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Saturday, August 03, 2019

Trump is arming black people

“I don’t trust black leadership that wants to de-arm black people,” rapper Killer Mike (Michael Render) told Yahoo News.

Killer Mike is a Bernie Sanders supporter because of the socialism.

However, guns are why Killer Mike chose him over the rest of the loons. Sanders may be left of Lenin but he represents Vermont, the only state that never required a permit to carry a gun openly or concealed. It takes the Second Amendment seriously. Several other states have joined Vermont in recent years.

Only 24% of black Americans own a gun but 36% of whites do, according to NPR. Black people are twice as likely to be murderered. The two may be related. I don't know. But when your life is at stake, why take chances?

The Yahoo News story said, "Render, a member of the National African American Gun Association and staunch Second Amendment supporter, has advocated for black gun ownership as a civil rights issue. He argued that many of the nation’s problems could have been avoided if guns had been evenly distributed throughout the country at the time of its founding and throughout its history."

The association began in 2015. Our election of Donald John Trump as our president boosted its membership.

Render told Yahoo News, "In my household, there are always going to be 10 or more weapons.

"We’re always going to be trained and proficient with them. And if anyone ever comes down my driveway and decides to exercise what perceived power they have, they will surely go out in the back of an ambulance dead."

NPR did a story on the National African American Gun Association and Philip Smith, the president and founder of the group last month.

NPR said, "Membership spiked after President Trump was sworn into office, Smith says, attributing some of that growth to a political climate where people with racist views feel emboldened to talk about and act on those view."

The story was laughably anti-gun. ("Casandra Light, 23, wears a black t-shirt with pink lettering that reads: 'I carry a [image of a handgun] because my [image of a military-style rifle] won't fit in my purse.'")

Disarming African Americans through gun laws made them easier targets for lynching and other acts of terrorism by Democrat organizations mainly in the Southern states that Democrats controlled until this century.

While President Trump did not start this group to fight back, as president he has inspired many to join the group. I am all for arming black people. As the saying about the developer of the revolver said, “God Created Men and Sam Colt Made Them Equal!”


  1. Only 24% of blacks own guns? If you count the gang bangers and ghetto thugs, that number has to be much higher.

    1. Surprised me, too, then I realized they were just talking about firearms they knew about. My guess is it'd be higher if we included the guns they didn't know about.

    2. The 24% makes sense.

      3% +/- law abiding blacks probably own. The rest are the thugs.

  2. my daughter has that slogan as a bumper sticker on her prius. she and her husband are new life members.

    and oklahoma just signed into law that the 2nd amendment IS your carry permit.

    gun shows there every weekend.

    property tax is .88%.


  3. dann auto correct. NRA, not new.

  4. and double damn. not dann


    I hate big tech thinking they're smarter than I am.


  5. And union bosses got the minimum wage law passed to stop the blacks from getting their jobs by working for less.

    1. It's not just blacks getting minimum wage jobs. millions of whites do to - I fail to see your point.

  6. You left out a critical part of it: Black people are twice as likely to be murdered ... almost exclusively by other Blacks.

  7. I testified at a hearing at the legislature on our 2013 gun control bill and brought up that gun control was established to keep Blacks defensive. I expected a reaction from our Black legislators, but I got none as they continued to look at their cell phone or lap tops. If anyone needs firearms, it is the good people in the inner cities. The bill passed making it a equipment to have a state license to purchase a handgun. This year they tied to do the same thing with long guns but it failed. Stupidly the gun controllers want people to have a separate licence for each type of firearm.

  8. requirement nor equipment

    1. We understood that.

      We know how to read with comprhension of context.

      We need not thee to be a version of auto correct when auto correct incorrectly corrects without contextual comprhension.

      We gots brains!!!!

      We smaaaaaart!!!!

      Not like stooopid like peoples say!!!!


    2. makes you wonder. with the way lynch mobs form in the tweet universe, how many get burned in life due to android turning a tweet 180 degrees on its head.

      even if you're not guilty, android paints you guilty.

      like Monty python.

      we found a nazi. burn her!
      how do you know she is a Nazi?
      she looks like one.
      they dressed me like this.
      and this isn't my mustache.


  9. as far as armed blacks, I got no problem with blacks in the fire team. fine infantryman. honorable. and there are lots of black veterans. and they tend to not buy into the ghetto jive. they know better. they've seen the Oliphant.

    and as buffalo soldiers they earned the respect and fear of the best guerilla fighters in history, the apache.

    right sensible folks if you take the time to listen and share a cold one.
    I've learned some great stuff from nco's like pappy Haney.

    stuff to save your arse, yo.


  10. If you can read, read what OUR President actually says and stop listening to the main stream media and Hollywood telling you that he is a racist. He has done a LOT for blacks that Obama simply refused to do. He got A$ap back. He got the second chance law passed. He has brought black unemployment to the lowest it has ever been. He employs blacks in management positions as well as entry level.
    What more do you want?