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Saturday, September 14, 2019

Highlights of the News

4 years ago, we immediately knew who owned the debates, every Trumping time.

ITEM 1: Sunshine State News reported, "President Donald J. Trump announced Thursday afternoon his intention to nominate two of Florida's newest Supreme Court justices, Barbara Lagoa and Robert Luck, to serve as circuit judges on the United States Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit. In so doing, the president likely will reshape the ideological bent of the 11th Circuit.

"The president issued the announcement without comment, in a public-pool release from the Office of the Press Secretary.

"Florida attorneys close to both the high court and appeals court are already buzzing over the appointments. They say Lagoa and Luck will give a reliable 7-5 constitutionalist-textualist majority to the 11th Circuit, which includes Georgia, Alabama and Florida."

This brings to 49 the number of circuit judges he has appointed. The Senate has confirmed 43 of them. There are 179 circuit judges. At this pace, by the end of a second term the Senate will have confirmed more than 100 Trump circuit judges.

Don't even think of bailing on him next year.


Polizette reported, "There seemed to be no American flag present up on stage at the Democratic primary debate in Houston, Texas, on Thursday night.

"A videographer present at the event at Texas Southern University — as well as many others watching the event on television — could find no sign of Old Glory there up front at the venue."

Democrats really want that Colin Kaepernick endorsement.

ITEM 3Breitbart News reported, "Three booster boxes were spotted on the Democrat debate stage Thursday evening.

"Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA), Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN), and former U.S. Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Secretary Julián Castro all stood on a booster boxes to appear taller during the Democrat presidential primary debate on ABC.

"Castro seemed to be the first candidate spotted standing on a booster box, as the former HUD secretary stood on the very end of the stage, near the audience, giving those who tuned in an optimum view of Castro’s debate accessories."

Democrats. Ending height privilege.


One month ago, the media convinced itself the feds were about to indict Andy McCabe.

Now the media has convinced itself that a grand jury refused to indict him.

Someone lied but no one is ever held accountable. The media never outs a source for lying.

ITEM 5The Associated Press reported, "The universe may be 2 billion years younger than we think."

The story said, "New calculations suggest the universe could be a couple billion years younger than scientists now estimate, and even younger than suggested by two other calculations published this year that trimmed hundreds of millions of years from the age of the cosmos.

"The huge swings in scientists' estimates — even this new calculation could be off by billions of years — reflect different approaches to the tricky problem of figuring the universe's real age."


The same people who want us to sacrifice every modern convenience to Gaea cannot agree on whether the universe is 11.2 billion years old or 13.7 billion years old.

ITEM 6Fox News reported, "'Build the wall' became the unofficial rallying cry of then-candidate Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign.

"Three years later, amid a series of legal and political setbacks that have raised questions about the project's future, the Trump administration is making a renewed effort to show voters the U.S.-Mexico border wall remains a top priority — touting recent construction and vowing to pick up the pace going into 2020.

"The purchase of critical strips of private land has cleared the way, they argue, for a new phase. The plan, officials told reporters at a briefing this week, is to construct upwards of 450-500 miles by the end of next year — a massive undertaking representing nearly eight times what construction teams have erected to date."

400 miles is a pretty big deal. Add to it the 50 or so miles of fences he replaced with a 30-foot wall and you have a formidable barrier across the easiest points of entry.

ITEM 7: PolitiFact reported as mostly true the statement, "What was the reality for most Americans during the Obama presidency? Most lost wealth and their incomes fell, particularly for those at the bottom of the ladder."

The site included a chart.

The site argued that you have to start in 2010 because his first year as president doesn't really count.

Thanks to President Donald John Trump, all 8 years of Obama the Overrated won't count.

ITEM 8: The New York Post reported, "Harvard accepted $8.9 million from Jeffrey Epstein — but no money after the pedophile’s 2008 guilty plea. Epstein was also made a Visiting Fellow in Harvard's Department of Psychology in 2005 at the urging of former faculty member Stephen Kosslyn. The news follows revelations that Epstein donated $7.5 million to MIT — money MIT pocketed after, and despite, his pleading guilty to soliciting sex from an underage girl.

