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Friday, August 16, 2019

Highlights of the News

Donald John Trump is still your president.

ITEM 1: HuffPost reported, "President Donald Trump’s top federal prosecutor in Philadelphia launched an extraordinary attack on the city’s elected district attorney on Thursday, just hours after a drug suspect shot and wounded six of the city’s police officers.

"U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania William McSwain issued an unusual and inflammatory statement slamming Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner, a civil rights attorney elected in 2017 who has become one of the faces of the prosecutor movement in the U.S. McSwain said the shooting was 'precipitated by a stunning disrespect for law enforcement' that is 'promoted and championed by District Attorney Larry Krasner.'"

What is extraordinary is someone finally held Democrats responsible for their reckless rhetoric against the police. By "prosecutor movement," HuffPost means siding with criminals.

ITEM 2: USA Today reported, "Officials blamed 'political rhetoric and misinformation' after shots were fired at an Immigration and Customs Enforcement office in San Antonio, Texas, early Tuesday morning.

"Local TV station KENS 5 reported that suspects fired at the building,which includes the ICE Enforcement and Removal Operations field office and Jefferson Bank offices, around 3:00 a.m. CDT Tuesday morning on the northeast side of San Antonio.

"A spokesperson for GEO Group, a private prison contractor that also runs some immigration detention centers, said that their offices, which were in the same office building as the ICE offices, were also shot at in the same incident.

"No one was injured in the shooting, and federal investigators from the FBI and Department of Homeland Security were searching for suspects."

Democrats say they want to shut down ICE. Someone took them seriously.

ITEM 3: President Donald Trump held a rally in New Hampshire.

Fox News reported, "The president promised to work more on the opioid epidemic, which, according to the Washington Post, has claimed more lives in 2017 alone than mass shootings have in the past five decades.

"'We have reduced the total amount of opioids prescribed by 34 percent,' Trump said, noting that thousands of defendants have been prosecuted federally in opioid-related cases."

Last month, it was reported, "Decline in opioid prescriptions translates to drop in drug overdose deaths for the first time in decades."

The best economy in a half-century also helps by giving people a job and a reason to live.

ITEM 4: The Associated Press reported, "With a push from President Donald Trump, Israel on Thursday barred two Muslim-American congresswomen from entering the country for a visit, an extraordinary step bringing the longtime U.S. ally into Trump’s domestic fight against political rivals at home.

"The U.S. president is essentially relying on Israel to retaliate against two freshman lawmakers, Reps. Rashida Tlaib of Michigan and Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, who are both outspoken critics of Israel’s treatment of Palestinians. They are also part of the squad of liberal newcomers -- all women of color -- whom Trump has labeled the face of the Democratic Party as he runs for reelection.

"It’s a glaring departure from the tradition of American politicians leaving domestic disputes at the water’s edge."

Hahaha, AP.

Democrats abandoned that when they abandoned their support of the Iraq War. Going overseas to blast a Republican president is OK in the 21st century.

Bibi's decision to ban them because of their anti-Semitic comments has nothing to do with President Donald John Trump. The media should stick to facts.

Meanwhile, the Babylon Bee reported, "Women Who Don't Believe Israel Has Right To Exist Not Sure Why They Got Banned From Israel."

A Christian satire site was more accurate than AP.

ITEM 5: The Daily Mail reported. "CBS Evening News anchor Norah O'Donnell was caught saying, 'Sounds like somebody else here' when discussing sexual harassment allegations made against opera singer Placido Domingo.

"O'Donnell was overheard during a segment of the report in which the Spanish opera star said he believed all his past relationships were welcomed and consensual.

"The Emmy Award-winning host could be heard on a hot mic apparently saying: 'Sounds like somebody else here.' just shortly before the camera returned back to her and she concluded the news item.

"The comment was subsequently deleted from the audio when the clip was uploaded to the CBS website."

CBS was home to Charlie Rose, a serial sex harasser and FOJE -- Friend Of Jeff Epstein.

However, O'Donnell should present the news without injecting her opinions.

ITEM 6: The Hill reported, "A California woman was sentenced to jail time after she was caught on video dumping a bag of seven 3-day-old puppies in the trash.

"Deborah Culwell was sentenced to 365 days in jail, which will be reduced to 174 days including time served on Wednesday after pleading guilty, according to local news reports."

