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Friday, August 30, 2019

Prosecute Comey

Jimmy the Weasel Comey is laughing at America. And why not? He started a coup that failed and walks away with a million bucks from a book deal, and a smug look on his face knowing that the FBI is free to sabotage the next presidency if it chooses.

The inspector general's report is This Will Go On Your Permanent Record punishment.

Maybe there is another report on the Fake FISA Filings that will get him later, but I live in the real world and for now, I see a great injustice.

Comey is a free weasel, and the toast of the left for now (but don't think for a moment they have forgotten his last-minute re-opening of the case against Hillary in the 2016 election).

Kimberley A. Strassel of the Wall Street Journal wrote, "Of all the tall tales James Comey has told, none compare to the line he fed President Trump at their infamous January 2017 dinner. As recounted in the former Federal Bureau of Investigation director’s memo about that evening, 'I said I don’t do sneaky things, I don’t leak, I don’t do weasel moves.'

"The Justice Department’s inspector general begs to differ. In a new report about Mr. Comey’s handling of those memos, Michael Horowitz demonstrates that Mr. Comey in 2017 was consistently leaky and sneaky. The report refutes any claim that the then-director was justified in taking these actions. He repeatedly, and knowingly, broke the rules."

Sadly, that is all the inspector general did. Comey got the last laugh. He is above the law. He earned that by keeping the Clintons above the law.

Under Comey, the FBI decided to ignore and destroy the mountain range of evidence that Hillary was engaged in peddling state secrets to Red China. Those 30,000 emails were not missing. They were sent to a Red Chinese company. And the cover story that they were sent by an IT as a "test" is an outrageous lie swallowed by those desperate to believe such treachery could not happen here.

It did and it continues to do so.

There is no trust in America's criminal justice system because there is nothing to trust. We have a bifurcated system where the Clintons walk free while the super-predators -- as the Clintons called criminals in the 1990s -- serve life terms after their third felony.

I can imagine a federal grand jury convening somewhere and handing down nothing but Not True Bills instead of indictments after this. How can we indict anyone for crimes when the in crowd in Washington is immune from prosecution? If laws don't matter to the Clintons and their cronies, why should they matter to the rest of us?

We must return to the Rule of Law.

President Donald John Trump should order Attorney General Bill Barr to prosecute Comey for his crimes, and if Barr won't, get an attorney general who will.


  1. Bill Barr, like Comey, is a typical swamp dweller. He's not going to prosecute one of his own.

    1. There is more MAGA in a box of Ritz crackers than in this prissy missy "carltoon".

  2. Decisions like this will radicalize us normals.

    1. Be radical, lyncinco.

      2020 is the year of Trap A Rat.

      Election Fraud is the trap.

      The bait is the democrats' hubris.

      State by Sovereign State, set the Traps.

      MAGA 2020 will be the spring that snaps those rat traps and the democrats' frauds will be the trigger plates.

      Then, MAGA 2020 onward will be the cleanup.

      Trap A Rat.

  3. game isn't over yet.

    feds never rush into court. they build their cases slowly and grind them exceedingly fine.

    relax. have a nice labor day. get with your families and light some fire. throw on dead beast.

    that's quality time. enjoy it. don't worry about Washington tomfoolery. its frustrating and ruins your stoke.

    have a great weekend. you know how much they hate the pursuit of happiness. get some and enjoy it to the fullest.

    just to spite the pecksniffian and social weinies. have some cold ones. don't drive. lot of drunks out there.



    1. Thank you for the optimism. Mine has been sagging. I will fish, grill, fish, enjoy my granddaughter’s second birthday and fish some more.

    2. Like it worked out for IRS retiree Lois Lerner? Eric Holder? Loretta Lynch? Boston FBI Agent-in-Charge Robt Mueller? Uranium One Clinton Foundation Hillary Clinton? Ukranian Board member Hunter Biden? Chinese Hedge private equity buyer of US defense companies Partner Hunter Biden? ...... yeah sure.....

    3. Cackmatt.

      Living in the past.

      Never been, for anyone's living lifetime, a MAGA President.

      Even those still living and collecting social security for decades did not have a MAGA President.

      We do.

      Get up to the present.

      Or wallow in the past.

      You choose.

  4. Comey worked at the discretion of Obama not Clinton. It is his presence in the background of the assault on Trump that has freed Comey for now.
    Barr is making a political decision. Trump may not agree with it but Barr knows he cannot be fired, especially with Impeachment in the wings. In fact Trump called Barr fair today. Why Barr did what he did he will explain at some point.
    Comey will become a resistance hero to the left for protecting Obama. They have known all along who was the wheel man waiting at the curb with the engine running.
    Comey will be the Buck stops here guy of the resistance. He will get really rich.
    Unless Barr has some Fisa dirt he can leverage, Comey will in fact skate completely.
    Perhaps he will have his own show on CNN then buy a Vineyard mansion next to his dark master, be the tallest guy at all the parties.
    It is the way the world most often works sorry to say
    But,credit where credit is due. Obama is the hidden persuader, not Bill.

    1. Barr is making a political decision. Trump may not agree with it but Barr knows he cannot be fired, especially with Impeachment in the wings.

