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Tuesday, August 13, 2019

FBI upset over conspiracy theories? Hahaha, hypocrites

Business Insider reported with a straight face, "FBI personnel are furious that President Donald Trump retweeted to his 63 million Twitter followers a baseless conspiracy theory suggesting that former President Bill Clinton was involved in the death of the disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein."

Since when does the bureau oppose baseless conspiracy theories?

Heck, it peddles them.

The FBI spied on Donald John Trump using a baseless conspiracy theory to get a FISA warrant.

It was -- in the words of its Chief of the Counterespionage Section, Peter Strzok -- an insurance policy should America elect Donald John Trump president.

America did and the FBI cashed in its insurance policy, subjecting President Trump to a $32 million investigation that threatened his business, his family members, and anyone else associated with him.

Strzok was no rogue agent. He was a major player in the bureau.

Meanwhile, the FBI destroyed evidence that implicated Hillary in her email scandal. And only now that Epstein is dead does the FBI raid his Pedo Fantasy Island.

We know this is another search-and-destroy mission for the Clintons to guard them against indictment, just as destroying Anthony Weiner's laptop was.

But the FBI is complaining that Epstein's death looks like another case of Arkancide.

Business Insider reported, "Frank Montoya, Jr., a recently retired FBI special agent, characterized Trump's actions as 'crazy talk coming from no less than the President of the United States.'"

The presidential retweet paled compared to the crazy talk from the FBI about ROOSHANS fixing the election for President Donald John Trump.

The FBI's interference in the election and its attempted coup posed an existential threat to our republic. Prosecutions are only half the answer for turning the FBI into the KGB.

We need a serious discussion on pulling the plug on the FBI. It has too much power and too little oversight.


  1. conspiracies are penny ante.

    when the stakes move into billions, its called a cartel.

    the medillan cartel, the Cali cartel, the Clinton cartel, the opec cartel, the bankers cartel aka federal reserve.

    or cabal is also appropriate.


    1. During the Roman Republic, whenever its nobels formed a group with common political or economic interests, they called themselves Optimates (the best men). They used the term amicitia (friendship) to describe motivation.
      Their opposition were described as a factio, a faction with bad intent, not working out of amicitia for the common good, but purely selfish reasons.
      Nothing has changed in 2000 years of politics except the spelling of these terms
      I can't see how the FBI will or even can be changed. Whether it does good or ill will depend on who controls it. Comey was really a creature of Obama. We have a better guy now, for awhile.

    2. As a US Attorney, Comey let the Clinton/Rodham Gang skate for selling pardons. He's a Clinton rat. And Chris Wray is at best a hack bureaucrat. He's covering for Obama much more than disgraced and fired Director L. Patrick Gray ever did for Nixon.

      If he gave a damn about the institution, he would root out the bad cops, not protect them.

  2. Strzok is not FBI, he actually works for another three letter agency, CIA. Look up his parents, where Strzok was born and what they did for a living.


  3. I’ll just copy most of my comment from the prior post -

    most of us have no faith at all in the FBI or the rule of law.

  4. At this point I don't know who to trust. I trusted the prosecutions of the Watergate cover up by the Ford Admin, but even with a new director, the FBI is still covering its butt. We need someone over the FBI that doesn't worry about a career or fortune to clean house. The 40 FBI agents working with Mueller and the DC Federal prosecutor need to be suspended and investigated.
    When I worked in nuclear power plant startup as a contractor employee I nailed management on covering for fake or missing testing required by the NRC. That cost me 2 jobs, but I can live with myself and the plants are safer, IMO, than they would have been otherwise. I expect as much from law enforcement, period.

    1. You are seeking a creature free of human nature.

      A few who approach this standard may exist, however, they avoid contact with the many who are but barely honorable.

      Thus, you will not find a one in any area of which ambition is present as a feature and not a glich.

      While the cream does, indeed, rise to the top, in areas where human nature is dominate over Mother Nature, think septic tank.

      This is what it is.


      The gift that keeps on giving.

  5. My daughter in law works for the Bureau, was a YUGE Comey fan, and is visiting us along with son and granddaughter in two weeks. I’ve already started schooling myself on Keeping Mouth Shut re FBI. Hell, I may have to stop reading Big D for a few days!

