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Friday, September 13, 2019

Highlights of the News

Donald John Trump is still your president.

ITEM 1: Fox News reported, "U.S. Attorney Jessie Liu has recommended moving forward with charges against Andrew McCabe, Fox News has learned, as the Justice Department rejects a last-ditch appeal from the former top FBI official.

"McCabe -- the former deputy and acting director of the FBI -- appealed the decision of the U.S. attorney for Washington all the way up to Jeffrey Rosen, the deputy attorney general, but he rejected that request, according to a person familiar with the situation.

"The potential charges relate to DOJ inspector general findings against him regarding misleading statements concerning a Hillary Clinton-related investigation."

No excitement without an indictment.

This centers not on Spygate but on how the FBI aided and abetted Hillary escape criminal justice. Under Obama the Abominable, the FBI was spelled KGB.

A second story by Fox News said, "CNN's legal guru weighs in in defense of 'colleague and friend' Andrew McCabe."

How can a lawyer defend a person without knowing the charge?

The Clown News Network strikes again.

ITEM 2: The Hill reported, "Justice Sonia Sotomayor on Wednesday took issue with the Trump administration's tendency to turn to the Supreme Court for relief from lower court injunctions.

"Sotomayor and fellow liberal Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg were the lone two judges who dissented in the issuing of the stay of a nationwide injunction of a Trump administration rule that would drastically cut down on the number of people who could seek asylum in the U.S.

"The Supreme Court on Wednesday approved President Trump's request to allow the administration to fully enforce the rule."

She argued policy, not the law.


ITEM 3: Fox News reported, "Virginia Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax filed a defamation lawsuit against CBS News for airing interviews with two women who accused him of sexual assault, according to court documents filed Thursday in Virginia’s Eastern District.

"Fairfax is seeking $400 million in damages and claims CBS News aired “intentionally fabricated, false, and politically motivated statements” made by Meredith Watson and Vanessa Tyson, who have accused him of sexual assault."

I hope he wins and it is appealed all the way to the Supreme Court, where Justice Brett Kavanaugh breaks a 4-4 tie.

ITEM 4: The Los Angeles Times reported, "The Trump administration announced Thursday its final plan to open Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling, giving the petroleum industry access to the pristine wildland for the first time.

"The plan would allow oil leasing on 1.56 million acres of the 19-million-acre refuge. The proposal — which would open the entire coastal plain to the energy industry — was seen as the most extreme of three options considered by the Interior Department.

"Supporters have argued it will result in a windfall for the federal Treasury and revive Alaska’s struggling economy. But opponents have said that opening the refuge to oil leasing could do irreversible damage to a region already destabilized by warming temperatures and other effects of climate change. The refuge is home to large numbers of polar bears, caribou, wolves and migratory birds."

Less than 10% of the land would be used.

Drill, baby, drill.

Well, the New York Post did report, "A Swedish scientist speaking at Stockholm summit last week offered an unusual possible tactic in combating global climate change: eating human flesh."

She is just doing her part.

ITEM 6Bloomberg News reported, "The U.S. briefly became the world’s No. 1 oil exporter as record shale production found its way to global customers, and there are prospects for more.

"Surging output from shale helped America ship almost 9 million barrels a day of crude and oil products in June, surpassing Saudi Arabia, the International Energy Agency said in a report, citing gross export figures. There’s room to send even more supply overseas as companies add infrastructure to transport the burgeoning production from fields in Texas and New Mexico to the coast."

We have to up production to keep those private jets flying around the world to all those conferences on climate change.

ITEM 7: The Washington Examiner reported, "House Speaker Nancy Pelosi shut down press questions about whether the House is conducting a formal impeachment inquiry as some lawmakers claim.

"'I’m not answering any more questions about a possible inquiry, investigation, and the rest,' Pelosi tersely told reporters who asked her about the matter at her weekly press conference.

"Pelosi’s frustration led her to walk away from the podium, cutting her press conference short after calling for the media to focus on the Senate GOP’s refusal to take up a Democratic proposal to expand background checks for gun purchases."

The Queen is not amused.

More rich people. Fewer poor. We have so few that Democrats want to import them from [naughty word] countries.

