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Saturday, August 24, 2019

Highlights of the News

Hooray! Donald John Trump is still our president.

ITEM 1: Bitter Winter reported, "Since its launch in early 2019, the 'Xi Study Strong Nation' app has been extensively promoted across all sectors of Chinese society. For Chinese Communist Party members, studying Xi Jinping’s Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics, a political theory that the president launched after accessing to power, has become a political task that must be completed at all costs.

"Although the app’s scoring rules have been optimized and upgraded, removing the original features of accumulating ranking points and happy hours to double them, many state-run institutions continue ranking their employees and force them to use the app every day for work supervision and assessment purposes. Afraid of being reprimanded or criticized publicly, people have to seize every minute to study Xi in order to meet the Party’s requirements and keep their jobs."


There is an app for that.

We could have spared college students $1.6 trillion in debt by giving each of them this app.

(Where do I find stories like this? Readers tip.)

ITEM 2: The Washington Examiner reported, "Andrew McCabe, the former FBI deputy director fired for leaking to the media and who has become an antagonist of President Trump, will join CNN.

"McCabe has spent the past year defending his actions at the FBI, writing a book, and pushing for Trump to be removed from office. McCabe joins another controversial Obama-era figure, former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, as a contributor at the network."

This is payola. McCabe illegally leaked to CNN and is now raking in big bucks for it.

McCabe is corrupt enough to be mayor of Chicago.


Good. I don't care about Jussie. I want the prosecutor who gave him a pass prosecuted. And they are.

ITEM 4: President Trump tweeted, "Our Country has lost, stupidly, Trillions of Dollars with China over many years. They have stolen our Intellectual Property at a rate of Hundreds of Billions of Dollars a year, and they want to continue. I won’t let that happen! We don’t need China and, frankly, would be far....

"...better off without them. The vast amounts of money made and stolen by China from the United States, year after year, for decades, will and must STOP. Our great American companies are hereby ordered to immediately start looking for an alternative to China, including bringing...

"...your companies HOME and making your products in the USA. I will be responding to China’s Tariffs this afternoon. This is a GREAT opportunity for the United States. Also, I am ordering all carriers, including Fed Ex, Amazon, UPS and the Post Office, to SEARCH FOR and REFUSE...

"...all deliveries of Fentanyl from China (or anywhere else!). Fentanyl kills 100,000 Americans a year. President Xi said this would stop - it didn’t. Our Economy, because of our gains in the last 2 1/2 years, is MUCH larger than that of China. We will keep it that way!"

The response will be interesting. We shall see who buys American (or at least non-Red Chinese) and who sides with Chairman Xi.

As to Fentanyl, there should be no question companies should not deliver it.

ITEM 5: CNBC reported, "President Donald Trump will hike tariff rates on most imports from China in response to the latest shots in the trade war between the world’s two largest economies, he said Friday.

"The White House will raise existing duties on $250 billion in Chinese products to 30% from 25% on Oct. 1, the president tweeted. The tariffs on another $300 billion in Chinese goods, which start to take effect on Sept. 1, will now be 15% instead of 10%, he added."

He fights the good fight. Reagan had the Strategic Defense Initiative. President Trump has tariffs.

ITEM 6: The Daily Mail reported, "President Donald Trump set off a precipitous dive in financial markets Friday after he ripped Federal Reserve chair Jerome Powell, ordered U.S. companies to pull back from China, and called the world's No. 2 economy the 'enemy.'"

The story also said, "Trump tore into Powell after the Fed Chair refused to provide a clear signal he will bend to Trump's demand for rate cuts – comparing him to China's President Xi Jinping, his chief economic and political rival who heads a country Trump describes as committed to 'ripping off' the United States."

Finally, a president willing to stand up to tyranny and Red China's exploitation of America instead of the stock market and the SJW billionaires who control it.

ITEM 7: National Public Radio reported, "Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has just completed three weeks of radiation treatment at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York, the U.S. Supreme Court disclosed Friday.

"The radiation therapy, conducted on an outpatient basis, began Aug. 5, shortly after a localized cancerous tumor was discovered on Ginsburg's pancreas. The treatment included the insertion of a stent in Ginsburg's bile duct, according to a statement issued by the court.

"Doctors at Sloan Kettering said further tests showed no evidence of disease elsewhere in the body. The treatment comes just months after Ginsburg was operated on for lung cancer last December. The 86-year-old justice has been treated for cancer in various forms over the past 20 years."

