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Sunday, August 18, 2019

MAGA donors leave the shadows

Living in West Virginia as a supporter of President Donald John Trump is easy. It is the Trumpiest state in the land. It is like being gay in San Francisco.

But elsewhere, the fascists try to oppress supporters of President Donald John Trump. Wearing a MAGA hat in Portland can get you beaten.

The press made a big deal about Trump staffer Corey Lewandowski touching a reporter in 2016.

Fascist Democrats beat and hospitalized reporter Andy Ngo, and the press carelessly could not care less.

Democrats have spent the last four years demonizing supporters of President Donald John Trump, For all their loud talk of helping minorities, the fact is they view as subhuman the 46% of Americans who voted for Donald John Trump.

But the beating and ostracizing of supporters of President Donald John Trump will not silence us. People are standing up for themselves.

Democrats Congressman Joaquin Castro tried to shame donors to President Donald John Trump by naming them and their places of business. He wanted to intimidate them by encouraging threats and boycotts.

He tweeted,“Their contributions are fueling a campaign of hate that labels Hispanic immigrants as ‘invaders.’”

People said enough.

Fox News reported, "One of the businesses the congressman targeted for political retribution was Bill Miller Bar-B-Q, one of the most popular brisket and sweet tea joints in San Antonio."

Instead of a boycott, conservatives staged a buycott ala the one staged to support Chik-Fil-A five summers ago.

It turns out that Miller's food is as tasty as those Chik-Fil-A sandwiches. Perhaps it is a coincidence but conservative food tastes better than tofu.

Lara Trump said Castro's outing backfired. She told Fox News, “People don’t like this.

“This is not acceptable. When has it ever been OK to harass people and try and silence them and make an effort to stop them from contributing to a political campaign just because you disagree with it?”

But while being a supporter of President Donald John Trump in West Virginia is easy, it is not too difficult in Texas.

Being MAGA is dangerous in intolerant and bigoted places like Seattle.

Danny Westneat of the Seattle Times reported, "When word got out during the last presidential election that Seattle developer Martin Selig would be supporting Donald Trump, the blowback from our liberal town, he said, was “stunning.”

"'Do you know what it’s like being a Jewish Republican in Seattle?' Selig told the Seattle Times. “The repercussions of what you hear from people is stunning.'

"In reaction, Selig, a billionaire, retreated from any affiliation with Trump in 2016 and said he wouldn’t even vote for him. It had become problematic just getting along in the city while wearing a MAGA hat."

This is America. Sooner or later, people stand up for themselves against the ignorant mob.

This year, Selig has donated the maximum he can toward the re-election of the Greatest President in the 21st Century.

Even in the backwaters and boondocks of Seattle, people are unafraid and going public with their support.

Westneat wrote, "Well, now Trump, of all candidates, has nearly three times as many donations from Washington state as Bernie Sanders does. The Vermont senator has 8,080 itemized donations here, while Trump has the most ever recorded at this point in an election, by any candidate in either party, 21,657.

"What’s more, these are itemized donations — meaning the donors were required to list their names, occupations and addresses, and risk the backlash Selig was so concerned about.

"So you can look through the list and see that just in Seattle, Trump has the support of a seamstress, an airline pilot, a crane operator, a teacher, a nurse, a city of Seattle firefighter, a UW professor, a longshoreman and about a thousand others. In total they’ve given $93,042.

"Past this point of the last campaign, Trump had only six donations from Seattle — and when the Seattle Times contacted the donors, two said they wanted their money back."

We are not alone. We rise. They may try to ruin us, just as they tried (and still try) to ruin Donald John Trump. They failed with him. They will fail with us.

Of course, such tough talk is easy from my living room in Poca, West Virginia.


  1. 21,000+ in Seattle. That is stunning. Maybe there will be enough PDJT voters in these blue hellholes to overcome democrat voter fraud.


  2. Far Right vs. Anti Fascists. Could they frame it any better, comrades? Had a belly full yet?
    Me too, no hashtag. In America, the commies always lose.

