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Friday, September 13, 2019

Red China's gotta eat

Everybody, Trump's Sun Tzu fighting
Tariffs were fast as lightning
For Xi, it was a little bit frightening
But Trump fought with expert timing.
OK, maybe I remember the Carl Douglas song a little differently than everyone else.

But the point is President Donald John Trump is an adherent of Sun Tzu, the author of "The Art of War," compiled 500 years before Christ.

The South China Morning Post reported Red "China has announced that it will exclude imports of US soybeans, pork and other farm goods from additional trade war tariffs, opening the door for significant purchases of agricultural products."

Red China's hong-gree.

Chairman Mao could starve his people. They were impoverished and were conditioned to accept deprivations. Chairman Deng however created a middle class by establishing Fake Capitalism in a communist country. Chairman Xi now is stuck feeding a middle class that expects to eat.

Bye, bye world dominance that might have been.

Chairman Xi can blame Sun Tzu, whose first rule is "All warfare is based on deception. Hence, when we are able to attack, we must seem unable; when using our forces, we must appear inactive; when we are near, we must make the enemy believe we are far away; when far away, we must make him believe we are near."

His most important one is "Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win."

These two rules are fundamental to understanding our president, or as my niece explained it 8 months before his election, "He's crazy -- like a fox."

(She is 46, not 4.)

When it comes to Mexico, North Korea, and Red China, Donald Trump had a plan before he ran for president. In fact, his plan was why he ran for president. Why be president unless you can do something? This is a man who saved Manhattan, saved NBC, and saved himself. He is saving the country.

To know his plan, you must understand his goal.

His objective with Mexico was to stop the invasion from Central America. Only half the illegal aliens are Mexican. The next largest group are non-Mexican Hispanics, most of whom flow through Mexico.

Mexico makes a lot of money off illegal aliens, both from transporting them and from remittances home once they make it to America. This spring, Mexico bused caravans to the border.

Finally, President Trump made them an offer they could not refuse. Seal the border or watch tariffs rise.

The media called him crazy, irresponsible, and racist. They predicted tariffs would lead to avocadolypse. The price of burritos at Chipotle would go up a nickel. Has the man no heart?

Within a week, Mexico agreed to shut the border down. The wall is going up. We now know Mexico paying for the wall was a diversion, but indirectly it is paying.

With North Korea, the compromise may be reunification, which would be one way to denuclearize North Korea. Just eliminate it as an entity. Make no mistake, President Trump opposes nuclear proliferation in a way that makes Buffy Sainte-Marie look like just another singer. Protests are nice but action is needed.

Which brings us to Red China. An annual trade deficit of $350 billion is unacceptable. This is not free market enterprise. This is dumping.

President Trump confronted Red China head on. First, he buttressed our industry and strengthened our economy. He threw out unnecessary regulations and cut corporate taxes to 21% . They had been 35%.

Then, he imposed tariffs.

President Trump knew Red China needs us far more than the USA needs Red China.

The South China Morning Post report said, "Hua Changchun, an economist at Guotai Junan Securities, a brokerage, said Beijing's move has increased the likelihood of a narrow trade deal.

"'But it's a small deal,' Hua said. 'It means that there would be no escalation of tariffs as China has agreed to make more purchases. It could provide a certain level of comfort to US farmers and give Trump something to brag about.'

"It marks the latest in series of rapid-fire developments this week that suggest a concerted effort by China to push for a partial, or interim, trade deal.

"It also comes just hours after Reuters reported that private buyers in China bought 'at least 10 boatloads of US soybeans on Thursday,' the biggest mass purchase since June."

The Chinese are hong-gree.

That is a bigger problem for Chairman Xi than Hong Kong is.


  1. The opening line from 55 Days At Peking, "The rains are late and China is hungry".

  2. saved Manhattan, saved NBC, and saved himself. He is saving the country

    Ah yes more proof he's the Savior! He's running way over a trillion dollar deficit. And in a boom! He wants zero interest rates to bankrupt every single pension plan. That's your saving grace! Hallelujah.

