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Thursday, September 19, 2019

Trump kept his promises

The press ignored policy in the 2016 presidential campaign and focused on the horse race.

Which is why they missed the horse race. It was an ideas election. Donald John Trump had them. Hillary did not.

Her campaign was all about her becoming the First Woman president. She offered nothing for anyone else. Which is why she now is rattling around the country on her perpetual I Should Be President tour.

On October 22, 2016, Mister Trump spoke in Gettysburg and offered his Contract With America. I wrote about it the next day, but the press largely ignored it. They were too busy watching those old raindrops fall.

The stories they liked better that day were:

Nearly 3 years later, President Trump has fulfilled most of his contract with America. His timetable in October 2016 was ambitious, but he's making progress despite an unprecedented lack of cooperation, unruly insubordination in the bureaucracy, and the Mueller witch hunt.

He promised a hiring freeze on all federal employees to reduce federal workforce through attrition (exempting military, public safety, and public health). He delivered.

He promised a requirement that for every new federal regulation, two existing regulations must be eliminated. He delivered.

He promised a 5 year-ban on White House and Congressional officials becoming lobbyists after they leave government service, and a lifetime ban on White House officials lobbying on behalf of a foreign government. He delivered.

In Gettysburg, he said, "I will announce my intention to renegotiate NAFTA or withdraw from the deal under Article 2205."


He said, "I will announce our withdrawal from the Trans-Pacific Partnership."


He said, "I will direct my Secretary of the Treasury to label China a currency manipulator."


He said, "I will direct the Secretary of Commerce and U.S. Trade Representative to identify all foreign trading abuses that unfairly impact American workers and direct them to use every tool under American and international law to end those abuses immediately."


He said, "I will lift the restrictions on the production of $50 trillion dollars’ worth of job-producing American energy reserves, including shale, oil, natural gas and clean coal."


He said he would "lift the Obama-Clinton roadblocks and allow vital energy infrastructure projects, like the Keystone Pipeline, to move forward."


He said he would "cancel billions in payments to U.N. climate change programs and use the money to fix America’s water and environmental infrastructure."

Not done.

But he canceled the Paris Agreement and has reduced the budgets of the climate change propaganda agencies in government.

He said he would "cancel every unconstitutional executive action, memorandum and order issued by President Obama."

Not done on every unconstitutional act by Obama, but he is canceling Obama's legacy.

He said he would "begin the process of selecting a replacement for Justice Scalia from one of the 20 judges on my list, who will uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States."



He said he would "cancel all federal funding to Sanctuary Cities."

Held up in court.

He said he would "begin removing the more than 2 million criminal illegal immigrants from the country and cancel visas to foreign countries that won’t take them back."

Not done.

He said he would "suspend immigration from terror-prone regions where vetting cannot safely occur. All vetting of people coming into our country will be considered extreme vetting."


Those were the things he promised to do as president. In addition, he has taken on North Korea's nuclear program, he has gotten Mexico to protect our border, and he has taken on Red China's unfair trade.

On top of that, he has gotten NATO allies to fulfill their military obligations, and has let Saudi Arabia and the other Gulf nations take the lead in fighting ISIS, which no longer has an army.

His wish list for Congress is largely unfilled but that is on Congress. He did get his tax cuts but Republicans reneged on repealing and replacing Obamacare.

President Donald John Trump's success is measured by the GDP, but his impact already is bigger and longer lasting than the previous four presidents. Already, 43 of the 179 federal circuit judges are Trump appointees. 6 await Senate confirmation.

America is better off today than it was 4 years ago. Heck, we are better off than we were 40 years ago. Make that 50. It's the 1960s economy without the Vietnam War.

Re-electing President Trump will make the next 4 years even better.


  1. Big D, you had me at “The press ignored...” Thanks for the compendium - chock full o’ links!

  2. 5 year ban on congreesionals lobbying.

    Paul Ryan seems to be ignoring that.

  3. sorry. con grease in allus like paul Ryan. Damn auto correct.

