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Saturday, August 03, 2019

Shedding Obama

Democrats are tossing the 44th president aside like an old newspaper.

Deservedly. He shed people like they were tissues.

He also has a disdain for his fellow countrymen that befits a Prince Charles or evidently Prince Harry, who is rapidly becoming just as insufferable.

Obama failed the country because instead of healing the nation, he opened old wounds. His election was a milestone for race relations that he turned into a millstone because he branded any and all critics as racists.

Conservatives can take comfort in knowing Democrats are more upset because he failed to fundamentally transform America into a socialist state.

Obamacare was a failure because it had no focus. LBJ was smart enough to focus Medicare on helping the elderly and Medicaid on helping the poor.

But just what was the stated purpose of Obamacare? Free birth control? We could have done that without flipping the health insurance industry upside down.

Of course, the real purpose was to be another step toward socialist medicine. Obamacare's failure set that movement back a generation.

While Obamacare and Obama were a letdown for Democrats, President Donald John Trump has done everything Republicans asked for. He's appointed scores of federal judges as he fundamentally transforms the third branch of government into a bastion of conservatism.

Unnecessary regulations are falling like autumn leaves.

The tax rollback is real and causing the economy to party like it is 19-69.

Democrats are jealous, and they are angry at Obama for not doing as much for them as Donald Trump has done for Republicans.

Democrats also realize Obama's excesses birthed the Trump presidency, much like Carter's ineptitude led to Reagan.

The knives came out in the second night of this week's Democrat debates. And they stuck.

Jeff Zucker, whose CNN hosted the event, was alarmed. He had Jeff Zeleny and Kevin Liptak try to rescue the night with a piece on Friday, "Blistering criticism of Obama highlights dramatic shift inside Democratic Party."

CNN reported, "Obama has privately expressed some disapproval of what he views as unrealistic proposals from some Democratic candidates, according to a source familiar with those conversations."

That source evidently is Zucker.

The report continued, "From health care to immigration to trade, key accomplishments of the Obama administration came under fire and faced a sometimes-unflattering re-examination by candidates eager to keep their campaigns alive by trying to prove their progressive credentials.

"Their direct target wasn't Obama himself, but rather his former Vice President Joe Biden, who leads a large pack of Democrats looking to distinguish themselves in the party's crowded presidential primary fight. Biden has tied himself closely to Obama, casually referring to his former boss as Barack in a bid to illustrate their closeness and benefit from his popularity.

"The flipside of that strategy, it turns out, is tarnishing the very record Biden hopes to ride into the White House."

The reality that Obama failed has not hit Rahm Emanuel.

He told CNN, "I would not treat the Obama years as something to be airbrushed out of history. Every one of these things needs to be built upon."


How do you build on Obamacare?

How do you build on Solyndra?

How do you build on that Beer Summit?

How do you build on ISIS?

The answer is you don't. You raze the shack and start all over again.

And the party has. AOC is the heart of the party, not Obama. He will pick the nominee. She will write the platform. I doubt this will work out well, but we shall see.


  1. Thanks for reminding of the "Beer Summit"... which showed the Bamster to be fully sophomoric. And he never got much better. Enjoy your millions, little Mr. President.

    1. Never got much better? He went down hill like a dive bomber.
      That was his pinnacle of success.

  2. Obama: ‘At Some Point, You’ve Made Enough Money’
    But not for himself and Michelle. Loving their celebrity lifestyle.

  3. I like the milestone/ millstone thing. better than alliteration.

    what's funny and illustrative of liberal stupidity is the b.s of Obama's deportation numbers. in order to pretend he was tough on enforcement, Mr soetaro changed accounting procedures.

    like when bill Clinton removed fuel and food from inflation measurements because the prices were too volatile.

    excuse me but that's exactly what an inflation index is supposed to measure, volatility.

    another example from liberal corruptifornia, we are only going to tax the rich. after 50 years of that, the franchise tax board managed to trim down the definition of rich to 30,000 year single income.

    30k a year single income in corruptifornia means you rent a room in someone's garage. and you ride buses and trains.

    but back to Barack, he counted as a deportation everyone who got turned away, while parties of hundreds at a time did the cha cha Cha past checkpoints.

    the only ones fooled seems to be the liberal morons.

    strange but true.


  4. Excellent column as usual Don-

    But one part amused me: "...President Donald John Trump has done everything Republicans asked for."

    There's the rub! He's done what the establishment R's have "officially" desired, but which they never legislate into reality even when Republicans hold both houses! It's what they *say* but not what they *do.*

    I can see Tom Donahue, the Chamber of Commerce CEO, stabbing voodoo dolls with orange faces & yellow hair each night before bed, but he still has nightmares that Donald J. Trump is president; then he wakes up & his nightmare is true!

    Even Cocaine Mitch, good as he's been with judges, isn't on board with many of Pres. Trump's proposals & ideas.

    It's probable that the real reason that Rep. Ratcliffe was withdrawn from consideration for DNI was that the establishment R's wouldn't get behind him, in fear that he'd stir the pot too much, and reveal the depth of corruption in both parties. Can't allow that to happen, so Mitch shot that nomination down!

    1. Yes, but all we need Congress for is tax reform (which did benefit the rich, but all Americans as well), a grand compromise bill on immigration ending chain migration and funding the wall, and probably letting the DACA kids stay in exchange, and something on breaking up the tech companies. The executive can handle everything else.