      ICYMI even Fatty Nadler has given up on impeachment.

      Comey will become a resistance hero to the left for protecting Obama. They have known all along who was the wheel man waiting at the curb with the engine running.

      This assumes Zippy is a resistance hero.

      Comey will be the Buck stops here guy of the resistance. He will get really rich.

      He's at 14 min, 59 sec.

      Unless Barr has some Fisa dirt he can leverage, Comey will in fact skate completely.

      Facts say otherwise, but Anon is still waiting for the blockbuster report from Mule Ears that will send Trump to Alcatraz right beside Al.

      Perhaps he will have his own show on CNN then buy a Vineyard mansion next to his dark master, be the tallest guy at all the parties.

      Commie News Net tried that approach. Didn't work. And I doubt he's got any more money coming.

      PS Trump waited out Mule Ears and the rest.

      What makes you think he isn't waiting out the other idiots? To paraphrase a fool, '20 is his last election. He doesn't have to worry about politics after that.

  5. While everyone wallows in their doom and gloom I will continue to be a Pollyannaish fool. He didn't get charged for a hard to prosecute jaywalking ticket? So he's good to go? They'll no doubt drop all that nasty treason stuff. Because everyone is walking, I guess that means Trump doesn't care that the cabal will take out his family when he leaves office? I shall remain an optimistic idiot. Thank you very much.

  6. I kinda wonder if the DOJ isn't still collating data. Along with comey, there's mccabe, strok, ohr, clapper, brennan, etc.
    It may be Barr, Horowitz, and Durham are just finding out how deep the septic tank goes before they call in the sump sucker.


  7. This whole thing can be defended due to being a counterintel operation.

    Doesn't mean it's a righteous defense or will be a successful one, but it gives the AG an easy out.

    Although, it is illegal for a government employee to interfere in a presidential campaign.

    It's also illegal for a government employee to use their power to deny a citizen's rights .

  8. ....From A Retired LEO....
    You dont file the DWI on the guy who just killed his wife at home......The DWI charge (while a valid charge) can corrupt the charges of the much larger Murder Case.
    ...You take your time to investigate & file the higher charges....These people were all part of a Conspiracy to Commit SEDITION....

    1. Thank you for your insight. I used to be over the top optimistic. I am now cautiously so.

    2. Been a state prosecutor for over 30 years. An early charge of a defendant a panoply of rights a suspect does not have. This is just a so-called process crime. Seems to me you have more leverage on the guy if he does not know how you intend to proceed and also does not know what you know about his activities. If you charge him now, you may have to make premature disclosures.

      Only reason to charge now would be to hold him so he does not flee. He cannot go anywhere.

      Besides, if you are looking to go after higher ups in the food chain, why tip your hand now.

    3. The problem is that sedition and treason have specific definitions in the US code.

      Due to that, sedition may not fly. It just depends in how they can make "by force" mean things other than by physical means.

      It could fly, though, because the US code does state the phrase "physical force" in regards to assault making a de facto distinction between use of force and use of physical force.

    4. Your problem, tex, and you milk it like a kitten on mother's nipple.

      And you're not yet ready to be burped?


    5. Treason is defined in the US Constitution. The cabal may, or may not, have fulfilled with some of their acts, but it is questionable given what we know. Sedition, however, is defined in Law and is rather broad. It is certain that what they tried was sedition. However, other charges may be more effective against the cabal.

  9. ....Man robs a bank and grabs the chained pen on the way out... Does he get charged for the pen ?

    1. Just curious, who is that for?

      The pen is superfluous and has no real bearing.

      The assumption, it appears, is that Comey et al ate being lined up for more serious charges.

      There is nothing on that assumption to validate other than hope.

      Just so that we are all on the same page, compare how long it took from the time it was revealed that the Rosenburgs were spies to arrest to conviction to execution.

      This example makes the arguments that we need to wait to investigate rather weak, especially when you account for the continual AG denials to charge anyone for anything.

      OK, you say, that's different.

      What about Nixon and Watergate.

      From discovery of the crime to convictions was about 3 years. Final appeals lasted till 1977.

      I have no faith and I see no examples currently that anything like the Rosenburgs or Watergate investigations and trials will be repeated.

      What I see is the process of making everything legal and just policy and procedure violations. Moreover, the specific targeting of the Tea Party groups by the IRS (self admitted) with no legal action further confirms this.

    2. MAGA is not faith, larry.

      MAGA is trust and confidence that Americans are not feeble, pathetic, simple minded drama queens, addicted to the juices of pathos stimulated by repeated self indulgence in playing pity party games.

      Live life as Americans do. As MAGA Americans do.

      And kick the addiction to the juices.

    3. Show me anything diffrrent, susan.

    4. Tex is approaching bobywhatzit level!!!

      Oh, the humanity!!!!

    5. I do not understand the issue here.

      Just because I am pessimistic about the outcome of spygate does not inherently mean I am anti-Trump.

      Trump, in my opinion, is darn near the last hope we have at righting the ship.

      It would be nice if y'all could actually converse instead of juvenile, insipid attacks.

