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Friday, August 23, 2019

Highlights of the News

Good news. Hillary is not your president.

ITEM 1: The Detroit Metro Times reported, "Siwatu-Salama Ra — the Detroit activist who was forced to give birth in jail last year after she was sentenced to prison for brandishing a registered, unloaded firearm to defend herself — had her felonious assault and firearm convictions reversed by the Michigan Court of Appeals on Tuesday, according to the offices of her attorney, Wade Fink.

"It's the latest chapter in a case that drew local and national attention, including outcry from the National Rifle Association.

"Ra's sentence stemmed from a 2017 altercation in which Ra used the unloaded firearm to defend herself, her 2-year-old daughter, and her unborn son during an argument with Chanell Harvey, the mother of a schoolmate of Ra's niece, who allegedly tried to use her car as a 'battering ram' to threaten Ra.

"The other woman drove off and went to Detroit Police, and Ra was later charged with assault and a felony firearm conviction, which carries a mandatory minimum two-year sentence. A judge denied Ra's requests for a delayed sentencing so she could give birth, and Ra was forced to give birth to her son while wearing ankle shackles."

Civil rights include the right to defend yourself and your unborn child.

The Detroit Police Chief should stand in the corner in shame for pursuing this case.

Matt Drudge did not link the story because it was not about robots in space.

ITEM 2: The Associated Press reported, "A federal judge in Kansas has ruled that a law making it a crime to encourage or induce immigrants to enter or live in the country illegally is unconstitutional.

"KCUR-FM reports that U.S. District Judge Carlos Murguia issued his ruling from the bench Wednesday before throwing out the convictions of Jose Felipe Hernandez-Calvillo and Mauro Papalotzi. Prosecutors said the men, who themselves are in the country illegally, managed crews of workers who installed drywall for a Lawrence company.

"After they were convicted of conspiring with supervisors to violate the law, the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco ruled in a similar case that encouraging immigrants to be in the country illegally is protected speech under the First Amendment."

Hate speech is not covered but criminal speech is. If this is true then anyone convicted of conspiracy must be released from prison.

And why not decriminalize perjury as well?

Kansas is not part of the Ninth Circuit. An appeal and a sane ruling by the Tenth Circuit would force the Supreme Court to weigh in. The Constitution is not a suicide pact.

ITEM 3: The Bureau of Justice Statistics reported:

  • In 1998, 63% of all federal arrests were of U.S. citizens; in 2018, 64% of all federal arrests were of non-U.S. citizens.
  • Non-U.S. citizens, who make up 7% of the U.S. population (per the U.S. Census Bureau for 2017), accounted for 15% of all federal arrests and 15% of prosecutions in U.S. district court for non-immigration crimes in 2018.
  • The portion of total federal arrests that took place in the five judicial districts along the U.S.-Mexico border almost doubled from 1998 (33%) to 2018 (65%).
  • Ninety-five percent of the increase in federal arrests across 20 years was due to immigration offenses.
  • In 2018, 90% of suspects arrested for federal immigration crimes were male; 10% were female.

So much for the urban legend that immigrants are less criminal than natives.

ITEM 4: Biz Pac Review reported, "An illegal immigrant mother whose nursing claims were disputed by a medical examination has been slapped with multiple felony charges for using another person’s Social Security number.

"Maria Domingo-Garcia was federally indicted on Tuesday for knowingly using another individual’s social security number, according to court documents obtained by the Daily Caller News Foundation. The ruling, handed down in the Northern Division of the Southern District of Mississippi, will result in her being placed in the custody of U.S. Marshals as she awaits federal trial."

Suddenly, most of the regular press drops the story.

ITEM 5: Australia's reported, "Razor brand Gillette says it is “shifting the spotlight from social issues to local heroes” after an ad delving into “toxic masculinity” caused a customer backlash.

"The new ad, which launched last week, stars Australian firefighter and personal trainer Ben Ziekenheiner."

The story also said, "The ad spruiks [promotes] the brand’s SkinGuard range, highlighting the issue of sensitive skin for men who shave every day — including firefighters, who are required to be clean-shaven as it enables a proper seal for their breathing mask."

What the SJW CEO at Gillette called "toxic masculinity" puts the fires out.

Its business is in the toilet and swirling. Rather than use the shaving cream I still had, I grew my first beard ever. At 65.

ITEM 6: Breitbart News reported, "Tom Wright-Piersanti, who has been a Senior Staff Editor at the New York Times for more than five years according to his LinkedIn page and according to his Twitter page oversees the newspaper’s political coverage, has made a series of antisemitic and racist tweets over the years. Many of them are still public on his Twitter page as of the publication of this article, but some have since been deleted.

