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Thursday, August 01, 2019

Highlights of the News

Good morning. Donald John Trump is still our president, not Slippy Fingers Urkel.

Three more reasons to vote for him.

Elijah Cummings hates black people.

ITEM 3: The Daily Caller reported, "Maryland Democratic Rep. Elijah Cummings declined an offer to tour a Baltimore Housing and Urban Development (HUD) facility with HUD secretary Ben Carson on Wednesday. HUD invited Cummings to tour the facility with Carson on Tuesday, however Cummings rejected the invitation, the Daily Caller has learned. When asked about Cummings’ absence at a press conference, Carson said that he did not know why Cummings did not attend the tour but guessed there may have been a scheduling issue."

He's allergic to rats and bullets.

ITEM 4: Bloomberg News reported, "Senator Ted Cruz is pressuring Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin to quickly deliver a tax cut to investors by indexing capital gains to inflation, a move that he said would encourage savings, investment and innovation.

"Cruz, along with 20 other Senate Republicans, sent a letter to Mnuchin on Monday urging him to index the tax on gains made from real estate, stocks or bonds so investors would pay less when selling an asset than they would under existing law."

The story also said, "Cruz and the other GOP senators argue that Mnuchin has authority to make the change through regulation without involving Congress, though previous administrations have concluded that can’t be done."

Democrat Joe Manchin of West Virginia should join his colleagues because in his heart, he knows they are right.

ITEM 5: Jon Zimney reported, "The Federal Bureau of Investigation conducted a raid of the South Bend Housing Authority offices. The offices are located at 501 Alonzo Watson Drive in South Bend.

"Employees left the building shortly after FBI agents went in. The workers left the premises shortly afterward."

Time to play the Gay Card, Mayor Pete Buttigieg.

ITEM 6: The Navy Times reported, "More than nine months after he was charged with murder and a string of other war crimes allegedly committed in Iraq in 2017 — Special Warfare Operator Chief Edward Gallagher strolled out of a Naval Base San Diego courtroom a free man, guilty only of appearing in an inappropriate photograph.

"Despite the collapse of their case against him, four military attorneys netted Navy Achievement Medals eight days later for their roles in his prosecution, according to records released to Navy Times following a Freedom of Information Act request.

"Presented at the Navy Region Southwest Legal Service Office in San Diego on July 10 by Capt. Gary E. Sharp — the chief of staff of Naval Legal Services Command in Washington — the decorations included NAMs for three lieutenants, George O. Hageman, Brian P. John and Scott I. McDonald, plus a female officer whose name and rank were redacted by the Navy."

Upon learning this, the commander in chief rescinded the medals. That is a good call.

Captain Sharp and the Naval Legal Services Command in Washington need an overhaul.

And a kick in the keister.

ITEM 7: A CNN employee told Fox News on the condition of anonymity, "CNN flounders now, they’ve no idea what the best anti-Trump message is, given the total meltdown of the Russia narrative, post-Mueller.

"My internal read is honestly that they’re in despair. They so believed in a Mueller smoking gun. I think they’re slowly realizing that Trump wins again, and they almost can’t fathom that outcome."

How bad is it? The Naval Legal Services Command wants to give Jeff Zucker a medal.




Maybe we should send the Baltimorons to Mexico for their protection.

ITEM 10:

When you don't fear a liberal boycott, you can tell the truth. Cherokee Guns, 1936 US-64, Murphy, NC 28906.

ITEM 11: Tracey Coyle reported, "Woodstock 50 is officially off, multiple sources tell Variety. Vendors and stakeholders were notified this morning, July 31, that the beleaguered festival was not going on. The festival was originally scheduled for Aug. 16 through 18.

"Yesterday it was reported that headliner Miley Cyrus had pulled out of the festival, joining the Raconteurs, the Lumineers and original Woodstock 1969 performers Santana, John Sebastian and Country Joe McDonald, all of whom since last night have said publicly that they’re not performing. Earlier, headliners Jay-Z and the Dead & Co., as well as John Fogerty, confirmed that they will not be performing."

Just as well. With the exception of Santana, all the good original acts are dead.

ITEM 12: The Hill reported, "The Justice Department’s chief watchdog is preparing a damning report on James Comey’s conduct in his final days as FBI director that likely will conclude he leaked classified information and showed a lack of candor after his own agency began looking into his feud with President Trump over the Russia probe.

"Inspector General (IG) Michael Horowitz’s team referred Comey for possible prosecution under the classified information protection laws, but Department of Justice (DOJ) prosecutors working for Attorney General William Barr reportedly have decided to decline prosecution — a decision that’s likely to upset Comey's conservative critics.

"Prosecutors found the IG’s findings compelling but decided not to bring charges because they did not believe they had enough evidence of Comey’s intent to violate the law, according to multiple sources.