  4. And all of this MAGA accomplished with the most oppositions ever.

    Listing them would take another blog article, Don.

    Naming them would fill an encyclopedia.

    The msm.

    The obvious democrats.

    The rinos.

    The globalists.

    The chicoms.

    The eurowhores.

    The smugglers cartels.

    The moolies.

    The poverty pimps.

    The myriad race grifters.

    The useful idiots.

    The propagandized into premature idiocy.

    The edumacator cabal of moochers and parasites feeding off of our nation's future generations.

    And the russkies??? Not even a blip compared to the many above.

    And with all that crapola, MAGA has been Magnificent!!!

    2020 will make MAGA so much better, why, it is beyond calculation!!!

    Flip the House to MAGA!!!

    Boost the Senate to MAGA Dominance!!!!

    Continue the Executive as Pure MAGA Concentrated!!!

    All else will follow!!!

    States, Counties, Cities, yes, even those cesspits of stupid, will come to MAGA!!!


  5. Did Trump promise to sell us out? He'd be on track for that promise.

    7/28 Coats resigning soon
    7/31 Trump-Putin 'wildfire' call
    8/2 US out of INF Treaty
    8/6 Huntsman resigns
    8/8 Coats tells Sue Gordon to resign asap
    8/12 Whistleblower complaint filed
    8/15 Coats out
    9/9 News-CIA extracted key spy from Russia in '17
    9/10 Bolton resigns

    1. Oh, you're fucking hilarious on this one, buttplug!!!!

      "sell us out"???

      Like you are us, huh?

      Get back to the goat barn, you witless cretin!!!

    2. Anon, non of your assertions equate to selling America out individually or in aggregate.


      Just a bitch fest.

      Please, elaborate just exactly how any of your examples rise to selling America out.

    3. The swamp is draining! Yay!

    4. I'll help ya out ...

      DNI Coats was a very public opponent of Trump's foreign policy views and policies.

      I mean, for eff's sake, he was opposed to trying diplomacy with N. Korea and would have had Trump further escalate the situation to possible war.

      I have participated in the the war games in S Korea. All simulations meants massive loss of life including US lives.

      What person who has the best interest of America in mind advocates the death of Americans when not even giving other options a chance?

      Moreover, he was Director of National Intelligence. It is not his job to oppose his boss in public or even in private. It's his job to administer the intel agencies to give President Trump the best possible information possible,

      The very fact he publicly opposed Trump brings his ability to do his job without bias into question, to put it nicely.

    5. Here's more ...

      The supposed spy extraction was decided prior to Trump taking office.

      The CIA has publicly refuted that claim, but even if true, it was not Trump who did it, planned it, or advocated for it.

      Utter fail, Anon.

    6. Oh heck, I'll do a little more ...

      The whistleblower asserts Trump revealing classified information to foreign leaders, Putin, put spies and America in danger and was, in general, illegal.

      Thing is, Trump, by the virtue of his office, cannot violate the law on leaking classified information.

      Trump, or any President, can tell anyone any classified thing he so chooses. He does not have to follow custom, practice, or policy. He is the ultimate declassifier if he so chooses.

      The CIA and others are refuting the assertion that anything Trump said or did jeopardize amyone or anything.

      This dovetails with the payently false assertion Trump, as president, caused the CIA extraction.

      It's all fake, false, and disgusting.

    7. Well, asserts is presumptuous, the insinuation by others on the complaint.

    8. Hey A Nonny Moose! Go back to the video game in your Mom's basement. The adults are having a conversation.

    9. No, mikey, not an adult reply there.

      Tex does okay, point by point, and presumably passed a bit of time with pleasure.

      Ou, mikey, just chimed in with not adult, peanut gallery grade, boring, common, regurgitated crapola.

      If you ever left your hovel, whatever it may be and wherever it may be, an equally feeble response to your comment would be for you to "go back" there.

    10. nony writes:
      "Ou, mikey, just chimed in with not adult, peanut gallery grade, boring, common, regurgitated crapola." nony projects. Who'd a thunk it!

