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Saturday, September 07, 2019

Think Progress wasn't crazy enough for Democrats

The Daily Beast reported, "Think Progress, a Top Progressive News Site, Has Shut Down."

Its eulogy began, "Think Progress, the influential news site that rose to prominence in the shadow of the Bush administration and helped define progressives during the Obama years, is shutting down."

Run by the Center for American Progress, the site offered cutting edge liberalism in the slow but steady incremental slog to socialism.

But Americans electing Donald John Trump president panicked the left both here and abroad. They fear his obliteration of the socialism they have installed in the government.

Their bigger fear is that the undeniable success of capitalism under President Trump will turn a generation against them. They cannot afford another Reagan.

So Democrats are bull-rushing the line. There is no edge to cut. Any cockamamie idea that come along is immediately accepted. It's science. It's a right. End of discussion. The time for debate is over. We must act without delay.

Look at how quickly transgendering children became mainstream. We went from maybe it is OK for Timmy to wear a dress to slapping him on the surgical table to remove his genitalia and insert implants in his chest.

In Britain, they are tossing parents in jail for calling their daughters she instead of he or xe.

The left is so crazy today that the Babylon Bee has trouble satirizing it because yesterday's joke becomes tomorrow's demand.

Except the left has speeded itself up. The joke a minute ago is now the law.

The left has amped up its crazy to 11. Gun control is for the weak. They are going straight to gun confiscation. Democrat Congressman Eric Swalwell warned gun owners not to try to resist because the government has nukes.


But that was last November.

Now Democrats want to ban meat in the name of climate change. Your cheeseburger last Tuesday is responsible for Hurricane Dorian.

In between those two demands to ban guns and meat came reparations for slavery, Elizabeth Warren's call for reparations for gay couples, abolishing ICE, basic income, Medicare for All, turning student loans into gifts, and "forgiving" all medical debt.

And this just in, Bill deBlasio has topped the meat ban by proposing a robot tax.

All this craziness made Think Progress obsolete. The mainstream media has boarded the crazy train. NBC has declared that suntans are now cultural appropriation.

RIP, Think Progress.

Democrats stopped all thinking and went crazy on November 9, 2016, when they realized we had elected Donald Trump president. They are never coming back.


  1. If only crazy were on another planet.

  2. The liberals propose totally insane ideas so when they actually implement some horrific idea like a ban on plastic straws some are glad they didn’t ban meat and accept the straw law.

    1. No, they want everything and subtlety has never been their strong point.

  3. You forgot the science is settled. Even Spock knew that.

    And it's fascinating Swalwell is prepared to nuke 90% of the country. I mean Americans. Democrats, hating America since '65.

    The real point of interest is that such a prominent website went bust. Time is a joke, as is Newsweek.

    If I were a Lefty, I'd be worried.

    1. 'Democrats, hating America since '65.'where've you been? Ever heard of Woodrow Wilson?

    2. i wish it would die a faster death

  4. Doesn't the use of robots create other industries ...the creation, improvement, maintenance of robots? Did Tucker get to that?

    1. It is difficult to take a 50 year old assembly line worker and turn him/her into a robotic mechanic. I was an Electrons Tech and qualified electrician but have had difficulty in working with PLCs and their cousins. So I know it isn't easy, but not impossible, to switch your career/job

    2. I've been asking for years now "Who will fix the robots?" I worked into it slowly over a 38 year career as a med tech. Started out doing chemistry in test tubes. When I retired, chemistry was five monitors, two keyboards/mice, and a large room full of robotics run by two or three techs. Having a knack for troubleshooting, I honed the skill to become one of the go-to guys for the endless problems ('droids are idiots!)
      So as I've said before here, if you know a kid who likes to take things apart to see what makes them go, give that kid a tool set for Christmas!
      When the Stuxnet virus was deployed against Iran, one of the first things I checked was our PLC's--they were Mitsubishi, not Siemens--whew!

  5. let's not forget oberlin college and its dean for owing 30 million and some dollars for defaming and sliming a bakery because a few of their students tried to shop lift alcohol, got caught AND pled guilty. oberlin called the bakery racists. the shop lifters said TO THE JUDGE that racism had nothing to do with it, but oberlin continued libeling and defaming the bakery and owners.

    and in the trial, the jury thought oberlin, led by the dean, continued such egregious behavior in contradiction to the criminals courts finding, decided in the bakeries favor and went beyond caps to award 33 million dollars in actual and punitive damages.

    now oberlin claims they might go bankrupt if the have to pay.

    maybe they should hire Bernie Sanders wife to consult. she bankrupted Burlington college, then sailed off in her golden parachute to one of Bernies lakeside mansions.

    the hits just keep on coming.


  6. "Except the left has speeded itself up. The joke a minute ago is now the law."

    Except the left has peed itself up.

    Hope you're OK with me fixing that up Don!


  7. Trump is the first president to undo socialism. ALL previous presidents left in place any previous implemented socialism. Started with fdr. Each successive democrat regime would move us further left. Creeping socialism. Finally, getting some of it undone.