"The revelation of these tweets come in the wake of the executive editor of the Times stating that the newspaper intends to target the president on racial issues over the next couple years, after the newspaper’s efforts on the Russia hoax scandal failed."

Remember, Hillary did not cite anti-Semitism as deplorable in her basket of deplorables.


ITEM 8: The Daily Caller reported, "Former President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle are reportedly set to purchase a mega-mansion in Martha’s Vineyard.

"The Obamas will purchase the house from Boston Celtics owner Wyc Grousbeck for a discount, according to a report published by TMZ Thursday. The property contains 29 beachfront acres, 7 bedrooms, and is listed at $14,850,000."


Just like he got when he bought his mansion in Chicago upon his election to the Senate.

ITEM 9: Becker's Hospital News reported, "President Donald Trump donated his salary for the second quarter — $100,000 — to the office of the Surgeon General in his third salary donation to HHS, according to USA Today.

"The money will be used for an unspecified upcoming public health advisory, according to the report. The White House named the opioid epidemic and teen e-cigarette use as key initiatives of the Surgeon General's office in a statement.

"President Trump committed to donate his salary as president to different agencies each quarter. His previous HHS donations came from his salary in the third quarters of 2017 and 2018. They helped fund the fight against the opioid epidemic and research into alcoholism, respectively. He also donated his first-quarter salary of 2018 to the Department of Veterans Affairs, according to the report."

I voted for the best president since Reagan. You can keep your Obama.

ITEM 10:
It is not the left's ideas that are the problem; it is the attitude.

ITEM 11: The Daily Wire reported, "Accuser Says She Massaged 'Simpsons' Creator Matt Groening’s Feet On Epstein's Private Plane."

The story said, "According to her account, this particular encounter with Groening stood out because she almost vomited due to his toenails being of a 'yellow crusty' nature. He also allegedly gave her a drawing of Homer and Bart Simpson after she finished."

Now we know why the Simpsons are yellow.

ITEM 12: Legal Insurrection reported, "Minnesota Star Tribune Editorial Paints Mt. Rushmore as Monument to White Supremacy."

Lincoln. White supremacist. They really believe that.

ITEM 13: My reader who left the Ravelry knitting site after it banned Trump supporters reported, "This popped up on my new knitting group - a couple of thousand fellow yarnies who objected to being called white supremacists and are having a hell of a good time on our own."

Fascists always lose.


  1. #2 Encouraging the people to break the law for financial gain is not a 1A issue. Deport the judge.

    #6 liberals always project, like clockwork.


  2. Bernie wants to ban fossil fuels. I want to ban fossils like Bernie.

    1. allow me to submit a slight revision Mr schlongtavious.

      I want to ban fossil fools like Bernie.


    2. 10
      9.5(damn Russian judge)

    3. I hate fossil fuels. That's why I drive a gas guzzler - so I can burn them up faster.

  3. I am SO GLAD I quit drinking and joined AA. That lead off clip took me back, in a not so good way. It works, Hill - IF you work it.

  4. Lincoln. White supremacist. They really believe that.

    Cause its true. He never freed the slaves. He never went to war to free the slaves. The battlecry of the North was

    Preserve the Union....

    The war started at Fort Sumter where the tariffs were collected. He was simply preserving the tax base. No doubt most of you here think his Emancipation Proclamation freed slaves LOL.

    Historical ignorance is rampant today

    A May 1865 editorial in the New York Times about how “No living man was ever charged with political crimes of such multiplicity and such enormity as Abraham Lincoln.” The Times was referring to the words of Northern opinion makers. “He has been denounced,” wrote the Times, as “a perjurer, a usurper, a tyrant, a subverter of the Constitution, a destroyer of the liberties of his country, a reckless desperado, a heartless trifler over the last agonies of an expiring nation.”

    An 1864 Harpers Weekly article that compiled a list of terms that the Northern press used to describe Lincoln including “Filthy Story-Teller, Ignoramus Abe, Despot, Old Scoundrel . . . Perjurer, Liar, Robber, Thief, Swindler, Braggart, Tyrant, Buffoon, Fiend, Usurper, Butcher, Monster . . .”

    Lincoln illegally suspended the writ of Habeas Corpus and had his military imprison tens of thousands of Northern-state critics while shutting down over 300 opposition newspapers. He imprisoned newspaper owners and editors, deported Congressman Clement L. Vallandigham of Ohio, his harshest congressional critic, most of the Maryland legislature was imprisoned, as was the mayor of Baltimore, and he declared that anyone who merely remained silent while his administration was being discussed was guilty of “treason.”

    Y'all might try reading real history books not hagiographies!

    1. Who issued the Emancipation Proclamation, when and what did it do?

      Y'all might try reading real history books not hagiographies!

