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Thursday, August 15, 2019

Highlights of the News

Donald John Trump is still our president.

ITEM 1: Bloomberg News reported, "Payrolls in manufacturing totaled about 12.9 million workers in July, the most since November 2008, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics data. Since Trump took office in 2017, factory employment has increased by about a half million workers after stagnating in the prior [nine] years."

Those jobs are coming back. President Trump continues to erase the lethargic legacy of Prince Obama the Awful.

ITEM 2: Michael Goodwin of the New York Post reported, "A good summation of what Dems miss about middle America comes from reader Chris Goodwin, no relation. He writes: 'I am a traveling pipe welder and hadn’t welded much American-made pipe till Trump was elected. I live in rural Missouri and Dems don’t care what we think.

"'We still cling to our Bibles and guns and think men should use their own bathrooms. We think college shouldn’t be free and not everyone should go. Trump embarrasses me often, but I’ll take embarrassment over any of his opponents.'"

Be American, weld American.

Democrats have to flip some Donald Trump voters if they are to win next year, or in the case of Texas flood the red states with expatriate Californians. Once a swing state, President Trump carried Missouri by 18 points.

ITEM 3: Rasmussen reported, "The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that only 29% of American Adults believe Epstein actually committed suicide while in jail. Forty-two percent (42%) think Epstein was murdered to prevent him from testifying against powerful people with whom he associated. A sizable 29% are undecided."

But the media that pushed Russiagate for 2 years is shocked that people believe a conspiracy theory the media did not push.

ITEM 4Fox News reported, "The suspect linked to Wednesday's hours-long standoff in Philadelphia surrendered to authorities just after midnight Thursday, exiting the residence with his hands in the air and with a police light shining on him, surrounded by a cloud of tear gas.

"The dramatic shootout in Philadelphia stretched on for hours as six officers were shot -- and two officers and three hostages were later freed, apparently unhurt.

"The suspect was identified by unnamed police sources as Maurice Hill, 36, of Philadelphia."

24 Hour Rule keeps me from making a judgment. I need facts, not emotions. Just remember, Blue Lives Matter.

ITEM 5: The Associated Press reported, "Rep. Steve King on Wednesday defended his call for a ban on all abortions by questioning whether 'there would be any population of the world left' if not for births due to rape and incest.

"Speaking before a conservative group in the Des Moines suburb of Urbandale, the Iowa congressman reviewed legislation he has sought that would outlaw abortions without exceptions for rape and incest. King justified the lack of exceptions by questioning how many people would be alive if not for those conceived through rapes and incest."

Never defend rape or incest. But he is correct on abortion, which kills a million innocent Americans each year. It is the largest cause of death in our nation.

ITEM 6: Fox News reported, "A local news editor claims that a bodyguard for CNN political analyst and White House correspondent April Ryan violently removed him from an event where she was a keynote speaker.

"Charlie Kratovil, editor of New Brunswick Today, was on hand to cover a speech given by Ryan at the 4th annual New Jersey Parent Summit, which focuses on 'educating, empowering and preparing parents for our future leaders,' on Aug. 3 at The Heldrich Hotel."

Ryan said, "When I speak, I don’t have news covering my speech."

Yank her White House credentials. She is not a reporter. She is an entertainer.

Fredo Cuomo goes bonkers. Don the Lemon sued for bad behavior. Now April Lyin' Ryan does this. Remember, journalists hold CNN in high regard.

ITEM 7: Summit News reported, "Billionaire Tech investor Peter Thiel has warned that Google is aiding the Chinese military, and that the company needs to be investigated by the FBI and the CIA because it is manned by globalists who do not understand the threat to the US that China poses.

"Thiel described Google’s political culture as globalist, post-national, and cosmopolitan, adding that the company is incredibly insular and incurious about real problems outside of its own silicon valley bubble.

"Thiel called for US intelligence agencies to get involved as Google is indirectly providing the Chinese government with cutting edge AI technology."

