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Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Saving Hong Kong

There is not much America can do for Hong Kong. It is an internal affair. We cannot send troops or even rattle sabers. Speeches at the UN are mere virtue signalling.

But what we can do is cause the Red Chinese regime to collapse, and I believe that is the true, unstated goal of President Donald John Trump.

Never forget his first lawyer Roy Cohn was his political mentor. Cohn prosecuted the Rosenbergs, who were executed for giving Stalin the atomic bomb. Liberals never forgave Cohn.

So what?

President Trump's plan for Red China took more than a year to set up. He strengthened the American economy through the rollback of unnecessary regulations. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 halted the exodus of company headquarters and brought a few back to the States.

Once he put in place the forces to Make America Great Again -- which we the people are doing -- he went after Red China with gusto.

His tariffs are working. His first pick for secretary of labor, Andy Pudzer (Cleveland State '75) and former Republican Senator Jim Talent have a progress report in the Wall Street Journal via Dinocrat.

They wrote, "President Trump’s tariffs and other sanctions are hitting China at a vulnerable moment. The Chinese National Bureau of Statistics reported July 15 that gross domestic product grew by 6.2% in the second quarter, China’s slowest growth since 1992. The actual picture is much cloudier. Beijing has for years cooked the books to make the regime’s performance look better, and they are undoubtedly doing the same now."

6% growth is not what it seems. Under the rule of 72, it would take 12 years to double its numbers.

They wrote, "Even 6% growth would fall short of the Chinese Communist Party’s ambitions. While China has grown richer, it is still a relatively poor country. Per capita GDP is $10,000, below Romania’s. Even at 6% growth, it would take decades for China to catch up with its capitalist neighbors Taiwan ($26,000), South Korea ($32,000), Japan ($41,000) and Hong Kong ($49,000), let alone the U.S. ($62,000)."

And of course the USA's economy will continue to grow unless we elect another fool like Obama. Per capita GDP did not grow over his 8 year regime. The Wall Street numbers were inflated by the Fed's pouring of trillions of dollars into the stock market.

Per capita GDP shows Red China's population, not its manufacturing, gives it the appearance of being the No. 2 economy in the world. Communism will always prevent it from becoming a prosperous nation.

Indeed, Putzer and Talent wrote, "With declining growth, Beijing is reaping what it has sown. For two decades after the death of Mao Zedong, the party injected a degree of freedom into China’s moribund economy.

"But there is a limit to how much control the socialist regime is willing to sacrifice. It refused to create a private banking system or an independent legal system. It won’t privatize the vast state-owned enterprises that account for about 30% of China’s economy, serve the regime’s goals and enrich political elites."

President Trump knows this. He really is a very sane genius who sees things as they are.

The column said, "The tariffs are working. Big tech companies are taking their manufacturing out of China; retailers are pulling out as well. The Chinese National Bureau of Statistics reports that in July Chinese factory activity declined for the third month in a row.

"That means fewer jobs. The South China Morning Post recently reported that economists at China International Capital Corp., an investment bank, say China’s industrial sector has lost five million jobs in the past year, nearly two million of them because of the trade war with the U.S."

Meanwhile, President Trump has befriended Kim Jong Un who is the dictator of Red China's favorite puppet, North Korea. Its per capita GDP is $1,700, roughly 5% of South Korea's.

But with South Korea's help, a de-nuclearized North Korea could surpass Red China in per capita GDP quickly with an infusion of factories that take advantage of cheap but still Korean labor. Peeling North Korea from Red China's control would humiliate the communists.

Hong Kong is a key. Its stronger-than-Japan's economy protects it from the tanks rolling in. Red China needs Hong Kong's economic output to keep communism afloat.

The USSR had the same problem with Eastern Europe in the late 1980s, which led to the Soviet collapse.

The Soviet Union lasted 74 years.

Red China is in its 70th.


  1. Mr. T’s stamina is fookin unbelievable. I’m heading up for a nap in a few. He’ll still be kicking ass in The Swamp when I get up. Thank you Lord for PDJT.

  2. Hey, Don--

    I think you mean the Rosenbergs, not Rosensteins.

    1. Projection, a certain cretin needs to have a seat just like the Rosenbergs.

  3. Rosenbergs were the traitors Roy Cohn prosecuted, you mean, although I fully understand your confusion of their name with the high ranking employee of DOJ whose conduct may well have been equally traitorous, albeit in a different sense.

    Don, was the mistake intentional?

    1. No. I am embarrasssed to the core. Seriously. Thanks for the heads up. I will fix.

    2. Rosenstein/Rosenburg so what everyone knew who you meant. Its just a sign of age I do it a lot myself.

  4. Screw the Chicoms ion every way possible short of going to actual war.

  5. Good big picture long game stuff Don. I agree w you. This is the big geopolitical issue today maybe of the year. While the ms media mental midgets obsess over the minor tariffs issue, you give your readers material of substance. Well done

  6. 6% growth is what the Chinese tell us. They don't open their books for examination so we don't really know if they're growing at all. We DO know they've had several banks collapse lately and China is scrambling for the dollars it requires to buy raw materials, oil and food.

    Their outflow of dollars may be a reason behind their not buying our ag products.

    The CIA told us during the cold war that the USSR would overtake the US. It was inevitable. The USSR was on the ascent. The US on the decline. CIA claimed the USSR's rapidly growing economy was 65% as big as the US advising Reagan NOT to launch the Star Wars project. We were too weak. Reagan didn't believe the CIA. Increased military spending caused the USSR to collapse. Turned out it was only 5% of our size. Socialists lie (as do our "intelligence" agencies).

