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Monday, August 12, 2019

How to tweet like Trump

Welcome back to Trump-ology 101, an introductory course on the 45th president of the United States of America.

As I explained in my first lecture on his importance, Donald John Trump was the most consequential president of the 21st century.

The third of the three presidents born in 1946, he was part of the baby boom generation, who were born into a gilded age of prosperity and world peace. The liberal minority of them were ne'er-do-wells who resented the nation of their birth. Their adulthood coincided with decline of American patriotism and economic production.

However, President Trump represented the majority of baby boomers. He created a MAGA coalition of working class, skilled workers and other thousandaires. Even though his wealth was a million times theirs, they felt he was unus ex nobis or "one of us." MAGA was an acronym for Make America Great Again, a phrase borrowed from the greatest 20th century president, Ronaldus Magnus.

His supporters also were known as the Deplorables, a name originated by the opposition as a pejorative. The actual term was Basket of Deplorables. His supporters embraced the putdown, much to the dismay of the originator of the term, Jon Favreau, a speech writer for one of President Trump's early opponents, whose name alas is lost to history.

The media hated The Donald, as contemporary philosopher Don Surber proved in his books on President Trump. He wrote the epic Quod si maxime VIII annorum vitae meae, or "The best 8 years of my life" in its original English language, in 2025.

To get around the media's ability to set the agenda, President Trump used a primitive form of communication called Twitter, which was invented a mere 570 years after Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press in 1440.

The president sent what were called tweets to his supporters but the intended target was the media, which was obsessed with overthrowing his regime.

But reporters were too lazy to research stories that could have put his presidency in peril. Instead they perched like vultures waiting to pounce on any mistake he may have made.

He used this to his advantage by deliberately making mistakes, which led to the media reporting his tweets as if they were news.

For example, to get the media to publicize the opposition spying on him, he called it wiretapping and misspelled wiretap. They pounced, saying he accused the opposition of wiretapping without evidence.

When the evidence surfaced, the media ignored or downplayed the story but because of that tweet, the public knew the truth despite media attempts to cover it up.

Well, that is all the time we have for today. Tomorrow we will explore this further as we look at the Spygate Trials and how they saved the republic.


  1. Locus classic is: re-tweeting theories of Epstein Arkincide. The opposition play was clearly to fix in public opinion the belief that Trump offed Epstein.

    To remain quiet is to cede the battlefield and become Bushed. A flat denial is almost as good as a confession in this conspiratorial age. But that outrageous retweet immediately became part of the collective consciousness. It’s payload? Trump is an iconoclastic outsider (like us) mistrustful of establishment truths, and the Clintons are probably responsible.

    Outrage about the retweet amplifies its effectiveness.

  2. "The only new thing under the sun is the history you don't know. And the pre-history Surber is about to write."--Harry S. Truman

  3. Big D, lemme know what you expect the cover price to be and I will send you a check, your first order, for 25 copies the next day. I am THAT confident it will be your magnum opus. Other than my wife, you and Mr. T are the two people I trust most in the whole wide world. And, much like Trump’s real estate deals, I will bear the upfront cost, knowing that the profits to come (the light turning on in the brains of the recipients) will far exceed the original investment.

    P.S. Just a signature on the inside cover, please!

  4. Thank you for setting the record straight on the Boomers.

    The media has always tried to make us all look like hippies and that was a lie.

  5. You had to have rich, indulgent parents to support you to be a hippy. Most of our parents grew up in the Depression and wouldn't put up with hippy nonsense.

  6. The NY Times had a front page headline stating that Trump tower had been wiretapped. It ran just prior to Trump tweeting that he'd been wiretapped.

    Wonder where he got that idea.

    You might want to adjust the timeline in your article.