  8. Re: Bill deBlasio v the robots

    A Marxist Luddite ... Who knew?

  9. Let me get this straight.

    Rep. Eric Swalwell has gone on record floating the possibility of using nukes to enforce a gun confiscation policy that violates the Second Amendment? And he thinks such a threat would abort a constitutional armed resistance?

    Who does he think he is, Dr. Strangelove?
    Why is he still a member in good standing of the Democrat party?
    Why is he not in a looney bin somewhere?

    Doesn't anybody see the problems with his approach?

    For one thing, has the threat of nukes ended the war in Afghanistan? Don't you think it infinitely more likely that the Dems thought they could afford the political price, they would use a nuke in Afghanistan? If they didn't use one there under PBHO, why does anyone think they would seriously use one here?

    Could you see any Democrat politician having the stones – and the stupidity!– to use a nuke on Americans. Threatening to A-bomb your own people is not how you win elections. A serious threat to do so from say the Dem candidate for President, or (God forbid!) an actual Dem President will give every Republican candidate for office an immediate 40% boost as every Independent in the country will consider a forced choice between the second amendment and nuclear Armageddon to be a no-brainer. And of course, if you actually use one, every Democrat who is not a progressive idiot will make common cause with the lesser evil of the Republicans to impeach such a President, place him or her behind bars and launch the process that ends with a date with a needle.

    And finally, is there anyone with an IQ greater than their shoe size who thinks that the officers in the US military, who are sworn to uphold the Constitution, and have tactical control of those weapons would ever let them be used in such a way?

    1. So.

      You got hooked.

      Baited, hooked and now reel yourself in.

      The old bait and switch and you bit on it.

      1. This blabber mouth swaywell is the left hand that distracts from the multiple fingers creeping up your skirt.

      2. It would be the local law enforcers who would be tasked.

      3. It would be the regional fed military who would be added to the taskings.

      4. It would be the fed overlord law enforcers who would be "managing" the taskings.

      5. It would be exactly what the swaywell distraction whores want you to not think about, not plan for and not consider as possible. Not here.

      6. It would be the declared Law of the Land. And would be literally door to door.

      7. It would be relentless.

      8. Law is always enforced via death. No matter what sequence of creeping steps are used, death is always the force used to enforce law. Death imposed as threat by enforcers of law.

      9. Submit to law or die. The swaywell whore distractions are not worthy of attention, even mocking attention. The swaywell whores are buzzing bottle flies.

      Do not underestimate the number of human beings who will enforce the law as written, interpreted by governments most foul and applied to task of said foul government intent.

  10. And you haven't noticed that local law enforcement is to say the least, not fully effective fighting guerilla wars which is what you are describing. Consider the British experience in Northern Ireland a 70 year stalemate. If you Americans are as smart as the Irish, the outcome will be the same.

    1. Well, timmy, you choose to ambiguate.

      You compare british coppers to American coppers as equal.

      You compare, in snidely fashion, Americans with the ireland irish.

      You compare the "conflict" between irish to irish and the "effectiveness" of british coppers to what is in no manner similiar.

      And all this you do, just to pretend you did not get hooked by the bait of the swaywell whore distraction nonsense.

      Pitiful, even for you, ya wanker.

  11. Equivocate, me? No.

    Perhaps you are misunderstanding my point which is that guerilla wars are hard to win. Or perhaps you are ignorant of the fact that the RUC (Irish cops) were backed by Scotland Yard (British cops) for 70 years and the (SAS) since 1945.

    My real comparison is between the Irish rebels and the 2A types. If the Irish could hold off not just the RUC but Scotland Yard and SAS who backed them for 70 years, then one can expect Americans to do likewise with their cops. I am not going to say that the average 2A type is less smart than the average IRA member.

    Also your earlier point makes it clear that you misunderstand a factor in the game. If dem oppressors try to do something via local law, they must be in political control of the local law. Can you see red states enforcing a confiskatory law?

    1. Oh timmy.

      You took the bait on swaywell nonsense.

      Posted a mutiple paragraph comment on it.

      Then mixed in some goofy stuff in your response to my comment pointing out that you took the bait.

      My comment, misunderstood by you, understandably misunderstood by you, as you are still stubbornly determined to deny that you took the swaywell bait, was to point out the absurdity inherent in presuming that there will not be significant law enforcers, aided by feds and controlled by same, to attempt to enforce the law, no matter how foul.

      Foul = Unconstituional.

      Unconstitutional = Pretty much Everything the democrats intend to do.

      Thus, to swallow the swaywell bait nonsense and to, by said swallowing, be distracted from the actual threat to our nation, aka democrats, is to be the dunce.

      Pointing out the means democrats would use to attempt to enforce their declared intent to impose blatantly unconstitutional law upon our nation's citizens is not the same as your dunce level comparison to "gorilla warfare".

      So, wanker, face it.

      You cut a brain fart.

      It happens.

      Try not to wallow in it.