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Tuesday, August 20, 2019

"No One" is 4th in Democrat poll

CNN polled 402 Democrats and asked them who among 33 candidates or potential candidates they want Democrats to nominate for president. No One finished fourth, and Someone Else was eighth.

Joe Biden led the pack with 29%, down from 39% from April. The more he campaigns, the less support he has.

Bernie Sanders remained in second at 15%, same as April.

Elizabeth Warren remained in third at 14%, up from 9% in April.

No One shot up to fourth place at 7%, up from 3% in April.

No One passed Pete Buttigieg, Beto O’Rourke, and Kamala Harris, who were at 7%, 6%, and 5% respectively in April.

Someone Else went from zero in April to 2%, creating a four-way tie with Cory Booker, Julian Castro, and Tulsi Gabbard.

No One may be staging the biggest political comeback in American history. Democrats could be on their way to nominating No One again for the first time in 148 years.

In 1872, Democrats nominated No One to run against President Grant who was seeking a second term.

Instead Democrats backed Liberal Republican Party candidate Horace Greeley.

The news media spin is that Kamala "That Little Girl Was Me" Harris fell from a debate-spiked 17% in June back to the 5% she had in April.

Kamala Mania has less staying power than the Bay City Rollers. Willie Brown may be correct about his ex-mistress's chances.

While No One does not meet the fund-raising requirements to be in the debate, it is more qualified in the polls than 30 other candidates and people CNN thought would run, including Miramar, Florida, Mayor Wayne Messam.

Maybe there should be an empty chair at the next debate to shame the candidates to do better. It would help Harris if she stopped running against her record. It would help Buttigieg if he had a record. It would help Biden if he remembered his name.

Clint Eastwood could bring the chair.


  1. I've been thinking the nominee will end up being a latecomerwwaiting for the field to shake out.

    It's happened before.

  2. Crooked Cankles is waiting to swoop in and save the party and stage a rematch with Trump. Of course, she'll have to sober up first. - GOC

    1. In the meantime, she's playing the game biden's trying to play. Stay away from the press so you are not displaying stupidity.

    2. Barry Obama (i.e., Valerie Jarrett) is still running the show behind the scenes. Barry is still ticked at Cankles for blowing his "legacy". I think he'll let Cankles try to swoop in a the last minute, then yank the rug out from under her and run the former First "Lady" instead. Gets the job done and with the characteristic twist of the knife Barry is famous for.

      Whoever runs, though, will be crunched by Trump (I hope).

  3. Come on LibCommies, you Snowflake Quitters! Get behind Joe Mama!! Don’t y’all agree that the country will be in the very best of hands with Joe Sistah?

  4. I believe it will be Michelle Obama swooping in, pouncing on that nomination like Oprah on a baked ham. Big Mike thinks it's his turn. Do you think Teleprompter Urkel is going to argue? He's the catcher.

    1. How long would it take Trump to make big mike go all Aunt Esther?

    2. No later than the first debate. A well placed quip or retort (along the lines of "because you'd be in jail") and BM would chimp out like nobody's ever seen...apart from Momjeans behind closed doors.

  5. Talk about art imitating life.
    I think it was in "Brewster's Millions" where Richard Pryor's character financed a write-in campaign for None of the Above for a Chicago mayoral election. The candidates were sleazes and None of the Above won.

    1. A true, true to life movie. Plays out every couple of years in donk lands.

  6. even before Donald, no one was lowering taxes.

    no one was cutting regulations.

    no one was standing up for gun owners.

    no one was standing up for the unborn.

    no one cared about voters and taxpayers.

    no one cared about keeping people safe from criminals.

    no one was willing to serve the people before serving themselves...1st, 2nd and 3rd time running.

    and voter turn out proved that voters believed firmly that no one had their back.

    no one could be trusted with the keys to the money machine.

    and overwhelmingly, no one was the peoples choice.


    1. HILL LAR EEE OUS post

      even before Donald, no one was lowering taxes. - You forgot about your conservative god Reagan

      no one was cutting regulations. - See above

      no one was standing up for gun owners. - Bush I was an NRA member

      no one was standing up for the unborn. - Reagan. Not to mention current Supreme Court has declined to hear two cases which would address Roe v Wade and in another case, handed down a ruling favorable to Planned Parenthood.

      no one cared about voters and taxpayers. - and no politician still does

      no one cared about keeping people safe from criminals. - Like the Russian, Irish, Italian, and Israel mafias operating in this country? Going to need a bigger wall to keep those undocumented out.

      no one was willing to serve the people before serving themselves...1st, 2nd and 3rd time running. - Trump has pumped over $100 million in taxpayer money to his commercial properties in just three years. No self-serving there.

      no one could be trusted with the keys to the money machine. - The national debt and budget deficit are at all time record highs and soaring daily.

      and overwhelmingly, no one was the peoples choice. - Even though Trump lost the popular vote

      That's for the LOL post. I needed it.

    2. If you had skin in the game, you'd be laughing at yourself.

      As it is for you, your laughter helps you continue pretending your still gonna be a moocher, no matter what anyone else does.

      Including what no one does.

      That will be your entire life.

      As you know so well.

      Hardy Har Har.

    3. That's the best response you got? Not creative, no cognizant thought, can't refute my facts. Another day laughing and feeling sorry at the same time for all you mindless Surbots who rely on a long-time Democrat and MSMer for your source of information.

    4. There are no facts in your farts, moocher.

      And that isn't a response, it's an observation on your displayed fart pile.

      Your creativity is solely found in your farts.

      Your cognizant thoughts reside therein.

      You are beginning to seem to be a crippled newsie. Except a real crippled newsie would not be a moocher.

      Since all you got is your self created fart candies, the nature of your sweetooth is thusly defined.

      Hardy Har Har.

  7. Michelle could swoop in but then again Hillary has noted big Mike is suicidal...

    1. Stick em in a cage match, survivor wins, and if they both die, America wins!

  8. Don: Greeley carried six states, not four: Georgia, Kentucky, Maryland, Missouri, Tennessee and Texas.

    Even had he been elected though he would not have served, having died between the election and the meeting of the electoral college (possibly of grief, his wife having died just days before the vote). In which case the US would have had its first President from Missouri (Gov. Ben Brown) seventy-two years early.

    Despite the campaign being a foregone conclusion, it was pretty nasty. The Republicans called him a traitor for wanting national reconciliation and Thomas Nast depicted Greeley with Jefferson Davis, the KKK, and Booth. Not a bright moment for journalism. But in its defense it was a pretty rough and raunchy business and always had been. It wasn't until the 1940's or 1950's that journalism tried to hide its bias by calling itself fair and balanced. Give me biased any day of the week, it's my job to short through the BS and come to my own conclusions.


    1. Thanks. I miscounted. I will just toss the sentence on review.

  9. Clint will bring the chair and the democrats will be dreaming of Obama.