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Monday, September 16, 2019

Schrödinger's newspaper

Poor Erwin Schrödinger. His cat is more famous than him, and he won a Nobel Prize in physics.

To illustrate the problem of the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics applied to everyday objects, Schrödinger asked his fellow physicists to imagine a cat in a box in which radioactivity breaks a flask of poison and kills the cat. You just don't know when it happened or if it happened.

This is all above my pay grade, but the question seems to be is the cat alive or dead -- or both?

Schrödinger chose wisely. If he used a dog, he would be lynched. People love dogs. Some of us are a little ticked at Pavlov for making his dog salivate like that. Killing a dog in the name of science is unacceptable. You cannot kill even an imaginary one.

But a cat? Who cares what happens to a cat? Dead or alive no one really likes cats. Even cats don't like cats. They are about as loyal as Mitt Romney.

Schrödinger came up with this in 1935.

In 1970, the cat tale was placed in a commercial with the voice of Ella Fitzgerald shattering a glass. The commercial asked the world, "Is it live or Memorex?"

In the 21st century, no one cares about sound quality. But we do care about the truth. We no longer accept as factual what the media reports. Comments on a post on Sunday, "95% troubled by the media," made that clear.

Greg said, "We are living in a wonderful age of epistemology. How do you know what you know? I can only assign varying levels of probability to anything I hear or read. Nothing I know is 100%. But with a thinking brain and a good deal of skeptical criticism, I have high levels of admiration and confidence in many of the writers I read.

"Thank you Don, and keep up the great work exposing Fake News for the garbage it is."

I replied, "Quantum Journalism."

And then a reader who understands physics said, "Except the equation governing quantum journalism is the INVERSE of Schrödinger's wave equation!"

The problem is not that you cannot entirely dismiss the reports as inaccurate.

For example, Joe Biden's tale of confronting a black bully named Corn Pop seemed off the wall. I was all set to join the chorus of mockingbirds. Then a reporter at CNN tweeted Corn Pop's obituary from a few years ago.

At that point, I did the calculations. I quickly deduced that Biden's campaign tipped the reporter on the obituary.

Now an obituary for a guy named Corn Pop who was black and the right age does not necessarily prove Biden's story, but yes it does. If it were a made-up story, why would Biden come up with the name Corn Pop? It is to 21st century ears a ridiculous name. And what are the odds that just some random black man named Corn Pop who was Biden's age lived in Wilmington, Delaware?

So I reasoned that Biden did not make the story up. Whether he embellished it did not concern me. The preponderance of evidence is there was a Corn Pop and there was some sort of confrontation.

This is the subliminal math we must use when the media reports the news. Is Schrödinger's newspaper lying, truthing, or both?

I just wait them out. When I read bad news, I wait for the debunking.

Sunday morning, the New York Times alleged that Justice Brett Kavanaugh did something embarrassing at a party at Yale decades ago. By halftime on Sunday afternoon, the Times backtracked and said the supposed victim does not remember a thing. It's another big scoop of industrial strength lies by the Times.

Newspapers have descended from being as beloved as a dog to being more despised than cats. Schrödinger's newspaper lines the kitty litter.


  1. Now ya gone done done it, Donny.

    Dissed da pussies.

    Oh Donny.....

    Ohhhhhh Donny, Donny, Donny......

    Now, because of you, the mice will play!!!!

    The rats will be all gay an' shit!!!

    Granted, the birdies will tweet a bit brighter, the moths will fly a bit lighter, and the neighbor's chahuahua will wet the bed no more.

    But, still, ya dissed da pussies!!!!

    Top Cat will be coming for you!!!!

    1. Top Cat eats out of trash cans.

    2. Indeed.

      And what can be found in trash cans?

      Do you know?

  2. What happens if the box doesn't/does exist, is the MSM real or Memorex?

  3. Gropin' Joe is a legend in his own mind.

    Remember Neal Kinnock. Could be Corn Pop kicked Joe's ass.

  4. My take is that a guy named Corn Pop told Joe that his groping days would come to a close if he touched his daughter.

  5. Now Don, you're skatin' on thin ice here! You've trashed cats (which I happen to like), you've trashed science, and then you even went and killed English with this doosy: "The problem is NOT that you canNOT entirely dismiss the reports as INaccurate."

    So if I add all those negatives together and divide by 3, I get, well . . . what do I get, Don? You tell me!


    1. You quote Don, thusly: "The problem is NOT that you canNOT entirely dismiss the reports as INaccurate."

      And your query is: 'So if I add all those negatives together and divide by 3, I get, well . . . what do I get, Don? You tell me!'

      1. The problem is NOT = states that an implied/presumed problem is not as implied/presumed.

      2. that you canNOT = declares that which you cannot do.

      3. entirely dismiss the reports as INaccurate. = defines that which you cannot do as what the problem actually is.




    2. And some people can't take a joke. Obviously, you must be liberal!

    3. What??

      You funny????