      We'll get those last two in Trump's second term.

  5. Thanks for the Beer Summit reminder, and that the Halfrican invited Skip Gates to come in the back yard for brewskies.

  6. But colleges students think Obungler was the best president in history

    That pretty much tells you all you need to know about America's colleges. - GOC

    1. many college students think history began at Woodstock.

      and can't find Korea on a map.

      sad but true.


  7. Obama has become Trotsky. He too was "reasonable". But O need not fear the pickaxe at midnight. The once seedy politiboro has morphed into splendid Oligarchy.
    On the Rostra below, Warren Sanders Harris AOC brandish their flimsy swords of recycled paper,shrieking to the mob: to the gulag with the rich. Let them die mining gold for you in the permafrost and the loot they have stolen We will make yours!
    But Lo! From high in dark blue orbit, the Two-day God of Wapo has thrown his thunderbolt of disapproval. No gold pits for him or his amicae!
    Once one has ascended to the golden halls of Olympus,the view and accomodations are seen to be so fine one can never find a reason to descend.
    Ask Michelle. She feels the same way now.

    1. Gotta love "reasonable" Trosky, his Marxism was just less bureaucratic than Stalinism.

    2. Right. From what I read, Stalin also hated him because he could argue the dialects of Marxism better and had an insufferable ego. Obama had the latter but could not argue any thing persuasively. Like Stalin He didn't create a consensus on a single issue.
      But This is why the left idolizes S and the power he had: He didn't have to convince anybody of anything. Like Yul Brenner as Rhamses, he had only to say "So let it be written, so let it be done".
      They are angry at Obama that he didn't act like Yul, as though he could have, which of course he could not,something they find incomprehensible.
      They are a great danger to the US and the world. Some day I hope we have it out but times are too good for that now thanks to DT. He has in away saved their worthless asses along with those of the worthy.

  8. Things that will happen AFTER Hell freezes over, Part 132: Henry Louis Gates, Jr. does a Finding Your Roots on Barack’s family tree. HA HA HA HA HA!!!

  9. “I doubt this will work out well, but we shall see.”

    I hope this doesn’t work out well.

  10. Great piece Mr. Surber. Why then, is compromised aggregator Matt Drudge subtly inferring this is all a charade until they pull out the secret weapon- Michelle. That would be like re-electing him! She'd be nothing more than a front woman for the communist mob that failed last time. It's a dreadful thought. She'd have better protection from the media than the secret service. Ugh.

    1. If Michelle is evaluating a run, that last debate may have forestalled her. The dem candidates are turning on the Obama presidency for which she would be a proxy.

  11. It should have been no surprise to anyone that a man who reached his mid-40's without accomplishing anything other than self-advancement would continue that pattern as POTUS.

    Obama went to Columbia and Harvard Law School. He was president of the Harvard Law Review. So what did he accomplish at Columbia and Harvard?

    Nothing. Nothing we know of, anyway. His records at both places are sealed. He didn’t publish anything in the Harvard Law Review. Neither of his memoirs mentions any accomplishments he made while attending those places.

    Obama brags about having been a community organizer, but what did he accomplish during his time in the South Side of Chicago?


    What did Obama accomplish as a state senator in Illinois?


    What did Obama accomplish as a US Senator?


    I was a liberal Democrat back in 2008. My opinion back then was that the clothes had no emperor. My opinion was (of course) denounced as racist.

  12. well, he did make it out of Chitcago without being indicted. that's gotta be worth something.

    I tried to tell people, I don't care if he claims to be the Easter bunny, you can't trust someone from Chitcago with the keys to the money machine.

    he proved me right on that.


    1. I actually had an Obama supporter tell me back in early 2008 that Obama was something rare in politics - someone who was uncorrupted and pure.

      I told him, "Dude! He's from CHICAGO. Finding a uncorrupted and pure politician in Chicago is like finding a virgin hooker."

    2. and then he yacked that there was no such thing as voter fraud.

      in Chicago.

      the town that coined, "bring out your dead" b4 Monty python was born.



  13. "... as Donald Trump has done for Republicans."

    I would have said, "as Donald Trump has done for Americans."

  14. I did some research on Obama way back when and I figured out why he moved to Chicago - he says he went there to be a community organizer. What he neglects to mention is that he was there to help reelect Harold Washington. Obama's job was get black voters in the South Side to register to vote and then get them to go vote for the first black mayor of Chicago.

    When Harold Washington dropped dead unexpectedly, Obama packed up and left for Harvard Law School. But by the time he left for school he had made some new friends who had influence in Cook County. Billy Ayres and Jeremiah Wright were two of his new friends.

    But what I was never able to figure out was who Obama made friends with around 2002. In 2000 Obama got his clock cleaned when he tried to challenge Bobby Rush in the congressional primary.

    Suddenly in 2002 Obama was assembling some high-priced talent to run his campaign for the US Senate. Almost overnight Obama went from being a nobody state senator to being a contender in a US Senate race.

    Whoever his mysterious new friend was that person had national pull in the Democrat party. Someone who could put Obama on the stage at the 2004 DNC convention as the keynote speaker.

    None of the stories about Obama mention this person but the evidence indicates the presence of an object with enough gravitational pull to substantially affect the movements of other objects.

  15. How can we forget "overseas contingency operations" and its affect on homeland security?