump is about to do the same.


  7. “I’m so old, I can remember when I believed the Main Stream Media.”

    1. That's because back then, there were only 3 national networks, maybe 1 local + maybe 1 or 2 uhf tv wannabe stations.

      Oh, and the always pathetic pbs.

      Remember when the remote control triggered an actual electric solenoid to turn the channel selector??? And only for vhf channels??

      Ya still had to get up to fiddle with the uhf knob, searching for just the right spot to get a half assed clear signal!!!

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Why should I care if Trump was seeking dirt to smear Biden? I don't. I want Trump to win and I don't care how he does it as long as he does.
    I hope He called and continues to call Vlad for help too. The CIA under Brennan was more of an enemy to the US than the KGB and apparently still is.
    Lenin was right about the absolute value of political power and the sooner the R wake up to that fact the better.
    Kindness and good intentions as useful political tools in the USA died with Commandante Zero and his Junta.
    As for the troll be is a boring person who adds nothing to my understanding of events. I don't see how Don benefits from him. But I get slogged here too so I'm compelled to say live and let live. He is harmless,really.

    1. "I want Trump to win and I don't care how he does it as long as he does.
      I hope He called and continues to call Vlad for help too."

      Winning by breaking the law and asking dictators to interfere is just fine with Republicans.

      At last they're finally just admitting what we already knew.

      And don't worry, it's only a matter of time before Trump asks Russia for help again.

      And he'll do it in public.

      And all the people who said "no collusion" for the last three years will defend it.

    2. POTUS should ask for assistance from the leader of any country that has been extorted for personal gain by American politicians. Who knows, maybe we'll find out what Kerry gets from Iran.

  10. I swear, everytime I see the troll known as Adam Schiff for brains' post, I see that crying baby. Maybe Soros can change your diaper!

    He hilariously writes:

    "Winning by breaking the law and asking dictators to interfere is just fine with Republicans."

    That's a strawman! And projection to boot!

    "And don't worry, it's only a matter of time before Trump asks Russia for help again."

    If you are referring to collusion, then you conveniently left out the fact that the Mueller Report, you know, the report you continuously told this blog had the goods on Trump!, exonerate Trump. Quit lying troll!

    "And all the people who said "no collusion" for the last three years will defend it."

    Of course we will dummy! See above. LOLGF troll!


  11. And Anon, please remind us that "Tell Vladimir I'll be more flexible after the election" was a reference to Obama benefiting from Hilary's yoga classes ( you know, the classes that she had 33000 emails about, it was that popular)

  12. Hey Anos when us MAGAS round up you and your bros for the trains North to mine dirty oil for our 40 new pipe lines south, we will take mercy on you as a favored troll. You can have your own ethically sourced down beanie so your hair won't freeze to your pillow in those dark short( for you) nights. Drink up.

    1. No, you commie troll asshole.

      You commies always blurt the same dissonant tune.

      Fuck off.

  13. What is hapoening to Trump is what communists, especially the USSR, did to those that the people in power wanted gone.

    The easiest was to declare the person insane and mentally unfit.

    Another was to contrive a crime to arrest with. In conjunction with this were show trials that gave the veneer of legality, but was actually never.

    Here we are, Trump called mentally unfit to this day, the US government contived crimes, and we are in show trial phase.

    1. Democrats embrace their inner commie fascist pig.

    2. That's democratic socialist nazi fascist!!!

      Get your classifications right!!!

    3. And they're not pigs!!!

      They are HOGS!!!!

      Clarity matters.

  14. Y'all are so funny. Instead of whining about the trolls just ignore them. Ignore them! Or don't you like free speech?

    Quit whining like snowflake liberals.

  15. We can't impeach a president every time Joe Biden brags about committing a crime.

    Everybody knows that.

    1. Maybe just tar and feather a democrat???

      They are quite numerous enough to keep pace with bribin' biden's dumbasseries.

    2. And yet zero evidence has been presented of any crime by Biden. Trump's Ukraine call demonstrated that Trump was personally guilty of violating campaign finance law. He committed bribery and intimidated witnesses. All of these are crimes.

    3. If you say so, Susan.

    4. Sigh. Once again, the troll known as Adam Schiff for brains repeats the same lies:

      "And yet zero evidence has been presented of any crime by Biden."