Our federal government is run by people who lack patriotism. It saddens and worries me, and I am disinclined to worry about anything.

ITEM 8: The Washington Free Beacon reported, "Democratic presidential candidates continue to throw shade on the legacy of former President Barack Obama. They rarely criticize him by name, but many of the 2020 hopefuls have implicitly attacked Obama's record on health care, immigration, and climate change, among other issues.

"The latest example of implied criticism, courtesy of two prominent contenders, focuses on the Obama administration's investigation into the controversial police-involved shooting death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., in 2014. Sens. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass) and Kamala Harris (D., Calif.) marked the five-year anniversary of Brown's death on Twitter by asserting that he was 'murdered.'

"That's not what Barack Obama's Department of Justice concluded after investigating the incident. The federal probe, in addition to the local criminal investigation presented to a grand jury, did not find sufficient evidence to pursue charges against Darren Wilson, the police officer who shot Brown. Both largely substantiated Wilson's version of events that Brown reached into his police car and attempted to grab the officer's gun."

Democrats have moved to the left of Obama. They are hopelessly lost in the weeds.

ITEM 9: Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne said, "Last summer I figured out… what they all are is all about political espionage. It had nothing to do with law enforcement, it was all political espionage. Here’s the bottom line. There is a deep state like a submarine working just beneath the waves of the periscope depth watching our shipping lane. And a nuclear ice breaker called the USS Bill Barr has snuck up on them and is about to ram midship."

Until I see indictments, I am not getting my hopes up. Comey once was praised as having integrity.

ITEM 10: Fox News reported, "The Republican Party has long been panned by its detractors as the party of big money and big donors -- but donation patterns have changed measurably under President Trump, a Fox News analysis of campaign finance data shows.

"61% of money raised directly by the Trump campaign this election cycle came from small donors (donations under $200), according to Federal Election Commission figures. That is similar to the proportion Trump raised during the 2016 election cycle, when 65%t of donations were under $200. And this is dramatically higher than previous Republican nominees. Mitt Romney raised 26% of his direct contributions from small donations in 2012, and John McCain raised 25 percent from small donations in 2008."

He is a man of the people.

ITEM 11:
In its "Father Fuhrer" issue, National Review depicted Trump supporters as Nazis.

Did anyone seriously believe I forget a betrayal?

ITEM 12: WJLA reported, "Two undocumented immigrants are accused of raping an 11-year-old girl on different occasions, the common denominator being a friendship with the victim's older brother.

"Montgomery County Police have arrested Mauricio Barrera-Navidad, 29, of Damascus, and Carlos Palacios-Amaya, 28, of Gaithersburg, and charged each with second-degree rape."

The story also said, "In December 2016, an immigration judge issued Barrera-Navidad a final order of removal. It's unclear why the Salvadoran national remained in the country."

Stacey McCain solved the mystery.

He reported, "In July, Democrats in Montgomery County, Maryland, banned local officials from cooperating with ICE."

Living in a Democrat stronghold is child abuse.

ITEM 13: Fox News reported, "South Bend, Indiana mayor Pete Buttigieg reportedly helped create an alert system that would notify families if Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) raided his residents' homes or businesses.

"The phone tree, according to The Daily Beast on Wednesday, was one of several actions Buttigieg took to protect illegal immigrants in his town. Phone trees consist of an automated calling system that helps spread messages quickly and efficiently.

"Those would presumably help alert immigrants to the type of surprise raids that resulted in nearly 700 arrests in Mississippi.

"His approach to immigration came under legal scrutiny when Judicial Watch, a right-leaning organization, sued the city over a Community Resident Card program that Buttigieg reportedly developed with the help of La Casa, a left-wing, pro-immigration group."

I will be blunt, by alerting lawbreakers, Buttigieg risks aiding and abetting rape.

ITEM 14: Summit News reported, "Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris followed up her pork chop photo-op by wishing Muslims a happy Eid Mubarak."

She was more Biden-esque than Joe Biden.

