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Thursday, August 15, 2019

There won't be gun control

Following the shooting in Dayton and El Paso, President Donald John Trump engaged the push for more gun control. His enemies, such as Matt Drudge, thought they had him in a read-my-lips moment. They gobbled the bait.

I looked at it and saw the immigration reform of 2017. Same players, different topic. They want Donald Trump to sell us out.

He won't.

The wall rises slowly. The Donald is patient. So am I.

Which leads us to Washington's uniparty attempt to expand gun control with deeper background checks and red flag legislation.

But President Trump also is asking for enhanced capital punishment, which is a deal breaker in Washington.

Jose Nino at Big League Politics wrote, "Count Donald Trump Jr. as someone who’s skeptical of passing gun control after recent shootings in Dayton, Ohio and El Paso, Texas.

"Rebecca Ballhaus, Andrew Restuccia, and Natalie Andrews wrote at The Wall Street Journal about Trump Jr.’s concerns with certain gun control proposals such as red flag gun confiscation orders and expanded background checks.

"They wrote, 'Donald Trump Jr., the president’s son who often speaks with his father about his views on gun laws, has raised concerns about both red-flag legislation and about tightening background checks, according to people familiar with the matter.'"

Junior is the president's top advisor on guns. The son hunts and likes shooting. We know he is the president's top advisor because the president told donors at a fund-raiser on Friday,  “Don Jr. is my gun expert. He knows more about guns than anyone I know.”

Red-flag legislation would have to be done at the state level because it is a local issue, not a national one.

Trump supporters have been led down the primrose path by politicians over the years. The media and Drudge play on those fears. All I can say is Donald Trump is a wheeler dealer. Hang in there.


  1. First place I go to every morning (and frequently during each da) is right here. Wonderful work, always.

    1. Ditto that....comforting to be reassured it is not a dream, that DJT is President.....and for a Palovian bonus....always Christmas-esqe hope for the double bonus that it w/b dancing mariachi watermelon GIF....:-)

  2. I agree Don, but another sign this was dead in the water was when our beloved Turtle actually showed some cajones and refused to recall Senators from their August break. Finally we are NOT letting the libcoms set the agenda.


  3. Don, your site is better than 99% of the so-called-conservative sites. Tons of great articles, and no click-bait. By comparison, crap fests like Breitbart are toxic and cynical in their need to generate revenue.

    1. The ss starts with prolific pandering to blog, then proceeds to take the dump upon Breirbart it intended it's post to be.

      This "sir" has a stick, but it aint sweet at all.

    2. Disable java and cookies functions, before you open Breitbart.

      Try this, and quit your bitching.

  4. Hispanics in El Paso are buying guns and taking concealed training in record numbers since the massacre. Guns save lives.

  5. The only thing they'll get (and they wont like it), will be the unsealing of violent juvenile records.

    1. Oh, baby, ck, you nailed it.

      Prepare for the tumultous outcry on protecting the children!!!!

      And the path leading to shining light upon the effects public education has upon them!!!!

      This is a can of worms akin to that Pandora twit's Box!!!!

  6. Yes, what is up with Matt Drudge? I barely read it anymore. I like your analysis of what the President is doing.

  7. SJM -- What you said, only it should have read:

    "I like your ACCURATE analysis of what the President is doing."

  8. Unfortunately the NICS laws exempts juvenile records. I have written my reps about that. Also the NICS law seems to have limited ability to challenge your lost of 2nd Amendment rights just as the No Fly List and red flag laws. Benjamin Franklin's, "That it is better 100 guilty Persons should escape than that one innocent Person should suffer" is a Maxim that has been long and generally approved except for gun control laws

  9. CDM wrote, "Hi Don, I really object to the gutter language you are allowing on your blog comments. Would you allow this language to enter your home?"

    I agree. I try to police it.

    I deleted the offensive comment -- and CDM's comment because he included the F-bomb

    1. So, Don, you got double the pleasure!!!!

      Hoisting the one upon it's own petard!!!

      And you owe this all to the initial naughty post!!!!

      Ironical, aint it?

