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Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Reporter says Democrats win by not being Democrats

Josh Kraushaar of National Journal made the case for Biden. The argument is 2020 is easy for Democrat to win if they don't act like Democrats.

Kraushaar wrote, "Democrats don’t appreciate how close they are to securing unfettered power in Washington come January 2021.

"Listening to their rhetoric, you’d think that the Democratic Party was consigned to permanent-minority status. Party leaders complain about the unfairness of the political process, with leading Democratic politicians pledging to fight the scourge of gerrymandered districts, the legislative filibuster, and the Electoral College — all while railing against voter suppression.

"The reality is that the Democratic Party is ascendant, but the progressive movement isn’t willing to make the compromises necessary to capitalize on the current political moment. The party’s base is increasingly convinced that the only way to change what happens in Washington is by rallying behind the most ideologically extreme voices, whose unrealistic proposals have no chance of passing even a Democratic-controlled Congress."

Democrats win, as long as they don't act like Democrats.

What he dismissed as "the most ideologically extreme voices" are the mainstream of the Democrat Party.

Reparations are mainstream in a party where one-fourth of its supporters are black.

The Green New Deal is mainstream in a party whose 2000 presidential candidate won a Nobel for pushing global warming.

Medicare For All is mainstream in a party that abandoned Obamacare.

Gun confiscation is mainstream in a party that seizes on mass gun shootings to push gun control. (Democrats ignore the weekly mass shootings in gun-controlled Chicago.)

Kraushaar looks at President Donald John Trump's poll numbers and believes Democrats can win if they hide their craziness away.

The point of his column was to discredit Elizabeth Warren.

He wrote, "Privately, Democratic strategists are more anxious, worried that any presidential nominee’s calls for Medicare For All and the decriminalization of border crossings will be damaging in the Republican-leaning states where so many pivotal Senate races will be fought. Red-state Senate candidates are currently able to promote poll-tested platitudes about their views on health care and immigration. They’ll find themselves constantly on the defensive if the socialist-minded musings of Warren and Bernie Sanders become the official Democratic Party doctrine."

Of course, it is too late. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the soul of the Democrat Party, replacing Obama the Awful.

The Big O campaigned as a wink-wink, nudge-nudge moderate. He did not have to tell LGBT voters he was for gay marriage. That worked in 2008 because Democrats trusted Obama to be a lying two-faced conman who would push the radical agenda he denied he was pushing.

The problem is, Obama did not deliver. They say a camel is a horse written by a committee. Obamacare is socialized health care written by a camel.

Nevertheless, Kraushaar argued that moderation in the pursuit of socialism is a virtue.

He wrote, "Many anti-Trump voters in the suburbs voted for Republican congressional candidates as a way to check an anticipated Hillary Clinton presidency. These voters overwhelmingly backed Democrats in the 2018 midterms. But if Warren or Sanders wins the Democratic nomination, expect a wave of swing voters making strategic voting choices to limit the scope of the revolution.

"At this week’s Democratic debate, pragmatists like Joe Biden or Amy Klobuchar have a real opportunity to score points by emphasizing that the true-blue believers don’t have a plan to get anything done if elected."

If Democrats had this huge mandate — this demographic destiny to rule — why would they have to be sneaky about who they are and what they want to accomplish?


  1. That last question is the key.

    The combination to the lock is put up an R willing to fight.

    1. The question is, once President Trump passes from the scene, is there an R out there willing to fight? Andrew Jackson and Ronald Reagan were followed by their respective vice presidents, Martin Van Buren and George H.W. Bush, both soulless bureaucrats who betrayed their larger-than-life predecessors. The only other living R with any fight in him or her was Gov. Palin, and her moment has passed. Maybe Gov. DeSantis in Florida will be that man. But I fear that after Trump, the GOPe Empire will strike back.

      But for 2020 will still have President Trump, so I will pack up my pessimism and save it for 2024.

    2. Which is why, TK, MAGA candidates are essential.

      Out with rinos.

      Out with elistist snobs.

      Out with globalist scum.

      Needless to say, out with all democrats.

      Our MAGA President has given us the jump start.

      It is on all of us to run the race.

      The shift from the past submissive to the repeatedly elected/reelected twats habits to MAGA is the must do for all Americans.

      WE are the leaders of our own MAGA nation.

      We, the actual People, in the truest sense of our nation's Constituional Republic of Sovereign States thusly United.

      This is our Strength.

      The only weak link is our submission to being dominated by assholes.

  2. Obamacare is socialized health care written by a camel.

    So is Medicare! Whoop dee doo.

    Earlier Surber said insurance is a choice. Tell that to everyone forced into Medicare at age 66. Tell that to everyone forced into Social Security FICA taxes the instant they begin to work...

    FICA means fed insurance contribution act....but its not insurance its a tax. FDR was a fascist tyrant. There is no insurance at all. Its a ponzi scheme that is imploding.

    Yet Surber acts like Dems are the socialists. So are most so called conservatives! They adore their medicare and social security as much as anyone else.

    So enough of the pretense that democrats are the only socialists in the room.

    Look at Trump now demanding the FED manipulate interest rates to zero.....he knows recession is coming so he's desperately trying to postpone it past the election.

    Its really pitiful when seniors cannot earn a decent honest interest rate on their savings. Its fascism at its core granting monopoly power over our money to a private banking system to counterfeit money at will.

    But go ahead and claim its the best 8 years of your lives. Your nothing but sheep looking to be sheared you deserve what's coming.