"The concerns stem from the fact that one memo that Comey leaked to a friend specifically to be published by the media — as he admitted in congressional testimony — contained information classified at the lowest level of confidential, and that classification was made by the FBI after Comey had transmitted the information, the sources said."

Lock him up.

ITEM 13: The New York Post reported, "Presidential hopeful Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) said during Wednesday night’s Democratic presidential debate that she can address 'institutional racism' by explaining white privilege to women in the suburbs.

"'I can explain it to white women in the suburbs,' Gillibrand said on the debate stage.

"'When their son is walking down the street with a bag of M&Ms in his pocket, wearing a hoodie, his whiteness is what protects him from not being shot.'"

So in the name of racial equality, we have to shoot white boys in hoodies.

But how will we know if they have M&Ms in their pockets? What if they have Skittles? What if their pockets are empty?

ITEM 14: Glenn Loury wrote in the New York Times, "When I first heard that President Trump had gone after the Rev. Al Sharpton — and that Mr. Sharpton had responded in kind — I must admit that I laughed. Are there two New York City hustlers who deserve one another more?

"But 48 hours later, I feel differently. That’s thanks to the leading Democratic candidates for president, who have rushed to Mr. Sharpton’s defense, extolling his supposed virtues as a civil-rights paragon while denouncing Mr. Trump’s attack as racist. In doing so, they have, yet again, taken Mr. Trump’s bait, handing him another easy victory while yoking themselves to a genuine bigot."

Wow, someone at the Times is finally catching on.

Meanwhile, President Trump has the rest of the Democrats defending rats in Baltimore -- and high-fiving themselves thinking they finally got him this time.

(Pay sites are not linked.)

ITEM 15: The Washington Examiner reported, "Democratic Rep. Rashida Tlaib received a $2,500 campaign contribution from a prominent Michigan businessman who died more than 10 years ago, Federal Election Commission filings show.

"George S. Farah, Sr., a real estate developer and community leader in Flint, Michigan, made the large donation on June 22. However, Michigan Live reported he died of heart failure at the age of 73 on Feb. 1, 2009."

Wow. Not only do the dead vote Democrat in Michigan, but they donate money too.


  1. Getting back on the grid after a couple of days away, what a great way to catch up on the liberals insanity and some good news too.

    1. And it would be disastrous if Comey and the other criminals involved in the plot to unseat our President go unpunished.

    2. congrats. I'm off to my off grid off line land in 2 weeks. my neighbors include bears and bobcats.

      as far as comey, maybe a poker analogy. don't raise the bet too early. suck some people into putting serious money on the table before you flip your cards.

      Horowitz can only chastise.

      Barr and Durham will prosecute.


  2. Item 4: Might you be referring to Joe’s yacht, Big D? Still amazed Morrisey didn’t make that a bigger thing.

  3. I am not happy over learning the DOJ is not pursuing Comey. If this politicizing of the FBI is to be curtailed Comey needs to pay the price.
    Comey has been out there running off his mouth. Given how lenient the IG has seemed with things if he recommends inditing Comey, it seems there is a lot of reason to do so.
    Brennan is another who should be sitting at the defense table in a court of law for his actions in an attempted coup.
    This decision of Barr's DOJ needs to be protested, a massive write in campaign should be done to let Barr know our displeasure about "exonerating" Comey by letting him off as he let off Hillary.
    Maybe Trump will play his "Trump" card and tell Barr Comey needs to be brought to trial.

    1. If what Don wrote is correct, I can understand the decision in this case, however the FISA violations are seemly iron tight. They can be used to squeeze Comey. And yes I want him behind bars too.

  4. from wiki, in reference to the woodstock editorial:

    De mortuis nihil nisi bonum and De mortuis nil nisi bene [dicendum] ("Of the dead, [say] nothing but good")

    Some of those dead bands may have quite a story, could be important, they may have a loyal following, generally I think that was too harsh, exclamation point.

    1. Duly noted. I meant it as a dig on the living ones. Miley Cyrus? Really?

    2. Well, she would probably twerk and stick out her tongue and do lots of vulgar actions while "performing".
      This whole lineup just doesn't really mix well. The younger "artist" pretty much stink up the joint. The older ones sound pretty worn out and rough, with a few exceptions, as is to be expected.

  5. If Gillibrand is so ashamed of her white privilege she should leave the race, and defer to the people of color who are running.

    1. A white man was beaten to death for the mistake of having an auto accident in the wrong part of Detroit. #WhitePrivilge

    2. most of Kirsten's privilege stems from the truckloads of money from Goldman sucks and JP Morgan chase that ensure the good times keep rolling.