      And, then, after lecturing MAJMike about adult replies, and without the slightest bit of self awareness, nony ironically writes:
      "If you ever left your hovel, whatever it may be and wherever it may be, an equally feeble response to your comment would be for you to "go back" there."

      Keep it up the crusade there nony!


    11. And there you are.

      In all your glory.

      Flo flowing in the breeze!

      Compelled to put fake name upon comment with no name.

      Addicted to that fake pedigree delusion!!

      And jumping right in, to defend your pedigreed comrade!!!

      Oh how sweet!!!

      And here, mikey was gonna ignore it!!!


      The mikey shot once and hit the bullseye!!!

      No need to shoot again!!!

      But, ya just had to chime in there, flo flo, and grab a bit of the glory!!!

      And the use of the overused term, "project"!!!


      Simply precious!!!

      You go girl!!!!

    12. nony pontificates:
      "Compelled to put fake name upon comment with no name." How do you know it's fake? You know nothing about me other than how I respond to idiots. That's why you play with straw. You like to define posters. But, your strawmen are empty. Like you.

      nony continues:
      "Addicted to that fake pedigree delusion!!

      And jumping right in, to defend your pedigreed comrade!!!" There's two more strawmen. Keep going, crusader!

      Keep going nony:
      "And the use of the overused term, "project"!!!" You might want to look at your own postings? Why look, nony projects again:

      "You go girl!!!!"

    13. You forgot to end with your fake name sign off, flo.

  6. Great list to use in my duscussion with my NeverTrump friends.

    1. And an even more fucking hilarious follow-up with your lovely oh so unique new monicker!!!

      You on a roll, baby!!!

  7. He said he would "begin removing the more than 2 million criminal illegal immigrants from the country and cancel visas to foreign countries that won’t take them back."

    Not done.


  8. "He did get his tax cuts but Republicans reneged on repealing and replacing Obamacare."

    Replace with: "but John McCain reneged on repealing and replacing Obamacare"

    1. John McCain was the designated fail voter among Senate RINOs because the voters couldn't punish him as he was dying anyway.

  9. All republican Senators voted with all democrat senators to deny him recess appointments by unanimous consent to pro forma sessions while they are in recess while they slow-roll his executive branch appointments.

  10. One big thing Trump has not done is to diffuse tensions with Russia and Iran. Candidate Trump seemed to be against the NeoCons love of perpetual war. Neither country is any threat to the United States. But if anything, tensions are higher than ever. And the belligerence is coming all from the American side. Disclaimer: I voted for Trump and will again.

    1. Well, Democrats have their sticky little fingers in both countries--Putin loves their Russia hoax, and Obama and Kerry are the Iranian mullahs' butt boys.

    2. And how has he not done anything?

      Examples would be nice.

    3. The bobbywhatzit strikes out, again!!!!

      Get the irantians to stop being pychopathic lunatics???

      Whatcha got in mind, bobbywhatzit, nuking them from orbit, just to be sure?

      And what are these "tensions" you spout about, concerning the "russias"???

      Besides fake news ginned up nonsense?

      It's normal ecnomic nation dick fencing, bobbyboy!!!

      What do ya think is going on all the time, all over the globe, between every nation, now and forevermore, including for all of recorded human history?

      Recorded not limited to your smart phone!!!

      Gee, bobbywhazit, could you have brain farted this an wetter?

    4. Tex, only example I can think of is not getting a handle on the government debt.
      But that's not so much Trump's failure as it is congress's failure. Spending bills originate in the house and since the majority is more concerned with acting like a bunch of douche bags, I don't expect this issue to be addressed until after 2020 elections. That's also assuming republicans will recall the opportunity from 2016 that they pissed away two years later.

    5. There is this thing, seen as useful for democrats' and rinos' propaganda, called "Debt".

      What is debt?

      As in, what is debt to individuals, to businesses owned by private citizens, to businesses owned by public stock shares, to governments on all levels, from the smallest town to the largest city to county to state to nation?

