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Thursday, September 19, 2019

Cultural Civil War

Victor Davis Hanson is a professor of classics emeritus at California State University at Fresno. He valiantly remains on America's deteriorating frontline as California leaps into the abyss of Third World oblivion. His latest dispatch is "Trump's total culture war."

He sees President Donald John Trump waging a Kulturkampf, a nod to the 19th century struggle between the Catholic church and the Imperial German government. It was part of Bismarck's plan to add Catholic-dominated states to Germany. Secularism won the day.

The rest of Europe largely followed his lead and today you have a continent thirsting for a religion. It is not coincidental that the secularists are importing Muslims. Today's acceptance of the Burkini may become tomorrow's command. Don't kid yourself. Sinners convert. In his youth, Osama bin Laden was a hedonist.

America is on a different path.

Hanson wrote, "The real source of Trump derangement syndrome is his desire to wage a multifront pushback -- politically, socially, economically and culturally -- against what might be called the elite postmodern progressive world. Contemporary elites increasingly see nationalism and patriotism as passe. Borders are 19th century holdovers."

This is a power struggle.

Globalism removes government from accountability. Consider education. Local school boards once controlled them. Then state governments used money by the billions to gain control. Then the federal government used billions to gain control.

Don't like the school lunch menu? Go to Washington to change it. The cook can't.

Under President Trump's control, the federal education department gave back some control of lunch menus.

He is a busy man. Hanson noted, "No slugfest is too off-topic or trivial for Trump. Sometimes that means calling out former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick for persuading NFL stars to kneel during the national anthem. Huge, monopolistic Silicon Valley companies are special Trump targets. Sometimes Trump enters cul-de-sac Twitter wars with Hollywood has-beens who have attacked him and his policies."

This inspires others to push back. Bill Barr and Corey Lewandowski called the bluff of congressional Democrats when ordered to testify. I watched them and remembered the Slim Pickens line from Blazing Saddles, "Screw you! I'm working for Mel Brooks!"

Leaders inspire. Conservatives finally are rising from the canvas.

Republican governors and state legislators placed severe restrictions on abortion. They are telling women you get a month after your missed period to decide.

The Republican states also are requiring abortionists to run sanitary operations and be accepted to practice at a local hospital. They finally are making Planned Parenthood and its competitors fulfill the promise in Roe v. Wade of safe abortions.

President Trump succeeded in de-funding Planned Parenthood by making them tell women they have a real choice between abortion and adoption. The abortionists decided to pass on the money.

Hanson wrote, "For all the acrimony and chaos -- and prognostications of Trump's certain failure -- a bloodied Trump wins more than he loses. NATO members may hate Trump, but more are finally paying their promised defense contributions."

We said of Sarah Palin, she fights.

President Trump does not just fight. He wins. He took the battle to the liberals. You cannot have a Cultural Civil War if one side refuses to fight back.

Hanson wrote, "In a way, the left-wing Democratic presidential candidates understand Trump best. If he wins his one-man crusade to stop the progressive project, they are finished, and their own party will make the necessary adjustments and then sheepishly drift back toward the center."

Bring it on. Our numbers grow stronger. Winning is a magnet.


  1. We said of Sarah Palin, she fights.

    President Trump does not just fight. He wins.

    So did Miss Sarah. Nothing poisoned the well for ZippyCare as much as her invocation of death panels.

  2. Thomas sowell wrote a book, a conflict of visions. they really do see the world differently.

    liberals living in a delusional world. led by delusional girls.

    this was quite noticeable during Clinton. everybody knew billyjeff was telling whoppers. but they preferred his lies to reality.

    the pragmatics vs the delusionaires.

    those who actually live in twitterverses and envision themselves some kind of comic book hero.

    against those who actually support their delusional worlds and keep it up. the electricians and truckers and builders, welders and carpenters. cops and firemen and paramedics.

    kind of like Disney land.
    all day the deluded are pursued by goofy and his minimum wage dwarves and snow white.

    at night they leave. and the crew of invisibles plant replacement flowers and restock toys, replace aging lights and cameras, and refuel the cotton candy pumps.

    we live in the magic kingdom for sure for sure.

    what if we stopped rewinding their clocks and recharging their batteries?

    1. HG Wells prophesized this. Eloi and Morlocks.


  3. We try to give our children a childhood.

    To do this, we must lie to them.

    We must tell the lies that give them nights of peaceful sleep and days of wonders and joys.

    All the time knowing that life can be forcing itself upon them at any moment, and will be doing so sooner than later.

    As soon as we send them off to school sooner.

    As soon as they get a taste of other people not family, other people whose "love" for them is merely civility at best.

    As soon as they experience anything close to not the safety of home.

    And when puberty hits them like a kick in the head, it's over. Childhood is then a memory only.

    From then on, it's swim or sink.

    So, here we have the luxury which is the bane of life, the presumption of childhood safety which never actually existed.

    We made that safety seem reliable.

    It never was, never is, never will be, and never can be, because reliable safety does not exist.

    Not even in our dreams.

    Thus, add to this the duplicitous scumbags exploiting the cravings of those who yearn for childhood's safeties to be real and you get what we have here now, fucking democrats peddling the lies that are not for our parental purpose of giving our kids a childhood, but for the blatant purpose of the democrats grifting ways.

    Life as it is is tough enough as Designed.

    We really do not need to add to the toughness by democrat panderings meant to exploit the childhood should never end addicts.

  4. This is a fight to the death.

  5. The Left has been trying hard to create the illusion that their ideas are overwhelming accepted by the general public and only a small minority (who are all racists) disagree. They do this mainly by controlling information.

    They have been very successful in taking control of the schools. They already controlled Hollywood and the rest of the entertainment industry.
    They were doing pretty good at taking hegemonic control of the news media until they ran into a few obstacles. First it was conservative talk radio. Then Fox News came along.

    When social media came along conservatives flourished. Unfortunately all the Big Tech firms are owned by and staffed with SJW's. They wish they could ban all conservatives from the internet. If they ever get back in power, they will try.

    1. I'm thinking charter schools is a good start.


  6. Truly entertaining. It's dress-up day for the Trumpsters, trying to dress up their pathology with make-believe ideology. It's the 3 Stooges with mortarboards, and it's hilarious.

    Your "culture war" is about making the sorry excuses for men to feel less pathetic than they should feel. Little blue pills can only go so far.

    Incels and other pathetic damaged goods can try, but no magic feather can fix their deep problems. Your wallowing is a joy.

    1. Capitalism is not a make-believe ideology and it's not unhealthy.
      We're not wallowing. We're discussing.
      Great and wonderful things are happening, not only for America, but for the countries that are smart/brave enough to follow our lead. Imagine a world where everyone competes to provide the goods and services society needs and desires. That's capitalism. Put away that "pathetic" nonsense and use your skills and strength to contribute. Individualism and self-sufficiency is incredibly satisfying.


  7. Funny you mentioning Slim Pickens and Victor David Hanson in the same article. They literally grew up one town away from one another in the California central valley!

    1. Interesting factoid! Thank you.

      For non-Californians, the area in question is roughly 15 miles SE of Fresno, which is far from the coast. Once you go roughly 30 miles East of the coast in California, you begin to encounter normal people. Unfortunately most of the people in California live near the coast.

  8. A war doesn’t start until somebody fights back.