    1. Susie, you should read your rants before you post them. They're really pathetic - I don't know where to begin.

    2. Aww how sad they just dunno what to say or where to begin. Typical. They're so brainwashed idiots they don't even realize they've been progressived by FDR and LBJ.

      Or maybe they do and they love it. Yes they truly love it. They think DC turns stones into bread.

      Just like liberals do.

    3. MCQ.




      You are not susan.

      You are mcq!!!!

    4. Don might have stretched things a bit by saying all insurance is voluntary. If I own a vehicle in my state then insurance is mandatory and there are minimum amounts of coverage. Although owning a vehicle is voluntary.
      Low interest rates do hurt savers who demand zero risk. But for a little risk, one can obtain blue chip stocks that pay dividends or high rated bonds. You might want to read a book titled "The Dividend Connection".
      I don't believe medicare is mandatory. You have to sign up for it.
      I've never met a socialist republican but I did meet a democrat that said she's socially liberal and fiscally conservative.
      I hope this helps and thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    5. The concept:

      Interest paid to depositors, from lenders.

      Interest paid by borrowers to lenders.

      Not rocket science.

      Business enjoys lower interest paid to lenders.

      Depositors lament lower interest paid to themselves by lenders.

      Business expands and flourishes with lower interest paid to lenders.

      Depositors lament lower interest paid to themselves by lenders AND can do something about it. Aka, withdraw deposits and invest elsewhere.

      Lenders always gain. Or go bankrupt.

      Lenders, being business, determine their practices as businesses.

      For both depositors and borrowers and lenders, interest rate is not the only factor relevant.

      Business, as life, is always a gamble.

  3. And naturally soy boy Surber says not a thing. He can't. He has no answers. He's just a cheerleader baptizing anything and everything the Trumpster does. He has nothing to offer other than hatred towards China, Iran, and illegals.

    As Jesus proclaimed he has his reward....already.

    1. Ah.

      The mcq speaks!!!

      Poor chicoms.

      Poor irantians.

      Poor trespassers.












      You, mcq!!!

  4. So the point is remains how simple it is to leave all you soy boyz here speechless. All you can do is make snarky comments.

    Just like triggered snowflake liberals do all the time. Not one of you can make an intelligent comment that addresses the issues raised.

    So you pull out the liberal tactic of attacking the messenger and ignoring the message. Much like Surber does the way he ignores Julian Assange and Ed Snowden stories.

    He never...ever...reports on them. They offend his sensibilities. He's a snowflake much like liberals. So he simply ignores these heroes who have exposed the deep state like nobody ever has before.

    In other words, he pretends they don't exist. Just like the liberals do. Y'all pretend and think you're different from liberals. LOL

    Not at all. You're two sides of the same sick coin. And that's what you know deep down. Which is much why you hate so many people.

    You mask your hatred under the pretense of defending the rule of law. Which is a concept you long ago abandoned. Otherwise you'd declare over half of DC to be unconstitutional and immoral.

    You pretend the Donald is draining the swamp all the while he is filling it with untold deficit spending the likes that haven't been seen in American history.

    Nice job fools. Enjoy your echo chamber of confirmation bias the most common tool employed at this blog. Y'all cannot abide dissent. Not for a minute.

    Which surprise surprise....makes you no different from the liberals. And you know it in your heart of hearts.

    1. So.

      You, mcq, see a future in which you, mcq, are as you are now.

      A future in which you, mcq, exist and effect no other.

      A future in which you, mcq, are as equally alone as you, mcq, consider all others to be pretending to not be.

      You, mcq, confuse "effect" with "affect".

      Effect is a Business function.

      Affect is a Personal experience.

      The world in which you, mcq, find yourself existing in is, by Nature and Design, strictly Business. Thus, "effect" is the experience of it.

      The being a person is not of this world. Being a person in this world is not the same as being as this world is.

      Did you not get the memo?

    2. It's Don's blog and he can pick and choose any bit of news he feels like talking about. As for the deficit, I think you're smart enough to know that Congress controls the purse strings per our Constitution. Trump's only weapon in the budget battle was to shut non-essential parts of the government down, which he did - for longer than anyone ever did before him. It didn't work so he had to go along with a ridiculous budget.
      As for the swamp, I see a lot of politicians quitting - especially RINOs. That's a good thing. North Carolina is sending a couple of conservatives to Congress - another good thing. It takes time Nony, but things are getting better.

    3. Vastly amused when anons talk of deficit spending when they had nothing but praise when they do it and had nothing to say when Obama sent Iran pallets of cash. They reality is when the economy grows cash pours into Washington. The deficit is the least of our problems at the moment. B.S.G.

    4. Anonymous, I've read your comments which are highly critical of Trump, this blog and it's readers for a while now. Do you have any suggestions on who might make a better president, or what policies you would like to see put in place to bring us back to our constitutional moorings? Are you some ultra Libertarian Ron Paul supporter or just a liberal troll trying to sound like the purest, holier than thou constitutional originalist? If this president doesn't single handedly undo 200 years of all the previous presidents and congress' creating and filling the swamp he's no good? Maybe Big Chief Warren or Mittens would suit you better? Wanna throw one policy or candidate you support out there?

    5. Yeah, tell me there’s no difference between R’s and D’s on abortion. Nony, you sick bastard.

    6. Nonny: show me in the Scripture where Jesus says the government should do charity. Show in Scripture where God chooses sides according the opinion of the people. Show me where God says government is always right. Or we the people for that matter.


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