Meanwhile, nearly 3,000 human babies are aborted each day and nobody goes to jail.


Three sheets to the wind. All we are is three sheets to the wind.

ITEM 8: Yahoo News reported, "The accountant who blew the whistle on Bernie Madoff’s scheme is blowing the whistle again with a new report attacking GE’s accounting practices.

"In a 175-page report posted online, forensic accountant Harry Markopolos and his fraud team allege that GE is committing $38 billion in accounting fraud.

"'It’s the biggest, bigger than Enron and WorldCom combined,' he wrote. 'In fact, GE’s $38 Billion in accounting fraud amounts to over 40% of GE’s market capitalization, making it far more serious than either the Enron or WorldCom accounting frauds.'

"Markopolos is calling GE 'GEnron,' because the company appears to be 'using many of the same accounting tricks that Enron did.'"

Founded by Thomas Edison, J.P. Morgan and others in 1892, GE brought good things to life. Mom made light bulbs for it for 20 years. Sad to see it die.

ITEM 9: The Associated Press reported, "The gunman in Dayton who killed nine people had cocaine, an antidepressant and alcohol in his system during the mass shooting, and was cut down by a barrage of at least two dozen police bullets that penetrated gaps in his body armor, a coroner said Thursday.

"Montgomery County coroner Dr. Kent Harshbarger said authorities found a pipe device and a baggie of cocaine on 24-year-old Connor Betts. Harshbarger also reported in his preliminary autopsy findings that Betts had more than 50 entry and exit wounds."

We need cocaine control. Oh wait, it is illegal.

Well, we need antidepressants control. Oh wait, they're a prescription drug.

We need alcohol control. Oh wait, we regulate booze.

We need gun control. Oh wait, we have had it since 1968.

ITEM 10: The Daily Mail reported, "A Russian pilot has been hailed as a hero after he successfully crash-landed a passenger plane in a cornfield today after birds were sucked into both engines, causing them to fail.

"Ural Airlines Flight U1678 was taking off from Moscow's Zhukovsky airport at 6:10 am local time bound for Simferopol, Crimea, when it suffered a double bird strike, causing one engine to burst into flames and the other to stop working.

"Captain Damir Yusupov, 41, radioed the airport asking to make an emergency landing but was forced to ditch into a cornfield a mile away after realizing he was not going to make it.

"Yusupov brought the plane down with no power in either engine and with the landing gear retracted."

Tom Hanks can play him in the movie.

ITEM 11: HuffPost reported, "As Donald Trump the president tees off Thursday morning for another round on his golf vacation, Donald Trump the goatherd continues to enjoy a tax break likely worth $88,000 annually from the farm exemption his tiny flock helps him keep.

"According to his golf course’s latest filing with Bedminster Township to justify its 'farmland assessment' tax break, Trump maintains eight goats and farms hay on 113.2 acres. Another 70.6 acres of adjacent woods are also set aside as agricultural, so that a total of 183.8 of the golf resort’s 514 acres are taxed at a much lower rate ― just over $6 an acre, rather than $462."

He's been a baa-ed boy.

ITEM 12: CBS reported, "Nearly 300,000 people sign petition to rename Trump Tower's street after Barack Obama."

How nice. Trump Tower is named for the man who built it. Obama Street would be named for someone who said "You Did Not Build That!"

Capitalism vs. Communism. We will see which is kept in better repair.

ITEM 13: The Daily Mail reported, "An Afghan asylum seeker who tried to murder a complete stranger while 'fueled' by a desire to kill English people was jailed for 21 years.

"Samiulahaq Akbari, 22, was caught on CCTV walking into the Tesco Extra in Thornton Heath, south London, on January 8. Akbari tapped a customer on the shoulder and asked for his nationality.

"He then took a swing at the victim, Mr Speight, with a ten-inch kitchen knife when he said he was from the UK. Mr Speight managed to kick Akbari off when he leapt on him and miraculously escaped from the scuffle without a mark on him."

Diversity is our strength, hence the name Diversified Kingdom.

ITEM 14: AFP reported, "President Donald Trump hasn't forgotten his old job -- the world's most-famous real estate developer says he wants the US to acquire the world's biggest island, according to a report.

"Trump has expressed interest in the mostly ice-covered landmass located northeast of Canada, asking advisors if it is possible for the US to acquire Greenland, The Wall Street Journal said Thursday, citing people familiar with the discussions."