ITEM 15: Jeff Epstein had a portrait of his buddy, Bill, hanging in his living room.

He is NOT your president.
Devil with the blue dress, blue dress, blue dress,
Devil with the blue dress on


  1. Makes you wonder if Monica was an innocent aide..or actually part of a blackmail scheme.


    1. Not on my regular computer,got a nice surprise when I came home after a lighting storm.
      Fortunately the Battery pack was protected by the computer..
      Using my wood fired Toshiba with windows XP..
      That said, I wouldn't put it past Epstein to use this as a trophy against Bill for blackmail.
      I Do think Barr's just turned over the first wet rock in this.. TG McCoy

  2. Blue dress and red shoes!

  3. Item 4,.. So after shooting six cops the guy, still barricaded, calls his lawyer to walk him out. Going forward from now, that'll be the new demand from wackos and hostage takers.

  4. (Didn't intend to post that as Unknown)

  5. come when I post with my name I'm asked to prove I'm not a robot, but Unknown I sail right through?

  6. I’d hit that. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

  7. The coverage of the shootout with the police in North Philadelphia yesterday and this morning is missing an important issue. He was ineligible to own or possess ANY firearm much less an AR-15 he reportedly was using; a firearm I can't legally purchase in Maryland or any other state and have it shipped to Maryland nor can citizens living in many other blue states. Your ID determines your gun rights depending on your home state's laws.

    1. Their logic is that if you and no one else had any firearms whatsoever and there were no gun shops in the USA, he wouldn't have been able to acquire the firearms to shoot up Philly. He simply would have either stabbed his way to fame with assault knives.


    2. I lived in FL and Bel Air, MD three years ago. I would bring two AR-15s to MD when I drove up from MD. I guess I'm lucky I didn't get 'caught'?

    3. TarsTarkas, how many gun shops in Mexico?

    4. 1st, any laws Unconstitutional are null and void upon inception.

      2nd, all state laws Uncnstitutional, being null and void, have only the effect upon their respective populace as they are successfully enforced and prosecuted to adjudication. Thus, Unconstitutional null and voided state laws are submitted to by default of said enforcements and prosecutions to adjudication.

      3rd, default submissions to Unconstititional null and voided laws, either state or federal, results in those so submitting thereto being both self deprived of the very Constitutional Rignts they may claim and insist they still have and the effective absent exisyence of those Rights.

      4th, those who enforce, prosecute and Unconstitutionally adjudicate said Unconstitutional null and void laws are willfully violating the Constitutional Rights of all those citizens upon whom they impose same.

      5th, the solution to the problem of repeat violent felons continuing to commit violent crimes is obvious. Wanted: Dead or alive.

      6th, also most helpful would be those enforcing Unconstitutional null and void laws to Stop Enforcing them. No enforce = no prosecution. No prosecution = no adjudication. Unconstitutional null and void laws are not Laws.

      7th, practical methods of avoiding being caught up in the scum traps of Unconstitutional null and void law enforcements are up to each to figure out.

      8th, the impossiblity of even eliminating the businesses providing goods and services relevant to our 2nd Amendment Constitutional Rights, let alone the confiscations, from any of those who exercise these Rights, of any objects relevant to same, nulls out the question of what the results might be. Never gonna happen. If this truth is doubted, and the result is blood being shed, which is possible, those attempting to enforce Unconstitutional null and void "laws" will not be omitted from the consequences.

      Our War of Independence was required by neccessity.

      Our Civil War was required by the neccessity to live up to our Constitution and the refusal by democrats of the time to do so.

      If there comes a time when yet another neccessity to live up to our Constitution requires more than victories at the ballot boxes, so be it.

    5. So how much "justice" can you afford?

    6. Uhhhh, greggie, are you drunk?

  8. C'mon, Don.

    "Never defend rape or incest. But he is correct on abortion, which kills a million innocent Americans each year. It is the largest cause of death in our nation."


    You know he did not "defend" rape or incest!!!

