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Thursday, September 26, 2019

Deflecting Trump's Iranian success

Today's congressional soap opera over Ukraine is a desperate and comical attempt by Democrats to obfuscate President Donald John Trump averting World War 3 with Iran.

Democrats are angry because 1. President Trump succeeded again and 2. their best buds in Iran lost to the Orange Man.

I saw it coming in June.

Well, a reader did. I wrote, "A longtime reader wrote me, 'Trump is seriously MF the Mullahs. He has mastered using the illusion of chaos to meet his objectives. The media is unknowingly furthering by selling the chaos narrative.

"'Bolton is serving his purpose, as at the end of the day, Iran knows that Trump does have pro-Iranicide voices in the room that could win the day if they misstep too far.'"

Once Bolton's job was complete, President Trump cashiered him. President Trump knew he could handle Iran without going to war.

I began that post, "Democrats don't know what is going on in Iran. They sent John Kerry to France to assure the mullahs who run Iran that a Democrat president will rescue them. Just hang in till January 20, 2021, when Democrats have more flexibility.

"But President Donald John Trump has crushed Iran's economy, which imperils the regime.

"Even oil-starved Red China won't break the sanctions.

"There is a tanker from Iran loaded with a billion dollars worth of oil sitting off shore that Red China won't accept on delivery because Chairman Xi fears his own economy, which already is hurt by The Donald's 25% tariffs, which it is eating."


Three months later, Kerry is back and looking stonefaced.

The Jerusalem Post reported, "In comments on CBS’s Face the Nation, former US Secretary of State John Kerry, who pushed for the Iran Deal during his time in office, said the US had declared 'economic war' on Iran. His comments appeared to channel those of Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif, who wrote on September 18 that the US was escalating 'economic war on Iranians.'"

After Iran failed to ignite World War 3 by hurtling missiles (Matt Drudge called them drones) at Saudi Arabia's oil refineries, the Mullahs said no mas. Their economy is a mess and the people are restless. The Mullahs fear a regime change.

The New York Post reported, "Iran hinted at possible concessions to end its diplomatic standoff with Washington, including providing reassurances it will not seek nuclear arms and accept changes to its pact with the US and Europe — if the US returns to the deal and lifts sanctions.

"'If the sanctions are ended and there is a return to the (nuclear) accord, there is room for giving reassurances toward breaking the deadlock and the President [Hassan Rouhani] has even a proposal for small changes in the accord,' the spokesman, Ali Rabiei, said on state-run television Wednesday, Reuters reported."

Democrats knew this in advance.

Hence, Democrats invented Ukrainegate to divert attention from an Iranian deal. President Trump resembles Nixon only in that he is a foreign policy success on so many fronts.

They banked on President Trump not releasing documents that exonerated him. But he did. You want the transcript? Read it and weep. You want the "whistle blower" account? Read it and weep. You want the acting chief spy to testify? Hear him and weep.

The Iranian deal was pinnacle of Obama's benighted foreign policy.

Donald Trump has obliterated it.

Conrad Black wrote, "There will be no other determination of whether President Trump gets to finish his task of grinding to powder and replacing the ruling bipartisan elite that he believes grievously misgoverned the country in the post-Reagan years.

"In 2016, he neither won a mandate for revolution nor incurred a cause to be denied or removed from office. Almost half the voters substantially agreed with the president in 2016, and this remains the principal issue: that the previous four presidents and their Congresses misgoverned the country.

"This view holds that the elder President Bush allowed the Republican Party to be split by a charlatan (Ross Perot), bringing in the Clintons, who brought on, with George W. Bush, the subprime mortgage debacle and the world’s greatest financial crisis since the Great Depression; and that Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama produced a series of Middle East-related foreign policy disasters. There was a faulty intelligence response to the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, a completely misconceived war in Iraq, an immense humanitarian disaster generating as many as 10 million refugees, the premature departure from Iraq which helped produce ISIS, and the abandonment of nuclear non-proliferation with respect to Iran and North Korea (where all four presidents were swindled)."

