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Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Highlights of the News

18 years ago today, Muslim terrorists tried to destroy America.

We're still standing. Tall. Proud. Free. And fighting one another like brothers and sisters because we are.

ITEM 1: The New York Times reported, "Dan Bishop, a Republican state senator, scored a narrow victory on Tuesday in a special House election in North Carolina that demonstrated President Trump’s appeal with his political base but also highlighted his party’s deepening unpopularity with suburban voters."


Democrats lost. They spent twice as much as Republicans did and Democrats still lost. The Times and the rest of the media can spin it all they want, but they cannot change the outcome. The Republican won, the Democrat lost.

Republican Greg Murphy won the other special congressional race in North Carolina, the one the national press largely ignored.

As for President Donald John Trump's base, it was broad enough to win 30 states in 2016 and elect him. Democrats have done nothing in the nearly 3 years since to attract a single Trump supporter.

I like his chances for re-election.

ITEM 2: The Census Bureau reported that incomes rose and poverty dropped again in Donald John Trump's second year as president.

The report said in 2018:
  • Median household income rose to $63,179.
  • Median earnings of all workers rose 3.4% to $40,247.
  • The number of full-time, year-round workers increased by 2.3 million.
  • The poverty rate was 11.8% down from 12.3% in 2017.
  • Poverty fell below 2007 as we have finally recovered from the recession.
The Associated Press reported, "US household income finally matches 1999 peak, while poverty rate hits lowest point since 2001."

He promised to Make America Great Again. He delivered.

Those jobs came back, Barry.

ITEM 3The Hill reported, "Trump says he won't debate primary opponents."

He's doing them a favor. Ask Jeb. Ask Marco. Ask Megyn Kelly.

ITEM 4: President Donald J. Trump tweeted, "I informed John Bolton last night that his services are no longer needed at the White House. I disagreed strongly with many of his suggestions, as did others in the Administration, and therefore I asked John for his resignation, which was given to me this morning. I thank John very much for his service. I will be naming a new National Security Advisor next week."

Bolton's moustache will be hard to replace.

ITEM 5: NBC reported, "Puerto Rico's lead federal prosecutor, Rosa Emilia Rodríguez, announced Tuesday that three people have been arrested as part of a federal probe into an alleged fraud scheme involving former FEMA officials and hurricane relief funds."

The story also said, "The three people are Ahsha Tribble, who was a FEMA deputy regional administrator and is now on unpaid leave from the agency, former FEMA staff assistant Jovanda Patterson and Donald Keith Ellison, former president of COBRA Acquisition, an Oklahoma-based energy company operating in Puerto Rico as the main contractor for the island's power authority as it sought to restore and rebuild the electrical grid destroyed by Hurricane Maria in 2017."

Tribble was a holdover from the Obama administration.

President Trump said there was corruption. The press scoffed and called that racist. We have the dumbest reporters in the world.

ITEM 6: The Washington Examiner reported, "The leading indicator of gun sales jumped in August, driven in part by Americans seeking self-protection and deep concerns congressional Democrats are going to push through expanded gun control legislation.

"The overall number of background checks recorded in the National Instant Criminal Background Check System surged 15.5%, said the National Shooting Sports Foundation. That figure includes background checks done for security, concealed carry permits, and gun sales and was the highest August number ever recorded.

"The industry group said that August FBI background checks adjusted for sales surged 15.2% over August 2018. The adjusted August number was second only to August 2016 during the heated presidential election.

"The new surge came in the wake of heightened pressure for gun control, sales bans on military-styled rifles, and limits on ammo following a spike in mass shootings."

When politicians say gun control, real Americans hear buy guns while you still can.

ITEM 7: Axios reported, "Senior executives from 8 major newspaper publishing companies will head to Capitol Hill on Tuesday to convince lawmakers to do something about the dominance of tech companies over content creators, executives tell Axios."

The story said, "The papers want Congress to move quickly on passing their safe harbor bill so that they have the leverage to demand more money for their content from Google and Facebook."

Every one of those newspapers editorializes against lobbying.

ITEM 8: The Hill reported, "The number of people without health insurance jumped by 2 million from 2017 to a total of 27.5 million in 2018, according to census data release Tuesday. It’s the first time the census survey reported an increase in the number of people without insurance since 2009, before ObamaCare took effect and vastly expanded coverage" mandated buying insurance.

There. I fixed that.

Health insurance is a choice. All insurance is.

ITEM 9: The Associated Press reported, "The National Rifle Association sued San Francisco on Monday over the city's recent declaration that the gun-rights lobby is a 'domestic terrorist organization.'

"The lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California, accuses city officials of violating the gun lobby's free speech rights for political reasons and says the city is seeking to blacklist anyone associated with the NRA. It asks the court to step in 'to instruct elected officials that freedom of speech means you cannot silence or punish those with whom you disagree.'"