"'We are seeking to learn more about the nature of that appointment from Dr. Kosslyn, who no longer works at the University,' Harvard president Lawrence S. Bacow said in an email to students, alumni and faculty. The cash, accepted between 1998 and 2007, supported 'various faculty and institutional research activities across the University,' Bacow said."

What did he get in return for his gifts? If we must have a Department of Education, why not use it to find the answer to what donors get for their loot.

ITEM 9: The Daily Wire reported, "On Friday morning, MSNBC Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski repeatedly suggested President Donald Trump is not the biological father of 13-year-old Barron Trump.

"'We’re going to have Donald Trump, yesterday, I think it was yesterday, in the White House, talking about Melania’s son,' said Joe Scarborough, co-host and husband to Brzezinski.

"'Maybe it is Melania's son,' Brzezinski interrupted.

"'It is Melania’s son,' Scarborough responded, attempting to squash the implication.

"'Well, that's what he was saying. He was saying it was just her son,' Brzezinski said, referring to President Trump discussing a coming ban on flavored vaping products on Wednesday in the Oval Office. 'It’s not — that's just what he said.'

"Scarborough again tried to run interference for his wife: 'Let me get back to Biden, because I don’t know exactly what you're saying.'"

Scarborough is learning, never marry crazy.

ITEM 10: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez announced, "I'm here to say that I'm proud to enthusiastically support and endorse Senator Ed Markey for re-election to the United States Senate. Ed Markey is a proud and strong progressive champion for working families. Not just in Massachusetts, but across the country."

He is running against Joe Kennedy. It is the Kennedy mystique versus the AOC mistake. My money is on her. The parents of today's young Democrats were not alive when Kennedy was president.

ITEM 11: Breitbart News reported, "Democrat-run, migrant-packed California leads the nation in poverty, according to a Census Bureau report which considers Americans’ housing costs alongside their income from wages and salaries.

"The September 10 study shows 18.2% of California’s population is poor, far above the 13% poverty rate in Arkansas, 16% in Mississippi, and the 14.6% in West Virginia."

Tax the rich. Feed the poor. Till there are no rich no more.

ITEM 12: The New York Times reported, "One in Four of New York’s New Luxury Apartments Is Unsold.

"A quarter of the new condos built since 2013 in New York City have not yet found buyers, according to a new analysis of closed sales."

New Yorker selected Bill de Blasio mayor in 2013.

Any questions.

ITEM 13: The Washington Post reported, "Joe Biden's Democratic rivals have now begun to raise questions about his age and mental competence.  But they are doing so ever so gingerly, and even apologetically —  President Trump is not being nearly as cautious or circumspect."

Boo hoo hoo. The Orange Man (whom Democrats call Hitler, Mussolini, a clown, a witless ape, a piece of sh*t, and crazy) is so mean.

ITEM 14The Washington Free Beacon reported, "The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee's newly appointed executive director wants to cancel male political candidates.

"Lucinda Guinn, a former executive at pro-abortion fundraising giant EMILY's List, was named executive director of the embattled Democratic elections organization. The news comes as a blow to male Democrats, as Guinn has indicated on social media that she does not want men to run for office.

"In a February tweet, Guinn appeared to agree with another user's proposal that 'we shouldn't let boys run for office anymore.'"

First men. Then white women. Then...

ITEM 15: Chrissy Clark reported, "Americans’ average FICO score has hit an all-time high of 706 on the personal credit rating scale. Ethan Dornhelm, the vice president for scores and analytics at FICO, told CBS News that a score of more than 700 basically qualifies individuals for just about any credit at favorable terms.

"FICO scores range from 300 to 850. A score above 700 is considered great, and a score above 760 is considered excellent. This high national credit score may be largely attributed to the strong economy, with its historically low unemployment rate, and the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act."

He said he would make America great again.

Mission accomplished.


