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Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Lewandowski owns the Democrats

Corey Lewandowski was so bold, clear, and entertaining in his appearance before Congress that I wondered if Republicans don't have a mole on the House Judiciary Committee who arranged this hearing.

And then I realized that they do.

President Donald John Trump is the only thing on their minds. He is their first thought in the morning, and their last thought at night. The party is obsessed with him that they have become the Washington Generals to his Harlem Globetrotters. Somebody throw a bucket of confetti on them.

Once again, Democrats shopped at Acme. Once again the device they purchased backfired. Bigly.

I do not know who vetted Lewandowski but whoever did blew it. A good lawyer never asks a question in court without knowing the answer in advance. His answers made them look like the Three Stooges law firm of Dewey, Cheatum and Howe.

Democrats want to re-litigate the Russian Collusion witch hunt, which exonerated him. The new, improved witch hunt holds that President Trump somehow obstructed justice merely by being the man the attorney general reports to.

Elie Honig, a legal analyst for CNN, laid out this craziness, "Corey Lewandowski's congressional testimony on Tuesday highlighted the fundamental paradox facing the House Judiciary Committee. On one hand, Lewandowski -- despite openly antagonizing House Democrats and preening for his Republican cronies -- testified fairly casually about misconduct by President Donald Trump that, in normal times, would be presidency-defining (and potentially presidency-ending). On the other hand, Lewandowski's testimony changed little about the longer-term prospects of impeachment.

"Through all the sarcasm, personal insults, and tortured debate about Congressional procedure, Lewandowski confirmed that Trump instructed him to have then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions intervene in, and derail, a criminal investigation of Trump and his close associates. This is a big deal -- or should be. But it also was nothing new. The entire summer 2017 episode is set forth in detail in the Mueller report. Lewandowski's testimony simply confirms that Mueller got it right -- contrary to the repeated claims of Lewandowski's chief benefactor Trump, who has repeatedly attacked Mueller's impartiality and veracity.

"Lewandowski was a truly horrible witness. His demeanor was the stuff of a trial lawyer's nightmares. He was angry, combative, sarcastic, and more intent on getting off personal insults and pumping up his impending Senate campaign than actually answering questions or getting Congress or the public any closer to truth. When questioned by Republicans, he was an eager beaver, responsive and sharp. When questioned by Democrats, he turned hostile and suddenly seemed unable to hear, read, understand, or respond to even the simplest question."

And yet it worked.

Lewandowski pantsed the committee, Democrats, and CNN, which has pushed for impeachment since November 9, 2016, openly working to promote the Russian Collusion theory.

The headline said it all: "Lewandowski hearing was a disaster."

For Democrats.

Rick Wilson founded the anti-Trump "Republican strategist" cottage industry. He demanded Democrats double down again. I think they are at 64th-downed. Maybe it is 128th.

Wilson wrote, "The former Trump campaign aide’s outrageous contempt before the House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday was a sign of the profound weakness of the congressional Democrats, a warning about the critical flaws in their continued practice of pre-Trump politics, and a caution flag on the people pushing impeachment as the tentpole strategy of the Congressional Democrats for 2020.

"The hearing was a political test, and the House Democrats failed it. They’re shudderingly terrible at this work; they lack the bloodthirsty instincts of political killers. Trump and the House GOP are playing nuclear hardball, and the House Democrats were playing the old normie politics of the days before social media, reality television, and the Insane Clown President.

"Centrally, Lewandowski continued to hide behind a phony privilege claim even after it was clearly established the claim was invalid, and Democrats seemed content to let him. His eye-rolling, snippy responses, and insults received nothing more than sour looks. Without consequences, people like Corey will always win, and in the nastiest way possible."

Democrats have convinced themselves that President Donald John Trump is guilty of something. Anything. Everything. They have wasted more than 2 years in their frenzy to rid the world of our president.

This has left them looking incompetent and weak among their diehard supporters, and crazy among the rest of us.

And the media aids and abets Democrat nonsense. Axios devoted a story to an exchange between Democrat lawyer Barry Berke and Lewandowski, in which Lewandowski said, "I have no obligation to be honest with the media."

Axios said, "Lewandowski's combative interactions with Democratic members of the committee yielded few new revelations, but Berke — who wrote a book titled, 'The Practice of Federal Criminal Law: Prosecution and Defense' — was far more successful. Berke was able to get Lewandowski, who is considering running for a New Hampshire Senate seat, to effectively admit that he has lied to the media."

In their shell, the Democrats and the media believe all this claptrap is high crime and misdemeanors. They specialize in tedium. Watergate was a third-rate burglary that exploded when Democrats were able to peddle impeachment as "the cover-up is worse than the crime."

After four years of media hounding him, "he lied to the press" not only is not impeachable but it is justified.

Those in the public who watched the hearing saw a man stand up to the establishment. If I were Democrat Senator Jeanne Shaheen of New Hampshire, I would consider my retirement options. Senator Lewandowski is beginning to sound probable.

Never Trumper Tiana Lowe wrote, "This is just like when House Democrats demanded that Mueller speak when he adamantly didn't want to testify. Except this time, instead of bringing in someone who was reluctant and had nothing to say that would benefit their cause, they brought in the bloviating embodiment of white, male mediocrity who's currently trying to curry favor with Trump for a Senate run in New Hampshire. If you were dumb enough to believe that this would be anything less than Lewandowski's shameless show for Trump, you deserve to be publicly humiliated by his completely unsurprising behavior."

It is an obsession. They cannot think straight. Democrats cannot believe they lost the 2016 race to a witless ape, buffoon, clown, deplorable, bankrupt failure, reality TV star Hitler.