    2. your reply does illustrate the whiny snowflakes of the mass media with their b.s. about Mr trumps "war on the press."

      when a platoon of soldiers shove bayonets up your butt and frog march you off to prison, now, THATS a war on the press.

      until then, you're just crybabies. he twittered me.



    3. and as mentioned in all the laws but one by Rehnquist, when chief justice taney of dred Scott fame sent a letter to Lincoln pointing out the illegality of his acts, Lincoln turned over the letter and hand wrote an arrest warrant for the chief justice on the back, with the post script, should I exercise this warrant?

      one of the reasons Lincoln was called the great dictator.

      btw, in the intro, Rehnquist mentioned the key assistance he received from Ted Cruz and his other clerks in assembling the book.


    4. and while I believe anon to be needlessly insulting, he is correct on the emancipation.

      it did not free northern or border state slaves. it only freed slaves in states in conflict with the union. since those states were not under the rule of his military tribunals, he might as well have included freeing slaves in Africa- also not under his jurisdiction.

      and in a well known letter to Horace Greeley, he made clear his intent was to preserve the union. he said if he could preserve it by freeing all slaves he would. if he could preserve it by freeing none, he would. and if he could do so by freeing some, and not others he would. that was Lincoln.

      and sorry to say, don, but his creation of west Virginia was also unconstitutional. constitution says new states created from older states require the older states to ratify the loss of territory. in colonial days states claims went as far west as they could get away with. the deal was they gave up those claims if the federal govt assumed their war debts.


    5. then again, Lincoln also sent the navy to blockade Africa. there they joined the british, also blocking the slave trade.

      when slavers were caught, the slaves were returned to Africa and freed. the ship captains were hung from yard arms.

      truefully, those were the only slaves Lincoln actually freed, and the only folks Lincoln executed religiously.

      an intriguing parallel, Donald trump also wants to interrupt the trade in illegals.

      and a long row of cartel members dancing on air at the end of a rope on the spikes of the fence might be an effective deterrent.


    6. Funny thing about life.

      No matter where or when it is lived, nothing is ever as simple and free of conflicts and contradictions as the less than totally simple minded crave it to be.

      To succeed in the contentment of pure simple mindedness, the absence of a functioning brain is required.

      The absence of a functioning brain is only present in plant life.

      Thus, the perfection of the contentment craved by the less than totally simple minded is to be found in becoming a plant.

      Be a tree.

      Be a bush.

      Be the best rooted, thoughtless, green leafed plant you can be.

      And if you try and fail, you are trying too hard.

      A plant tries not at all.

      A plant just is.

      Lillies of the Field.

  5. What a empty life you lead...


  6. Gee, it doesn't get any better than Harper's Weekly...and the New York Times.

    1. Too some degree anon is correct. The war between the states did not start out about slavery. Lincoln made it so after the fact when public opinion was rolling against him. Lincoln did subvert the Constitution, which is a major reason we have an overbearing federal government now. It was not supposed to be that way, states were to have power over feds not the other way around.


    2. The reason we have an overbearing federal government is that states are no longer represented by the Senate. Instead they are for sale like congress critters except it is a six year lease.

    3. Please note what I stated, "major reason." There is other factors but number one started with Lincoln. States also abdicated their rights and power for government cheese.


    4. Please note, bsg, that opinions are the brain's version of the anus's expressive capabilities.

      And display the same results upon closer examinations.

      Ping Pong game played with opinons = Ping Pong games played with turds.

    5. that opinions are the brain's version...

      So you give us your sick opinion on his opinion?
      That's rich.

    6. Priceless.

      You proved it.

      And ditto applies to your opinion.

      You are a treasure trove beyond compare or monetary value!!!

    7. When that is all one can come up with in reply, the debate has been lost. Anyone looking at history with an unbiased eye would conclude Lincoln was not good for this nation. B.S.G.

    8. To "win" your debate is akin to "winning" a picture of a slice of pizza.

      You hungry?

      Eat the picture, you won it, after all.

      Me, I go, with my earned dinero, and buy myself a slice, or two, or three, of the real thing.

      You know, here, in the now, in which I exist.

      Not then, in the now in which no one exists.

      You play debate game.

      I eat my pizza.

    9. I present facts, you present... well I have no idea. Enjoy the pizza, just had a tasty lemon chicken prepared by my lovely wife. B.S.G.

    10. Now that is the most factual thing you have posted to date, that you have no idea.

      And to bring into a blog comment section "debate" mention of your "lovely wife" is, to say the least, depreciative.

      You may well be worthless for any experience other than stroking your "winning" debatable ego, but, is your "lovely wife" also subjected to this aspect of your nature?

    11. Thank you for the amusement anon.


  7. Don,

    Grow your beard if you like but when your wife complains, go out and by Schick Hydrocourt 5 disposables.

