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Friday, August 02, 2019

Trump asks why trade with Red China?

In "Highlights of the News" on Tuesday, I wrote, "Red China is not our friend. It buys oil from a nation that is sworn to destroy America. Trade deal? How about we just stop all trade with them?"

Before heading to Ohio for a rally in Cincinnati on Thursday, President Donald John Trump took questions from reporters.

Reporters asked questions about the new round of tariffs he will impose on Chinese exports to America.

The highlight to his responses came about two minutes into the press meeting, when President Trump said, "What would you say to China for the last 20 years has been taking hundreds of billions of dollars out of our country and we had a president that would never do anything -- a number of presidents that never would do anything about it? What would you say?

"For many years China has been taking money out by the hundreds of billions of dollars a year. We have rebuilt China. So now it's time that we change things around. If they don't want to trade with us anymore, that would be fine with me. It would save a lot of money."

Certainly such a move would shift manufacturing out of Red China. It already has. The American press has largely ignored the loss of 5 million jobs in Red China due to the president's tariffs.

Those jobs are going to Vietnam and other places including, I suppose, the USA.

Predictions of a trade war wrecking our economy (the cliche was no one wins a trade war) have been as wrong as any global warming prediction. Last year unemployment averaged 3.8% -- the best year since 1969 when it 3.5%.

Now we are down to 3.7%.

We do not have free trade with Red China. The communists impose barriers to our exports. Also, for some reason, the No. 2 economy in the world still gets the advantages given "developing nations."


The president also said, "I think President Xi wants to make a deal but frankly he's not going fast enough. He said he was going to be buying from our farmers. He didn't do that. He said he was going to stop fentanyl from coming into our country. It's all coming out of China. He didn't do that. We're losing thousands to fentanyl. More importantly for many years China has been taking out hundreds of billions of dollars a year and rebuilding China. It's time that we rebuild our country."

Real Americans salute the president in this battle.

Those who side with Red China can move there. Red China has Medicare For All, free college education, and free abortion on demand.


  1. this unemployment number might be even better. remember, your 1969 baseline included a lot of folks employed in Vietnam.


  2. and China as communist isn't much of China's history. 70 years communist against 5000 years Chinese history is tiny. Chinese tradition is constant tension between armies of bureaucratic mandarins vs. unreliable bandit warlords. xi probably has less control than assumed. the only way China has controlled their economy was to be the toll collector on foreign exchange, charging fees on money in or out. each petty tyrant rules his own little kingdom. alliances and spats are constantly shifting, and its corrupt as hell. a corrupt emperor can only maintain power in so long as he allows the lower forms of corruptocrats to run their own scams.

    I think trump is right. xi wants to deal, but he can't control his mobs.

    all the control is focused on the peasants. not enough left to control the plundercrats.


  3. We finally have someone with the guts to stand up to Wall Street and the great wall.

  4. The only way Chinese companies can offer such low costs is due directly to support from the Chinese government. Even Apple factories are built with gov $$$ involved along with creating factory towns.

    There is a difference from various US states and municipalities giving tax advantages to the US government building massive factories for partially government owned companies.

    1. Moreover, as we have seen with Nike, Apple, and US car companies, the selling price of their products do not go down with lower costs.

    2. and one of the biggest owners of various companies is the PLA, the peoples liberation army. they own thousands of companies, in part or whole. and that's just one faction.

      it's no doubt very difficult to keep all the factions happy. especially when those factions are essential to keeping the masses under heel. or they can shoot you instead and pop another puppet in place.

      that takes extreme juggling skills.

      if nominated I would not run. if elected I would not serve.


  5. “Predictions of a trade war wrecking our economy ...”

    As you mention, we did not have free trade with China.
    If it’s not free trade, then it’s some degree of trade war, no?

    The usual “experts” acted like we didn’t **already** have a trade war. Certainly we did — our leaders just accepted the status quo of “fewer jobs for Americans because it’s good for managing share prices”.

    That’s a trade war. Or maybe “jobs war” is more accurate.

  6. Ever wonder how much cash went to our "elites" for agreeing to these deals?

  7. Real Americans salute the president in this battle.

    Aww what battle? Both Donalds are butt hurt cause millions of Americans don't give squat what kind of government the Chinese have.

    They vote with their wallets. But go ahead and call for higher taxes! And record deficit spending!

    Real conservatives know better. But Donald says we still have time to cut spending. Only fools buy that BS.

    1. The only millions who don't care are the 66 mil who are Lefties.

      But go ahead and call for higher taxes! And record deficit spending!

      No, that's your boy, Zippy.

  8. So far China is eating the tariffs which the MSM lies about. But as one commenter wrote on a post, China has run out of business many who produce items that no one else does. I don't know if that is true, but when shopping it seems that they have a monopoly on many common items in US stores.

  9. Syria is our enemy, Iran is our enemy, China is our enemy, Russia is our enemy, Venezuela is our enemy. Is anyone not our enemy? All those wars will be great for keeping the money flowing to the Military Industrial Complex. For regular Americans? Not so good.

    1. You may not have heard, but Woodstock 50 just got cancelled due to lack of interest. World Peace was a GREAT idea if you were stoned outta yer gourd. Get a Narcan shot, nummie. Unless you wanna live in fookin Switzerland. If so, don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out of this country.

    2. I think you won the Internet for today with that comment, Zregime. Well put.

      - AZ

    3. @zregime - do you work for a military contactor by any chance? It looks like the US is being the belligerent party around the world. Iran makes lots of noise but actually is no threat to the US. Russia isn't threatening the US. Venezuela is not. So why are we so eager to go to war? I assume at the next war you will be enlisting?

    4. Soon you'll be "Robert Who?" (after being blocked for Alinsky passive-aggressive weirdness, yo). The "It looks like ..." assumptions are only in your echo-chamber, and are holding you back from allowing into your heart the joy (of our more peaceful world thanks to our Very Stable Genius 45) ... get help.

    5. @poha - yeah it is much easier to call me names than to explain how Venezuela, Iran, Russia are ny threa to the United States. You are just another Deep State tool.

    6. Here's the thing, bobbieblueballs:

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      5. Were you to actually have the balls to enumerate any of the facts you imply you possess that prove your intrinsic claim of no threats present from those you stated, you would do so. List the facts you have that prove that there are no present threats. List the facts you have that prove there will not be future threats developing now, from these same failed nations. Put your facts where you have repeatedly put your blueballs, bobbie. Make your case.

      6. Yeah, bobbieblueballs, you make your case. Why? Well, because you post comments on a blog that are intended to reject the content of both the articles you post your comments on and the content of the comments of other comment posters. Thus, you disagree, you provide all of the why of your disagreements.

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  10. The ((($INagogue Of $atan))) would be deeply offended were we to dis their next host $chtaat...the one they’ll move on to live off of thoughtlessly, after turning US into the United $chtaat of South Africa.

  11. But, but, but, where will we get our slaves to make cheap trinkets for the consumer?