Time to resign.

And I mean both Ginsburg and Nina Totenberg, 75, who wrote the story.

On January 11, the New York Times reported, "Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is cancer free and on the mend after her recent surgery for the disease."

ITEM 8: David Axelrod tweeted, "If there is a SCOTUS vacancy next year and Mitch McConnell carries through on his extraordinary promise to fill it-despite his own previous precedent in blocking Garland-it will tear this country apart."


If Democrats want to go fascist, let them. It is not as if their Antifa thugs are not already beating up Trump supporters.

ITEM 9: CNN reported, "President Donald Trump departs late Friday for a summit he's questioned is worth his time.

"This year's G7 gathering, held in seaside France, is Trump's third. It comes amid global economic jitters, tensions from the Mideast to the Indian subcontinent and raging fires in the Amazon.

"But in conversations with aides over the past weeks, Trump has questioned why he must attend, according to people familiar with the conversations. After the past two G7 summits ended acrimoniously, Trump complained about attending a third, saying he didn't view the gathering as a particularly productive use of his time."

It isn't.

We have too many multi-lateral agreements. They pin Gulliver (us) down.

ITEM 10: Buzz Feed News reported, "For years, Felix Sater — an associate of President Donald Trump’s who played a key role in the investigation into Russian election interference — told people that he was building 'Trump Towers by day and hunting bin Laden by night' on covert missions around the world on behalf of the US government. The stories were so wild that many dismissed them as obvious fiction.

"But a secret government document, released today by a federal judge, confirms that Sater acted for years as a covert asset of the US government and provided intelligence that 'included, but was not limited to, (a) Osama bin Laden’s whereabouts following September 11, 2001; (b) the internal structuring and the financial capabilities of al-Qaeda; (c) the whereabouts of Taliban leader Mullah Omar; (d) ground reports on who was killed by United States air-strikes; (e) the details of an assassination plot against President Bush; and (f) information on North Korea’s nuclear capabilities.'"

Bu-bu-but Obama killed Osama with his bare hands...

ITEM 11: The Associated Press reported, "A 5-year-old boy unknowingly brought cocaine to a kindergarten in a New Orleans suburb, leading to the arrest of a man and a woman, police said Wednesday.

"A teacher saw the child holding a bag of a white powder Tuesday and called in the school resource officer, who found one bag of powdered cocaine and two of crack cocaine, Slidell police spokesman Daniel Seuzeneau said.

"The boy clearly knew nothing about the drugs, Seuzeneau said. Investigators who searched the child's home found marijuana and more cocaine, and believe the adults tried to hide drugs in pockets of the boy's stored clothing, he said in a telephone interview."

Using children as human shields. It's not just for Palestinians and illegal aliens any more.

ITEM 12: The San Francisco Chronicle reported, "Activists interrupted a ceremony in a San Francisco hotel where House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was being honored Wednesday evening and demanded that she spearhead impeachment proceedings to remove President Trump from the White House.

"They stood on dining chairs, unfurled black tapestries with the phrase, 'We can’t wait' and chanted 'Which side are you on, Pelosi? Impeach!' inside the grand ballroom of the InterContinental San Francisco hotel where the San Francisco Democratic Party was honoring Pelosi with a lifetime achievement award."

How fitting. Her lifetime achievement is creating racial division and the like to gain power. Now it bites her in the bucket.

ITEM 13: CNBC reported, "Sen. Ted Cruz jumped to the defense of toy-making giant Hasbro on Thursday after the company came under fire over a Monopoly Socialism game that takes as its slogan the phrase 'Winning is for capitalists.'

"'Why do lefty academics so fear pointing out the manifest failures of socialism?' the Texas Republican wrote on Twitter, referring to a critique posted Wednesday by a professor at Rutgers, which went viral.

"Cruz proposed other parodies, such as a Venezuela edition, a Russia/USSR edition and an East Germany edition.

"'Or we could do the University edition: you imagine a magic money tree; you give everything free to anybody who wants it; nobody works, studies, or innovates; and everybody gets an A!'"

Monopoly was invented by a socialist to educate people on the evils of capitalism. It took off in the Great Depression when a desperate people longed for a return to capitalism.