      That's because the investiation by the Ukraine government into the company Biden's son was part of was STOPPED. By Joe. And, it was admitted by Joe on video. The people of Ukraine voted out that government because of corruption. They voted in their own Trump. Now, because of a treaty that several posters here have brought up, Trump is working with the new Ukraine government to root out that corruption. So, hopefully, we'll see if Biden's son is guilty or not. This isn't hard to understand. Unless you are a dummy troll.

      "Trump's Ukraine call demonstrated that Trump was personally guilty of violating campaign finance law. He committed bribery and intimidated witnesses."

      Except the transcript released by the WH debunks this, AND, further, so does the Ukraine President. But, here is the troll, known as Adam Schiff for brains repeating the same lies.

      As I said, the Dumbocrats feed the troll made up charges from a set up fueled by a now known Democrat "whistleblower" who had hearsay information, that he brought to Adam Schiff. If the Dumbocrats want to use the hearsay evidence and made up charges to vote for impeachment (without the GOP input), as Don says, GO FOR IT! The rational people are finding out what the Trump supporters already knew: this is a made up scandal to cover Dumbocrat's arses (along with RINOs), for their involvement in spygate, and the corruption in Ukraine. Hence, why all the spittle raged screaming from this forum's troll, the Dumbocrats, and the media (BIRM). Those rational people will see through this.


  16. The bottom line is the Biden’s are getting schlonged.

    1. Sure thing buddy, right after Hillary.

      You'll need evidence of something. Rightwad conspiracy theories don't count for much in the real world.

    2. The evidence is Slow Joe’s own braggardly words.

    3. Funny guy, this hilliary defender.

      Almost like the real world is where it exists.

      It's "real world" is slip, slip, slipping away.

      Into da future!!!

      There's No business like Show business!!!

      Groucho Marx, where are you???

  17. Surprised?

    Paul Sperry‏ @paulsperry_

    BREAKING: The whistleblower is a registered Democrat & CIA analyst who was detailed before the 2016 election to the Obama White House,where he worked on the NSC's Ukraine desk & met w anti-Trump Ukrainian officials before being sent packing by the Trump NSC & becoming disgruntled.
    6:32 PM - 3 Oct 2019

    1. As shocked, shocked I say, as Captain Louis Renault.

      Bogart could not be reached for comment on this.

  18. Huh! The deuce you say ...

    Patrick Howley
    BOOM: Nancy Pelosi's son Paul Pelosi Jr. (who went to Ukraine in 2017) was a board member of Viscoil and executive at its related company NRGLab, which DID ENERGY Business in UKRAINE!

    And Nancy Pelosi appeared in a promotional video for the company!

    NRGLab & New Technology
    Paul Pelosi Jr. is a member of management team of Viscoil Group of Companies and NRGLab. Paul Pelosi Jr. is interested in developing clean energy that can re...


    Now, Don, if this doesn't rate for your morning Highlights of the News........

  20. Limit the length of posts [for a bit], limits the effluence of the trolls posterior orifice.

    I've heard Trolls are paid by the word, so limit the words and the trolls pocketbook dries up and they go to greener pastures.

    kinda like letting the land lay fallow for a year - all the crops in the following years benefit.

    And try to remember my 'handle' is a Neil Young song that I like. The idiot trolls make misogynistic comments if I don't remind them.

    Waiting Susan and Shiff for Brains...

    1. How kind of you.

      To propose as you do.

      And you've been this old laughing lady for, what, 3 months now?

      You are now an expert on blog management?


      You got the gall of a democrat!!!

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. Now there is an IRS whistle blower, and info was leaked regarding Trump's June 18th call with Xi. The dotard Democrats crossed the line with their political hit job. Thank Obama for staffing the U.S. government with corrupt commies! I hope these Obamarats are exterminated soon.

  23. The Democrat Party must be getting really freaked out. This Comments section has 72 posts preceding this one, many of them posted by a very-likely-Democrat-Party-paid-hack-troll.

    I hope he's making at least minimum wage.

    1. From your lips to the big dog's ears!!!!

      Momma needs a new pair of shoes!!!!