      No examples, no nothing but invective.

      Come on.

      Show me an example, any example, of why we should be positive about this?


    6. Your pissimism + "y'all" + the presumptive "we" + your current obessessive urgency to "converse" ona subject still thoroughly not known to any but those who are living it + your babbling on and on being precisely what you are complaining about others doing, instead of "conversing" to your standards of conversation = Susan!!!!

      Or at least Susan's cousin, Myrtle!!!!

      MAGA don't play Susan pissmistic games.

      So, larry, why are you?

  10. No surprises here.

    We knew Hillary would walk after destroying data demanded in a federal subpoena. Hell, we knew the person who was supposed to prosecute her met with Bill Clinton in Phoenix.

    We knew Bill would walk after perjuring himself in a federal court.

    The I.R.S. was weaponized against conservative organizations, admitted to and ignored.

    Guns were provided to drug gangs by government agents - no prosecutions.

    Comey has admitted to disclosing information to a friend for the express purpose of providing it to the media so that a special prosecutor would be assigned to investigate (non-existent) collusion with Russia.

    The cherry on top is the statute of limitations on perjury, five years, expired for ex-DNI Clapper on March 13, 2018. He had lied to Congress about spying on American citizens.

    It's time to grasp reality by the ears. There is no justice in the swamp - we'd have seen it by now. At least, we should have seen it before March 13, 2018.

    We'll listen to a bunch of tongue wagging and see some aggressive posturing but in the end, we know nothing meaningful will be done to change the status quo.

    Even if there is a small change, whose going to defend our rights in the future. The snowflakes - they cry if they see a banana peel in a tree.

    I'll point out the lies I hear because I find them offensinve and I'll try to strategize ways to make things better because I like solving problems, but mostly I'm going to enjoy the tax cuts and availability of products that make my life a little better. POTUS has given us a reprieve, but nobody can stop this country from becoming a Socialist shit-hole. There's just too many idiots.

    1. ".....but nobody can stop this country from becoming a Socialist shit-hole. There's just too many idiots."

      Which is why it will not be the nobodies who will stop OUR nation from devolving into a shithole nation.

      It will be MAGA someones, MAGA not idiots, MAGA Americans, ALL not idiots.

      Be MAGA.

      Be not an idiot.

      Try it.

      You'll like it.

  11. The laws don't apply to Democrats.

    1. Bobbywhatzit!!!

      Scores a point!!!!

      Gets a prize!!!!

      Pat on da ass!!!

      Just one.

      No lingering.

      Now do the law of gravity!!!!

  12. One method of getting people to flip is to dangle the threat of a long life in jail. If they do flip, but do not produce, they then be charged noting the delay due to promises of cooperation that never occurred.

    Another way is to charge and arrest, then dangle light sentences with possible no jail time.

    Not sure if A happened, but B is definitely not happening.

    Of course, there has to be a prosecutable offense with the prosecutors on board and so far, the prosecutors are not on board.

    1. Not publicly "on board", as far as we, the public, are aware of, at this time.

      Politics as sport is intrinsic Vegas, baby!!!

    2. I'll give you that, but things are not indicating anything else.

    3. Well, tex, ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

      From some indicatings, the indications are one thing.

      From sme other indicatings, the indications are another thing.

      Thus, seeing that this miraculous internet places the seeing of everything, including all indicating things, you gotta do what you gotta do.

      Now, can ya give me a tea reading while you are seeing everything, indicatively speaking?

      Or do you prefer throwing dem chicken bones?

      Or, maybe, dem I Ching sticks?

      Or just toking a bong and having a dream?

    4. Give me a concrete example of what I say is wrong.

      It would be better than just the drivel.

    5. So, tex, here is what you are saying:

      If being yourself is wrong, you don't want to be right.

      Here is what I said:

      No one knows whatever any one does not know.

      You know something?


      You do not know something?


      Someone not you knows something?


      Someone not you does not know something?


      Do you think you are Susan?

    6. Anon, a reply that is not only nonsensical, by is dripping with meanness while trying badly be intelligent and neutral.

    7. And tex, floating serenely above all others, on that puffy cloud carpet of intelligent neutrality!!!


      And not a hint of nosebleed from those lofty heights!!!

      A pure politics as sports addict.

      The back seat driver sitting in a car parked because it has no engine.

      The armchair quarterback, tossing, nay, launching that perfect spiral down the field.....for a Touchdown!!!!

      And all coated in a thinly painted implied MAGA perspective!!!

      Tex, dude, is a dud.

  13. To understand Comey and everything involved, one must realize the FBI changed from a law enforcement organization to a domestic intelligence organization.

    This change was probably in effect long before 9-11, but that event and the Patriot Act gave it real legs, real momentum.

    In 2014, it was noticed that the official FBI mission statement was changed to the actual focus that the FBI was doing in the first place.

    Paul Bresson, in 2014, was the FBI's official spokesman to publicly comment on the change.

    After 9-11 the focus of the FBI went into national security first and counter intelligence second as Bresson stated.

    So, with Trump, the this mission is warped and twisted for political ends and the counter intel op was ginned up and implemented.