ITEM 14: HuffPost reported, "In 1836, Elizabeth Warren’s great-great-great-grandfather, a white man named William Marsh, enlisted himself in a Tennessee militia to fight in the “Cherokee War,” an occupation of Cherokee land in the lead-up to the Trail of Tears. Decades later, his grandson John Houston Crawford moved his family onto Indian Territory and squatted on Cherokee land in a move that, with no record of a permit, was almost certainly illegal.

"The Crawfords were just some of the tens of thousands of white squatters who outnumber Cherokees on our own land. While Cherokee Nation beseeched Congress to enforce our treaty rights and kick them out, the squatters pushed Congress to divide up our treaty territory and create a path to white land ownership; the squatters won.

"The Crawfords settled in the new state of Oklahoma. They lived among Indians, but it wasn’t always peaceful. In 1906, John Crawford shot a Creek man for hitting his son. According to The Boston Globe, his son, Rosco, would later tell stories about how mean the Indians were. But one of Crawford’s grandchildren, Pauline Reed, told a very different story. Not a story of living among Indians, a story of being Indian."

In stealing a job by pretending to be an Indian, Warren kept up a family tradition of exploiting Indians.

2020 is turning into a Thunderdome election for Democrats.

ITEM 15: Glenn Reynolds reported, "Gallup: More people identify as Republicans, and fewer identify as Democrats, today than when Trump was elected."

Republicans +2.

On Election Day 2016, they were down 3, a 5-point swing.

They were also down 3 on Election Day 2018 when they had a net gain of 2 Senate seats but lost the House.

They were even on Election Day 2014 when they took the Senate and kept the House.

They were down 5 on Election Day 2012 when America re-elected Obama the Awful.

We will see where Republicans are on Election Day 2020, won't we?


  1. The NeverTrumper Jerome Powell is engineering a recession all by himself. President Trump should fire him, along with Christopher Wray and everyone else in the administration who opposes the president's agenda.

    1. Trump tweeted a day or two ago and asked who is our true enemy....Powell or Xi?

      Powell and his FED has been the enemy since 1913. China as an enemy pales in comparison it ain't even close.

      But the rhetoric about China sells well while Powell practices his evil right here. No wonder the country is such a mess.

      Inflation is the most insidious tax ever. It hurts the lower classes the most. They cannot keep up with inflation like the rest of can.

    2. perhaps we could bring Ron Paul out of retirement to supervise an audit of the fed.

      they would surely love the opportunity to open their books, right?


  2. Re: McCabe being hired by CNN. Husband and I just rolled our eyes at this. That is, until we were hit by the same simultaneous thought: how sweet it would be if McCabe were arrested on air and perp-walked out of the CNN studios.

    I think the theater of it would please both Trump and Barr.

    1. Leaking it in advance so other reporters could be on site would lend an ironic touch.

  3. Have you SEEN the Fed representatives on the business channels? These people have no clue what they are doing and are only bowing to global monetary influences, not American.

  4. 2 - but McCabe is not yet corrupt enough to be governor of Illinois.

    4 - the theft of intellectual property has been the worst crime.

  5. McCabe has always been a contributor to CNN - this is just a formality for tax purposes.

  6. tried to hide drugs in pockets of the boy's stored clothing

    If harm came to the boy y'all neocons here would be responsible. If drugs were legal, like they have been for thousands of years, there would be no need to hide anything.

    But neocons love moral crusades. They are neo Purtians who cannot abide liberty.

    1. With new and improved drugs we can exceed our 70,000 deaths a year. That would help fulfill the El Paso shooter's manifesto's idea of decreasing the human population for a better environment. /sarc

    2. The first drug laws were enacted by the Muslims about 799 years ago.

  7. Trump vs Xi who wins this skirmish?

    Xi will win the political battle. He does not face re-election. The Communist government voted in early March 2018 to remove the constitutional limit on the presidency. He will outlast Trump, which is the key to politics.

    In poker terms, Trump is holding a pair of deuces. Xi is holding a royal flush. Trump is bluffing. It is clear that he is bluffing.

    Nine days before Xi was voted president for life, Trump tweeted this: "When a country (USA) is losing many billions of dollars on trade with virtually every country it does business with, trade wars are good, and easy to win. Example, when we are down $100 billion with a certain country and they get cute, don’t trade anymore-we win big. It’s easy!"

    The United States of America is not the same as the President of the United States. United States of America is a complex society and a complex economy. Tariffs directly affect few products and few businesses. For all the hoopla about tariffs, they really don't amount to much.

