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Saturday, August 24, 2019

When will Trump critics be normal again?

Megan McArdle of the Washington Post wrote a column, "When will Trump supporters finally say, ‘OK, this is not normal’?"

What a coincidence. I was just going to ask her, when will opponents of President Donald John Trump finally say, OK, three years of temper tantrums is just not working?

She began her column, "The left had an easy time settling on its attitude toward President Trump's supporters: a mixture of horrified outrage and sneering contempt.  For many of us on the right, though, it hasn't been so easy."

On the right?

If more than two years of tax cuts, regulatory relief, and conservative judicial appointments are not enough to satisfy McArdle, then she is too superficial to bother with because she chooses style over substance.

Obama was smooth as silk and dreamy.

He also oversaw the most corrupt presidency since LBJ. Obama politicized the IRS, tapped the phones at the AP, and used the National Security Agency to spy on political opponents (unmasking, they called it).

As for policy, regulations grew and the economy languished. His judicial appointments were disastrous.

His going away present to America was to plant a memorandum on his successor that would trigger the Mueller Report, which handcuffed the new president.

That is not normal.

A conservative would concentrate on Obama's sabotage, and ignore any tweet that might upset her. Instead McArdle went Trigglypuff because President Trump canceled a state visit to Denmark after its prime minister publicly insulted him.

Allahpundit, hardly a Trump supporter, wrote, "This past week is going to get its own chapter in all of the self-serving post-Trump 'I never really liked him' memoirs written by his cronies eager to rehabilitate their image once he’s gone. What’s interesting, though, is that as I write this the Dow is 'only' down 500 points, and most of that loss is surely attributable to China’s announcement of new tariffs, not Trump’s reaction.

"That shows you the extent to which even people with skin in the game on Wall Street largely tune out his ranting and raving now. 'The president tried to order American industry to pull out of China via a tweet? That crazy rascal. What’s for lunch?'"

Grownups are not trifling. Action screams louder than words. After all, Obama said you can keep your doctor. How did that work out for those who believed him?

Which brings me back to my question: When will Trump critics be normal again?

I worry about their mental state. The constant anger and hostile verbiage from the left is unhealthy. They need to take a break and visit the zoo or something.


  1. Megan was just doing her duty as a journalist and spreading Democrat talking points. It is obvious they all have their marching orders - every article, tweet, and television appearance must include some reference to Trump being a racist and/or mentally unbalanced.

  2. Never understood why Glenn Reynolds was such a huge supporter of McArdle. Without his daily links she'd be teaching English at some junior college.

    1. Reynolds is a prissy cuck underneath all his posturing. Plus he takes Amazon ads, and promotes Amazon in his posts. Tells you all you need to know about his "principles".

  3. I think they are past the point of no return. Scarred for life.

  4. Visit a zoo? They belong in a zoo.

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  6. Trump did the same thing to them as he did the press, made them irrelevant. But as they are "on the right" they have had to be nominally associated with his persona which as elitists they find non grata.
    In reality none of them ever wanted to implement their grand ideas, if they had any, just dilate on them by turning clever phrases. Indeed for this they were paid well by suckers who thought they were serious.
    Now we are in a true cultural civil war. As is usually the case, those in the so called middle are despised by both of the principles. And justly so.
    They have no future, either way. Trump owes them nothing, least of all changing his approach to suit their tender sensibilities.

  7. FYI - Trump, knowing EVERYTHING he does will be challenged in court always makes certain he is on solid legal ground before taking action:

    Emergency Economic Powers Act of 1977 Gives Trump Power To Force U.S. Companies to Leave China

    1. Was not aware of that. Boy, the stuff you learn around here.

    2. and here I thought he was just blowing smoke. Will I never learn?

    3. Wow you clowns want a King not a President! Pretty soon anything and everything will be an emergency that gives the chief exec royal powers the Constitution be damned.

      The Chosen One strikes again as the rubes bow in worship. If the Chosen One said it then its true. If he did it then its right.

      All Hail the Chosen One....say the peasants here on their knees.

    4. You're funny nony. The DimoKKRats have been stuck on ignoring the constitution, and doing all they could to undermine rule of law for more than a century. Come back when they let you out of the rubber room.

  8. You have to be a hater to be a Lefty. They just hid it better back in the days when the Whigs were all too eager to fold.

  9. don, that's a really fugly meme.

    eye bleach, on the rocks, with a twist, please.


    1. This one or the one in the previous post?

    2. the last one I give a 9.

      this one, minimum, 13.5.

      on the retch ter scale


    3. C'mon, that's Trigglypuff!! She is meme royalty!

  10. I am waiting for Scott Simon on NPR to say: "You know the 47 Saturdays in a row that I said to millions of people 'Trump accused Obama of spying on him 'without any evidence'... well, looks like I was talking out my ass."

    Then we can talk about normal behavior.

  11. my take on the hate of late.

    everyone with 2 brain cells to rub together knew 2 things.

    a. hillary had an enemies list longer than the wash. monument.

    b. the minute she got power she was going to start getting even.

    and it stands to reason that her supporters also shared that enemies list, and looked forward to the process of lashing out.

    and suddenly all those hopes and dreams hit the rocks of reality.

    and the democrat "coalition" included members of the lunatic fringe from peta vegans to twerking mousekateers to tweeting cubiculars. and all points in between.

    the only unifying factor is universal self infatuation and an inability to wave their magic wand and unify others to believe the same programmed drivel to which they dedicate their own meaningless lives.

    but as eric hoffer pointed out, you don't need a god- you only need a devil to unify and unleash that pent up hatred for those who own guns and eat meat and think a solar powered skateboard is a stupid way to get around if you have to pick up groceries and a case of energy drinks.

    or carry your fat liberal butt uphill.

    and without any clear direction or leadership they're thrashing around like a rattler run over by the trump limo. still somewhat dangerous, if you get too close, but essentially left behind.

    and their true uselessness strengthened and reaffirmed.

    this is tough for those who believe themselves to be some sort of comic book super heroes, if only those "others" hadn't thwarted them, like their parents always did.

    so they lash out. and they double down. and since they are gods in their own narcissistic world, those who don't knuckle under are heretics and blasphemers of the worst sort.

    its a shame. in fact, there are those who claim they are ashamed to be Americans. not to worry, we are ashamed of them as well. so there is at least one point of agreement there.

    and I am afraid they will never get jobs. just whine and cry.

    and they need to grow up, get off their lazy butts and pay my social security.

    and dons.


  12. OT:
    Trump and Chamber of Commerace Mitch are not doing enough to reform the Federal Judiciary.
    The Solution?
    IMPEACH 0bama's and Clinton's appointees!

  13. Surbey takes the media much too seriously! They want traffic so they create clickbait. They know what creates outrage and clicks, so they do their best to game it.