The real terrorists sit on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. Agree with the Crown or be banished from the kingdom.

ITEM 10: The Daily Wire reported, "Ranking member of the House Oversight Committee Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) is demanding answers over Democrats' mysterious trips to Mexico, including details into the alleged coaching of migrants to exploit United States immigration law, a letter from the Republican exclusively obtained by Fox News says.

"The letter, addressed to committee chairman Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD), inquires about 'at least two committee staff trips into Mexico in August — one of which required Border Patrol agents to provide a special escort back into the U.S.,' Fox reports. Republicans were not informed of the trips, according to Rep. Jordan."

It is sedition.

ITEM 11: The Daily Wire reported, "Angel Mom Booed While Testifying About Son Killed By Illegal Immigrant."

The story said, "Last week, Boston mother Maureen Maloney was booed while testifying about the death of her son Matthew Denice, who was killed in 2011 by a drunk-driving illegal with a criminal history. Maloney was testifying at the State House in opposition to a bill seeking to grant driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants."

Ask me if I care that their children are separated from illegal aliens.

Well, I still do, but that is beside the point.

Once again, the liberals of Mafiachusetts show their compassion and empathy. To my black and my gay readers, I say you are next.

ITEM 12: Marshall University (in West Virginia) announced, "For the first time, U.S. News & World Report’s Best Colleges rankings have recognized Marshall University among the nation’s top higher education institutions.

"The magazine’s 2020 edition, released today, placed Marshall among the best 381 schools in the top tier National Universities category."
Well they're movin on up,
To the top tier.
Says a deluxe magazine in New York.
Movin on up
To the top tier.
Thanks to Bobby Byrd's pork.
Fish don't fry in the kitchen;
Couches don't burn on the porch...
Congratulations. All three of our Poca Dots went there.

ITEM 13:
He is the best source of news in DC.

ITEM 14:
Just another day for most of us. The greatest day in her life so far. And no, I don't know her. Just trying not to cry.

ITEM 15:
Everybody ('cept him) was kung-fu fighting.
Those kicks ('cept his) were fast as lightning.
In fact it was a little bit frightening.
But they (not him) fought with expert timing.


  1. MAGA Republicans, Don.

    The distinction is the difference.

    As in, not mittens republicans.

    While there appears to be no means for there to be MAGA democrats, other than being formerly democrats, there are, theoretically, MAGA independents, though, essentially, all MAGA minded are independent of political lemming instincts.

    As for the "reporters", there are essentially few employed in msm lands.

    Someone in a previous article's comments posted an interesting bit about just how tainted the msm corporate big shots have been exposed, via MAGA and our MAGA President's talents, as the deceptive propagandists they mostly are.

    The courtesy of "giving the benefit of the doubt" to their duplicities has lng been unwarranted, as they have thoroughly proven themselves to be unworthy.


    2020 will be the test of the resolve of all MAGA Americans.

    MAGA President Trump will do his part, Bigly, and we all must do ours.

    State by Sovereign State.

    House of Representatives.


    Electoral College, aka Office of the President of these Sovereign States, United under Constitutional Republic thereof.


  2. I watched the elections results come in for that 'referendum' race in NC and was surprised there was no late surge of Dem votes. Maybe all the fraud was early. A solid win.

    1. Wait for the fat lady to sing. Mail in votes and those found in the trunk of cars still have to be counted and the court still has to rule.

    2. I did not write the above comment. Some glitch in blogger allowed identical names registered.


    Item #1: Orange man VERY racist. And NC voters are doubleplus racist.

    Item #2: Orange man forces people to take jobs and forgo food stamps and public assistance.

    Item #3: Orange man arrogant and overconfident.

    Item #4: Orange man hates facial hair.

    Item #5: Orange man picks on women.

    Item #6: Orange man bad for letting Democrats scare people. He’s not going to sign such a bill. Why? Because he loves mass murders and murderers and wants more of them.

    Item #7: Orange man hates newspapers, newspaper reporters, and newspaper editors.

    Item #8: Orange man forces people to sacrifice their health.

    Item #9: Orange man loves white supremacist terrorists.

    Item #10: Orange man hates suffering migrants.

    Item #11: Orange man doesn’t believe in forgiveness or second changes. Or third or fourth or . . .

    Item #12: Marshall University must change name and mascot. John Marshall was white and racist, Thundering Herd both scary, plus triggers sensitive caring people because it reminds them of evil ruthless heartless Wall Street (well most of that is true).

    Item #13: See Item #10

    Item #14: Sweet and touching. But why is little boy being toxic male throwing a balloon?

    Item #15: Orange man provokes man into trying to commit nunchukicide. Or is it knuckleheadicide?


    1. Lol!
      Damn, if it wasn't for the sarcasm disclosure, I'd swear you were channeling susan.

  4. Methinks the reason you don’t talk much about your kids is the same reason Mr. T doesn’t. They were both raised well, they’re living productive lives (here and abroad), and you don’t want them being targets of Criminally Insane LibCommies. Good on ya, mate!