    Nah he's just inflating the bubble with more debt. The soy boys here cheer him on. They love GOP debt they hate Democrat debt; which means they're just hypocrites

    This is not free market enterprise. This is dumping.

    Aww Surber is butt hurt cause Xi is holding a gun to the heads of millions of consumers forcing them to purchase his products!

    Surber hates people who vote with their wallets. He wants them to pay more much more. He doesn't want Americans trading with anyone he doesn't like. And he loves raising taxes just like a liberal does.

    Surber is just a cheerleader. Anything Donald does will be met with cheers. Anything.

    1. Your reading comprehension hasn't improved, nony. Those of us who have been reading Surber know he has good reason to write the way he does. You just want to make noise.

    2. He’s not the Savior, but (as he said himself) he IS the Chosen One.

      Cry Nony Cry
      Make your mother sigh
      She’s old enough to know better
      So Cry Nony Cry

    3. Yet again Nony - Congress, made the deficit and the zero interest rate is for our country to borrow money. We deserve a low interest rate. If you want more return you need to invest in something else.

  3. His most important one is "Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win."
    Once again the stars are aligned with Trump, or maybe he has been planning this all along. This is absolutely the time to push China.

  4. Donald Trump has never read a book. It's only thanks to ghost writers that he can even claim to have written one. But wait, that probably shatters your fragile world view. You need to believe that Donald Trump could read a book, or possibly even write one.

    Here's Trump claiming to read books when he's clearly never read a book.

    Not sure who the bigger moron is, someone who believes Trump or Trump.

    1. Who's a bigger moron you ask? Just look in a mirror to get your answer.

    2. You can't believe POTUS graduated Wharton Business school without cracking a book.

  5. You're gonna need a huge mirror to get the full view.

  6. Hey guys we are still negotiating... Trump knows how to negotiate in Asia. I can still picture the Trump Tower I drove by in downtown Seoul. It's not easy to negotiate with anyone from Asia. It's a blood sport to them. A maxim over there is once you have an agreement you've just started negotiating. I sense a little desperation/weakness in the Chinese position. The Trumpster will not let them off the hook gently (at least in public). It's looking pretty good for us right now. Trust the Donald..... Our Chosen One.

    1. Well said. He will allow them to save face, but the deal will MAGA.

  7. Trump's views on the word is verifiable, publicly, since 1980.

    That is 36 years till his election that he has stated the same basic thing. All of it is saved on the internet for posterity. No microfiche transcripts hiding in a storage container in a paper's closet.

    It philosophy is old school Republicanism. Something that most Republicans know, but held back with the Republican leadership touting antithetical notions and ideas.

    To further seemingly confound things, but in reality clarifies, Trump was a registered Democrat espousing such things and was a celebrated darling of Democrats for his ability to endure and come back.

  8. John Kerry has been flying all over the world, making secret deals with the Iranians, Chinese, Europeans, probably even the Norks. His pitch to the Chinese: "Trump will lose in 2020, so just keep delaying and the next Democrat will cut a sweet deal with you that will absolutely devastate those stupid Midwesterners!"

    Meanwhile, some young Chinese analyst who probably went to college in the U.S. keeps sending notes to his boss Xi warning that John Kerry is considered to be what they call a "boob" in the U.S. and any random person in the U.S. would have a slight advantage over old John about how the next election might turn out.

    If they try to wait out Trump, they risk getting clobbered if he is re-elected. Their willingness to make a deal now suggests that even the Chinese know John Kerry is a boob!

    Eric W.

  9. So our so called leaders in Congress do nothing... NOTHING... About our bleeding out of hundreds of billions... BILLIONS... Of dollars... Adding significantly to the deficit. Yet when Trump takes action, the left takes offense. Pretty much just adds to the charicature that the left is painting of itself.

    TDS's most noticeable symptom is party before country.

  10. The trade deficit with China must be reduced to zero, and the only way to do this is by increasingly higher tariffs. Any deal that falls short of this is a victory for China and a big loss for the U.S.


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