I disagree that Perot was a charlatan, but pretty much that is my view.

The elitists failed. Bigly. We need a yuge change, which included dumping the comedy of comity which only played into Democrat hands. They can call us Hitler but anything we say is dog whistle racism. That is a game for chumps.

As this childish soap opera plays in the House, I am reminded of the previous attempt to kill President Trump's presidency.

On July 22, 2019, NBC reported, "Inside Mueller’s secret prep for bombshell testimony. Robert Mueller’s highly anticipated testimony is only two days away, but the Trump DOJ is doing all they can to limit Mueller’s testimony to his report. MSNBC Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber and his panel preview what is likely to come from his testimony."

It was a dud.

They all are.

They all will be.

Go ahead and impeach. Subpoenaing Obama to explain why he spied on Donald John Trump and other American citizens will be well worth the trial.

Oh and, "Mister Former President, why did you authorize your vice president to blackmail Ukraine to prevent the prosecution of his son?"

Maybe Democrats should drop their silly soap opera, and move on to working with President Trump for the betterment of the American people.


  1. If it happens the Dems are not going to like the consequences.

    1. Where is Waldo Joe Biden hiding after all this news and talk about his corruption on behalf of his son??

  2. "Maybe Democrats should drop their silly soap opera, and move on to working with President Trump for the betterment of the American people."

    Visualize world peace.
    Let's all sit around the campfire, hold hands, and sing Kumbaya.

    1. Your campfire is the bonfire burn pit for those whom your chicom masters have murdered.

    2. I don't sit around campfires.

    3. I'm impressed Nony. Sounds like you're starting to comprehend Trump's end game is world peace and that he's going to get there through capitalistic economics.

  3. Subprime wasn't Dubya's doing, but Dodd's, the Beast's, and Zippy's.

    Kind of like the WMDs. Dr Goebbels was right. Tell a lie often enough and even smart believe can be conned.

    Three months later, Kerry is back and looking stonefaced.

    And this is different, how?

    They banked on President Trump not releasing documents that exonerated him. But he did. You want the transcript? Read it and weep. You want the "whistle blower" account? Read it and weep. You want the acting chief spy to testify? Hear him and weep.

    Ann Coulter (if you can believe it) really nail.

    1. let's remember Fannie/ Freddie being convicted of cooking books in 2003. 400 million in fines for Fannie. 125 million for Freddie.

      and the first order of business for bush in 2004 were more regulations to prevent Fannie and Freddie from going into meltdown on his watch.

      and Franklin raines checked his bullpen and called his 3 stoppers to spike those regulations.

      greasing his guys with plenty of loot, he called on Barnie Franks in the house, and senators Chris dodd and Barack o'blamer to make those regulations go away.

      political contributions are publicly available knowledge.

      Barack later chose Mr Raines to find a v.p, but Mr Raines got indicted instead.

      que lastima

      and the o'blamer blamed bush
      for the meltdown.

  4. "Crowdstrike" - POTUS must be right over the uni-party target.

  5. China is "eating" tariffs that Americans pay?

    Just stop. You look foolish.

    1. Things are getting desperate over there, chicommie, are they not?


      The squeeze is being felt in beijing!!!

      You commie fucks would be cannibals by now, had not America opened up it's economy to you!!!


      Go get your rice bowl and lick it!!!

  6. Ross Perot proved the clarity, and thus, neccessity of the two party system.

    Onl when the democrat party exists no longer can another political party emerge as one of the two.

    MAGA, being non political, will define the clarity between them, as it is doing now.

    The democrats have never been moderate in their entire party history.

    The republicans have been infected by their vanity + common human greed and have barely been reliable on the Constitutional tenets they profusely have proclaimed they are.

    Thus, MAGA, being pure Constitution, is reluctantly "tolerated" by many republicans infected with vanity and greed.