    He stated historical facts concerning each and every living, breathing human being currently expriencing their existence here, courtesy of some past impregnating activities of their ancestors.

    Distant past or not so distant past.

    And,vif anything, he made a strong case for no exceptions to abortions. A really strong case. A brutally strong case. A case only the feeble minded would object to it's accuracy.

    ALL of history is filled with progeny spawned from rape and incest events. And incest does not always equal either rape OR incest as currently defined.

    C'mon, Don, even unicorns know that the reality of others is not gonna be the reality of absolutes.

    And for you, of all bloggers, to screw your pooch in agreeing with the lie of implication on this, well, tsk, tsk, tsk.....

    You know that you know better.

    1. The Constitution forbids corruption of blood. Simply, you cannot punish the children for the crimes of the parents. So, why do we murder the children of rapists and incest?
      They are as innocent as any baby.

    2. When will the GOP stop putting these dumb ass cranks in office?! King is a complete idiot and probably drools a lot. There is 0 profit in bringing up rape or incest when discussing abortion, it just makes the speaker look like a back woods pervert. Abortion can be criticized and argued against on simple moral grounds, without bringing in extreme cases.

    3. Sorry, sweetstick, but you think only in political terms. And pretty simple minded terms at that.

      Moral grounds??? To appeal to the immoral?? The amoral???? The fuck you and your morality horse you rode in on???

      Even politically, your objections to stating the facts of life, historically not for the dainty of mind, are feeble.

      With the availability of some greater reliability concerning the tracing of "family trees" these days, even with the limitations of merely discovering the names of record concerning the connections via progeny, further searches for a variety of historical info related to those names, places of birth, etc, can glean much to imagine just how not uncommon our present definition of "incest" bears scant resemblence to that of the historical times past.

      This fixation upon appealing to morals presumes common morality abounds.

      Your claims in your comment on this are thus rendered feeble.

      If you are not a democrat, you could qualify as one.

    4. My stepdad was one of the finest men I have ever known.

      He fought in World War II, though bristled if you were to call him a “hero.” He caught the tail end of the war, then married in 1945 and had five children. He was an entrepreneurial type, moving out west in 1947 and opening a carpet and flooring store, and worked hard every day of his life.

      His wife died in the 1980s from cancer, and he spent every dime trying to get her better. When my own father took off, I don’t believe my mom ever thought of getting married again, but the Lord had other plans and they married in 1992.

      Mom died from a brain tumor in 2009, having lost him six months prior (he had serious kidney problems). My stepdad was the greatest thing to happen to my mom, being around him was a true joy (he would crack me up and not even know it) and their love for each other was complete, and a gift from God.

      My stepdad was born in 1925, a product of date rape. I am thankful for his life.

    5. This is what the politics junkies are missing.

      This is the moral value that those addicted to the sport of political banterings disregard.

      Rape and Incest are not political tools to use by focusing on the heinous acts of rapists nor on the fake implications that the modern definition of incest implies.

      True moral perspective on this is found in what the individuals impregnated in these manners choose to do.

      To bring the life so conceived into their life or to discard it?

      This is the morality those juicing themselves upon political thrill sport are pissing upon.

      Which makes all stone casters, from whatever political cheerleading clusters, merely assholes.

  9. I voted Trump for judges. Since then I have been surprised by:
    1) 50 year low Misery Index.
    2) 50 year low unemployment for women, Blacks, Hispanics and Asians.
    3) America becoming a net energy exporter.
    4) More job openings than people seeking work.

    If he were mediocre about everything else, I’d still try to re-elect him for the judges.

  10. #1 It's August. All the big-shots of Wall Street are in the Hamptons and the doom and gloom headlines about recession are everywhere. It's as if the DNC is coordinating all this financial coverage to drive down the President's poll numbers. Could something like that happen??? Asking for a friend.

