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Friday, September 06, 2019

Coming out gay is easier than coming out MAGA

In 2007, Isaiah Washington was on top of the TV world as the character as Preston Burke on the show Grey's Anatomy.  In each of his first two seasons, NAACP Image Awards honored him as "Outstanding Actor in a Drama Series." TV Guide named Isaiah Washington "TV's Sexiest Man" in 2006.

An altercation with a gay actor got him dismissed. The actor said Washington called him a faggot. Washington denied this. It is Gay > Black in Hollywood. Or at least it was that season. The NAACP could not bother supporting their "Outstanding Actor in a Drama Series."

The activist mob had added another pelt to its collection.

The show brought him back for its final season in 2014, and he landed a role on a CW show that lasted about as long as is average on that network.

But thanks to President Donald John Trump, he is back in the news.

Newsweek reported, "Former Grey's Anatomy actor Isaiah Washington comes out as a Trump supporter." It cited his appearance on a Fox News show.

Washington told the network, "You got a lot of conservative or centric libertarian-minded people that really care about other people but they are terrified to come out of the closet and say anything that's not in line with the Democratic Party."

He supported the president over his support of the First Step Act. The Washington Post reported in July, "Justice Department officials on Friday announced that 3,100 inmates are being released from federal prisons across the country because of a change in how their good-behavior time is calculated — a significant step, they said, in the implementation of a new criminal justice reform law."

Most of those given a second chance were black, even though only 36% of federal inmates are black.

The story said, "1,691 people convicted of crack cocaine offenses also have received sentence reductions. That is because the measure retroactively applied a different sentencing law meant to resolve the disparity between penalties for those convicted of possessing crack cocaine and those convicted of possessing powder cocaine."

President Trump invited the actor to the White House for the bill's signing into law. Washington accepted.

In tweets last April, Washington disclosed that he had tried to get Obama to help for the Salone people of Sierra Leone, his ancestral home. (For his work on behalf of the Salone, Sierra Leone awarded Washington citizenship.)

Washington tweeted, "I voted for 44 twice. I even checked my emails in his Senate Office while lobbying for Salone to be given another chance. Not once in 8 years was I given any support regarding Africa or the Black Agenda, but 45 invites me to the White House to celebrate the First Step Act." 

Despite his work for black people in Africa and in prison, The Root -- which allegedly supports black people -- mocked him. Michael Harriot wrote, "Noted thespian, Obama critic and advocate for deregulating murder, Isaiah Washington sent progressive political supporters into a state of not-giving-a-fuck today when he told a Fox News wrestler that he was leaving the Democratic Party."

Harriot is entitled to his opinion.

And I thank him for sharing his opinion because it revealed once again that Democrats and liberals do not care about black people. They fake it as a means to power.

Beware, homosexuals. You are next.


  1. another "walkaway."

    God bless him and protect him and his family. we all know what psychos comprise the fist of the democrat party. he is a brave and honest man.

    a lot of class.


  2. Go, Isaiah! We are behind you to support you, not to backstab you like the libs when you didn't toe the party line. Stay strong.

  3. Reason why I quit the Democrat Party in 1986. Always been rebellious; tend to do B when the group does A. LibCommies tell you what to think and are completely intolerant of dissent. They think it’s their biggest strength. I guess you gotta have that discipline when all of your ideas suck.

  4. I pity him, as I do the minority of Americans who support Donald Trump.

    1. Polly wants a cracker!!!

      Boo Boo wants a biscuit!!!

      Pretty Pony wants a cube of sugar!!!!

      Binnie wants a banana!!!

      Moochie Mouse wants a chunk of cheese!!!

      Ralphie Ratbrains wants it's chicken tendies!!!

      T'ain't no pity in retard city!!!

    2. No, Nonny, you envy him for having more balls than a bus full of democrats.

  5. As long as the gays support PC Dems, those individuals remain safe. And the pro-abortion "culture of death" Dems won't be changing their support for unlimited promiscuous sex.

    Lots of irresponsible sex is what makes them sexy! Dems will always like, the gays don't have to fear that.

  6. Love your work, Don, and hugely admire Washington's stance. Just one thing - the show did not end in 2014. It continues, a pale pale shadow of its former self. Washington was brought back to help close out Sandra Oh's exit.

  7. Multiple investigations have found that China uses its political prisoners as forced organ donors, cutting them open and taking their organs alive to fuel a million-dollar industry."