But they did not lose to a witless ape, buffoon, clown, deplorable, bankrupt failure, reality TV star Hitler.

They lost to a very sane genius.

Until they admit that, they are just wasting time, energy, and dignity.


  1. Imagine the credentials required to be a "legal analyst" for the Clinton News Network.

    1. Must know how to perform anal legally?

    2. And know better than to admit anything that might get you arkancided?

  2. Lewandowski fought back at congress like PDJT. he called former presidential candidate Eric Swalwell “President Swalwell” when Swalwell asked him if he’d like to read aloud something Lewandowski had written. Lewandowski said he did not want to read it aloud and the Swalwell could do so himself. An amazing performance.

  3. Sounds like Silly Lowe was projecting Shaheen by writing "bloviating embodiment of white (female) mediocrity.

  4. All these claims of obstruction of justice are premised on the idea that Trump was guilty of collusion.

    The truth is that Trump is innocent. And because he knew he was innocent he saw the investigation as what it was - a political attack.

    Why would an innocent man want an investigation to end? Because he wants to hide something, or because the investigation was interfering with his ability to do his job?

  5. President Trump attempting to have AG Sessions to limit Mueller's investigation is not obstruction of justice.

    As has been noted, President Trump had the overall authority to stop the investigation outright.

    That means Trump inherentlyhad the legal authority to limit the special counsel.

    The only reason that what transpired may have knocked out an administration is only because this is a Republican administration and Republicans are well known for being timid in controversial areas.

    Obama's admin flat out told Congress to pound sand and other than a symbolic contempt charge, nothing happened (timid Republicans running Congress).

    Heck, Obama's admin spied on Congress and nothing happened.

    No, President Trump did not obstruct and his actions were well within his authority as the President of the United States based on the Constitution, the office's legal authority and power, and precedent set forth by previous administrations, specifically Obama's.

  6. Once again, Democrats shopped at Acme.

    Great moments in bloggery.

    He was angry, combative, sarcastic, and more intent on getting off personal insults and pumping up his impending Senate campaign than actually answering questions or getting Congress or the public any closer to truth. ...

    When questioned by Democrats, he turned hostile and suddenly seemed unable to hear, read, understand, or respond to even the simplest question.

    IOW He refused to be the nice guy Lefties need if they are going to get their way.

    Uncle Saul's Rules depend on it.

    When you can't make them look crazy, make them look stupid.

    I love it when a plan comes together.

    1. Dutch, double, he made them look crazy AND stupid.

  7. Would that everyone called before Congress, a corrupt institution, troll them like Lew did. Soon they will stop the kabuki theatre and return home for some townhalls. They won't of course they're mostly cowards and pimps for special interests.

  8. Obama's AG, Holder, earlier this year stated he was inappropriately held in contempt while Trump's AG, Barr, would be correctly held in contempt if it went that far.

    What makes that assertion even more astonishing is that it was under Bill Clinton's DOJ that put into place law that made a special counsel's/investigator's/prosecutor's report privileged and not subject to outside review. The AG only gets the report and legally has no responsibility to divulge it or parts of it.

    We are seeing two standards of expectation and two standards of law being applied bo matter what the real law is.

  9. Moreover, when take into account that the entire investigation was based on false claims with faked and/or witheld evidence, this makes the CNN's legal analyst absurd and truly disgusting.

    He just asserted that decades of legal precedent be overturned.

    Well, it is CNN.

  10. I don't think highly of Lewandowski, but I sure enjoyed the excerpts of his testimony I saw on TV and online.

  11. Alls I can think of is...

    (Teeth gritted)

    “Go ahead. Make. My. Day.”

  12. Tulsi Gabbard just made the Trumpenfreude list. Maybe not today, but soon..."Saudi's pimp" is not going to age well.

    1. Pimp is too generous. Whistle-blower reveals Trump sold us out. He's a traitor, as are his supporters.

    2. I know, right?


    3. Now that is how to reply to the bitchrag troll!!!

  13. By throwing everything and anything at the wall to see what sticks, crazed Democrats have successfully immunized DJT against ever having an attack taken seriously.

  14. The Special Counsel's top deputies knew even before their investigation started that there was no collusion and that the predicate for said investigation was made up out of whole cloth (due to the lies from a couple of CIA and FBI lures). So from day one it was a witch hunt about obstruction. Period. The president was aware of this and gave the SC everything, and now the Democrats have nothing.

  15. Here's another one:

    "The “CNN Tonight” host told the Maryland Democrat that his colleagues are “too close to the forest” and can’t see that Corey Lewandowski, President Trump’s former campaign manager, made them look ridiculous.

    “They make you look bad, they make Democrats, or maybe Democrats are making themselves look bad. It was bad. You guys had — this was bad,” "

    - CNN's Don Lemon(!)

    If Don Lemon thinks the Dems faceplanted then they did so with a triple twist and pike.

    Don Lemon pulls no punches with Dems on Lewandowski testimony: 'This was bad' (Wash Times)

  16. That was fun, but it looks like the Committee kept the news cycle on a worthless hearing, and not on General Flynn or McCabe/Comey. That might be considered a win by the socialist.

    The Politicians will promise their base that the earners will be disarmed, forced to give the(name your victim) money and if the unfortunate pregnancy crimps their lifestyle they can murder their unborn.
    For some ungodly reason, that will keep them voting dem regardless of how ridiculous and mean their politicians are shown to be.

    I'm going to double my contributions to Republican candidates in my local elections. That's the only way I know to respond to the B.S.