    1. I was pondering this too. Didn't know much about bond rate inversion until I read CTH this morning. With negative bond rates in Germany, Japan, Hong Kong the people with money have to move it. The best secure investment right now is the US bond. Supply and demand dictates that all this money pouring into long term bonds is going to push the price offered down. You need two quarters of negative GDP to claim you're in a recession. No one believes we will have two quarters of negative GDP since the last two have exceeded estimates and the dollar is still strong. Personally I think some money men on Wall Street were just promoting this and were shorting the market. You have a willing MSM and the Dems are all pushing it to get at Donald Trump. Makes sense to make some easy money.

      BTW: good time to buy the dip.

    2. CTH and Don are just about the only sites you need to check daily. Plus ACE is doing great work too.

  11. Item 13: I believe this is a crime. See 8 USC 1324(a)(1)(A)(iii). I think you can get a year in prison for each alien shielded from detection.

    Wonder how quick these loudmouths would continue this conduct if the feds would start arresting and prosecuting.

  12. Re Item 13 and the Buttigieg anti-ICE phone tree:

    How is this not obstruction of justice? I'm using the definition of the term as defined by all those Mueller-sucking Dems who demanded that the POTUS be indicted for that very offense.

    I would say "lock him up," but something tells me Mayor Pete would enjoy that. What? It's not cool to make the same comment about a Dem that the Mueller-suckers made about Roger Stone and others in the Trump orbit the Dems were convinced would be indicted?

    Sorry for using gendered language here, but what's sauce for the [non-gender-binary] goose is sauce for the [non-gender-binary] gander.

  13. This article here - - complains that Trump is resisting Bolton and the NSA and the State Department by not going after China for Hong Kong.

    So basically, he's a dangerous ass for getting us into foreign wars (Iran) and a dangerous ass for NOT getting us into foreign wars (China).

    Anyway, I'm not fussed. HKs issues are on the UK, and were totally predictable since 1997 - only the timetable of this crackdown was uncertain.

    P.S. I read this about Bolton having previously read of course ...

    1. I'm wondering if it's in OUR best interests to let this one ride for the most part. It seems China is washing products through HK to evade any trade/tariff issues. Same way they used Canada and Mexico prior to USMCA. If HK is pulled into China proper or if China makes it necessary for us to do something drastic, we can treat products from HK as Chinese and impose tariffs. We would also get them kicked out of the WTO and remove any favored nation status. That would bring China to its knees pretty quickly. They are threading a very shaky needle here. Look for Xi to go the precipice and then back away for now.

    2. The smart play is to let things in HK play out on their own, and then hammer the PRC if they roll the tanks in -- ban all their products from the US and kick out all their spying students.

  14. Re #8

    Do not use Google
    Do not use Google
    Do not use Google

    John Henry

  15. 6 - why does April Ryan need a bodyguard? Inflated opinion of her self importance? This is why the mainstream media is not my source of news.

    7 - google and their ilk are becoming enemies of the state.

    8 - democrats are thankfully lost in the weeds.

    4 - too bad he survived the shootout.

  16. #2 -- My biggest worry is that the Dems will be able to carry out massive voter fraud. They seem to have put considerable effort into refining their techniques.

  17. Our federal government is run by people who lack patriotism.

    As I was growing up in the 80's and 70's I got the distinct impression that Joseph McCarthy had been a paranoid conspiracy not like Alex Jones, and the Rosenbergs were innocent victims of anti-community hysteria, Nobody ever explicitly said those things, in large part because we never studied that era of history.

    It wasn't until years later that I learned the truth - there were indeed communists in America, including (or especially) in government, academia, and Hollywood. And the Rosenbergs were guilty as sin. Nuclear scientist Klaus Fuchs gave the Russians the secret of the A-bomb.

    Between Hollywood and academia they have successfully buried the truth,

    Nowadays the treasonous Left no longer takes their marching orders from Joe Stalin. But they are still traitors and rats.

  18. Re: Item 3, those looking into the matter need to check out the possibility that Epstein could have accidentally offed himself in an act of auto eroticism. See