ITEM 9: The Daily Mail reported, "Trump International Hotel and Tower in New York has been named as the best hotel in the world by readers of a luxury travel magazine.

"The super-glamorous property, which overlooks Central Park, narrowly saw off competition from Vatuvara Private Island in Fiji -- a hotel Prince Harry and Meghan Markle once stayed at that has been named as the second best.

"They occupy the top two slots in a top 10 ranking of hotels around the world drawn up by 'Luxury Lifestyle Magazine' as part of a gigantic 'travel experience' reader survey.

"Third place on the 'best hotel in the world' list is taken by the Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi, which was last year's number one hotel."

Someday I am going to the Trump International in DC. It ranked No. 9.

ITEM 10:
I did not watch the debate.

It was not that I was busy. I simply am not interested in watching Democrat candidates acting like they are seeking the nomination of the Communist Party USA.

ITEM 11: Bill Scher wrote, "With great fanfare last month, Pete Buttigieg has announced Phase Three of his presidential campaign. Campaign adviser Lis Smith described the first two phases as teaching people how to pronounce his name and then raising gobs of money. For this new phase, the Buttigieg team plans to “blow them out of the water with our organization.” To that end, 20 new field offices in Iowa are opening this month, plus another 12 in New Hampshire.

"Here’s a more accurate description. In Phase One, Buttigieg milked $32 million from 390,000 donors, most of whom knew next to nothing about his record, but were bowled over by a guy under 40 who can speak in complete paragraphs, sometimes in Norwegian. Phase Two was learning that Buttigieg has no strong and unique governing vision. We also learned his South Bend record on race relations as mayor, however well intentioned, is checkered. Phase Three, which so far has been a series of boasts about the campaign’s field operation, does nothing to solve the problems of Phase Two."

Running for president is a great job, the hours are good, you get to travel, and you're your own boss. That's what Woody Allen said about bank robbing. Is there a difference?

ITEM 12:
Of course.

We are the tolerant ones.

ITEM 13:
Offer void in West Virginia. We got Hatfields. We got McCoys. That's enough diversity.


  1. We got Hatfields. We got McCoys. And we got Surber. Nuffs enuf.

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  3. #1 Liu is a deep state gatekeeper in DOJ connected to a lot of questionable people. McCabe might be a sacrifice or this will amount to nothing.

    #4 A wasteland populated by mosquitos large enough to carry a child away. Drill baby, drill.

    #10 Biden has run for POTUS before and always lost his ass. These people are delusional.


  4. # 5 Will there be organic standards in place for this?
    What a calamity if antibiotics were used in the production of this flesh.

  5. "The super-glamorous property"

    LOL! "super-glamorous", huh? Sounds like something North Korea would write about their Dear Leader. What a joke.

    1. You may be too dumb to realize it, but that description isn’t Surber’s. It’s a quote from the Daily Mail, which is a _British_ paper - i.e., not in the country whose president is Donald Trump.

  6. Nancy walked off but I think there are a couple of things happening that she can't stop. Nadler is getting primaried so he has to bow to his uber left for votes. Second, I think the declassification is coming sooner than later. The Dems will say that this is just Trump retaliation for impeachment efforts. Nothing to see here, just move along. The MSM will pick it up and support the concept of a vendetta by the President against poor Democrats just trying to do their job...

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  8. > “What does it say that the conservatives are nicer to me?"

    It says that conservatives know that the Lord is not impressed with the goodness in any of our souls, and that any goodness that is there is what He put there. And that our faith is not the result of our goodness, which would put the cart before the horse.

    And we're supposed to love even our enemies.

    1. Courtesy is the expression of humility.

      Humility is the knowing that all assembled of substance will be disassembled.

      Thus, all are equally temporary.

      The duration of each is irrelevant to the certainty of disassembly.

      Politics is, by it's nature, flesh based and, thus, certainty of politics is temporary.

      Certainty of Design of Creation is that which induces courtesy.

      Live and Let Live is not of the Design.

      Thus, we who choose courtesy, Live and Let Live, are contrary to the Design.

      This goodness you refer to is of our own choosing of Live and Let Live, and is not of the world's Design.

      If the Designer intended this world to be Live and Let Live, it would be so.

      It is not.