  10. We don't need more gun control, we need more criminal control.
    The dems need to provide an answer to this question. They control all the big cities with strict gun control and the worst crime and gun violence. Chicago has a ban on so-called assault rifles and have disarmed their law abiding citizens. The City puts mass shooters to shame. Rahm Emmanuel's solution? Ask gang bangers to not shoot their weapons around children. Baltimore is setting a new record after five years of over 300 murders each year. Their solution asking criminals to have a cease fire over a weekend. They had two deaths that weekend. If the dems would solve their own gun violence then they can come and lecture us.

    1. The democrats are solving the only problem that is a problem to them: being denied the powers to graft.

      Thus, the democrats gain and retain this power of the authority to tax, aka, graft, by NOT solving the real life problems and by exascerbating these real life & death problems.

      This is all the democrats do.

      This is all the democrats have ever done.

      This is all the democrats will ever do.

      Graft is their goal.

      The republicans who have participated in this graft guzzling are no different.

      Hence, MAGA.

      MAGA, and only MAGA is going boldly where the grafters need for no one to go.

      MAGA, and only MAGA, is True American Spirit.

      MAGA, and only MAGA, is the purpose of True Americans All.

      Any and all who oppose MAGA are clearly grafters, and grafter wannabees.

      The only vital question that matters to True Americans is: Are you MAGA worthy or not?

      MAGA worthy vote MAGA.

      The unworthy vote anything not MAGA or do not vote at all.

      And the unworthy of MAGA do not even have to be breathing, do not even have to be American citizens, do not even have to have ever existed, do ot even have to vote merely once with one name, do not even have to be conscious, do not even have to be aware that they voted, do not even have to be human.

      That is the grafter way.








      Conflate and Confuse and Coagulate.

      Thus, the blood shedding of many is, to the democrat grafters, merely the lubricant they use to keep their grafting machines humming.

      So, no so!utions to real life problems from the grafters. None.

      To the grafters, their is only one problem: MAGA.

      Be MAGA.

      Be the problem for the grafters, all of them, to which there is no solution for them, but to wither and flee into their grafter slime dens.

    2. Exactly. MAGA is pro-freedom and anti-government. All government does is ruin lives and steal money. Trump redefined and clarified the struggle. It's Deplorables vs. the Uniparty swamp. Period. Gary B

    3. Well, gb, you almost had a bullseye there, but you jinked a bit.

      Likely a twitch when thinking about the grafterings that have been so egregious and so arrogant.

      Government, in and of itself, is not totally the same as grafters inc.

      MAGA government is government as enumerated by our Constitution.

      Most governments we peasants experience is from not quite MAGA to totally not MAGA.

      No, no lecture on this is needed.

      We all, MAGA that is, know well what the scum does, and we know them by their acts. Their words are always the vomitus of grafters.

      So, MAGA can restore government to it's proper place: as the servant of the nation's citizens.

      Focus on the bullseye.

      Steady ànd calmy resolved.

      You, as all other MAGA are who MAGA is and upon whom MAGA succeeds.

      The grafters won't stop grafting, even after they die, as they pass their grafting cravings on to their progeny, and any others who are so inclined.

    4. The government, as currently practiced, not the better, theoretical one. - Gary B

    5. This did not happen overnight, gb.

      Our Founding Fathers conceived, composed and enumerated an elegant Bill of Rights, and an effective Constitution.

      AND anticipated that human nature would be the thing that could screw it all up.

      Thus, We, MAGA, live UP to our Bill of Rights, whilst others try to drag it down to their base human nature depths.

      Foundation of our Bill of Rights is where MAGA is built.

      Thus, those craving graft, a base human nature, strive to destroy this Foundation.

      MAGA will not allow this.

      Only base grafting human nature can do this, and only by destroying itself in the process.

      MAGA is real life and Bill of Rights in action.

      Grafting grafters are slow to swift decay unto death.

      Death comes to all bodies, yet, the grafters scurry hastily to bring it sooner than later. This is how delusional they all are.

      Disregard the grafters and their minions, unless, and until, their tomfooleries require neccessary response and, then, respond as needed. As needed, not as baited.

      They are the rabbits and We, MAGA, are the Tortoise!!!!

      WE provide what ALL need to live.

      They depreciate this and still we provide.

      MAGA knows this.

      MAGA provides opportunity for them to appreciate.

      To Appreciate precisely what our Bill of Rights enumerates.

      The grafters dig their own holes and try to pull everyone down into them.

      MAGA does the opposite.

      Each chooses.

      Thus, elections do result in results, which do result in consequences.