  6. So Comey gets off scot free. The more things change the more they stay the same.

    What's the use in voting when blatant criminality goes unpunished? Is organized crime running the DOJ? It sure seems like it.

    Reminds me of Sydney Powell's book about them
    License to Lie

    She exposed the DOJ crimes under Bush twenty years ago. They falsified evidence. They hid exculpatory evidence. They destroyed Arthur Anderson a company of 80K employees.

    Years later SCOTUS voted unanimously to overturn the trial of Anderson. Too late! 80K jobs down the drain thanks primarily to Andrew Wiesmann.

    Many here will recognize his name amongst the swamp creatures.

    1. James Comey's next reckoning is imminent — this time for leaking

      Prosecutors found the IG’s findings compelling but decided not to bring charges because they did not believe they had enough evidence of Comey’s intent to violate the law, according to multiple sources.

      The concerns stem from the fact that one memo that Comey leaked to a friend specifically to be published by the media — as he admitted in congressional testimony — contained information classified at the lowest level of “confidential,” and that classification was made by the FBI after Comey had transmitted the information, the sources said.

      Although a technical violation, the DOJ did not want to “make its first case against the Russia investigators with such thin margins and look petty and vindictive,” a source told me, explaining the DOJ’s rationale.

      But Comey and others inside the FBI and the DOJ during his tenure still face legal jeopardy in ongoing probes by the IG and Barr-appointed special prosecutor John Durham. Those investigations are focused on the origins of the Russia investigation that included a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrant targeting the Trump campaign at the end of the 2016 election, the source said.

      “There are significant issues emerging with how the FISA was handled and other conduct in the investigation, and everyone involved remains under scrutiny,” a second source said.

    2. I still remain skeptical over Comey and the other actors involved with the attempted Coup to be brought to justice.
      And I'm sorry, intent when involved with crimes is not a basis to charge someone. If you are in a car accident, I'm sure you didn't intend to have that crash, yet you are liable for costs and consequences of your actions.
      Intent was pretty clear from all Comey has said and done to push for the farce of the Herr Mueller investigation.
      Comey remains above the law. This should be the first of many salvos brought against Comey. Let him use up every dime he made off his BS book on defense of multiple indictments.

    3. SO, Comey exonerated Hillary to set PRECEDENT for his own similar crimes.

      As several have said, if he skates, justice is dead.

      Same goes for Brennan - the "Head of the Snake"- "chop it off"- send that boy to Stoney Lonesome for life +99

      Don, I had the exact same experience RE: Megan Kelley. Never saw her before (Never watch TV) and only knew of Trump via Scott Adams, but when I heard that exchange on the car radio, I said to my self: "Well, he sure put that snarky little B---- in HER place". I was SOLD!!

      BTW Is there a transcript of Adams' podcast ANYWHERE??? I can't stand all the "Good coffee" (not as good as mine) and other banter. I could read a transcript in 15 minutes rather than an hour of all that.

    4. Well, kire-, how snarky of thee.

      An hour of "all of thàt" is oh so not worth your precious time.


      Check the contents of your crapper, next time you push out a few of your factory's product.

      Take a good sniff.


      You are correct.

      There is no one better at producing than thee.


  7. 12. There needs to be serious consequences for acts of sedition. If not to penalize those who conducted it against President Trump, to discourage anyone from even thinking about it in the future.
    14. Maybe under threat of jail time the IRS can strike a consent agreement with sharpton. Instead of paying taxes, he would contribute his $19 million dollar taxes due to the group building "The Wall." Kind of like how obama funded his political preferences.

  8. Where are the damning declassified documents we were supposed to see YESTERDAY?

  9. The ol' skittles & a hoodie.
    If Old bumma hadda son, he'd look like tray-skittles-&-a-hoodie-von because, you know, we all look alike to you white folk. Had nothing to do with creeping around a neighborhood he didn't live in peeking into windows like he was looking for swag to steal. That storyline was never investigated, nor did anyone wonder why they felt the need for a neighborhood watch. Crime statistics aren't Baltimore levels but they were sizable back in 2012. (Maybe they still are)

    Gillibrand's such a tool.

    1. that part was investigated by the same ones who investigated Seth rich's murder? mugging? suicide?


    2. Yeah, That Seth Rich thing sure went quiet in a hurry, eh?


  10. Either Gillibrand is an idiot, or she thinks we're idiots, or she's just hoping we're idiots.

  11. > Wow, someone at the Times is finally catching on.

    If Loury keeps up the good work, he'll be fired.

  12. "say, Hain't we got the fools in town on our side? And ain't that always a big enough majority in any town?"

    Mark twain, from huckleberry Finn.


  13. > Wow. Not only do the dead vote Democrat in Michigan, but they donate money too.

    It's like magic. Abracadaver!