  1. 5 - I thought the science was settled. I will have to return the 2 billion extra birthday candles I was going to light next earth day.

    1. Heh: "Denier Wine" vintage! " ... We are glmwine, in Blaine, Washington. We’ve had enough with the Global Warming/Climate Change scam ... three years ago posting that it was our company’s corporate social responsibility to speak out against the eco-hype and stand for honest science ... people also know that CO2 is a natural product of winemaking, and that the grapevine requires CO2 to make those grapes. In fact, about 95% of the mass (minus the water) of each grape harvest comes directly from CO2 in the atmosphere. The remaining 5% comes from nutrients in the soil. Somehow this is the same poisonous gas that will bring about Armageddon ..." h/t WUWT

    2. They rechecked the calculations and found a place they forgot to carry the 2. The revised finding is that the universe was created on the Warner Brothers back lot in April of 1923.

  2. 14: The hard left will not rest until they have destroyed the Democratic party. The DCCC is going to go down like Monica at election time.

  3. #11 Ten Years After. Love the music but hate the lyrics.

  4. Uncle Joe didn’t soil himself this week so I’m pleased as punch!! VOTE JOE MAMA 2020!!! He’ll give away the store slower than the rest!

  5. 10 - no more Kennedy’s please. Maaaaahkey is a disgrace but please, no more Kennedy’s.

  6. Gracious ole Surby thinks credit scores determine how great you are.

    Once again he's pretending the nation's unprecedented deficit spending, its declared national debt, and its hundred trillion unfunded off the books debt are trivial. Don't you dare look behind that curtain!

    He's like Cheney the neocon crook who preached how debts don't matter.

    That's called delusional and whistling past the graveyard. Surby whistles 24x7x365. He's fine with leading the nation to bankruptcy he cares little about the next generation.

    Only fools sacrifice the future for the present feel good moment.

    1. Time to have your dog take you for a walk.

      If she is in the mood to watch you take a dump on your own feet.

    2. Funny how the Lefties didn't care when Zippy was draining the Treasury for IdiotCare, stumuli, and bailouts.

    3. Zippy also gave his cronies billions. Never elect a president who is from corrupt Chicago.

  7. I remember credit scoring starting to become a mainstream thing in the mid-90s. Sold property/casualty insurance at the time from a call center in Hartford. Back then we didn't have to disclose we were scoring people, and hardly anyone got suspicious when asked for a SS number. I always felt crappy rating someone with a 718 score $300 a year more than an identical someone with a 720 score. That 2 points probably resulted from paying a utility bill 10 days late two years earlier.

  8. #5. ~6,000 years old. Easy to calculate, add the genealogy of the Bible.

  9. 5: 50 years ago, there was an item that the universe was expanding. Into what, I wondered. Heaven, maybe?

    Since we don't know how old that is, I suggest this is a fool's errand.

  10. "Democrats ... height privilege."

    Apart-height, huh?

  11. #4 With the involvement of U.S. Attorney Jessie Liu, wouldn't go after Hillary for the e-mail scandal, and Michael Bromwich, who represented Blasey-Ford in the Kavanaugh hearings, my expectations for justice are less than 0 since Trump will probably be blamed for weaponizing the justice system against his opponents.

  12. Back in 2007, Barack Obama was way too cool to engage in bushwa displays of patriotism. He stopped wearing the American flag pin on his lapel that he wore during his 2004 Senate campaign. His stance on this issue was greatly loved by the progressive Left that he was seeking the votes of.

    Then he became the frontrunner, and his stance began to hurt him with the larger American public, so he started wearing the lapel pin (a new one given him by the VFW) and he placed his hand over his heart during the national anthem. The progressive Left didn’t mind because that’s the kind of thing politicians have to do to get elected (wink, wink.) But it is pretty clear that Obama’s patriotism was situational.

    Samuel Johnson famously said, “Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel.” But he wasn’t bashing patriotism, he was bashing the scoundrels who hid behind patriotism when it was convenient. But patriotism is like moral principles – you don’t abandon them when they become inconvenient.


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