    MAGA may be transforming some republicans to Constitutional quality, but politicians are a feckless breed.

    MAGA is transforming many real Americans into discarding their habitual democrat subserviance and reducing the democrat party to it's well earned insignificance.

    Americans are, by Constitutional nature, apolitical.

    Only the clarity of the dominant two party system has been a benefit to America.

    The either/or choice is vulnerable to inducing the habit of not thinking, which the democrats, rinos, elitist repubs and all grifters use to grift their graftings.

    MAGA says: No More.

    MAGA can do this because MAGA is non political party.

    Political party always impedes thinking of the electorate.

    MAGA rejoiced in a thinking electorate!!!

    MAGA values measuring twice!!!

    MAGA requires considering all options, doing so honestly and not being an asshole, let alone a grifter!!!

    Live up to MAGA!!!

    1. You sound like a cult member who needs to be deprogrammed.

    2. You are not an American, so, there's nothing anyone can do to help you.


      Go fck yourself.

    3. I think the basic problem for the democrats is that in main lining their lunatic ftinge they've managed to alienate whatever voters who haven't imbibed the bat Shit cocktail.

      some will go to trump, but that involves admitting a mistake. not so popular.

      I see Tulsi Gabbard splitting off. maybe. central committee already is committed to back stabbing. what's she got to lose?

      and when Bernie gets buggered again, he can go full blown socialist Stalin Castro. pick Julio for vp for name identification with Castro inc.

      just a dream, I know.

  7. Nice of the orange one to throw Pence under his bus.

    "I think you should ask for Vice President Pence's conversation, because he had a couple of conversations also."
    He added:

    "I could save you a lot of time. They were all perfect. Nothing was mentioned of any import other than congratulations."

    Wonder what happens if Pence and Trump get impeached. Asking for a friend. #PresidentPelosi

    1. The pale pelosi is fading fast.

      Not as quickly as cankles, nor the bader boner, but, still, the decline is relentless.


      Go fck yourself.

    2. The Human Turd Hillary is going on TV again. Maybe The Human Turd thinks Democrats could make her Speaker of the Houses, and she would become president if the Democrat coup is successful.

  8. All the blog posts in the world won't save him. The most telling thing here is that the White House is not disputing any of the substance of the complaint.

    Trump himself corroborated many of the details the whistleblower raised.

    It's every man for himself now.

    1. For the sake of brevity.

      Go fck yourself.

    2. ninny states, without a whiff of awareness:

      "The most telling thing here is that the White House is not disputing any of the substance of the complaint."

      Now, a rational person would understand that the reason Trump does not dispute the so-called (by ninny and his Dumbocrats, BIRM) "substance" of the complaint, is because there is no so-called "substance" there. But, not our ninny. Like his Dumbocrats, they see things that are simply not there. That is as shining an example of delusional as one could hope to see!

      Hey ninny, keep up the posts. It adds to Surber's blog hits. And it provides hilarity!


  9. The delusions of card carrying members of the DNC is sweet. B.S.G.

  10. “Maybe Democrats should drop their silly soap opera, and move on to working with President Trump for the betterment of the American people.”

    Too late for that, Don.

    1. Dotard Democrats are too stupid and filled with hate to do that. They crossed the line.

    2. Oh lyn5 you are correct as hate is corrosive and all consuming, there is no hope for them.

  11. The reality s riot is working out wonderfully. Complete democrat/communist party implosion coming soon. Kerry’s face will reach new levels of droopiness.

  12. I get the distinct impression that these trolls think if the House impeaches, Mr. T has to pack his bags. Like, your parents paid HOW MUCH FOOKIN MONEY to put your ass through college? THE SENATE MUST CONVICT for removal from office. By two thirds, you fooking dumbshites.

    1. Then why are you so triggered?

      Time to change your diaper and put on your big boy pants. We're taking him down.

    2. 13 Repub Senators you’ll need. Go for it, Buckwheat.