      If you require the belief that the Designer is the source of the requirement to Live and Let Live, to be courteous, for you to choose to be courteous, then believe and be courteous.

      Your not at all subtle insistence that we are all devoid of goodness is most discourteous, not at all humble and is hubris at it's most pompous.

      Try to be better.

    2. > Your not at all subtle insistence that we are all devoid of goodness is most discourteous, not at all humble and is hubris at it's most pompous.

      I didn't make that up. It's in the Bible.

    3. There are many things in the bible, both in the old testament, which is intrinsically judaism, and the new testament, which the judiac acceptance of Christ as the prophesized Messiah.

      Many things.

      Of these many things, whom Designed ALL of Creation?

      Whom Created ALL of Creation?

      Whom Designed and Defined the natures of ALL created creatures?

      If, as you appear to need, need to believe that, for you to choose to be courteous, forgiving, kind, "nice", etc., aka good, that you are not at all, by Designed nature, innately good, then you do that.

      Believe and be good.

      OR, be, as you seem to believe, not at all good as you are Designed and Created to be.

      The Design of the Created world in which ALL those creatures Created exist is devoid of good in it's substance.

      It is also devoid of bad.

      Neither good nor bad exist in the Designed Creation itself.

      WE exist as Designed and Created creatures.

      WE experience the natures and qualities of the Designed and Created world which is neither inherently good nor bad in and of it's own substance.

      The new testament, being the judaic acceptance of prophesized Messiah being Christ, does not alter the nature of the Designed and Created Creation WE experience as the world within which we exist.

      "Be As I Am."

      Sound familiar?

      "Seek and Ye Shall Find."

      "Do Unto Others As You Would Have Others Do Unto You." (with the obvious, to all but the stubbornly duplicitous, Do Not Do Unto Others What You Would Have Others Not Do Unto You.)

      Believe as you need to believe for you to be good.

      Then Be Good.

  9. Liu personally shot down many crimes to prosecute against the Dems in Hillary's emails and the soft coup.

    If Sotomayer is the epitome if a wise latina, then there are none.

    The US became the world's largest oil producer last year and exported it and gas. Bloomberg is faking news by giving facts out of context and with distortion. No surprise.

  10. Item #1 – I agree Lieu is Deep State and a gatekeeper. However the McCabe matter is above her pay grade. I suspect the orders to charge come from above. McCabe should be put on back-of-the-head suicide watch, as he’s threatened to burn the house down if he takes the fall.

    Item #2 – Blocking the Constitution is constitutional. Following the Constitution is unconstitutional. Get with the program.

    Item #3 – Fairfax like too many other Democratic politicians cannot be defamed because he is already infamous.

    Item #4 – And thanks to horizontal drilling and other technological improvements the wellpad footprint will be far smaller than it was on the North Slope. Think more like <1% of ANWR being affected.

    Item #5 – She should be roasted, basted, and turned on a spit as well. Keeping criminals in jail beyond sentences served for pecuniary gain is odious and evil.

    Item #6 – Wildlife does better in economic downturns. The Democrats are rooting for a Great Depression if not worse.

    Item #7 – They’re not beating a dead horse, they’re exhuming Eohippus in order to accuse Trump of causing its extinction (BTW, the Eocene was MUCH hotter than the climate nowadays. Life didn’t go extinct).

    Item#8 – Facts are racist.

    Item #9 – Air Force crews better avoid TIHTNY from now on.

    Item #10 – Duh!

    Item #11 – The novelty act wore out the first week. Being gay is an attribute, not an accomplishment.

    Item #12 – Surprise, surprise, surprise!

    Item #13 – See #8

    Items #14 – Diversity of character and opinion are what matter, not appearance or ethnicity.


    1. A very large yes on your #4 info. Been there, done that.

  11. The Wise Latina and the Notorious RBG are the two Lefties Trump said he'd eventually replace. They seem to be auditioning for removal.

    The Short Shortstop and Breyer (the guy has no color) seem to like their jobs.

  12. Re McCabe. I’ll believe it when I see it. Even if they do indict, they will probably settle with an agreement for him to pay an outstanding parking ticket.

  13. 11 - any discussion or article of Buttigieg that includes the word blow is a non-starter for me.