    The United Soviet SOCIALIST Republic was different from the Chinese Communist/Socialist government only in that the Chinese had a direct pipeline to siphon off US wealth and jobs. China has not shown the ability to innovate new products or revolutionize manufacturing productivity to create wealth. Left to their own devices, their quality control is lousy and no Chinese company cares.

    Trump is closing the pipeline valve. China, like all socialist economies, does not produce. It destroys by consuming what society based on private ownership has created. OUR private ownership.

    Trump is a dragon slayer. I think we'll learn that Trump correctly sized China up as a paper dragon totally dependent on stealing from the US.

    1. totally agree. all good points. if you always do the opposite of the CIA's advice, you will be far more right than wrong.

  7. Did you see the protesters in Hong Kong waving the American flag and singing our National Anthem. FFS, we can't even get democrats to do either one; maybe we can make a swap.

  8. Be VERY careful what you wish for. If China collapses the world will follow though not collapse.

    If all that happens before the election then Trump is toast. I think that's why Trump just postponed the latest tariff increases.

    Our economy is slowing fast. The yield curve has inverted a sure sign of recession coming within one year or less.

    Have you ever seen the FED lower interest rates in a boom? I haven't. They are the real culprits not Trump. But the public doesn't realize that.

  9. I pray that the democrats don’t steal the election. We need 4 more years (and hopefully many more
    Than that) to transform the world.

  10. Don, Hong Kong is not the powerhouse it used to be and in Red China there are several other cities which also have large investment centres. Hong Kong is therefore, to the Chinese, not uniquely needed anymore. Hence the original order to the Administrator to make Hong Kong come under extradition rules of Red China. Hong Kong IS a part of Red China. cdm.

  11. Frank Lutz asked Trump, "have you ever asked God for forgiveness".

    Trump said, "I'm not sure I have. I just go on trying to do better...."

    Nuf said about Mr. Trump the savior of the fundamentalists.

    1. "If I do something wrong I don't bring God into that picture, I just try to fix it."

      So much for savior Trump.

    2. Trump's pastor was Norman Vincent Peale the prosperity preacher. Now succeeded by Joel Osteen the think it and believe it preacher.

      Just think it, believe it, and you will be it.

      That's Trumponomics. It will usher in the Democrat rule in DC that will bankrupt the nation.

      Thanks Mr. Trump. Always bet against Donald John Trump the prosperity believer.

    3. When you see the utterly disgraced criminal Ralph Reed among the people praying over Trump in the Oval Office, you know you've been had.

      So lap it up fools. You truly have been had. Completely and utterly had. Trump knows your in his pocket. He will keep you there regardless of what he does.

    4. So.

      This one is to be a double dose of begging for mockery, times twice?

      Will you not go for the doubled thrice trifecta?

      You cannot win iffa you no play!!!!

  12. my sense is Trump will use any slaughter in HK as an excuse to ban all Chinese goods entering the US, out right. Plus get them kicked out of the WTO. In my view, China is checkmated at this point:
    1) they roll the tanks in, and lose the US market (and maybe the EU, too); their economy collapses and the commies are put out of power
    2) they don't roll the tanks, and the freedom movement spreads to the mainland, and the commies are put out of power

    1. Either way, revolutions are never bloodless.

      Will the ChiComs make the soviet collapse seem elegantly civilized in comparision?

  13. The Chinese want Trump gone. Anyone who thinks they won't be meddling in next year's elections is dumber than a bag of Fredos.

  14. It's a nice pipe dream but it's not going to happen. Right now china is demonstrating to the world it's not adverse to using its military might to solve problems. China will not let go of the Norks either. What we see now is the Un-one breaking wins on China's command. If China was to go belly up, they would use their military numbers to lash out in Asia and dare anyone to complain. It should also be remembered that the disloyal opposition has been collaborating with China to remove Trump and his America first policies from office. If China starts anything, you can count on the opposition supporting them.

    1. they can't move many troops out of the mainland otherwise other factions will move internally to take over territory.

  15. So, Don.

    You figured it out.

    Limit the quantity of posted articles on your face page, shunting past articles to require a click on the "older pages", and, Presto!!, you reduce the opportunity for lingering, drawn out comment dick fencing!!!


    The bonus for you: perusing the few articles on your front page for knuckleheaded comments reduces the time it takes you to do so, and, thus, increases the time you have availible to do your thing!!!!

    MAGA thinking there, Bucko, Mega MAGA thinking!!!!!

    1. Hmm. If only I were that smart. A dear reader complained about GIFs taking up band width. I looked for a way to reduce that. I dropped the number of posts on first page from 27 down to 6. Should help speed things up.

    2. Well, if it makes sense to you, even if you did not think of it, then, when you agree with it, you now make it your own!!!

      After all, how else does anyone learn anything most of the time?

  16. My heart breaks for those Hong Kongers who thought they'd keep the freedoms they once enjoyed, but as usual the Commies make promises they don't keep.

    The "One Country, Two Systems" promise, that was supposed to last 50 years after the turnover from the Brits, is a perfect example; what the Chinese really promised was, "One Country, One System, Like It or Die."

    Sadly, there is nothing President Trump can do; his hands are tied. I only hope that Don is right when he said, "Hong Kong is a key. Its stronger-than-Japan's economy protects it from the tanks rolling in. Red China needs Hong Kong's economic output to keep communism afloat."

    I am more pessimistic. It seems to me that many will die, and Hong Kong's death will be violent, convulsive, and bloody. It won't be the first time that a totalitarian regime has killed the goose that laid the golden eggs. They are scared to death of people that aren't under their control!

    May God help those in Hong Kong yearning to preserve their freedom!