    1. Disown them, your son included. Write him out of the will while you're at it.

      For Real.

      Tell them to stay with the Comeys, as they seem to have chosen their family, and chosen poorly.

    2. For family, one sacrifices.

      When family expects one who sacrifices to self submit to being sacrificed by them, well, you got free will, you accept what you will, and you do as you choose.

      Just do yourself a favor and do not pretend that you are not being sacrificed by them.

    3. I suppose they allow fan letters to inmates in federal prison.

  6. I wonder when or if the fbi regain their credibility? Certainly not under christopher wray.

  7. Maybe, next time, don't have key staff organize a coup against POTUS? Just sayin'.

  8. Business Insider is just another Democrat tool. Quotes from Feebs, retired or otherwise, elicit laughs these days.

    1. Agreed. Not a reliable source.

  9. I like the suggestion of Tom Fitton - defund the FBI and have the US Marshalls service take over federal policing. FBI members can apply for jobs, but the structure of the CRIMINAL RICO FBI has to have a stake driven through its ROTTEN heart. A criminal Stasi-type agency 'above the law' and accountable to NO ONE. Mueller allowed people he knew t/b innocent to spend 20 years in prison. They SPIED on people using NSA and wiretaps. They attempted to FRAME the President of the US. They hired foreign SPIES to entrap innocent American citizens, hid evidence exonerating them, prosecuted them, ruined them financially and put them in PRISON.

    Several FBI/DOJ/CIA/NSA/IRS People need t/b hung for TREASON, many others should be in PRISON, financially ruined defending themselves and have their taxpayer funded federal pensions REVOKED. This was an attempt to destroy our REPUBLIC just like something the Chinese or Russians would pay dearly to accomplish.

  10. While we’re at it, do away with Business Insider. A useless publication whose bias is glaring. If it leaned any further left, it would tip over. Bezos owns a fair share now, which couldn’t help….

  11. The FBI is a domestic terror agency. It terrorized Trump and associates for 3 years. They killed JFK, RFK, and MLK. And the only reporter who interviewed Jack Ruby, Dorothy Kilgallen, ended up dead soon after.

    So they finally raid Pedo Island to destroy evidence except for the drugs they find. They can peddle them in Southeast LA like the CIA was caught doing by reporter Gary Webb.

    Then a private drone appeared hovering over the island during their raid and they covered up the windows with cardboard. Busted!

    And since they're cops why aren't they wearing cameras like city cops do?

    1. I never understood why it has always been an insider who gets names Director. Even Louis Freeh, who was a respected federal judge before becoming director, had been an agent.

      The time has come to appoint real cops as director, not people who have spent their careers climbing up the greasy pole to the top spot. The answer is to enact a statute prohibiting an insider from ever becoming director.

    2. JFK and RFK should have done away with the FBI before the FBI did away with them. Hoover spent more time collecting dirt on his enemies to cover for his own proclivities than he did dealing with the Mafia, which metastasized on his watch...

    3. MK - an outsider director would get the PDJT treatment.

  12. Who and what is a "Business Insider"? Something like Newsweak??

  13. In my former life a suburban Republican, I would have agreed with Frank Montoya, Jr.. But now that we know that the FBI attempted a coup against the President, we have to ask what other agit-prop crimes they committed. Unless you think they were so ethical they stopped with coups.

  14. "Mr. Kotter, who killed Epstein?"


  15. We know the FBI tried to stage a coup. Nobody was punished. But you know...nothing to see here...TRUST them! They're the GOVERNMENT! Don't be a paranoid conspiracy theorist!

  16. Arkancide Strikes Again !!!!

    Surprised he didn't have 2 bullet holes in the back of the head !!!!!

  17. Has someone made a bobblehead of that strokejack?

    You know, to put on the rear deck, facing out, so those vehicles hogging the rear bumper get a good look at it?

    Maybe that huge demented head bobbling upon a skinny emaciated troll torso, with the hips blossoming into octopi tentacles?

    And glowing, LED blood red eyes?

    Powered by a "D" battery shoved up into it's hidey hole chamber, dead center of all those tentacles?

    I'd buy THAT fer a dollar!!!!

  18. The FBI under OBAMA became a Gestapo .. Now they have to deal with their crimes.

  19. The FBI have morphed into a lawless rogue agency unfortunately supported by our tax dollars.