The boys at Reddit_The_Donald figured out the plan.

ITEM 15: ABC reported, "Walmart says it sells 20% of ammunition in US, defends gun sales after mass shootings."

CNBC reported, "Walmart on Thursday reported second-quarter earnings that topped expectations and raised its outlook for the full year, building on the momentum in its core U.S. business, online operations and investments in grocery."

Walmart should not have to defend selling a legal product protected by the Second Amendment.

ITEM 16: Ace posted:

He said, "I think he killed himself but it amuses me that the media is simultaneously pushing the Trump Killed Him conspiracy theory and also the Conservatives R Dumb for Believing Conspiracy Theories narrative."

I like how the Washington Post threw shade by saying the autopsy showed the hanging broke some neckbones which caused him to die. Duh. That is why you hang yourself.

ITEM 17CNN reported, "Trump's purge of his own national security team is almost complete."

The story began, "When Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats and his deputy Sue Gordon leave their offices for the last time on Thursday, it will mark a turning point for an administration that has already endured the highest level of senior staff turnover in history."

Obama appointed Gordon.

Given Obama's criminal abuse of American intelligence to spy on Donald Trump, being fired or forced to retire should be the least of their worries.


  1. #16.

    Hanging with a sharp stop can break bones. Hanging from a bed post generally does not. You die from bloodflow being cut off to the brain.


  2. Item 9 dude opens fire in a crowd and the media and left scream gun control.
    Item 2 dude opens fire on a government facility and the media and left scream........*crickets*
    Just pointing out the irony.

  3. Item 16 whether or not you're into conspiracy theories, it's also possible Epstein was smuggled out of prison and living the high life somewhere. Too much dirt on the 'devil in a blue dress', maybe?

  4. Trump wanted to use a new broom a long time ago. If you can't tell the rotten apples from the good ones, get rid of them all. But he couldn't do that.

    How much could Trump have accomplished this first term if he wasn't opposed at every turn by Congress, the Deep State, traitors and saboteurs in his administration, and the media?

  5. It is amusing (as noted everywhere) that the MSM is baffled that no one bought the Russian Collusion conspiracy they pushed for years, yet new Epstein conspiracies sprout daily.

  6. Re GE... Now look at JC Penney

    1. Nah, JCP has a whole different set of problems. A big portion of it was when Ron Johnson abandoned it's core shoppers: dumping doorbusters, bogos, & other incentives. Advertising was revamped and looked like crap, dropping catalogs and core store brands, not keeping up with internet shopping.
      The list goes on, but unscrupulous accounting is not part of it.

    2. Before we write GE’s obit, I’d like some more details about Harry’s contract with that hedge fund shorting the hell out of it.

    3. BTW Big D, thank you for being willing to share some personal stuff about your dad and mom. I’d read you anyways, but those shares give your blog a much better picture of your journey. We’ve all got crosses to bear. Keep the faith, brother.

  7. Item 14: Now THAT’S a New Green Deal I can get behind!

    The jokes just write themselves, I’m tellin ya. Mr. T is the Stableist Genius in the history of Stable Geniuses.

  8. Item 9
    The Dayton PD exhibited outstanding marksmanship.

    1. It doesn't say how many shots were fired by the police in total. Usually, in a tense situation, police aren't very good shots at all.

    2. The ignorance on this is amazing.

      Have either of you two twinkies ever experienced any sort of exchange of gunfire?

      The police do not enjoy a Free Fire Zone.

      Do either of you two twitty birdsvunderstand what that means?

      The police do not enjoy the absence of a Dead or Alive option.

      The police are not you, playing a POV video game.

      The police are critized for every move they make, every move, and for every move some dumbass claims they should have made and did not.

      You watch a fucking video and imagine you know squat about this?

      You know nothing.


      Not Anything Whatsoever.

      But, hey, you got an opinion!!!!




      (Don may now choose to remove this, given the contextual content containing appropriate perjoratives.)


    First article of today.

    1. That AG is one of Soros' people, bought and paid for.

    2. If you are referencing Krimesha, she is the crook county state's attorney.

      The state's attorney general is a waste of spunk democrat.

      Both are products of state democrat domination.

      Krimesha is the soros funded bacteria.

      Yeah, it is tough to differentiate the slime individually.

  10. 8. This guy is working for a hedge fund that is shorting GE stock.