  3. King County Washington is nearly as bad as Cook County, IL. Dino Rossi won the 2004 gubernatorial election againt christine Gregoire, although by around 500 votes. The Democrat machine engaged and engineered multiple recounts until Gregorie was the "victor" by kess than 150 votes. Later, as many as 5,000 votes in King County were considered illegal or fraudulent. At the time, I considered it revenge for Bushv Gore, and it became the model for the Left in close elections, like the 2008 senatorial race in Minnesota. We must fight and turnout the vote. We also have to stop Google's analytics approach to distorting the vote.

    1. I remember that. The WA GOP didn't fight hard enough.

  4. TRUMP supports White SUPREMIST and anyone who supports Trump, also support those separatist values, pure and simple.

    1. I like your logic! Obama instigated a coup against President Trump, and anyone who supports Obama also supports the coup. Obama also is a super racist for doing this against a white man.

    2. Wow I can't believe I just read would you put on this site. You truly do live under a rock, and believe the fake news that is around this country. Shame on you

    3. Some of these snowflake Commie libs should have stayed in class instead of skipping to smoke a joint the Democratic party was the KKK they still are the racist party, sleepy Joe Quote (poor kids are just as smart as white kids) sounds racist to me

    4. Stay Anonymous and ignorant moron it's funny that you guys don't know this psyops media was pushed to be used in the United States through a bill during the Clinton administration and started being used during the Obama Administration media is pulling people left and right with stupidity used to be only used in other countries for United States gain in political advancements other countries now to your baby reap what they've sown

    5. U r a freaking moron. Think for yourself dumbass. Dont just spout out some msnbc bullshit.

    6. Pure and simple.

      You probably aren't pure but you sure are simple.

    7. Thank you for your opinion.

      Think I just felt the world shake😂😂

  5. This Anonymous post is what you get when they have zero positive response to a conversation! So pathetic & uneducated. An they claim the Left is the elite😂

    1. The proliferation of the population of Fredo's is directly proportional to the daily feeding of same.

  6. Anonymous either believes what they write, or is being sarcastic.

    It’s scary I’m not sure which it is.

    1. Misery craves Company.

      Insanity demands Participation.

      Grafting needs Submission.

      Submission requires Fear.

      Fascism hungers for Control.

      Control uses Fear to cause Submission to Dominate.

      Dumb aint got nuthin to do wit it.

  7. They need to increase the amount you can give without having to report it. I think it’s $400, and has not changed in a long time.

  8. It is not logical to be a supporter of Trump if you do not have the same values that he expresses out of his own mouth. TRUMP has created racial division in the United States with his words and tweets. He does not support Brown or Black immigrants coming to America. He says nothing about the foreign wives he has married or the thousands of White immigrants who converge on America. He only attacks legislators of color. I fail to understand the reason people support someone who has diminished all of the values in America. It is a travesty. The support can not be based on the economy I watched television one day and gears Trump laugh as he said " America will see the damage I have done to America" when I am no longer in office. Why would a POTUS make that kind of statement? People still support his Presidency and should be ashamed. No, this is not a joke. This is from a common American citizen and observer

    1. Racial division began during the Obama administration. Also Potus doesn't like people white or brown who enter this country illegally. You are a typical liberal who uses color to demonize anyone who disagrees with you.

    2. You forget that leftists believe laws are racist. Leftists also argue that our Constitution should be fluid because some signers owned slaves. That reasoning is so crazy.

    3. You are the farthest thing from a common American.from what I read in your statement you are no different than CNN MSNBC oh yeah that means fake I'm sure you understand now or it could mean snowflake now I'm sure you understand. When it comes to people coming into our country it's not the color the president is looking at and I know you know that or that you are really stupid it's them coming in illegally now do you know what that word means I know up there in the Northwest edge really hard to believe but quit watching your fake news

    4. Its not racism its economics, not even Mexicans support the black and brown immigrants coming through... They started deporting more than the U.S. as soon as we started making them wait in Mexico. I guess they are racist too?... Morons! TRUMP 2020!