    United States economy is said to be $21 trillion. About a third of this is government -- federal state and local -- so I take out a third. We're talking about $14 trillion. Trump said on Friday that he is immediately going to increase tariffs on $250 billion worth of Chinese imports from 25% to 30%. An additional $300 billion will have tariffs raise from 10% to 15%. Combining these increases, we are talking about a sales tax increase that will generate on paper a total of $27.5 billion. That is approximately two-tenths of a percent of the U.S. economy.

    That is chump change. But it makes for good rhetoric for the rubes. Just like the wall does LOL

    1. Hahaha! Anon full of feces. China cant even feed itself and Xi will be out on his ass if the oligarchs who put him in office grow tired of their wealth flowing the wrong direction. Trump controls access to the US market and China would be on its knees in days if that was cut off. Thanks for the lutz anon. B.S.G.

    2. The rube calls the thinkers rube.

      Trump doesn't have to worry about the election. Which looney old Democrat will run against him?

      And, as The Eminent Mr Surber noted, the natives are getting restless in Old Cathay.

    3. China would be on its knees in days if that was cut off.

      LOL you're a fool bsg a complete fool. If Trump did that the markets would crash and a depression would ensue.

      You wanna get rid of China I get it. But if that is done in one or two years its a disaster in the making. China took 40 years to rise up out of poverty and to remove that much trade like you rubes want will destroy our pension funds who need high market values to survive.

      But keep believing in pipe dreams. To think you can reverse globalism in 4 years is lunacy. It would take 20 years to do that without creating turmoil in trade and markets.

      And the Chosen One just announced new tariff rates when he already postponed his last tariff raises. LOL

      Trump says jump and y'all say how high Oh Chosen One? Cracks me up every time.

    4. I give zero thoughts about your pension fund while china continues to drain the wealth from this nation and flood it with cheap drugs killing our citizens.

      You sir are part of the problem.


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    6. Someguy cracks me up. He just can't say much at all except 'if you say so'. He just isn't able to express himself.

      Now he's speaking Mandarin! Keep trying dude one day you'll get there.

  8. I enjoy these posts every morning. Thanks Mr. Surber.

  9. 7: It's come back after only 8 months. RBG can either die in bed or in the saddle, but her days are numbered. Trump might as well nominate Barrett now.

    11: You forgot the VC.

  10. Monopoly was invented by a socialist to educate people on the evils of capitalism.

    And yet the object of the game is to amass as much as you can, in money & properties, in order to win. After all, no one plays to lose.

    1. Many years ago I read a sci-fi story, maybe by Damon Knight? Fredric Brown? About kids playing a game of galactic monopoly that they had been given by recent visitors to planet earth; the object was to give up as much territory as possible and the winner was the one with the fewest holdings. I can't remember the author but it must have been written by a Democrat.

    2. Looked it up: "War Game" (1959) by Philip K. Dick. (From Wikipedia, sorry) The Ganymedans are considering war with Earth. A group of Earth toy safety inspectors examine three new toys from Ganymede to discover if they should be allowed to be imported: A toy soldier game where 12 soldiers attack a citadel, a virtual reality suit, and Syndrome, a Monopoly-like board game.

      The inspectors determine that the citadel is absorbing the soldiers one by one for an unknown purpose, and fear that the game may secretly be an atomic bomb building to critical mass. The suit is so realistic that an inspector finds returning to reality difficult; with enough time a child would find doing so impossible. They play the board game while waiting with a bomb disposal expert for the last soldier to disappear, but find that the citadel is actually a therapeutic tool to build confidence in children. They nonetheless decide, out of caution, to only allow the board game for import.

      A children's store employee brings home a copy of Syndrome to his family. He accumulates the most holdings but learns from his children that he has lost; the purpose, according to the instructions, is to give up as much stock and money as possible. The story concludes with the children, who are unfamiliar with Monopoly, "learning the naturalness of surrendering their holdings"; one says "It's the best educational toy you ever brought home, Dad!"

  11. 5. If china devalues the yuan, Trump should increase the tariffs and equivalent amount.
    8. Like the democrats haven't been doing their best to tear the country apart for the last 3 years? Like moving out of the country, any thing now is just idle threats and nothing new.

  12. I wish people would keep their egos in check and just ignore obvious trolls. If no one replies to their posts, it makes the troll look silly (replying gives the troll affirmation) -- and they will eventually give up and leave.