      It is to all these things:

      1. Cost of debt, aka interest payments due, aka da juice, da vig, the only thing anyone ever lends to anyone else for. Use my money and pay it all back plus interest.

      2. The Use of that money borrowed. You do not have the money to buy what you need, you borrow it. Credit. I will have to pay you later for a hamburger today!!! The Use borrowed money is spent upon.

      By those who "have" the money and lend it to those who don't, again, the juice is the reason they lend it.

      So, what is the problem with debt?

      Specifically, what is the problem with national debt?

      The cost of the juice?

      The use of the borrowed money?

      The democrat, aka fakers, claim that there is a problem.


      Because they want to cause problems?

      Because they think that there is no connection between debt and economic vitality?

      Between debt and economic growth?

      Between what?

      As so many know, keep up with paying the juice and you get to keep your legs unbroken.

      So, what's the problem?

    6. Current govt. Debt is over 21 trillion (and over 100t in unfunded liabilities) Give you an idea of that number, place 21 trillion one dollar bills end to end, it would stretch almost 2 billion miles. That's more than 21 times the distance between the earth and the sun.
      Now you, me, responsible people will go into debt periodically (mortgage, car, big screen t.v., man-cave upgrades, what have you) but we do that with a plan to remain fiscally solvent for all our daily expenses as well.
      Too much debt leads to things like liens, garnishments, putting off getting the kids braces, cancelling hulu, giving up those creature comforts we've come to enjoy.
      On a larger scale, it leads to economic collapses like Greece or Venezuela.
      Fortunately, the U.S. has an economy that dwarfs damn near any other half dozen countries you could name combined.
      So while our debt holders like the interest payments, I fear there's going to come a day the Shylocks are going to call in the markers and Antonio's not going to have Portia to bail him out.
      Be much better to get it under control, then instead of putting money into some other country's pocket, we keep it in our own.

    7. So, lg, who is gonna break our legs if we no pay the juice?

      The answer to that question begs the question: who are we borrowing from? Aka, who has our debt as both their source of juice to them and our having the principle we borrowed?

      And what secures that pricinple, their, the debt holders', money we borrowed?

      Repossessing of collateral?

      Foreclosure of real property?

      Garnishment of our wages?

      Debtor's imprisonment?

      Canceling our credit cards?

      Just who is gonna tell us, Fuck You Pay Me, and back that up?

      Our "debt holders" don't merely "like" the juice, they crave the reliability of our juice.

      They, whomever the various they are, get the juice paid to them because we honor our commitments.

      And they depend upon that honor.

      Because Fuck You Pay Me don't play with Uncle Sam.

      They know that and still lend to us.

      Because we honor our commitments.

      Unlike many of the shithole nations on the planet which do not.

      That is what MAGA does.

      So debt is not the problem that the democrats, rinos and all others rant about it being.

      Money is the tide of human society.

      And the United States of America is the oceans of the world.

      The shithole nations are mere lakes, ponds and mud puddles.

    8. So what you're really saying is you like big government.
      You like paying shitloads of taxes.
      You're just another big government is better withmy money than I am progressive.
      You're just another big government will solve all our problems liberal.

    9. No, lg, that is what you are saying.

      Try thinking.

      Without me providing you hints, clues and examples of what you have not been thinking about concerning debt.

      I know, that is quite the challenge.


      I give you little hint:

      Amount of debt.

      Cost of debt.

      Use of borrowed funds, aka principle.

      Results of use of borrowed funds.

      Effects of use of borrowed funds.

      Too much thinking for you?

  11. The ban was for his own staff. He can't dictate what rules Congress has.

  12. Gracious the jokers have their pom poms out today!!

    It reminds me of how the liberal looneys believed in Hope n Change. The neocon loonies believe in MAGA.

    Both sides are idiots they really think politics will save them.

    1. Sad and predictably, there is no substance to such a claim.

      And ya wonder why responses tend to be the same.

      You get what you give.

      In other word, piss off.

