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Thursday, September 12, 2019

NC shows Trump attracts minority voters

Jason Johnson is professor of politics and journalism at Morgan State.

He has a deal to appear on MSNBC and writes for The Root, a race-baiting liberal outlet. He worried about a CNN poll that showed 15% of black men support President Donald John Trump.

Johnson tweeted that this would re-elect him.

A Rasmussen poll had overall black support at 32%.

With black employment at an all-time high, one can see the reason for panic among Democrats. Black voters supply 25% of the party's votes.

This week's special congressional elections in North Carolina showed President Trump at his best. He rallied Republicans who erased an 8-point deficit for Republican Dan Bishop in the state's 9th Congressional District. The day after a Donald Trump rally, Bishop won by 2% -- a 10-point swing.

The other Republican romped to a 24-point win.

Last year's midterm election also showed the president's political chops, Midterms are disasters for a president's party but for the first midterm in 84 years, a president knocked off four incumbent senators of the opposition party. He rallied hard for those upsets, which of two Republican defeats to give his party a two-seat gain in the Senate.

Obama carried North Carolina in 2008.

President Trump took the state by 3 points, upsetting pollsters.

Following Tuesday's election, the Washington Examiner reported, "Republicans in North Carolina are privately confident about President Trump’s 2020 prospects in the perennial battleground state, despite barely surviving a special election in a House seat the GOP has controlled for more than a half-century."

That half-century is misleading as the 9th District has changed its shape significantly over the years. Also, Democrats spent twice what Republicans did on the race.

But Republicans had a trump card: President Trump.

Minorities are 31.5% of North Carolina's population, which is above the national average of 27%. If he can carry it again, Professor Johnson's worry will come true.

At American Spectator, Dan Cantor agreed that Democrats should worry about the minority vote.

He wrote, "The most unnerving example, from the Democratic perspective, is rural Robeson County. The ethnic makeup of this county is as follows: Native American (38.6%), White (25.7%), Black (24%), Hispanic (8.52%), Two or More Races (2.15%), Asian (0.66%), Other (0.275%).

"On Tuesday the Democrat received a fraction of the votes he received in 2018, running for the same seat. Ryan Matsumoto of Inside Elections provides the gory details: 'McCready won Robeson County by only 1.11 points, a MASSIVE decrease from his 15.31 point margin last November.' In 2012, Obama carried Robeson by 17 points."

President Trump's rising tide of prosperity is lifting boats of all colors.

Failure has consequences, which is why voters rejected the establishment in favor of the Orange Man in 2016.

But success has its rewards, which is why voters of all colors may re-elect him.


  1. My son manages a warehouse with the vast majority of the workers being African-Americans. They are growing to like Trump, but generally they don't vote. Anecdotal, I know, but his planned visit to Baltimore should be just one of many to Dem controlled cities to sway votes to him. I know that in Baltimore there are Black conservative activists; he could help them, the people and himself. I tried to get Romney to do it, but one negative event in Philly caused seemed to cause him to not repeat his visit to a Dem controlled city.

  2. Yup. Trump "has" African American(s). Or had.

    1. One man. One fooking man, and your citation is PBS to boot! That’s all you got.

    2. Newshour no less!

  3. Keep in mind the Democratic candidate was a former Marine who ran as a centrist to bring all sides together. That's going to be a rare democrat candidate compared to the typical rabid so
    who will be running everywhere else.

    1. But, he's still running as a DimoKKKRat, which means he will be voting for the Dim leadership in the house. Electing anyone running with a "D" after their name is equivalent to a Turkey voting for Thanksgiving.

  4. What black voters need to do between 2020 and 2024 is reform their party.
    They are courted at election time,then ignored. It will take real leadership, not Eliarja Commie leadership to make this happen, but with a quarter of the vote, they have a real say.

  5. One thing that the lamestream media NEVER points out about the 2018 mid-terms is that the Democrat surge in House races was probably due more to Ryno Ryan and his failure to enact (or even consider) the Trump agenda, while in the Senate Mitch McConnell at least put pedal-to-the-metal on Trump's judicial appointments. There was no reason for the Trump Democrats, especially in the Great Lakes region and Pennsylvania, to vote for Ryno-Ryan clones in the House races, while there was at least some evidence the Republican Senators were supporting the president. That, to me, is the best explanation as to why the GOP did OK in the Senate and got their feces handed to them in the House. It was all (or nearly all) the result of Ryno-Ryan sabotage. Good riddance.

    The media will continue to scream "WHITE SUPREMACIST" from the tops of all those lynching trees the Democrats have planted, but African-American and Latin males will push the Trump button in "unexpectedly" large numbers in 2020. They may even stick with the GOP down ballot like the working class whites in the Upper Midwest and South Atlantic Coast did in 2016 (but not 2018 when there was no POTUS Trump on the ballot).

    1. Don't discount voter fraud in 2018.

    2. Like the 7-2 scotus vote, keep it wide enough so you don't have to worry about roberts being blackmailed.

  6. You have to love POTUS! Now, this is an unbiased poll:

  7. Y'all realize if Trump keeps 3/8 of Hispanic men in 2020 he probably gets a third and fourth term if he wants it, right?

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