  6. Ahh Trump the tyrant is the Saudis bitch. While the Israelis are the ones dropping bombs on oil fields. Cui bono?

  7. Too bad Kavanaugh was only given a half-assed background check thanks to meddling by the Trump administration. When you appoint a rapist dunk don't be surprised when he gets impeached.

    1. Identified: democrat grifter lackey.

      Determination: Disregard.

    2. Anon really been hitting the bottle hard and watching CNN. Any thoughts about serial rapist William Jefferson Clinton? B.S.G.

  8. Sheesh you guys all missed this and it is that Shrodinger's Justice is RBG. Is she alive or not?

    Spin Drift

  9. Wait - the Cat was in the Hat, and now it is in a box?

    -Mikey NTH

  10. Let's just suppose that a foolish and habitally drunken Kavanaugh, age 18, was, stripped of his pants and led to an equally drunken young woman by other young and foolish young freshmen, who then placed said Kavanaugh's privates in the hand of the said female for their amusement. Is it such a stretch to believe that neither of the inebreated subject of this low prank remember the event? Where is the proof that Kavanaugh ever lied? Why would his immature drunkeness, and foolish trust in his fellow students not to take advantage of his inebriated condition, be relevant to the career he took up years later as a grown man? The male brain is not even fully formed until age 25. Even if something like what is described did happen, which is VERY questionable, I fail to see how it is relevant to Kavanaugh's later exemplary, mature performance as a judge.

  11. I could tell a story of Taking on Rocco Cappuccio one day in my early 20s and kicking his ass and his mafia friends. See, Rocco was bullying some lesbians. Rocco really existed and he isn’t alive now to say I am full of it.

    Slow Joe knew of Corn Pop and his gang. He may have known Corn Pop was dead so he couldn’t refute Slow Joe’s story. Slow Joe is a liar and always talks like a big man. He is not a big man, but he is a liar.

    I don’t believe his story at all. And I hate cats.

  12. The story is preposterous. Teenage boys don't handle other guys d**ks at parties and push them into girl's hands. It's something only a creepy lib would imagine being plausible.

    1. Yeah, there is an ironclad rule that regular guys do not grab other guys' junk, and grabbing other guys' junk and pulling/pushing is going to get a reaction, but it won't be a laugh.

      -Mikey NTH

  13. The democrats are, as they have always been, grifters.

    All democrats are grifters.

    Any citizens voting for democrats have been grifted by the democrat grifters.

    The rinos, snob repubs, elistist goppers, are also grifters.

    The democrat grifters, being superior in their grifting talents, via having zero moral qualities and infinite capacity for duplicity, have been nulled out by MAGA.

    The rinos, snob repubs and elitist goppers, being inferior to democrat grifters, have been exposed by MAGA and resent their exposed nakedness.

    Thus, both the grifter democrats and the rinos, snob repubs, elitist goppers, grifters all, are crying rivers of grifter tears.

    Boo Fucking Hoo.

    The democrat grifters wallow in their hog mud swamp, bemoaning their sudden and unexpected approaching slaughterings.

    The rinos, snob repubs and elitist goppers spout pathetic protestations as to their denial of their exposed by MAGA nakedness.

    The democrat grifters are always displaying their fugly nakedness, so though MAGA did not expose this, MAGA is disposing of them.

    Grifters all, with those voting for any merely being the victims of grifters.

    MAGA does not grift.

    The feeble tactics of past grifters' griftings are finito. Finished. Caput. DOA.


  14. Round Three!!!

    Bernie/Biden = Catfight!!!

    Bernie/Harris = Oh, the Humanity!!!

    Bernie/Warren = Siamese Twins, the Incest version.

    Bernie/Beta = Mister Burns & Smithers Go to Swampington, DC!!!

    Bernie/Castro = They're in Heaven!!! Commie Heaven!!!

    Bernie/Hillary = R.I.P. Bernie!!!

    Bernie/Booker = What You Talkin' 'Bout, Willis?????

    Bernie/????? = Who Gives A Fuck!!!!

  15. Well, I happen to like cats. (I like dogs, too. Also hamsters, horses, rabbits.... Guess I like most furry creatures -- 'cept tarantulas and Beeto.) I supposed we can mitigate Don's remarks by noting that, if the cat in the experiment dies, at least it's got 8 more waiting.

  16. Who cares what happens to a cat?

    Say WHAT?

  17. "Schroedinger's Cat" is a famous thought experiment designed to refute one of the most popular interpretations of quantum mechanics: that reality does not objectively exist, until an observer observes it. You can see why journ-o-lists would be attracted to it - they see themselves as the proper observers who alone can call reality into existence for the rest of us plebs!

    But the S-Cat experiment argues that an objective reality, independent of human observers, DOES actually exist, implying that we don't need special observers - it is there for any of us to see it. It does this using the rhetorical device called "reducto ad absurdum", which is taking a hypothesis and extending it to some absurd level to show that it must be fallacious. The absurdity here is that a cat could be both alive and dead at the same time. Of course, most journalists have no problem with this... they are used to bending reality to be whatever the Democrats need it to be today!!

  18. A bigger question: is RBG alive or dead or undead or all three simultaneously?