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Friday, August 23, 2019

Orange Man Trumpenfreuded the press

In "Big Yellow Taxi," Joni Mitchell wrote, "Don't it always seem to go, That you don't know what you've got til its gone?" It was about a boyfriend. Every Joni Mitchell song seems to be about a boyfriend, even "Morning in Morgantown." She is the Taylor Swift of her generation only with talent.

The White House press corps has the Big Yellow Taxi Blues.

Two summers ago, they had it made. The daily press conferences by Sean Spicer and later Sarah Sanders were ratings boons. The show beat the soap operas and knockoffs of "The View" in the ratings.

But the reporters were awful to the press secretaries. Melissa McCarthy gave an ugly portrayal of Sean Spicer in skits on SNL. That was in sharp contrast to Michael J. Fox's lovable portrayal of a George Stephanopoulos-style press secretary on ABC's "Spin City" series.

Stephanopoulos now fronts ABC's news coverage. The morning shows long ago replaced the evening news as the cash cows for TV news, except on cable.

And the press dares to complain about Spicer joining "Dancing With The Stars"?

While reporters stood up for Jim Acosta's grandstanding, they did not protest when a restaurant banned Sanders and her family. I guess the Constitution only protects the press and not people discriminated against along political lines.

President Donald John Trump did not like the big ratings he gave the press. All he got in return was grief and scorn in the name of accountability. Their abuse of power and privilege though came with a price. After Sanders left, the president ended the daily freebie. Her successor was Melania's press aide but President Trump really appointed the best press agent for him.

Donald Trump.

He replaced daily briefings in a well-lit TV studio inside the White House with impromptu press availabilities with the president when he goes to board Marine One, the helicopter that will take him to Air Force One or wherever else in the capital he doesn't want to drive to.

The press is pissed.

Politico reported, "Reporters say the shift from a formal process — in which the president or his press secretary call on reporters one-by-one, without knowing what will be asked, and where follow-up questions are expected — diminishes their ability to hold him accountable."

Fact check: FALSE.

On Wednesday, for example he stood in 90-degree weather for 40 minutes to answer questions. Reporters began tweeting complaints about the heat. A 73-year-old man is in better physical shape than reporters less than half his age.

Weijia Jiang of CBS complained to Politico, "If he was at a podium, we would be pressing him after he answers the question, we would be correcting him, we would be pointing out discrepancies in previous answers, and we’re not able to do that in the chaotic setting of a departure. Many times I’ve tried to ask a follow-up question, but he’s already pointed to somebody else."

Fact check: FALSE.

Presidents always pick and choose the questions to answer, and they always play favorites. Obama ignored Fox News until the other reporters complained in a rare display of fairness.

President Trump's nearly daily briefings give reporters unprecedented access to the president in the television age.

By the way, the press does not hold the president accountable. The people and Congress do.

And the press is not the people because the press by and large holds in contempt the 46% of the voters who elected Donald Trump president.

The job of the press is to inform the people.

OK, Joni Mitchell did write at least one song that was not about an ex.

"For Free."

What a gifted composer and storyteller, as well as singer. I don't care about her politics or personal life.


  1. I've developed a sort of respect for Joni, whose use of alternate tunings (to be able to play the chords she couldn't otherwise) is pretty ingenious. And any folksinger that's backed by Pat Metheny is OK in my book.

  2. Ah yes the Chosen One can do no wrong.

    Even if he is orange! LOL. Every day Surber slobbers all over himself justifying what Trump says and does.

    And if you own a restaurant you don't have to serve everyone. Its called property rights and you get to define its boundaries.

    1. Tell that to the bakers who don't want to bake a cake for gay couples.

    2. You know that something Don's posted has hit home when the Nameless Seagullible shows up to desperately squawk and crap over the Comments section.

      Come Trump's re-election, the poor critter's liable to combust spontaneous.

    3. Given what Don's comments sections have looked like over the past several months, it would be practically everything he's posted that's hitting home.

    4. So by your reasoning it's OK for restaurants not to serve blacks. Didn't know you were a racist bigot Susan. - GOC

    5. If you have a problem with the man for the color of his skin?
      Textbook racism. Drop the mic

    6. Mop up your drool and go back to your cartoons.

    7. All the hogs can do is squeal.

      From whatever tribe, cabal, posse, crew, inbred elitist gaggle, all they got is squealing.

      They seek "truths", aka "facts" in the present to critizize MAGA and find only their own stank.

      They look for past "truths", aka "facts", in the past and, surprise, surprise, ditto, more of their own stank.

      They lie by ommissions.

      They lie by commissions.

      They lie and lie and lie and wallow in their own stank.

      If they could cry a river, it would be a nasty river saturated with their stank. Oh, wait, they do!!!!

      While MAGA strives to make things work, these hogs have only their stank to inspire them to more stank.

      Hogs are greedy like that.

    8. Ah and the fools rush in! Doesn't take much to trigger you flakes now does it.

      One dissenting viewpoint and the snowflakes melt in their pants. Time to change your underwear kiddos.

    9. So if I don't wanna serve white boys on my private property what's that to you snowflakes????

      Its none of your business. But you're just like liberals here you cannot mind your own business. You wanna enforce your civil religion on everyone else.

      Nor can you abide a dissenting opinion. Again just like the liberals. You clowns think you're different!

      You're not.

  3. Joni: Part of the end-of-the-era composers who could write a singable melody. I don't hear many today.

  4. Saw Joni on the Court and Spark tour at The Hollywood Bowl. That was after just getting back from a three month bus and train adventure down the west coast and up the east coast of Mexico. Oh to be 19 again. I love the chopper pressers, no face time for the evil retards.

  5. While PDJT stood out in the 90 degree heat answering questions, he likely was wearing a flak jacket or body armor under that suit. And the reporters were complaining about the heat.

  6. I hope Spicer goes deep into the competition. More opportunity for liberals to lose their minds.

  7. These losers are complete tools for Democrats, yet they want Trump to treat them with respect? Not on this planet.

  8. I have to respect Joni for having her baby instead of aborting it when she was very young. Her baby, a girl, was given over for adoption but they reunited many years later. The song Little Green - breathtakingly beautiful and sad, one of her very best - came out of that experience. Joni. Is. The. Shit.

  9. I saw Joni in WI on August 17th 1979. 10th anniversary of Woodstock. Outdoors and after 6 songs torrential rains. But those 6 songs included Woodstock and Big Yellow Taxi. She also was besties with Neil Young. She wrote Circle Game to counter his Sugar Mountain. Also... she painted cover art for CSNY greatest hits So Far album.

    Politics aside, she is awesome artist.

  10. Don is a Joni fan, who would of thunk it!? So am I :) My favorite album of hers is "Hejira"; what's your take on that one, Don?