  11. #15 Denmark does this. It is great idea and will curb illegal immigration quickly if Trump can pull it off.

    Denmark will send rejected asylum seekers to live on a remote island. Located in the freezing Baltic Sea, the island is currently home to animal research laboratories and crematoria. "If you are unwanted in Danish society, you should not be a nuisance to ordinary Danes," immigration minister Inger Støjberg wrote in a Facebook post on Friday.

    1. The US also has some excellent potential locations for the illegal 'asylum seekers' and 'migrants' out in the Aleutian island chain with a climate that would likely discourage their trying to come here.

    2. Bikini Atoll, it gets glowing reviews.

  12. Item 1: I am thrilled that a federal prosecutor has stood up to the so-called progressive type prosecutor. I have been a local prosecutor since the worst days of the crack epidemic. We are victims of our own success. Now that crime rates are extraordinarily low, the time has come to blame prosecutors for doing the job they were hired to do.

    The attacks on prosecutors have grown to such a degree that Linda Fairstein, the woman responsible for creation of sex crimes prosecution units/bureaus across the country has been vilified because of some imaginary version of the Central Park jogger case that has been broadcast on Netflix. As a result of the efforts of the writer of that piece of fiction, Ava Duvernay, the gutless Mystery Writers of America withdrew the well-deserved Grandmaster award Linda was to receive this year. She has been dropped by her equally gutless publisher and her name is mud in what some would call "polite society." I was a colleague of Linda's some years back and she was among the top investigators of he said/she said sex crimes accusations, if not the best, I have ever seen.

    I am grateful that my daughter had no interest in becoming an attorney. As I said to someone, the manner in which prosecutors are treated/viewed will guarantee that the good lawyers will avoid employment as prosecutors, leaving a pool of candidates from which to hire who are truly unsuited for the job.

  13. Item #7, The young man in the photo with her majesty is the son of an acquaintance. Very pro-life, Catholic family, taking the fight to the enemy every single day.

    1. I love my readers. You give me more than I can give you. Thank you so much.

  14. #8 - The reports of GE's death has been greatly exaggerated.

  15. When Howard Hughes bought Sonoran Desert land for his missile business south of the Tucson airport, local politicos were salivating over the tax windfall. Hughes sold the land to the federal government for $1, then paid $0 local tax year by year. The feds still own Air Force Plant No. 44 and Raytheon catches the break.

  16. Item #4: RE countries banning foreigners, didn't England ban Michael Savage?

  17. I am waiting for Don to tackle that nasty little wannabe wuss, Scaramucci. If anyone ever deserved to be on the Trumpenfreude List, that little weasel deserves to be… Waiting and hoping...

  18. "A Russian pilot has been hailed as a hero after he successfully crash-landed a passenger plane in a cornfield today"

    Well, the voice said that if you build it, they will come.

    "three sheets to the wind"

    She's not sheet-faced; which she will now prove by performing culturally uplifting selections from the Gogolala Jubilee Jugband's latest album.

    "so that a total of 183.8 of the golf resort’s 514 acres are taxed at a much lower rate ― just over $6 an acre, rather than $462."

    And the Left says he hasn't got the smarts to win a trade war?

  19. Regarding the renaming of the street that Trump Tower is on to Obama Way, or some such stupidity, the rule states that a person so honored has to be dead at least two years.
    Maybe Barry will be honored to do himself in so the left can have the dirty spit upon street named after him, while the Tower glistens high above it and his crumbling legacy.
    As per usual, the leftists site Obama's scandal free regime. We all know how that Fairy Tale was created by the Pravda media, ignoring numerous instances of scandal that still became known, but the media told us to look the other way.

  20. As regards #11 - the goats are used to control poison ivy on the course. The acreage not actively taxed as a golf course is set aside as a bird sanctuary and deeded as such.

    A little perusal of local newspapers (Courier News published by Gannett so it's not exactly Trump-friendly) would have found the information including environmentalist praise for the property.

  21. #4-- Israel didn't ban them just because of "anti-Semitic remarks." We have a law forbidding entrance to BDS activists. Your 2 Congresspersons have initiated/co-sponsored a Congressional resolution encouraging BDS. And don't kid yourselves -- the goal of the BDS movement is to destroy Israel.

    BTW, Tlaib was offered the opportunity to apply for a visa on humanitarian grounds, to visit her grandma. She turned it down.