  5. Item #1: 2018 GOP won by 900 votes. 2019 GOP won by 4,000. Dems poured 2x as much money into campaign as GOP & runs a sane, centrist candidate.

    Dan Bishop down 17 points 2 weeks ago. Trump holds rally Monday night, Bishop wins by 3 (other GOP race win even bigger).

    Bellweather - big Trump win in 2020.

  6. " real Americans hear buy guns while you still can."

    Trump's baby-hands couldn't hold a handgun. He'd be too scared of a rifle. His tiny-penis supporters think it makes them safe. It just shows them to be as pathetic as they are.

    1. So only large-penis men should be elected to office?? We are going to need to upgrade candidates’ physical exams. Do you have info we aren’t privy to about Obama? Or, being a racist yourself, you are assuming something about him?

    2. Anon shows his ignorance. Trump has a pistol permit in NYC. B.S.G.

    3. What about women? Most have no penis! (sarc)

    4. You'd know all about tiny penises, wouldn't you Nonnie?

    5. Nony, it appears that your frustration with Trump is all sexual. That pretty much emasculates any of your arguments about anything. And, your exposed.

    6. Tom, "exposed" in this context is more than risque!

  7. Trolling, done poorly on Trump.

    Agree, boring.

  8. " Democrats have done nothing in the nearly 3 years since to attract a single Trump supporter."

    At only 35% of the population, they don't need to.

    1. I would not bet the house on that. Trump supporters are not just the 35% listed as Republicans. Remember, there were enough to elect him in 2016 and more are converting to supporting him every day. As the Dems and their candidates implode.

    2. Never believe the pre-election polls (need I say especially this early?) The only polls that matter are the polls on election day. I know a lot of MAGA people who are MAGA in their hearts and their heads. They refuse to share this information with anonymous voices over the phone or on line. Privacy -- What Is It?

  9. #1)  A determination of the direction of Trump's re-election bid so said the pundits yesterday; crickets now.  Appears the Google subliminal manipulation effort failed last night.#9) The NRA suit will probably fail since there has been no harm done so they will not have standing.  Since SF has designated them a domestic terrorist organization, someone who is a member with some guts needs to flash their membership card demanding they be arrested for being a supposed domestic terrorist to get attention/standing in court.

    1. I hope an NRA member challenges these Pigpen Country fascists.

    2. Soooo, how many NRA members have been involved in violent demonstrations vs the so-called Antifa? Cite specific numbers and sources.

    3. Remember when Barry's Homeland Security lackey labeled all military veterans as "terrorists? I still have a printed certificate. Sad I last all my firearms in a tragic boating accident.

  10. Item 5:

    Don, we have enough corruption down here in PR that we could export some to Chicago if they ever run short.

    I strongly suspect local corruption in the Cobra deal. We went an extra 8-12 weeks without light in 2017 when they cancelled Whitefish's contract to give it to Cobra.

    I hope we will see some local officials and pols tipped into this mess.

    But so far, the 3 people named are not Puerto Rican, have no connection with Puerto Rico. the FEMA director is a long time (20 or so years) federal govt employee who worked at NOAA, DOE, NSC and FEMA. The other govt employee seems to have been working for the govt since at least 2013 or so.

    They head of Cobra is from Oklahoma, I think.

    This is one more example of people in USG and civilians on the mainland exploiting Puerto Rico.

    I would appreciate if you would point out the lack of a Puerto Rican connection in this story. All the press seems to be making it about Puerto Rican corruption when it is not. We expect it from them but you are better than that.

    John Henry

    1. "They" in the comment above refers to the Governor, now ex-governor, Ricky Rossello and his team.

      He is the one who cancelled the Whitefish contract to give it to Cobra.

      John Henry

    2. I blooged about the 3 month power outage (in my house, less for some, longer for others) here

  11. I always liked Bolton. I felt that PDJT need a hawk in the White House to combat all the doves he had around him.

    1. Agree. No leader should ever surround himself with "Yes Men".

  12. 16. On 9/11 while thousands of corpses were burning, Trump used the tragedy to lie and brag about himself, claiming he now had the tallest tower in NYC.

    Because for Trump, 9/11 was just a marketing gimmick he could use and throw away like toilet paper.

    Conservatives knew he was lying at the time and called him out for it. They hated him.Those same conservatives now have no spine and wouldn't dare stand up to him.

    If you're a Republican or conservative don't you ever wonder how you ended up here, repeating and defending the stupid lies from the old Celebrity Apprentice game show host? Don't you realize how stupid, weak and gullible you've revealed yourself to be?

    You'll never get your dignity back, but you could at least grow a pair and stop being such sad little Trump cucks. It's just embarrassing.

    1. It's what Susan doesn't say that gives her (him?) away. Envy is a sin.