    2. nony states:
      "Gracious the jokers have their pom poms out today!!" So, you post here to make fun of posters who celebrate someone they voted for, keeping promises? What an internet tough guy you are nony! Always on that crusade of yours, fighting a one man fight for who knows what.

      nony goes on:
      "The neocon loonies believe in MAGA." Again with the strawman. Oh wait! He's got more:
      "Both sides are idiots they really think politics will save them." Does it allow you to sleep at night, to build those strawmen? To define posters who you know nothing about? Yet, here you are. Offering no solutions other than intimating you are the only one who knows the truth. What ever that is, as you have yet to offer anything except straw and idiocy.


    3. The sky IS falling!!!

      I swear that's true!!!

      Why, the other day, a piece fell smack dab onto the top of my widdle noggin!!!

      Sure, when I wiped it off, it was a bird turd, but, hey, birds and their turds are part of the sky!!!

      So, technariffically, I am correctomundo!!!

      Oh, woe IS me!!!

      Now I go beg for mercy from the ones that beat me!!!!

      After all, who else do I gots ta talk to??

  13. I'm going to ask you again, Don - could you put a word limit on these posts? [big scream]. Pearl clutching. I am sick of these back and forth [forth and back?] blathering idiots, Anonymous mommy-basement-sitters yes both sides who try and call out whose the biggest Summer's Eve poster.

    I don't read long blog posts, it's just preening by a bunch of friendless, lifeless dweebs who think they're scoring points or impressing people.

    You're not.

    Knock it off - and no free speech blather. I have the free speech right to ask Don to limit postings, and tell you all that you suck.


    1. Well, since this lady is begging for attention, we shall see if she enjoys getting what she wished for:

      1. Lady says she, ..."don't read long blog posts,".

      So, lady, what's your beef?

      You don't read them and.......?

      What else don't you do that you wanna beef about, lady???

      2. So then, lady, why did you proclaim that, "I am sick of these back and forth [forth and back?] blathering idiots,", hmmmmmmmmm?

      If you don't read them, where's your beef, baby??

      Or are you beefing about the not long posts you do read thst you do not like reading?

      Or is it the "back and forth" that you do read and do not like?

      (I refrain from inserting, let alone thrusting, uncouth innuendo at this point. Any readers not so inclined to refrain may not do so.)

      3. And that lead off declaration, "I'm going to ask you again, Don....", boy oh boy, lady, that sure implies you mean You ate not going to ask him again, little missy!!!

      Why, that lead proclaimation is impressive as convincing of your actual old lady bonifides!!!!

      Did you finger wag when you hit the publish button?

      Were there muttered tsk tsk tsk sounds to be heard by any listening wafting from betwixt your lips???

      Any mild foot stomping?

      Finger nail tapping upon hard flat surfaces???

      Surely no jaw clenchings, huh, lady?

      You did not kick the puppy, nor the kitty nor the not laughing old man, did you?

      (Cue Jerry Lewis: Hey Laaaaaaaady!!!!! Oh Laaaaady!!!)

    2. boring. AND you took my trolling bait hook line and sinker.


      BTW. I'm a guy - it's the title of a Neil Young tune I like.

    3. OH, I don't read the long ones - I'm just tired of having to scroll my mouse thru them. the short replies are 'guilt by association' of the long ones. mindless, spineless, and gutless [anonymous]

      and get your gynophobia in check, champ.

      and finally - Bless your heart.

    4. Gynophobia!
      We had a ruder expression junior high. There are guys like that. We call them incels now.

  14. Hilarious.

    The old laughing lady fancies she got a sack. And a pole!!!

    Fucking hilarious.

    And that bit about being weary of scrolling your mouse!!!!

    Bee you tee full!!!!!

    You are a riot, Alice!!!

    And yet, you got hooked and replied.

    And even gotcha an Attaboy, Luther!!! from Don!!!!

    AND ya tossed in a feeble stfu as a bonus!!!

    Sadly, this laughing old lady rarely has anything to post.

    Once in awhile, but not often at all.

    Maybe she will be more productive in da future???

    IF Donny would obey her commands???




  15. seriously, whatever you're taking, double it.

    also type that NEEDS the last word, so...