    5. All u snowflakes are the ones causing the division any one that has a different opinion then u are racist

    6. "It is not logical to be a supporter of Trump if you do not have the same values that he expresses out of his own mouth."

      This is the ONLY true sentence within your entire comment.

      Everything else that follows is bullshit.

      Your bullshit.

    7. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are "legislators of color"? Actually, in a sense, they are because Democrats are trying to legislate that skin color is more important than anything else.

    8. Wow.

      If you submitted that in my class as an essay
      I’d fail you. And suggest tutoring.

  9. TRUMP...2020 .. NO QUESTION !!!!

  10. Try reading the constition and the laws supporting the actions. You fail to see obamah was actuallt a racist and started shortly after he got into office by challenging a cop doing his job. And obviosly you are ok with the dems rigging elections. I respect my freedom and all that died to allow us these priviledges and it is our job to protect the future by making sure the supporting laws are enforced

    1. let's not overlook his wingman eric holder dropping the charges against the new black panthers and firing those who had assembled an air tight case against them.

      I believe that one was first in the timeline.


  11. Happy to see, as a 20 yr vet of the US Army. Everyone! Should be able to express there support of whomever they chose. My son Max was challenged by Antifa members at his college for wearing a pullover with an American flag on it. Since when is this crime??.
    NO MORE!!.

  12. Democrat boycotts are typically failures. The threat of a boycott is much more effective because many businesses cave and submit to Democrats. But businesses that stand firm often see an increase in business.

    Yesterday one of Ellen Degenerate's top people sent out a tweet bashing Antifa. The Leftist twittermob soon chased him back onto the Democrat plantation and he deleted his original tweet.

    1. Boycotts always fail when those being boycotted do not waver.

      Boycotts only succeed when those boycotting do not dwindle, but, rather, increase with every passing day.

      Boycotts cannot work where alternative options for purchasing goods and services are not abundant.

      Thus, abundant options for the purchase of goods and services are what boycotts require to begin to be possible to be successful.

      Local businesses, offering goods and services to local customers, are the most vulnerable to boycotts. But only where abundant alternatives exist.

      Real life effects determine the potential effectiveness of boycotts.

      Boycotting any goods or services you need, like, desire, enjoy, etc., is a huge request to make of those who are being incited to boycott, especially where abundant alternatives are absent.

      Boycotts also produce the backlash result of those who deem the motive(s) for the boycott to be invalid.

      Stand your ground applies to all of the realities of life.

      And each does as each chooses to do.

  13. Since the topic of racial division came up, which one was your favorite face riot during the Obama era?
    - Fergusson
    - Baltimore
    - Charlotte

    Did I miss any?

  14. I live in Tennessee. I considered making a hat

    Democrats 2020

    But I had the thought that I might have trouble if someone misunderstood the hat. Not from Democrats...

    M.A.D. - Make America Different

  15. Trump has a long track record of being even handed with anyone of any race or sex, unlike Obama who "acted stupidly". That dog just isn't going to hunt.


  16. "The press made a big deal about Trump staffer Corey Lewandowski touching a reporter in 2016." The journalist attack by Antifa was ignored, yes, but so was Biden's grabbing of a young conservative girl's arm when she questioned him about his belief in 3 genders. With Lewandowski is was not clear in the video what he did, but with Biden not so.

  17. There are two kinds of Democrat currently (slightly oversimplified)

    a. The kind who would still listen to a Daniel Patrick Moynihan
    b. All the rest.

  18. It seems that everyone commenting on this blog is a Trump supporter. I guess all of you also watch Fox Cable news, which is an entertainment network and not a legitimate news source. It seems that Fox Cable is spreading the so called " fake" news. It is truly amazing that American citizens have allowed TRUMP to take strategies from the dictator's play book and control their free will. The term " fake" news is used in communist countries. Folks in these countries are only allowed to view and believe the narratives created by their dictator. All of you on this blog need to be deprogrammed to think like Americans again.

    1. Up at the crack of dawn, on your side of the planet.

      Do the birdies chirp chinese?

      Do the busy bees buzz the chicom tunes?

      Do you squat or stand when you pee?

      How fare thee?