    3. You keep telling yourself ninny, oops, I mean Adam. Meanwhile, the rest of us smart ones know you (and Fusion GPS) fabricated this whole thing, just as you did with Russia, Russia, Russia collusion. How'd that turn out? Oh yeah, I forgot the talking point: the walls are crashing down around Trump.

      Surber thanks you for another hit to his blog.


  13. I'm sure president Mike Pence will take the usurping of America by Democrats lying down. I'd have you all arrested and shot some treason. Morons think nothing through.

  14. Perot was not a charlatan, but was not ready for politics.

    Having a two system is not the ideal, having no parties, as George Washington noted in his farewell address, is.

    Political parties are anethema to sound government, but are as natural to man as breathing.

    Factionalism, which exactly what adherence to the party line, breeds emnity, contempt, and fractions that can lead to civil wars, corrupt government, and general bloodshed.

    While our Founders new this and wrote a Constitution to ameliorate the ill effects, they themselves engaged in it save for our very first W.

    To belong to a political party means that you may do things to promote the party ahead of the country. The fact that sometimes party ideals align with the betterment of country is an afterthought.

    Trump has irradiated the factions, making them glow in the dark and showing in some ways they are aligned.

    1. The factor of human nature requires that choices be as few, and as clearly defined, as possible.

      Too many options, with too few clear differences, result in a challenge to pick one far beyond the practical natures of humans.

      Elections which present more than two choices result in the most successful at bullshitting, gerrymandering, pandering, etc., usually dominating the governments so elected.

      To fool all of the people, all of the time is not neccessary.

      To fool some of the people, all of the time, or all of the people, some of the time approaches the truth.

      That truth is that fooling just enough of the people, at just the effective time, election day, is all the grifters require.

      The solid, dominant two party system provides clarity of differences only when they are fundementally different.

      MAGA is intrinsically not political, even tho one dominant party desires to own it.

      As the democrats are legendary in their own vanity, greed and insanity, MAGA is kryptonite to democrats.

      Just as the republican politicians considered the Tea Party to be a voter group they strived to own, so do they desire to own MAGA.

      MAGA, being essential American Spirit, will not be owned by any political party.

      MAGA owns America, as MAGA is Americans All.

      The resistence of some repubs to MAGA is resisting America being America.

      In the absence of any political party branding, the people then have to think. People do not like to think. People have enough to think about just living their own lives. To add having to think about individual candidates for every elected office, at all levels of government, and dfo thjis every 2-4 fucking years, results in people not voting.

      People not voting is just what tbe grifter politicians crave.

      Fewer chumps to fool.

      Political parties did not become two dominant by people towing the party line.

      The party line was defined by the people who chose said party and when the number of people doing so resulted in dominance, that became the two dominant party system.

      Principles, policies, philosophies, mutual benefits, etc., all defined each dominant party.

      To have no political party would be to have no human tendancy to flock together.

      Thus, the best that can be done concerning political party is two dominant.

      MAGA is kinda interesting, being not political, yet knowing the neccessity to act politically is compelled by the fucking politicians who are essentially all grifters.

      Were MAGA to be the only political party, as in so dominant that effectively no other political party could compete, this would truly be All Americans being of Amertican Spirit at it's best. At it's most Constitutional. At it's most least government grifting as humanly possible.

      So, MAGA is a threat to all grifters, and all politicians are grifters until individually proved otherwise.

      True transparency and accountabilty of governments.

  15. There’s some good news here:

    1. We have a great president. Truly great.
    2. President Trump is polling in the 50s and rising–and his real numbers are probably at least 5 points higher.
    3. Millions of rank and file Democrats are rejecting the permanent coup and are realizing they have been lied to daily. This is good news for the country that they haven’t all lost their minds like the party leaders.
    4. Lotsa’ people around here don’t think Barr and Durham will do their job. But judging by this hysterical agit-prop, the criminals think they are going to do their job–and you can believe they have their finely-tuned ears to the ground.