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Saturday, September 21, 2019

Deplorables got it right

It is an article of faith among the Washington Establishment that supporters of President Donald John Trump are dumber than rocks. And yet we deplorables were right while the experts were wrong.


We were told repeatedly that we were voting against our own economic interests in voting for President Trump.

Once his election was clear, Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman wrote, "Now comes the mother of all adverse effects — and what it brings with it is a regime that will be ignorant of economic policy and hostile to any effort to make it work. Effective fiscal support for the Fed? Not a chance. In fact, you can bet that the Fed will lose its independence, and be bullied by cranks.

"So we are very probably looking at a global recession, with no end in sight. I suppose we could get lucky somehow. But on economics, as on everything else, a terrible thing has just happened."

But the opposite happened. The stock market took off. Unemployment is at a 50-year low. Wages are rising for the lowest-paid workers. Inflation remains minimal.

How did the deplorables know that President Trump's mixture of tax cuts, trade talks, immigration enforcement, and regulatory relief would bring an economic revival not seen since the 1960s?

Let's look at who the deplorables are.

1. Older. President Trump took the majority of the votes from those 40 and older. Hillary got the rest.

2. Not credentialed. President Trump took the majority of the people without a college degree.

3. Successful. President Trump won the people who live in households with incomes of $50,000 or higher. Hillary got the rest.

Plain and simply, President Trump got the votes of older and wiser people, while Hillary got the young and foolish.

Oh yes, they are college educated but they owe $1.6 trillion in student loans.

And their incomes are smaller than those dummies without a degree who voted for President Trump.

Hillary voters see their college degrees as an entitlement to wealth, while President Trump's supporters earned their way.

Far from being racist and xenophobic, President Trump's supporters are practical. They realized that wages were depressed by cheap imports and the cheap labor illegal aliens supply.

Economics was just one part of the puzzle. The Never Trump crowd insisted that we could not trust Donald Trump on abortion. People trusted him and now Planned Parenthood has defunded itself.

The Never Trump crowd also told us not to trust him on judges. They got that wrong too.

Then there is the nonsense about President Trump tweeting us into World War 3.

President Trump has proved them so wrong that now they complain that there isn't a World War 3 to complain about.

Donny Deutsch, whose CNN show lasted one week and has since had five shows canceled by MSNBC, said, "Now as far as in the world of diplomacy, how does that play, that is another issue. But if you think about all the things he’s done, how many bold moves has he done? Not said, things where he really put himself out there? Really none. He got a tax plan through, and he made up stories about a caravan. This is not a president that I think has the stomach or the cojones to do if the right move was a military action and clearly nobody wants to do that. So that should make people feel safe."

Deutsch of course is factually wrong. There was a caravan, and I can think of few things that are bolder than crossing the DMZ to visit Kim Jong Un in North Korea.

But being wrong is par for the course for these blithering imbeciles. From Russian collusion to this week's nitwit whistle blower lies, the press and the rest of the Hillary crowd have gotten everything wrong.

And absent any bad consequences for being wrong, they will continue to be wrong.


  1. Churchill once said MacArthur walking down the ramp unarmed and alone at Atsugi airport may have been the bravest act of WWII.

    Trump walking into NoKo may have been the bravest act of the Korean War.


  2. I value and respect the President's skill, vision, patriotism and bravery there--but my nomination goes to Lt. Gene Clark, an intelligence officer, who was sent into the islands near Inchon to prepare the way for MacArthur's brilliant invasion that saved South Korea.

    Clark operated right under the enemy's nose, fighting hand-to-hand at times, relaying intelligence that saved thousands of his brother servicemen. He organized the local South Koreans, who also fought bravely; and his own small fleet of junks conducted mine-sweeping and naval firefights like a pirate from another century.

    He wrote his own unassuming and professional first-person account, "The Secrets of Inchon"...and modestly filed it away for fifty years, only to see the light of day after his death. It reads like a John Wayne movie, with espionage, infiltration, sabotage and combat.

    For his heroism, Cmdr. Clark was awarded the Silver Star and the Legion of Merit, among other honors.

  3. it was deplorable that there were those whose ignorance of the rules of civilised warfare led them to hide behind rocks and trees while picking off the proud elite troops of the British empire.

    it was deplorable to row across a frozen river on a sacred holiday and cut the throats of befuddled sleepy drunken troops representing king George.

    it was deplorable to burn the South to destroy its will to fight.

    it was deplorable to destroy the buffalo to bring the Indians under control.

    it was even more deplorable to strike a commemorative medal by the millions, with a buffalo on one side and an Indian head on the other, and make it common currency.

    it was deplorable to break codes and read other peoples mail.

    deplorable traditions die hard.

    1. forgot one. it was deplorable when code breakers got the travel schedule of yamamoto, the architect of the pearl harbor attack, and sent a couple of fighter planes to smite him mightily with tracer rounds and cannon fire.

    2. donny baby is a creep dumped his wife
      and kids for young women he is a disgusting human being but scarborough aka mika love him

    3. Hessian's throats were not cut. They mustered out in time to fight a pitched battle. Successful surprise attack should not be demeaningly referred to cutting throats. imho

    4. Ahhh! The American Barbarian, without whom there would/could and can be, no peace.

  4. I wonder when I will get my Nobel Peace Prize? I've done nothing remarkable, but neither have most of the winners.

    1. are you half black? that seems to be minimum of a requirement.

  5. Excellent post except for the video of Rodham. I would rather see a picture of Melania Trump, not Hillary Frump.

  6. Students borrowed $1.6T from institutions staffed with people with finance degrees and administered by the state with people with public policy degrees. The money pays Phds, post-docs, and profs. And who do these debtors aim their ire at?

    1. These debtors cannot endure facing the fact that the blame lies solely in themselves.

      They fucked up.

      They trusted the wrong people.

      Crazy Uncle Johnny said ya don't need college to succeed in life.

      They disregarded him.

      Grandpa Stan said you can learn more from living life than any school marm can teach you.

      They dismissed this as old man talking.

      They listened and swallowed what their grammer school, middle school and high school indoctrinators all poured down their throats.

      And their equally dumbass moms and dads feebly went along with these indoctrinators raising their children far more than mom and dad did.

      Targeted "higher education" is one thing.

      Targeted as to end results, goals, authorative bonafides, actual skills, specific as a brain surgeon's scapel.

      Not ambiguity sold as valuable. And at an inflated price at that.

      So, these debtors are scammed and stuck with the payment of the results of being suckered.

      W.C. Fields is laughing his fat ass off!!!

  7. Don't forget the deplorables are weak little limp-dicks.

    Baby hands is a weak man's idea of a strong man.

    1. Peppe Remembers.

    2. that's a misquote about baby hands.

      the quote is, rudeness is the weak man's imitation of strength.
      eric hoffer.

      a concept you fondle and embrace as vigorously as Joe Biden does little girls.

    3. Trump is a poor man's idea of a rich man, a dumb man's idea of a smart man, and weak man's idea of a strong man.

    4. Lisa, was that from looking at you?

  8. I agree, but remember battles are fought by junior officers, senior NCO's, and grim-faced grunts of terrible resolve.

  9. The fact Paul Krugman is a winner of a nobel prize in economics underlines that nobels are given for political reasons instead of the recipient actually contributing advances in a field. I guess we can add awards committees to the organizations ran by the socialist.


    1. Krugman was the canary in the mine. The collapse of respect for the Nobel Committee was Soroteo.


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