    A bit cheaper than Gilette but the big benefit is that they last forever. I shave a heavy beard daily and I get 3-4 weeks (weeks, not days) out of a blade.

    John Henry

    1. I concur. Screw Gillette! And those blades last longer if you run them ten times across a strap from old blue jeans.

    2. Better yet, graduate to badass - go to a Straight Edge. ;<)

  8. I love Tombstone. Best. Meme. Ever.

  9. Bernie Sanders: We Must End Fossil Fuels, “End Of Discussion,” “There Is No Middle Ground”

    Amazing how the left thinks they can "end discussions."

    1. But, he is going to tax them to support his Green Deal. Beyond that industry not having enough profit to even begin to pay for his Green Deal, they won't have any profit at all because he will get rid of them.

    2. They could, by shutting the fuck up.

      Not that they ever do.

      Ironically, that is their default for pretty much everything.

      Never doing.

      Except, of course, their moochings.

      Moochings they never stop doing.

  10. My wife left Ravelry for the same reason. Where's this new group?

  11. "Good news. Hillary is not your president." Bad news. Hillary is not in jail.

    #10. Hey Bernie. You first. Quit flying in your private jet.

  12. First, Lincoln issued the EP as a strategy to hurt the south, and because the South couldn’t have it both ways. Lincoln always wanted slavery extinct but as pre-war President he said he had no authority to do so. When the South attacked Sumpter and proclaimed a Confederate State, the ground changed and they could legitimately be treated as adversaries in war with no right to complain.

    The Constitution, I believe, gives the President room to suspend habeas corpus in certain circumstances; it is not absolute.

    Lincoln rightly began the war to preserve the Union because he believed that was in his Oath of Office. As I said, he added slavery to the issue in 1862, when the South was professedly a foreign country in active war with the United States.

    The EP, as anyone should know, provided the legal basis for the actual liberation which took place progressively up to and maybe after Appomattox. Noone ever claimed that Lincoln personally knocked the chains off every Southern Slave.

    What are they teaching in schools these days?

    1. Yes, the EP was in part a political action beyond anything to do directly with slavery. The Union was almost at war with Britain over the blockading of the Southern ports; restraining trade over cotton which the mill owners in Britain wanted. But the British people were against slavery after their centuries of serfdom, so he was appealing to the people of Britain. It worked.

    2. The Constitution is not absolute????????

      Wow. Laddie wants a King and a monarchy. He despises the rule of law.

      And Lincoln shredded the Constitution. He shut down hundreds of newspapers and locked up a few legislators who gave him trouble.

      To placate the South he proposed an amendment to preserve slavery in their states permanently. The dividing line was the move West would they be slave or free states? So the South rejected his offer.

      In short, Lincoln was a tyrant. He got what was coming.

    3. I’m not to invest my time on what is mostly a rant.

      Habeous Corpus is not,
      as I recall, absolute according to the Constitution—-which you are welcome to confirm or correct me on by going and reading it.

      Otherwise, troll-ism pervades your remarks.

    4. The Privilege of the Writ of Habeas Corpus shall not be suspended, unless when in Cases of Rebellion or Invasion the public Safety may require it.

      US Constitution, Article 1, Section 9
      Next time do your OWN homework.

  13. #2 Here I thought aiding and abetting was a crime. But a man was arrested this week for threatening to use gun violence. He may have been serious, but we are reaching into the thought crime area; where does it stop. Oh yes, when it is where illegal aliens are concerned. So, "encouraging or inducing unauthorized aliens to enter the United States" is now OK?

    1907. Title 8, U.S.C. 1324(a) Offenses | JM | Department ...
    Subsection 1324(a)(1)(i)-(v) prohibits alien smuggling, domestic transportation of unauthorized aliens, concealing or harboring unauthorized aliens, encouraging or inducing unauthorized aliens to enter the United States, and engaging in a conspiracy or aiding and abetting any of the preceding acts.

  14. If Bernie Sanders farts, is that an emission from fossils?

    1. its those fossil fool emissions.

      a well substantiated side effect of huffing toluene, the volatile organic that gives airplane glue its' distinctive aroma.

      stinks worse than

  15. John Holton: The one I know of/joined is a Facebook page titled Walk Away From Ravelry.

  16. Wouldn't want to suggest that Hillary was drunk in that video footage, but her calves were mooing at one another.

    "Its business is in the toilet and swirling."
    If it's Australia, presumably in the opposite direction?

    "Rather than use the shaving cream I still had, I grew my first beard ever. At 65."
    Welcome to the tribe, brother.

    "Bernie Sanders: We Must End Fossil Fuels, “End Of Discussion,” “There Is No Middle Ground”"

    Vladimir Lenin: The way to crush the bourgeoisie is to grind them between the millstones of taxation and inflation.


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